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"repub representative elijah cummings cohen" Discussed on KOMO

"Night in store and cloudy Friday, and then a sunny Saturday and mostly sunny on Sunday as well right now, fifty two degrees at sea TAC. Stay connected. Stay informed. Seattle only twenty four hour. News station, KOMO news. With Elisa Jaffe, I'm Tom Glasgow. Jeremy grater at the editor's desk with us as we take a look at some of the day's top stories. President Trump says he's not worried about his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen testifying before congress cone is set to testify next month before the house oversight and reform committee chaired by democratic Repub Representative Elijah Cummings Cohen is expected to face some tough questions about hush money payments. He arranged on Trump's behalf to keep affair allegations out of the news during the campaign core documents, a doctor examined in Arizona woman in a vegetative state nearly nine months before she gave birth but didn't find that. She was pregnant medical expert says it's possible. She displayed no outward signs like swollen belly that workers who cared for her. Everyday would have noticed either Mexico's gonna pay for the wall. Mexico is making a four. Off the United States Mexico. Excuse me, Mexico's gonna pay for the wall. Then candidate Trump on Mexico paying for his proposed southern border wall today. President Trump said that while he called a Mexico to pay for the wall during the campaign. He never meant. They are going to write out a check with more to this story. We say Hello to ABC's. Andy Field who joins us from Washington. Help us with this handy because it back in the campaign. That's not what was being said here. The president counts on a lot of folks having shared memories and not keeping records. We dig a we dug up the Washington Post dug up a position paper that the president put out when he ran for office that said the funding of the wall would be an easy decision from Mexico would be a one time payment of five to ten billion that would ensure that they would continue getting foreign aid of twenty four billion from the United States. That's how he was going to do it. And of course, waiting to get into office. I we get to the Mexican president. Well, where's my check? Goes. You're not getting one. So that pretty much puts light of what the president said today that he never met Mexico's gonna pay for it when indeed we have papers from his own campaign. That said yes, indeed, that's exactly what he meant. And he the president is now saying, well, how this is going to get paid for by Mexico is through the new trade agreement that the US has with Mexico and Canada, although that neutral one that new trade agreement has not been approved yet by congress. So where does that situation stand? Well, and with a demo with the Democrats in control of the house has approved this may just be the Senate, but I think both houses after after I may be wrong about this. But if indeed the houses involved, it's unlikely that the democratically controlled house over the next two years ago into rubber-stamp this thing if you look at it and economists have it's not significantly different than what's in place already. And then there is no mechanism for any tariffs. Our taxes? To be directed right to the wall because congress would have to say, okay, we we do have any extra taxes coming in here. We're going to put it to the wall. And again, the House Democrats control the spending, and they're unlikely to do that. So the president really doesn't have much to stand on what he makes his claim. When you said that the president was saying a one time payment for five billion dollars for the wall. When I'm hearing lawmakers this week talk about it. There's sounding like this could be an annual ask. Well, there is no one who looks at us realistically, the things five billion or even ten billion will will build all the wall there, and there are many parts of the area that that aren't the president was down in Texas today talking to people who have some very serious concern, saying eminent domain where the government just kind of moves in and takes your land to build the wall is going to face tremendous resistance, at least in Texas. So this could be tied up in court for years long past the time that the president if he doesn't win reelection would be out of office. Andy, we have about twenty seconds here in DC any word of any new meetings scheduled meetings involving both Republicans and Democrats to see if they can somehow some way find a way they can break through this impasse. No, Lindsey Graham who's been negotiating list of the Senate here walked out dejected today, saying I don't see a way out of this here. And then moments later, he said, I think the president should declared emergency just get the wall built. So we can move on which that too would also be tied up in the courts, perhaps months even years. ABC's Andy Field joining us from Washington, Andy. Thanks so much. Komo news time six twenty. Here's your propel insurance money update..

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