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PART 2: Steve Haskin, Lenny Shulman, Rusty Arnold

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PART 2: Steve Haskin, Lenny Shulman, Rusty Arnold

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Radio <music> we're back in the races twenty five to top of the hour and hearing the express bad dad makes me think to catch everybody up the last couple of weeks winners in funding the sun last week allison the helbig she took down the top prize five thousand dollars and it was a tight back actually <hes> from top to bottom top four finishers ray pool pool was just fifteen dollars behind for two thousand joe finley <hes> another five dollars behind that for thousand and vince paolo was fourth and <hes> the week before and johnny obviously i will catch up on a lot of this seasonal standings and things but howard bulky <hes> with a big win a big total three hundred sixty dollars mutual pool total and he wins the five thousand good job darlene wolfson was second for two grand three forty two and a friend poyser fall perennial n._h._c._d. Participant and top level player he was third for thousand thousand and so far the seasonal standings a quick glance going into <hes>. You know call it. The second half of the season paul is actually sitting second can't <hes> but lucas lucas fouts almost eleven hundred dollars one thousand ninety five in total winnings <hes> paul second with nine sixty three and jose suarez third going for <hes> the seasonal prize very cool eight thousand five hundred dollars every week and three weeks remain and we'll catch up with johnny on monday right now now steve asking standing by and he joins us as we move toward the the biggest couple of three year old races on the calendar for saratoga saratoga alabama for the phillies on saturday and nice field at nine and travers continues to track toward a terrific match up even even with a couple of participants not going to be involved war of will we're still waiting for maximum security to make a decision jason service monitoring <hes> the haskell winner see if he's going to participate steed asking his eh up to saratoga and was nice enough to come out with joan and the friedberg on sunday monday first time that <hes> the haskins have visited the homestead here in green witch and now steve knows where it all happens how it all all comes together from my broadcast position here in my office steve good morning good morning steve have have you been away. Yes i was away. Yes i know exactly where you sit now. In your eighteen forty forty eight home it it and i it's funny because tina say thank you thank you beautiful. Anybody buddy anybody looking for steve's house by the beautiful right lime green with dark green shutters. These make you feel like you're right back. In the colonial days. It's beautiful backyard bird feeders everywhere and it's a it's like a picnic area back there it the tina's tina's turned it into almost a camp ground <hes> it wouldn't it wouldn't take much of i. I don't know what else she can do back here but she's she's been a buzz of activity all summer with it without her working at the racetrack she you know she's cultivated the lawn and garden stuff and she takes good care of you with with an iron hand. Ah yes she's been. She's she's been watching over me and i. I didn't make it all that easy. The first the first couple of days i'd say i once once i the anesthesia part kind of war often kind of groggy and out of it <hes> but then you know getting getting used to laying there i i'm. I'm you know i'm a fairly active type of person and so to have to lie on your side for hours on end was just not really made for that so all all the time but it's it's funny you know us. <hes> us as males need to be taken care of and you know i'm sure so at some point you might have been looking you know that derby barbecue turning into nurse ratchet or something you know. I called her that i i've specifically. It took me about two the days to refer to hers. There's ratchet and the as mcmurphy absolutely that that <hes> that's the kind of relationship but after sure while i sort of begin to it's interesting how much your body and johnny i had a couple of different people in a bright to me early on and saying you know don't don't try to do too much and don't try to you know come back too soon and all that that kind of stuff and at first i didn't really understand the the suggestions or or <hes> you know i didn't i hadn't connected the dots anyway anyway and it only took maybe three or four days where i realized you know you when you try to get up and try to uh resume some activities and and then immediately just be knocked over by how exhausted you were and steve. You had a serious illness this couple of years ago. I mean different thing and johnny johnny group in particular. Johnny santa's explained to me you know johnny had <hes> the the beginning of the year. He had a tough situation and he said that your body will tell you that it needs that time to like when you sleep it's it's repairing itself and i really i kinda came to understand that over these two weeks when that might thing i had it was in the hospital i couldn't even have i couldn't even have a drink of water for eight days. No food no water for wow so venus just intravenous feeding yeah wow and then and once in a while they'd let me suck on an ice cube with your and then i tell you when the greatest things i've ever eaten in my life by the way the race as they gave me joe. Oh my god that's great michigan a beat so i don't know what was more detached retina or you from your audience. You know like caffeine how phoenix having to give up their nine o'clock coffee every morning. Well we try to try to keep everybody entertained and i and i wanna thank joe <hes> <hes> joanne did a great job the just putting together some some shows that filled in and you know for the peop- i received a couple couple of notes you know <hes> saying. Why can't you have somebody fill in it. It's not exactly. It's not exactly that easy to your. Oh i remember one time but i don't know if you remember this but <hes> when you were doing your show with the barbecue and you had <hes> velazquez on and and you just got up and left and and left show to me and ro ro echeverri hearts that lasted road bring up for real marine one or all. These kind of horses and talking about alex house are on the verge of homina homina here saying wait a minute. I hadn't keep talking well and so <hes> i i got a little tasted thrown into the fire so <hes> if you know what is something that comes natural i mean it's obviously natural for you to be able to just <hes> just get on there and talk and listen. I listened to radio on my life so people <hes> people just have a knack for doing that it. You know i got the knack. You know what what did that show for a couple of years. <hes> i started getting the hang of it. Now it it. I had plenty of people you know say. If there's anything they can do and in part of it is the equipment and part of also is you know casey's back today to <hes> but it was so great hearing his voice and we're going to talk in a minute <hes> <hes> a little bit casey and i are going to get casey on the mike but i i just i didn't know how how to execute. <hes> you know having somebody that there was the week that i missed when my mother died ten years ago that anniversary is coming up next week and seth mero you know even now seth couldn't seth his always always my first choice but he has a morning show now himself back then he only had afternoon coverage so seth stepped in and he you know he handled the chauffeur. Oh for <hes> for that week that i was out <hes> but it's just a a tough. It's a tough situation. I if asked somebody to come in and three hours. I keep talking to you. Can't you can't touch all of a sudden that giving no thoughts in my mind i am i. What am i talking about now. <hes> and then you start going with the <hes> well <hes> you know you can't do that. You have to be smooth and you have to keep keep keep going and it helps to know every every little thing about every aspect of voice raising which not many people can do other than you. It's very kind. <hes> you know there. There is so much you told me you can have the president of amt owed on. I say oh really the dow. There's th there's so much. I gotta stack of stuff here to get to. <hes> you know a lot of it'll have to wait till next week. There was the jockey club roundtable <hes> the other morning of course and <hes> we have got sales coverage of next week said nile go over some of the results in very good pair sales else the the open the open sale was outstanding led by curling curling had his remorse tremendous tremendous. <hes> i tell you i tell you know going out in the morning because i was there for for for quite a few days already. It's a toga and going out in the morning. You know one of the highlights. Every morning was talking to larry best. Who's like one of the owners. He's he's out there at five thirty in the morning almost every morning and we got we got into long conversations about racing and you know he's new to the game. He's willing to learn and absorb you know we talk about different things and you're talking about you know about sales and what to look for and then he goes out like the next day hey in seven hundred seventy five thousand dollars for new york bred filly. You know it's just a a amazing but <hes> he really i. I really like him a lot. I mean he's down to earth and loves the game. Just love coming out there. He's out there with his binoculars. <hes> and i told him i said. Did you know what i said. I said you got yourself a hell of a good trainer because i've known john chat lows for years and don carlos. He is a heck of a horse friend friend. He knows how to train a horse and he's still he's got. He's got you know all these million dollar yearlings and nine hundred thousand thousand dollars and of course you've got instagram row eight and <hes> and it's great seeing them together and they've looked like they make a great pair hair so you know you never wanted to have things happen the way they did you know such as you know those kinds of circumstances but <hes> glad to see don the training and he did a phenomenal job obviously with single terry winning two breeders cup mile smell and <hes> best is to himself help drive the sale the new york sale <hes> the second day yes seventy seven and he he's so unorthodox. I had a phone conversation with them. <hes> i guess it must have been the sunday. Actually <hes> the last day i was on the track and and <hes> ran into as we were walking out teen and i and we kind of got a chance to just fifty five minutes and i said to him. I said you know love to get you on. Maybe you know around sale time but and he said no no. You can't talk to me during the sales i i. I'm i'm too. I'm too hyped up during the sales but he he had a funny he quote about the malibu moon philly where he said he he he almost didn't buy her thinking thinking about a racing career. He said i my first thought about her. As as you know being added to the broodmare band what we've talked about it's so the unusual is thinking phillies at sales back in the day. If phillies never came anywhere near the prices that the cold state but the eight years gone by they've gotten closer and closer and closer and explain to him. I said look if you're going to spend a million dollars on a yearly the two million dollars or more whatever you buying into mischief you you know if that coal turns out to be brushed. You've got nothing thank you. Don't even you don't have a stallion. Nobody's going to be interested in horse are gonna wind up standing in kansas. You know nobody nobody can be interested if you have a philly and he never gets to the races or she's runs cheap. If she's got the pedigree you can be able to read to anybody and you can get any kind of horse. You can get a champion so i mean i it it pays. You're going to spend a lot of money. Pays really tobia philly because you're not dependent on their racing career. As much as you are you who are coats and we were talking about that and like the very next day he went out and bought this league <hes> so you know that's either obviously is his philosophy not as well but <hes> it makes sense when you think about it. I'm how many of these million dollar horses you never hear of. What are you gonna do. They standing in louisiana. They're standing standing in washington or whatever <hes> you've got to earn your place in the breeding. Shed and that's what you're buying. These codes for in the long run is to make him into into with the stallions because listen vast majority of them do not turn into a great one horses. Most of them get beat by the eight thousand dahlie yearlings so <hes> it's it's really interesting to see the <hes> the kind of money for for affiliate and he had he had a very strong pedigree. Oh no doubt <hes> and dan nice obviously a nice physical. I mean you fold that into a and ah this is he's got a at this point. I mean now a track record of finding a horse a in short order and being moved by them and going ahead and just buying them because he said he only really laid eyes on her a couple of hours before she was going <hes> go through the rain right well. Sometimes the toll takes somebody obviously had a point them out you know now look at these horses and and giving them advice and making shortlists we'll go through a a lot of the sales <hes> one of the sales results. I want to catch <hes> catch up with it next week. When we talked to said <hes> steve in the meantime the visit overall and a couple of highlights the to hit on before lenny joins us <hes> the the whitney win. I i hid some of the racetrack outcomes in my absence to start the show and a win like mckenzie's is whitney. I can't think of of awards dominating a a you know a race as important <hes> and as dissipated paid as as a as a whitney can be that was a real statement effort and i. I don't know if it's going to translate eight to a mile and a quarter in reader's vallat as a standalone. It's a race that that really should stand up up <hes> historically well yeah. I mean you know anytime you win with the it's <hes> it's huge and it's a race bob. Baffert really really wanted to win. He really wants to get that sick. E even though he's a great one winner <hes> he wanted to get that signature win in that horse and the whitney is a signature win and was so so so disappointed in the trippie had mile where most people will tell you that he was the best source in <hes> uh-huh just he just got a disastrous trip and he just ran the credible sticking second now when they run like that in the met mile and you look at some of his earlier earlier victories and again. You have to wonder if you know if a mylar quarters is best distance. I ran a good race sandy the handicapped but the truth did you know gift boxes a good horse not there's nothing exceptional. He's you know he's a very nice horse but mackenzie could not get by the whole length of the stretch <hes> so you know it was it was it was a top floor but he's obviously very talented horse and you know of any horse can stretch out that far he can but <hes> where my highlight of whitney day was hooking up with <hes> bob and jill and brodie and have of and introducing them to <hes> c._o. And have bob holding him taking pictures and <hes> got great shots of of of theo with the family and just with him involves holding him and that was that was fun so that that that was a highlight for that day i tell you though you know as as impressed as oppressive as <hes> as mackenzie's win was let's not don't forget about yoshida. I mean i thought she'd her. You know all things considered a heck of a race and he's a horse that you do have to pay close attention to going a mile and a quarter <hes>. I think he's just gonna get better already shown on several occasions that <hes> that he wants to go on a heck of a race to dubai world cup and another thing i have to mention too by the way is that you know i. I normally don't like to criticize jockeys but i tell you preservation reservation is has to go down as having to work right if the meat that i've seen i mean that was just an absolute disastrous right. I mean to to to go four five white into the forest. Turn and make that ridiculous move to open up clearly open up to three links in that race horse was exhausted stretch stretch. You wouldn't change leads and he showed the suburban. He is a much much much better or worse than that. Don't feel when he jimmy jerkins going to <hes> get bring him back into woodward for most likely probably for jockey club gold cup but don't don't forget about that or is he showed in the suburban a very good horse and to me this race h i just completely throw out so i think the old the older horses are uh. I think they're starting to sort themselves out and starting to look like <hes>. I'm a pretty decent group. I think we'll get some good horses coming out of the pacific classic and of course you know we still have <hes> vino rosso so and i and i gotta tell you the worst to watch also one of the more impressive rations. I've seen it to meet so far. Was that allowance win by burke coming back acco for layoff. I thought that was a very classy win. In good solid time and the way he opened up and away striding out now professionally was this is coming off a long layoff. This was was always meant to be a top ports and i think this was a really really powerful for step back so i think in the woodward stakes you know we're gonna see between halford running against catholic boy and see vino rosso comes back in that race and you know we'll see what they do with <hes> with thunder snow. It's funny that the morning of the whitney i come out the back gate you know from avi and wrote his house and say he'd been sorority with somebody else from godolphin and the assistant trainer and they're they're walking walking thunder snow back and forth and everything's fine you know he's he's walking back and forth right behind right behind the gate. So you know say came. I'm over here wondering about saving zero which he always comes over. I could be like fifty yards away. Oh come over to say hello really nice guy <hes> <hes> and he so he he he came up we had a long talk about things and talking about dubai and everything and looking back and talking about thunder snow and <hes> he was in great spirits and then it goes back to the barn and boom. That's the next thing you know you hear. Resided erase series just like half hour earlier. He's you know he's he's. He's he's walking behind the <hes> behind house there and then he's out so i don't know if they're going to bring them back into woodward or wait for the gold cup again but <hes> you know again. He's another horse. Do not want to underestimate. This is a really really good horse. Who's one place in group grade. One stakes in five different it from countries. People don't realize he's a group one winner in france. I you know he's run three huge races in this country to dubai world cup victories runwell and he ran well the irish two thousand guineas so running. He's a very good so i mean all the horses are really coming to handwrite now. Now we'll see what she does and i think pavel's got a big shot several several up and coming voices in the pacific classic them interested. I didn't and i think we'll find out in the travers. How three loads stacked up. I think i think we probably get some really top-class. Three roads coming out of there that could be the <hes> that could be major players in the breeders cup classic. I think classics coming together very nicely and it's been a strange in here you you can actually say you know you're on his few put the word arguably in there or not but if you're ranking the top forces in the country right now three of the top four horses with the exclusion of mackenzie <hes> <hes> one male turf are forced to females her forces. You can make a case you can make a case. Obviously brick and mortar is everybody's choice the top portion of the country right now you can choke you make a case hates her sister kelly being two three with with mackenzie sister. Charlie comedians an absolute freak. I mean she's just a winning machine and then after what got stormy armie. Did you know you can very easily. Put her right up there so i mean it's just <hes> what what are you listening to marquess. Asu earlier you know finding is is that you know. Mark is looking like every trainer is everybody wants to be elected to the hall of fame and i think mark by might have been a little disappointed that he didn't get in but boy. Is he making a statement to see if he doesn't get in now i mean to win. All he pitching a classic classic victory. She went to classics with with two different horses. He's got a he's got. He's got <hes> steak choices coming out of everywhere and now he's got stormy. You know who knows could come on. You could have another tapping their he's got <hes> got good. Two year olds coming up. He's got stakes winners everywhere so he's you certainly making the statement and i'd be surprised if if he didn't get into the all the same next year and here's a guy by the way you're thinking after you lost normandy son not only his top assistant but you know many ways he was a crutch. Every norm trained a lot of these sources themselves. Well mark was in canada editor. Norman had the horses at churchill bounds and you know he was doing a lot of the training. It's tough to lose your top assistant especially tough when he's your son yeah. I've seen it happen before but these trainers. They bounced back away. Lucas bounce back when he lost the looks guests. I saw i so have dick mandela bounce back when lewis gary these trainers have their sons and they depend on them so it's <hes> you he you know even when <hes> when clutch starting out when he lost <hes> <hes> george weaver and his wife cindy whose top assistant and top exercise besides writer and he just keep just keep plugging along so it's great to see mark have this kind of success sets you know without without without norm who's active a horseman himself and as we discussed with mark today after a couple of summers where yeah disappointing serotonin is he's in the midst of a of a very very robust <hes> saratoga speaking. It's the say on the on the classic <hes> side of things and and the handicap division one race from you know the past week or so that i want to include clued was that allowance that mile and an eighth allowance which i think was a last thursday or friday spin off and lone sailor came together other in in that allowance and spinoff was was very good. <hes> didn't gotta love near low nineties fire ninety-two buyer but i i thought spinoff look good in in that spot and watch for him. I imagine in the woodward now i mean in travers i mean he's a he's going to <hes> i my my current column on the air is <hes> is about the about the triple crown horses that that you normally by the time they traveled comes along you sing all these new faces come along and the triple crown horses have not been making much of an impact but how strong the triple crown awards the impact that they have on the on the on travers this year and what i've been and i looked at all you know all my derby dozens and you look how highly i had a game winner was number one for like eight weeks and then pass it was up to number three. I had spinoff ranked number five at as high as number five. I've always been a huge fan of sorts and for him to come and he had a strange career to enter the belmont stakes use only be finished. Sixty was only beaten three lengths in the belmont stakes and then the grass dry. Oh you know forget about that but come back against older horses and horse like lone sailor whose earned one point two million dollars and is placed in like you know nine or ten graded stakes to come back and absolutely crush him as you watch these gallup out <hes> he's <hes> i ah i've always thought this was a very talented horse and if you you gotta figure game winner tacitus is gonna get that maximum security. I mean i. I don't know why they haven't made a decision yet. I i've always been under the belief that he would not run but you know if you're gonna you you would think they would have done it already. You know the the fact that sector gary. Mary west already have impossible favorite in the race. They've already won the race. I thought that they would wave but it seems like gatien services trying his best to get them to the race. I don't know what it's contingent on. You would know by now if you're going to run more not. He's been at momma's. He didn't even bring them to saratoga for sure they were going to skip the race but now i'm not. I'm not so sure but you look at how he he's going to get that and taxes. Gonna get bad and tell you spin it could be a huge huge overlake in there. I mean he could be a really nice price and coming. He's got a race over the track at amal as against older horses bleh. I tell you don't <hes> don't forget about that at all. I totally agree with you on that sir and i i i. I know that <hes> in the way the track plays typically. I thought it was going to be tough. Lone sailor invariably you know needs a setup but <hes> <hes> like you said i visually i thought it was impressive even if it if it didn't get a big number <hes> but it is a two week turnaround i mean that's the <hes> on such light so i i even mentioned that my story. I said i don't know if he's going to go touch. It not like the runner horseback eighteen days <hes> <hes> so if he does run back then you know he bounced out of that race in great shape. This is very very unusual. Pletcher to run a horseback that quickly you would think keep definitely would wait for the pennsylvania derby but <hes> and again <hes> you know whether whether he's a true milena on a quarter horse. I don't know you know he's you know he's got all those good or lose zach digs in and <hes> you know who basically milers but <hes> but i think the pedigree's there the way he runs cimini getting <hes> having any problem getting a mile and a quarter but again it'll be are you. The key will be whether pletcher running back in eighteen days if he does he goes against the norm and <hes> and running back then you know that he feels he came came out of the race in great shape and he's got a huge huge and you know what i'm glad he got. I like the fact that he got a ninety two prior because it because if he had gotten the one oh five buyer then i don't think he would have run back to the moon years. I mean that's just would've been too much too soon and he will be eligible to bounce off of a big number but with a ninety two got room for room for improvement to come come up with that race the horse the horse that is is i sense by the time we get the next saturday the horse that leads is going to be forgotten about not completely forgotten but the worst that is being kind of shut down the list with each passing weekend between the curling result assault and the chad brown's looking at bikinis and high honors and endorsed in between and then you know the dissipation of game winner coming east in the worst being forgotten about is code of honor and all he's better me why wait a minute. How how much can he be that actually when the chad brown we're gonna take money baffert. It's gonna take money he is. It can't be better than third choice right. I think he'd probably be third choice now again. He's another voice that he's no guarantees. Gonna love a mile quarter but he's in such good shape right now <hes> and i would i would actually luther voice because <hes> theo actually fed him breakfast from from his hand yeah shed son who is one of the most powerful angles and racing kidding. I i was going so you kidding. We came over to him and he was a he was a pussycat and shook son. Who's assistant came over working here. He had a feed you know his masher knows green and everything and puts them and phil's hand and theories down. He ate <music> out of his hand. So that's it. That's average voice. I i really believe and feel met him into by the way but i really <hes> i really think a cash. This is if the blinkers health and funny thing is is that i'm i'm out in the morning and i see this past to this out to train these random blinkers pa bill and i go over to you know just going to say <hes> you know so he has a tendency to lose concentration and then he galloped and i think bill told me says boy really looked sharp out there new minute set that he's wearing blinkers the average that's for sure but his voice deserves good luck any kind of good luck. It's tacitus because he has had the most atrocious look even even in would not one but two three races after that. I mean just a week i mean was he ever the best. In the belmont stakes. Everything went wrong white throughout the entire race going a mile and a half bumping bumping pretty severely with work wheels turning into the stretch and logging logging in and and he's still flying at the end and then and the jim dandy <hes>. You can't have much worse trip than that. I mean i thought he was going down. I mean he's he looked like he. He's not kicked up dirt and he just i we recovered and then of course he made the early move which is a killer mixed the early move winds up getting shuffled back again which means that cities any comes on again which never say a second run like that and you know look like he was going to win the race at at some point you know in the stretch. He looked like he was gonna. Come back and win the race so he's a very good horse. Who's much better then. He then looks on paper. Because of the you know you had a terrible trip in derby <hes> so i if he gets a good trip he's going to be very tough. Especially blinkers help them <hes> focus a little bit better but i find it travelers <hes> fascinating forgetting about the theo <hes> feel factor <hes> he was a totally different ores in the dwyer early in the year early in the year he was a voice that was kinda. It was kinda. Greens really didn't know much what was going on. I think he really woke up into derby when he made the move on the inside and stuff you said in front and kept running running in stretch <hes> i think he sort of woke up in that race and then he put it all together to wire <hes> come from last the way he did to make that run split orces and just absolutely it wasn't wasn't a terrific field by any means but visually delay. He did it now again. It was a mile and if you look at his pedigree he's got more of a mile two mile pedigree so we will have to you might have to stretch out a little bit farther than he wants to go but he's in such good shape right now personally personally. I'm not telling you shukla gate. He trained horse by any means but i thought for sure he'd run back in the jim dandy rather than go from a mile and wait. You know two months want to come back in travis but again. I'm not gonna question shug diets just when i thought he would do but we'll see we'll see how it works <music> out but you mentioned another voice by the way that i don't know if he's quite ready to win the travelers but the horse to watch for down the road is endorsed. I mean and what he did in a curling. You know coming up at six eight. Six four long race is two. He's two window at six rollers and i authority. I thought he hung in really really gamely. <hes> you know chad brownsville us. Highest honors is a really nice horse but <hes> but he finished he finished well clear the third horse in that race and fancy stretch out two mile and they thought it was a pretty <hes>. I thought it was a pretty pretty good effort. You know he's by medallion door or tap it mayor <hes> he should like distancing should only get better. He's only run four times so you know he could <hes> again. I don't know if he's quite ready for to win the travers but you might make his presence felt and i i think definitely make his presence felt after travis as you get you know as he gets a little older but i mean there's a lotta horses race. You can make you can make a case for i mean it's a very <hes> and the and the key racist gonna is affection. Security runs because you know now now you gotta dictate the pace because again. We don't know global campaigns gonna do but you know neither one of those two horses run. There isn't a heck ver- heck of a lot of speed in their if chat runs looking bikinis back <hes> he definitely he definitely would be a pace ace factor in there but you know listen. I didn't even mention owen dale and <hes> laughing fox if he goes. He's you know he's he's. He's grown closer and he didn't. He didn't get <hes> he really did not get the setup at all in the gym. Dan away things unfolded and he ran evenly. People are going to look at that that effort hurt and and i actually talked i actually watched the race couple of rows behind the leib lungs and salix afterward. He said well. I said you you're are gonna get ten eleven horses in the travers you should have at least you would think you would have had the opportunity for legitimate <hes> legitimate pace and then he might have more of a chance to you know to close with the race moore to his style <hes> but <hes> listen to matter what we've got a it seems like a minimum of ten and the there's a couple that are on the depending on what maximum security does <hes> <hes>. There's a couple of on the side. That haven't really heard much. I it wouldn't surprise me if that was stewart runs back with the with chess chief who ran a decent recent second in the west virginia derby yeah i mean he's a he's a voice that most people never even heard of yeah but he he he's races are getting better when he did run well now you run well west virginia derby but he ran well enough against the horse who may turn three on the country mr money i <hes> that nobody talks about nobody appreciates at all been totally ignored when he was thirty five to one in that west virginia derby as well and and you know he he he didn't barely in the indian ganda derby behind him i mean it just seems to be a horse. That's <hes> that's getting a little bit better so i don't know i mean again. He's you know he's an intimate shift so we gonna need would need help going on quarter but you know without a stewart you just <hes> uh you know getting back to letting fox and it's time i started handicapping races as as far back as i can remember people asked me what what's your. What are your top handicapping angles. One of my top handicapping angles are betting in courses that are coming off even races especially horses like laughing fox who wants to come from fall out of it and make one run and when you see them running three four lengths off the lead and the three links back for links back three lengths back four links back and they get beat three four five links so horses coming even races and then they go back to their style very very dangerous. I remember what i remember. We used to have a contest that the administration form core broken downs and everybody would pick horses and stakes races and the end of the year you know you could win like thousands thousands of dollars 'cause we're ever has the most money at the end of the year but it was a whole year thing and the first year they ran it was it was the <hes> trump is the tropical park derby and it was named doctor valeri. Who had who was you know. Mostly come from behind was but he had run evenly again started for that for four back three back four back three back four back. Whatever and i took a shot in the first the first day of broken down north bay two hundred thirty dollars and i was ready to thirty now lead <hes> i'm a and the thing is that i was in and i let every day of the entire year and got on the last day remember that but but that's i still always remember that because of the fact that that horse at run run evenly in this race before so <hes> don't <hes> <hes> i you know i know i'm throwing a lot of horses. <hes> and everybody laughing fox. You know he's read to go mile quarter by union rags stormy atlantic mayor <hes> and he's run some <hes>. He's run some big races. I remember i remember when i break his maiden at oakland early in the year when he overcame a severe severe speed bias the come from off the pace and just got up and and and win going out on the sixteenth and then came back and in <hes> and and did the same thing came back and won. Go on going away and you know in an allowance race you know and then he's been kinda you know a little bit inconsistent since then but but <hes> on his best day you never you never know he didn't want to be able to break this yelling. Upbeat threes we go to lend preakness comes me twenty links out of it. You're twenty three and three quarter lengths so and and one thing i i wrote in my column is that if you look at the three triple crown on races the one race that has the most effect on the travers by far and away is the belmont stakes i if if you look at the derby urbina preakness they've each had like four winners come out of the dubbing preakness winner travers the be the developments had seventeen winners. Come out the win. The drivers and i think what it shows. Is you know if you wanna make something out of it. Is that the travers more of a stamina test. Then the derby the the preakness now derby again derby's a lot of luck and how many times the derby one bite forces that who probably aren't true mount of quarter horses just maybe they might catchers are sloppy track or or or fast paced so you get a war emblem or something like that some kind of like that and of course the weaknesses assured ratio which is more conducive to speed but obviously the belmont is the stamina race seventeen winners at belmont stakes and i'm going back to world away. Have i've come back in one two travelers so i if you look at saratoga and you look for years and years to track record in the travers was to a one in and three we shared by arts and letters and buck passer and jaipur they had to track record and ten until it was broken honest pleasure broken general assembly broke it on an aggregate i mean that that was absurd what he did to the track record but i really think the travers is more of a test list of stamina because of the fact that you don't find yours is running one fifty nine and change in the travis you know for years and years the track record was two minutes and before that it was to one and before that it was to a one in three for a lotta years so i think that's why the belmont stakes has had security <hes> make thank your impact on the travel so handicapping the race and he wanted to look forces stamina. Well steve steve showing great stamina here this morning. Steve let me shut my mouth for making up for the the two lost weeks. Let's take let's take a phone call because <hes> we've got. We've got <hes>. Let's see len going. Oh no that it was bad no good and yup back that up a <music> case. You got to take that off air. Thank you will <hes> steve still there but is locally tomlin on the other end yeah exactly <hes> we'll try to get <hes> len glenn calling from saratoga and <hes> you got me there we go. There is always connection exactly lenny. I have to ask you a question. I i put the i i went on early a couple of minutes early and there was a song on by the way and i don't know where this song came from. Who who is <hes> you or were casey but there was the weirdest weirdest song about funding clyde and with a french version of it. You know what i'm talking about of course what that that's bonnie and clyde i it it was young by a frenchman song well. The the song the song is was done at french it. It's serge gainsbourg and brigitte bardot from from the late sixties. I it's it's awesome. Okay we played it yeah. It's bonnie a client and a poem it. It's a famous it's the french translation of of a of a poem about bonnie and clyde and it was it was a huge it in like maybe sixty seven or sixty eight and that surge game borough <hes> gainsborough and richard pardo had an album and we played it. I had casey play it. When christoph came on and christoph was blown away that he's he said wow. I can't believe you're playing this. You got the biggest kick out of it although we tried it with patrick patrick couldn't care less listen to what i said. What in the world is one usual songs. It's wonderful a fabulous jerry. Jerry lewis likes that song also lenny showman town everybody and lenny's got book signings galore. Let's get that out of the way lenny. Tell everybody where they can say hello to you the next few days next week and get a copy of justify defy one hundred and eleven days the triple crown glory. Yes it's the closest thing stephen hall of phone on. I'll be thirty to eleven thirty signing copies of justify. Their zairean saratoga stopped in <hes>. I think jennifer kelly is going to be sounding barton book and the the only thing lacking steve is <hes> steve haskins asking who wrote the forward to every book. That's been written in two thousand stephen not be there signing his forward so i but throughout i was asked to br bryan bryan. It's mean should know nobody want. Nobody wants to person who wrote the forward to so <hes> to sign a book. They want the author. Only author's name should be in there not not to forward writer steve makes was it shouldn't be there. Steve makes more money writing forwards. He does reading right cottage industry ah by weighing my wallet down to go to guy for any foreign. He doesn't even know what it is. It's so i even enroll four within the folds yeah yes. He's very forward with his heart and then monday the twenty six. I think it is on the sharp books signing a copy justified from five to six p._m. So take huge tour saratoga. <hes> you know i'll be doing comedy at <hes> at chuckles. <hes> i think that's an albany <hes> so so combined seeming they're also steve. If i have to tell you it is it is incredibly great to have you back around the yard down. I think i speak for everybody in the industry <hes> we we we all as jane. You don't know what you gotta tell. It's gone and <hes> i just wanna tell you how important you are this entire industry and wrong to have you back on this very kind. I appreciate it and <hes> i. I missed. I missed doing it <hes> <hes> just because it's my as much as it's for some people they say you know. It's their their touchtone to the business. I mean for me. It's you know it's my it's my my day to day existence so <hes> it was very tough to sit out <hes> especially this time of year so let me tell you the okay i'm walking out of the price chopper here and starts with my buddy mitch and we're talking and i'm just saying i'm computer illiterate later. It's just song <hes> yeah your download or upload down onto sunk something stupid like that a woman pushing a shopping cart. A parking parking lot turns around and says your horse racing guy. I recognize your voice. I kid you not this is how dedicated your your viewership is. It blew me away because i haven't done your your show for two months and here's here's somebody who who toon van obviously every day. It was incredibly well. The the johnny de has got got the greatest voice recognition story he twice elevators. He's opened his mouth in an elevator once in vegas and one. I forget where the the place was and he said somebody elevator said. Are you johnny. Hey yeah that's true though your voice your voice is your voice. You sound like every other shook from long island. The scrabble thought that that that is about your around mattress fans. I really love it. That's right. You can't throw away line in the parking lot at the price stopped up. I've got a suggestion by the way if the book signing at north shire is kind of slow you know you're only about you're only about two doors down from the saratoga delhi so all you gotta do have somebody bringing pastrami sandwich and <hes> and they'll make the time go faster. It's slow go get it myself. Exactly it's right down the alley and i gotta tell you that place is really good. You see this is the kind of information for this is where we are for very true actually <hes> it's the broadway away deli in avi friedberg was nice enough to come out last week when when tina and i were really we were kinda housebound and she at the really kinda tend to me and the came out he brought a whole array of sandwiches and <hes> and side dishes and condition from the roadway deli and it hit the spot i tell you that was that was a nice nice. Pick me up so that they make everything right on the spot. You know they make it ahead of time. She don't forget my mrs london's there. That's right no you're the second person asked me that actually that the second or third there were a lot of people convinced that this was this was going to be the ultimate the ultimate test of our of our longevity the house she. I told him he said i told me for. I said she went from derby. Barbie to nurse ratchet apart are you. Are you allowed out of the race his faith. I'm gonna wait. I think i'm gonna come on saturday i i. I'm still the more time i spend you know kind of sitting up and standing the the more tiring it is and so i thought today tomorrow get the show get rolling toward next week to where travers week and rest rest up a little bit more <hes> and and then i'll come saturday for you know what should be a just a great day is we didn't even we didn't even talk about the alabama obama which i think until people sit down with the they're not gonna realize what a nice race this is. This is <hes> really interesting. I a lot of ways go in here between chad brown in wilkes. Larry jones george weaver. I mean those are your four principles but i thought that it came up very good and keep an eye on on jay walk <hes> who's angling mama's she jack and she's just short field and she loves mom. I i don't see how losing that race. I think one of the fascinating things about the alabama is that we'll find out how good dunbar road is and how possibly she compares to run it so you know it's it's pretty good good when you have to fill these like that and you can run one you know wait for the chilean the other just keep alternating coaching club and then you win alabama with the other i should actually should start with the mother goes just keep alternating major stakes but then borrowed i mean she looked awfully good in the mother goose but <hes> but then again point of honor liftoff could <hes> running against go rhino. I don't know if he looked good. Running in school will go on and just didn't quite run her race so you know we'll find out but like you said larry jones show. He looks like she could be any kind. Lenny alabama thoughts. I agree with everything steve just said i took a look at it yesterday and yeah i it's very wide open was that was my take on. It and i would actually not go for for short bryson. It seems like a race. I could be wrong. It seems like a race the the favorites don't necessarily win and <hes> yeah i wouldn't. I wouldn't talk anybody anybody the horse also that i mentioned four principles i didn't include lady apple which was <hes> which was unfair and i didn't mention brad cox either with leli yeah. Nothing hasn't done much wrong. Really i can be very interesting. Pay shorts yeah and you know that's of course dobson for us. Who is the president of every four ever existed in racing racing so he could be he could be in court by philly perhaps and and you mentioned important in in certain arenas we talked about mackenzie's win and <hes> here's here's another summer wind product i didn't i hadn't i hadn't really noticed yeah in fact that that she had bread until just looking down and seeing summer wind and and interesting about something that a a lot of people don't realize that about being on a copy spall gang who is one of the managers kentucky and was in charge roger stunning sides for all the years that had <hes> a great guy but absolutely as good a farm manager. If you're an antibody so that is going to you know move summer wing even or along with the bloodstock flying is and <hes> integrate resources if she's able to put into the game but you know with bobbi spalding. They're also that you can you can bet that operations just gonna keep going on producing like uh well and she she's really one of the one of the most warm and delightful people around the game and you could see when mackenzie one. She was kind of a sidebar last week just watching tv but you could see yeah. She watched it with the baffert and she she gave us a wonderful interview. That's part of that best of that. We do who on the breeding. We've had that special with watts humphrey jane lion and john gunther and she was she was spectacular and she's really enjoying a great great run a success and in fact you look down this field you know this is a a mile and a quarter. Obviously it's a classic distance for the phillies and it's really the only opportunity of its kind and everywhere you look you got the stonestreet product. Champagne have pain anyone street sense out of go sapper. Mayor and in wilkes has been involved with what lady joni won an alabama steve of any others you can think of that carl nascar beside lady joni <hes> that other phillies yet <hes> he had an another philly that <hes> i think that when alabama i'm going blank on her name me too to but i think you're right before lately joni <hes> really good philly <hes> oh shoot what is name wow. We'll come <hes>. We'll come back tips can can i can. I just say isn't it refreshing and look like nothing. You've mentioned mackenzie. Who's oh coming toward the end of the four year old year and there's no stallion deal in place. At least i know how so how different is that from from where used to over the last couple of years well even even bricks and mortar came up with a style before before the jennie o. columbus zoo italian japanese girl fasted. That's it's <hes> now i i. I find that very interesting of course and mike mike pag. Ramal has been a maverick and maybe something to play which hasn't been announced. Yeah i get sick at settled so awesome you know would wish the way are already knows that he may. I come back next year again by the way to fill it. I was thinking was benching breeze and that but i i think banshee breeze banshee achieve breeze with predate the beans involvement right <hes> no i mean in the in was there for unbridled title okay all right so then then yet been forever. I didn't realize i i would have thought twenty twenty years right because banshee breeze would have been bridge was a ninety eight so because that's right because silver bullet day would be ninety nine okay all right that makes sense that makes sense a golden era. Well champagne anyone there. We go. It all comes together this this field. You know if these were boys in next week. We're going to be talking a mile and a quarter of the traverse averse and lenny will be with us by the way on t._v. The day after travers which has become a bit of a tradition he'll be with seth merrin. I on luzon the lead to recalculate awfully close very well it is it is my left eye so i'll be sitting. You'll be sitting to my left so i won't be able to see you at all. Which is which is perfect. I'm going to wear my socks. You look at this field and up and down. There's a lot of classic pedigrees in here at dunbar road is by quality road out of bernardini. Mare miss miss. Mary apples was by clever trick but she was a stay. Course this is lady apple by carlin either fleet destiny the euro saint louis <hes> challenger is hard spun then as i mentioned champagne anyone street sense out of lusa van the ghosts greek constrained by call naps exactly <hes> you got the larry jones home-bred who is by stan out of a street cry mayor street minstrel wrong. I mean the up and down <unk>. Ellie is a candy ride the jane the jay lyon bread out of princess arabella on and on curling in out of bernardini mayor point of honor and then got another street sense off all papa <hes> the windstar bread out of the include mayor and then chelsea's cross even pat biancone shows up with an anthony's cross philly out of a trippy mayor not exactly actually not exactly <hes> classic distance bread but <hes> anyway. This is a really nice feel. Yeah i think <hes> i think you've been interesting race again. We don't know how good dunbar odors if she towers over these or not quarter you gotta figure point abundance got a absolutely love the mound quarter between ration- the coaching club and her pedigree on top of that and even victory in the black eyed susan <hes> she's not not. She looks like she's crying out for <hes> for distance it champagne anyone for me. I think <hes> i my inclination yellowstone laying there and now that castellano lana i mean how many times does he won this race. I mean catch lonzo am sure he he's had to have won the alabama three times three the times i think many times three times in fact it is <hes> embellish the lace <hes> for the lead longs and i know you've mentioned inches of selmar process il mar of course for armed berman and eddie stanko and pine island <hes> as well for shoghi versus the ill-fated pine island and yeah so three not as good as his record to the travers but <hes> pretty pretty darn good well this is this is always been one of my favorite one of my favorite races every year going back to. I had a very special day hey to go for one. I made a special trip to saratoga that year to see her speaking of ill-fated <hes> well on on on on a brighter note <hes> you have to for hockey hunch players yet to go for us topic because paul pomp is a huge new york rangers fan so for any any rangers fans out there you can go to root for the paul pomp at paul's balls involved. Today i think in the stake actually actually <hes> i think today and hockey is playing a huge role in horse racing. These people realize i'm not between eric johnson winning scarlett go on opening day. Call pavel learn. Hey the saturday guys just getting again joel quenneville. Who's who's oh horizontal vinnie viola. Who's a is on <hes> eddie olczyk. It's <hes> the sports. I really coming together. In a lining which i think is great. Fantastic johnson joined us <hes> early in the meat and it really is so upbeat and is so involved and of course he turned around not only was here for opening day saratoga and had the win then he went out to the dell marnie one. I think he won a couple and i always zero and and another one too didn't he is he handbook is he involved in both recall. I don't know i think he might be but <hes> he. We had a terrific really reading reading the hooks into every aspect of it and just just loves it and as the you know thirty years old and hockey the kind of like running a twelve year old then they'll resolve this guy on on the avalanche and because of that he gets to set the tv me too what he wants to watch before the games. I'm he's always got time and the other guy who like what do you do in the air and watch t._v. People might sorry russ it so much. The positive always a positive and you bring this up and it makes me think i had <hes> who l. denis savard when a when rene with sure when rene douglas ebb and private zone was running wild then he savard was involved in that uh in that group that we had a fun conversation with denny yeah that's way back that far taken in the horse teak in a hockey game right on them and eric out in california now one there but that's no death. It was running out there now. What other what are the sport does that kentucky derby winner named glares. That's right that's around their question and there was also now. You've got me thinking left and right here about the barry. Schwartz has done a bunch of has had his share of hockey player. <hes> the nice sprinter that <hes> well paul have appalled proper name the the guy who got traded to columbus <hes> be under rogers and the warsaw and who am i think i think can of the alan i went ski. <hes> allan allan trained <hes> for for that group that berry was involved into the the bensky named penske. There wasn't no no this was a stake. This was a stay course kaminsky. Okay boy. I'm now the listeners will come up with it. They're they they. They always do well fellas. <hes> i appreciate eight this and lenny won't see you until the weekend but <hes> give everybody the details again on your book signing a a <hes> national racing fan right across the racetrack this morning nine thirty to eleven thirty come on out in the thank you and once again just speak back on the radio and thick as well the last sign my name go right ahead hurts me deeply that you will not be bringing. You're bringing your fame and so what were my whole yeah yeah. I'm gonna ask tina to show up rb. Show come over there. They are pella's <hes>. Thanks steve asking lenny shulman everybody. Let's take our last break in the morning. We'll we'll come back rusty arnold to close things out. I wanted to get rusty on because concrete rose and of course the saratoga oaks win week ago friday and the the rest of the successes that <hes> rusty was very quietly offering. He's having a tremendous summer rusty arnold back after this. 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Radio yeah we're back about ten minutes to the top of the hour close out this thursday getting back into the swing things and it's never unusual when rusty arnold shows up at saratoga or keeneland the premier meats and ed tears things up <hes> he is doing that again this summer and he is now within a couple of hundred thousand dollars in earnings of having his best year in the game and you you've been in a game awhile rusty good morning good morning stephen and welcome back first of all back <hes> yeah i've been i've been in a while. I think 'cause started so young so but <hes> it's a long time well. You're getting the hang of things pretty good thank you. Let's let's talk about about concrete rose and i don't know if she scared them away or whatever but it's just pretty astounding funding and i think it's gotten lost a little bit <hes> in the in the crush of saratoga excitement and the whitney and everything else that goes on but her performance in the oaks saratoga oaks backing up the belmont oaks and setting herself up for a potential sweep of this new <hes> <hes> triple tiara yes she is just <hes> she's just some special philly <hes> she is matured into three zero year and there's a year has gone she appears to be getting better and better and she's been just just a pleasure to have and lucky she was born. What has what has transpired going back to churchill and subsequently you so you were so excited when when she won <hes> you know on the on the undercard at churchill and you said she ran to her works or expect you know she's now back that up with two dominant performances was this her all along or as the maturity maturity factor and distances and you know some other factors involved talk about that well. It's it's the it's what you hope for when philly like trains as as well as she had last year we knew he had something she won her first start at five and a half went on and won the race at keeneland at amount of sixteenth. Christine didn't perform well in the breeder stuff. There are a lot of factors in with put it away and when she came back this year just each race even her first race back at tampa both coming off the shelf she had run hard to win it and she does iran and and did it very very gamely and then since then she just keeps it's race <hes>. Actually it impresses me. She's just gotten better and better. I think it's just maturity with racing and and finding what she wants to do. We really early on know how far she wanted to go. She's getting the stamina we think off the damn said <hes> power scored mayor and she just keeps improving and her her last tube just been really dominate racist well set you up to go back <hes> downstate and and <hes> to sweep this this series <hes> and not that not that chad brown horses haven't been competed and <hes> well in this series but when it was instituted everybody said oh chad brown will just sweep these races but it just shows you that <hes> you know a ah nobody should be afraid of of any one barn or one horse etc what a great what a great scenario joe and for the team the ashburn team. It's it's gotta be thrilling having. I want to get them on because this is the this is such a it's been you can tell how important it's been to them yeah. It's it's a great story because you know they owned the philly and with b._b._n. Racing and also though roms and pick the philly out with david and gordon over to draft to molnya-m so there are both the boat was on the on the selection said where he found her picked her up people order and now the family owner and it's the whole family and it's a it's a great h story but <hes> you know in chad's got so many good turf phillies and actually we are scared of when you started out the year when he's looking at newspaper newspaper record but some horses changed three immature and i think we just have affiliated just came around and got lucky the fact that first year they've had their series and we've had the right horse for the first two legs of it well <hes> you you've been winning with a nice assortment rusty as well at ellis list and it's era toga totally boss one that kentucky downs turf sprint preview and of course had lean stor win the troy and dominate set a track record <hes> talk about the summer in general you got maidens that are winning troubling moon my america <hes> left and right. It's really been great and both both sides of the operation for the summer has been very good very lucky <hes> back so i some very very very loyal. People are sending me very very nice worse right. Now and lancaster is just turned out to be such a pleasure because it just took a while for us. I guess to find out what he wanted to do and he gets tried different things you trust short long dirt and since he sprinted on the grass he's just turned into a monster i mean all three of his sprints or <hes> all river races and <hes> hopefully he's set a future at that for some better ones and totally boss showed hints of this last year as a three year old he was good for a short period of time. He had some issues sitting on that. You'll seem on the winter and he's probably w. B. undefeated in four lost. One race by knows all does roses have been good fast races and real excited about running to voice. She's back in the winning. You're in kentucky dance. Outstanding and of course mortician comes back on saturday in the smart and fancy <hes> her turn to rack up a stake win. Well you always hope that she <hes> she's doing great. She's got a tough trip and our last one but that happens on turf perforating yup sometimes you don't get the whole and sometimes you do and she didn't and were open at the the trip goes a little bit better but she's doing well. We'd like we'd like to sear orange name a racist before. She's gonna broodmare bam so you'd like to see her. Go out on a strong few races well and got to ask you about the first time starter tomorrow came up with cassie that seventh race at ellis tomorrow just shows you rusty what's going on at the pea patch because <hes> <hes> there's some heavy heads and you're one of sky ray. The hard spun colt. <hes> gotta gotta debut from the rail though yeah he's he's a colt. All these great thing tall rangy probably going to want more ground respond to get going and i think the other half the entries a lot more accomplished and looks a lot better. We wanted to get going down by the time we'll get to churchill keenum. We're probably getting more to earn and think thinks he has a future well. You mentioned the i. I was more interested. I didn't in the first star but verb of course <hes> this'll be a he's got. The advantage of of having run and <hes> you know has come close. He's had three thirds so so <hes> the entry is two to one and either or but <hes> skyway stake incoming. Yes yeah he's got the experience. It's it's time it's time for us to change the babies to the races we didn't we don't have there's early. Some people do and irish jokes i absolutely and what <hes> the ones with experience or tearing it up as well now and in fact he's got another <hes> i another <hes> made an opportunity on saturday at mischievous maude as well first <hes> for the hills and this is into mischief philly could be any kind no yes. She's probably a lot more prominent. It will certainly she's. She's got him speed. We're gonna have to wait on the two cones shown quite a bit on the frankly expected went pretty well yeah. She comes comes in off a bullet as well. <hes> rusty congratulations on all the good things continued success <hes> into the fall okay steve thank you always great rusty arnold everybody and concrete rose and much much more including this mischievous ma to look for on saturday at ellis and mortician saturday at the spa and let let's get casey on the mike here. We got about a minute and a half or so two minutes case. Everybody's hearing my voice for the first time in two weeks but casey's voice for the first time age here where are you. I'm here yeah no. Can you hear me okay see today tomorrow. We'll hear casey tomorrow to start the show. I'll build it up the cliff hanger. I want to thank rusty and marquette who ended the conversations the horsemen horseman front than the lenny and steve as well debbie eastern and i'm not here in asia. I can't hear him so we'll say visible. Save that for navarro that mike that mike is not working. That's alright replay play tomorrow. Sixty nine feels great to be back. Thanks everybody today your plan weekend preview tomorrow big weekend preview jape ribbon much much more.

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