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"renee harden" Discussed on WHAS 840 AM

"$100 Oklahoma pest control $300 Commonwealth paving $500 Still Industry Industrial ek Tronics $500 Gilda Plumbing $600 on Way had cans throughout the businesses that people put their change in $842.69 on Ken Mulch on the Hourly donated $2000 that was our businesses. Wei had some special events this year way had a lot of canceled because of covert. Um, but thiss year way had a golf scramble that wass way had already started. Registration on it way already had $270 that people had donated to play on, they said. Just keep the money, so that's $270 for them. But got scrambled it we didn't have because it was canceled way. Also had a craft fair that was cancelled on New View Bar and Grill knew that we canceled it. So they did a little fundraiser force because of that, and raise $300 way had a gentleman that came by our Ask us to come by at walls picked it up force. Ah, bucket, a five gallon bucket of pennies yesterday way count of those than it was. $125 in 13 cents. One of our auxiliary members daughter, Um Piper Juan had eliminate stand and she raised $406 at eliminating stand way had eliminate staying from eliminate stand. They said it was good eliminated pretty. It's got to be good lemonade way Had we had Ah, button on our Facebook to donate to the crusade, and we got $145 out of that on my granddaughter made some T shirts and crusade T shirts that said. For, say, 2020. The one we were quarantined. She sold those and profits from those was $1402 that went to the crusade. Have you hardware, which is next door to the firehouse? They, um, they were giving away green light bulbs because of the folks that passed with Kobe, so they were given away green light bulbs and asking for donations to the crusade. They collected over $1425 for his life. Wait. Didn't have a car show in October of last year, which raised $2932 way also had are gone. Scramble back in October of last year, It was a major Keynes Memorial golf scram. But Major Baines more of all scrambled and it raised $4018.80 on Kate Kate Nation. Kate comes with us every year. She sponsors are frog Town hop. Of course he couldn't Come with us this year. Um, but the frog town hop this year, the five K race that we have raised $4782. And then the crazy guy that we have working Force Far, Marshal Bill Bill ran Inger if you hadn't seen over the weekend. Bill got a Sunbelt rentals to donate a lift and we raised in 40 feet in the air on he was up there so that people would donate so he could get down. His goal was to $1000 way. Told him. He met his goal getting down right before we came out way. Got Bill down. He met his goal, but he did better than that. Hey, was up there? Friday afternoon of four clock way. Got him down right before we came over. He raised $10,096.26. Yes, for staying up in the lift. That is awesome. Good for him. I got I got deputy chief to wire here He's going to read are in honor of and in memory of hello. By the way, have you is who we got here, and we're on a roll. Yes, sir. And I was just on with the chief said how this is a strange year. I have four Children ages 25 down the 17. They're all four on the very first year, but they didn't go quick Crusade for Children. So you don't know about a hard year is really has a little So I'm gonna start with the memory of Renee Harden in memory of Chief Frank Harden of $10. Roscoe and Patricia Mars in memory of Stephanie Frank, $20..

Marshal Bill Bill Um Piper Juan Kate Kate Nation Major Baines deputy chief golf Chief Frank Harden Still Industry Industrial ek T Oklahoma Wei Facebook wass Ken Mulch frog Town Commonwealth Renee Harden Grill Gilda Plumbing Keynes Memorial Kobe