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"ren stinson" Discussed on The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

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"ren stinson" Discussed on The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

"Right? Yes, yes. Okay. But young, obviously. Yeah, yeah. I was like, I'm not sure exactly what her age is. I think she's in her early 20s. Yeah. Okay. Now, so how do you guys kind of divide up the who would go to the recording session? Would you both go or just one of you? That's me. I'm at the recording sessions. Okay, so we do a lot of dividing conquer going on there. Well, because you're a supervising producer, and I've never heard this title before, so I'm not really sure what it means. Neither. Is this a brand new thing? Or is this just some I don't know about? Is brand new to me? Okay. But yeah, it's a lot of it is just dealing with the things that Steve can't do at the moment, you know, because he kind of have to, like, I say divide and conquer. So one of the things is sitting in a record, which is great because I didn't do that as a director, you know, I've never said it once, but it's really, really fun and to see it because, you know, you're involved with just giving notes that you would and getting that performance that you can out of an actor that you want. And. What else are there? There's so many other things. Your animation approvals. Yeah, so the animation was just like, I was talking about earlier. So I'm sitting with Jose and Kat and we're looking at animation that comes back and basically those are dailies. We're getting back animation dailies. From episodes. So calling retakes making notes on those. And are there multiple shows going on at once? In animation or more like ones in storyboard, one's an animation. I post production. And look like there. It's kind of like a feature pipeline, let's say. We're doing color scripts and things like that. So I'd never worked on a show where the pipeline, you have a color script, it's kind of like here's the years do the color and then that's what you get. But really figuring out the tone of an episode and each scene and really, and just diving deep into that, it's really been a and also the process of it has been very collaborative and Steve kind of set that up from jump just having a very collaborative process. So it's not like a hierarchy where you don't get to say anything because you're in production like everyone has a say and has an input into something which helps to make the show a lot better and also but it better be good or you're fired. And a lot of that I think that's been an interesting aspect coming from TV going to feature then back to TV to try to apply the best learnings from those different types of ways to produce animation because they are very different. And so one of the things that I brought to the table with this one is kind of what the positive things you get from featuring. You get the deeper storytelling, you get the color scripts you get more palettes. You get the visual things that kind of really make a difference and you try to compress that within the schedule. But yeah, kind of like talking about how Rodney and I kind of split up the tasks. We got to keep the thing moving because we are doing like 22 minute mini movies, but we have to we want to keep all of those departments kind of rolling. So that's kind of so I focus, I focus more on story right now and overall stuff and writing my book with the designs together. So then it's great about Rodney and I is we very much on the same page. So if one of us isn't in the room at any given point, we're very confident that the other person knows the right direction to go in and it can not happen. Now you said you said 22 minute episodes. Each one is a 22 minute. That's great. Okay. And how many have you got green light in season one? How many episodes? So season one premieres on Disney Channel on January 10th and February 2. Thank you. Well, I'm here. See, that's what I'm here. And then very shortly thereafter on Disney+. And we have almost the entire season one in the can. And we are very much in production on season two right now. So Tony, why you're confused by that is that they not only were working on season one and just dropping the first trailer and everything. Meanwhile, announcing that they are already have gotten the green light for a season two season two. Even before season one has released. The other confusion I thought we were in 2023. I'm always ahead of myself, see? I was thinking a forward a little bit. You're a super genius too, Tony. I'm kind of like a 13 year old super genius girl. Right. So now wait, then you have multiple directors, I assume, and multiple shows going on simultaneously, right? Within that pipeline. Yes. Yeah, yeah, and in fact, I'm really proud to say that we have an alt currently. We have an all female writing room and an all female directing team. Dang. Really? That's awesome. And also, I know one of your female producers are Flynn. I wanted to do a shout out for Pilar. He is actually one of the most important ingredients in the collaboration process. He's a open, nice, just incredible human being that she brings everyone together. She's amazing creatively. But she also just is such a, she just takes care of everyone, which is really fantastic. It sounds like an all star team that you guys put together for this one. So it's got to be a dream to be in charge of something that you've been able to build from scratch and build into something that's as special as this is coming out to be. I hope it does really well for you guys that it's one of those things that is as memorable as Steve louder's involvement in Kim possible. You know, we still talk about that show. So much. So I think it's just so awesome. But this is going to be that next thing for you. Yeah, no, we're super excited. It is a dream come true. I mean, for myself, you know, I worked on a couple of shows where the crew was treated a certain way, one show in particular in the 90s. That was a really rough experience. So that's when Kim possible was produced. Oh, okay. I mean, I can openly say it. I mean, I'll just say it. It was red and stimpy. I was a director on ren stinson. Oh, yeah, yeah. Okay. I mean, it's the only show I worked on where they've written books and made documentaries on the making of because it was so arduous. Yes. I heard that. Absolutely. But it was kind of one of those experience where you kind of realize, wow, if we all just kind of collaborate and we're all nice to each other and we all support each other. Respect each other. We can actually enjoy this. We can enjoy it, but it's positive feeling that produces great unique work. And we are making cartoons, man. 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