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Georgia's shifting politics force GOP to look beyond Atlanta

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00:50 sec | 9 months ago

Georgia's shifting politics force GOP to look beyond Atlanta

"Republicans are changing their campaign strategy in Georgia Northern Georgia has become one of the most Republican areas in the country over the last three decades Stevens county commissioner Dennis bell says when he was a kid he could remember his family being Democrat When I got my teenage years most of them started swapping over to the Republican Party White county resident Vicky McMurray attended an event held by the Democrats in July in Clayton Georgia She says there are still some democratic strongholds in northern Georgia but she says it's hard to tell It's hard to see the difference I'm not going to lie I wish we could see it but we see the difference in what happens Northern Georgia is overwhelmingly white and those who study the electorate say that many white voters who were Democrat made a hard turn against Barack Obama the nation's first black president I'm Donna water

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