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St. Vincent Nurses and Tenet Management Resume Negotiations

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01:18 min | 2 years ago

St. Vincent Nurses and Tenet Management Resume Negotiations

"In some politicians certainly turning out in support of the striking nurses at ST Vincent Hospital in Worcester. Monday, will market nine weeks since around 800 nurses walked off the job demanding a lower nurse to patient ratio as WBZ Suzanne Saz ville reports. Negotiations resumed earlier in the afternoon with hospital owner Tenet Healthcare State. Rep. Mary Kee Took part in a made a caravan supporting the nurses. We depend on nurses, and we depend on that care that they give us and when they're not able to do it, I trust the workers. You know what's happening in the workplace? Caroline Moore has been a nurse at ST Vincent for more than 40 years, She says. Community support gives them a boost as they head into their ninth week. You know, I grew up in was there I've been born and raised here my whole life. My Saint Vincent hospitals. My hospital. You know it was taken over by this for profit monster and is making changes that are totally unacceptable. The hospital says it remains willing to compromise in Worcester. Suzanne Saz Bill WBZ Boston's news radio. No word on what that compromise is. The hospital released a statement saying they plan to offer one more solution. It's official. If you can socially distance

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