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"reiner riley" Discussed on Boston Herald Radio

"Because he missed joy. So he's a hundred point score in Bergereon mistime, too. I mean you could have had three guys to at one hundred two short approaching Tampa's at. Colorado. Saying. Second-best back and, and even even strength. They've been just okay. They don't have one five and five point in this series in four games. Bertrand has one goal in the entire postseason five on five. It's been all on the power play. So all you'd think we talked about this earlier, jet is that the first two lines and, again, the crunchy line isn't really the, the number two line anymore. It's felt more like the fourth line right in terms of productivity. But if those two lines play Saint Louis top two lines even you have the confidence in the coil line in the corral Eline that they're going to outplay Saint Louis third and fourth one. That's all you need. You don't honestly they shouldn't play them even they should beat them. But that's all you're asking that. You're right. It's all you're asking talent wise. They should just beat now to be fair, the Saint Louis line. Now. I love us forward in this. That's what I was gonna talk about. Okay. Yes. I was gonna talk about because puddings action for back with David Perron and Reiner. Riley. Made a fantastic line when he came back in. And that line was really, really good early in the season two before Zach Sanford took them back backseat. And he adds that space reminds me, a lot of that Colorado line in a way where you've got one guy that goes in and clears a lot of space takes up some room. Kind of like how the second line for the Bruins should work right, right? Where you've got a guy like Jake Dobrescu goes near banks around can can move around physical on axis can do that. And then you get a lot of the other guys to have some room to skate. It's kind of how that third line, the coil Johannesen and Heinlein is working people are getting on Hainan's case for not contributing points wise, the -ssarily. But the reality is he hasn't had to because he's the one absorbing the hits making his own entries aiding face space for coil and Johann setting picks state right legal ones. I, but I always bring everything back to basketball jets favorite sport. And I love it makes it easy for me. Everything goes back the basketball, keep it very simple. Essentially, yeah. The guy who's not going to get the going is the. Get you guys at one point. I'm into the French Open right now terms of tennis. But yeah, they're all different things. We are just a mess and still trying to figure out the Red Sox Royal series. But this series it is essential. You gotta sweep that sweep them good luck. But that's the way it works with this. And I think sometimes going into the series maybe sold Saint Louis a little short. I've said this a million times the last forty one regular season games twenty eight eight and five second best record in hockey. That's, that's a long stretch. And then I thought, Dallas was going to beat them. I thought San Jose was going to beat them. They were down in both series they've shown, they're resilient. They're just worry if you're a Bruins fan that this kind of similar field two thousand eleven where the Bruins were skilled in Saint Louis, but Saint Louis just more flop flip flop jabs, Lutely, no quest game. Six Vancouver was done like all those body shots. The head felt like embarking. That's, that's the concern here for the Bruins. In Vancouver was up three games to down rack. Yeah. That's what that's how it kind of starting to feel them like you're approaching that point of no return with those, but those body jots, right? Certain header losing players. The char injury was not a body buckshot turnover turnover which spent an issue if there's no turnover there, charges and getting hurt you know. So, and it's something I, I was just talking about before you came in just in, I feel like a lot of the turnovers Saint Louis is obviously the job being physical, but there's been plenty of turnovers the too casual with the puck and are just unforced errors that are, that are resulting in thinking vantage, it's really bizarre to me because it's, it's almost like they antiquated the physical, but it didn't anticipate these skill to go with the physical, right? So in a for instance, in Toronto series, the Bruins new, the Toronto's probably going to be faster than them. And so they turn into the physical presence themselves. In Columbus series. They kind of knew the Columbus was giving more physical than them. And so they prepared themselves to absorb the physicality and they knew that they were going to be able to be better as a skill team against Carolina after basically after game two they knew it was over. It didn't really didn't matter. It was. They were just absolutely better across the board. Both Saint Louis, but they don't have the skill set back. Right. Definitely skill. Columbus, who are who is probably no longer going to be with Columbus. But that's a story for another day. You know, that line that Columbia was the only line you really had to worry about with, with Columbus skill is Saint Louis their top, two lines can put the puck in the back of that, especially now that, especially you saw last game where Sanford's creating the room he got an assist on that first goal, the wraparound, bio Riley air. So it's. See Cassidy matching up differently. Maybe having line on their second being to help here it does. Because he now gets his matchup. Right. That's, that's a big deal. I think they fought through the fact that they couldn't get their own matchups in game three to win, which is a good sign. But now that they're home. They can put whoever they want out against whoever's out out there they're going to get the preponderance of the matchups in their favor. I think that's going to be really telling us to see what quick cash does them get the feeling with Cassidy, which is one of the many reasons I love him so much. He couldn't care less that David Krejci is making the most money. If he thinks that corral or coil their lines are going to be better than crises line. He'll do short. Sorry. This is a this is this. This this stage of the season, you would expect pretty much any coach in the league to take that tax. They would. I mean. Maybe the regular season, you defer to your, your bigger money, guys. Maybe you have to, to keep them happy and satisfied, otherwise trade them, or you get rid of them or whatever in the Stanley Cup playoffs. You don't have that luxury. And so you have to go with what's going to win the greater good. The most. The best for the greater want that name on the Stanley Cup camp for has from two thousand eleven it somehow and fortunately, you're not dealing with in hockey unique in that you're not dealing with nearly the level of ego that you're doing within the sports. So you're a you're able to do that without maybe disrupting the entire chemistry of team walk off the bench in hockey. No well, last time I was we were talking about the fact that. Christie is highest paid forward right now. Which is kind of funny to think about right. Actually David Backes is, is close. His contract is fantastic either, but Marsh and, and Berge Ron and tostadas are all playing for far less than they are worth in the grand scheme. And I don't think there are some others chara. You could say he's going to be worth exactly what he's going to make your fifth highest paid defense next sixty. Yeah he's gonna play. Hopefully, they'll reduce down to second or third pairing that point, he's almost like an assistant coach Georgia's the team leader. So that's, but we don't see that you don't see that if you're eligible, if you're among in basketball, if you're among the top five point guards in the game, you're not going to take third five point guards in the game money right in search of a championship most of the time. Right. If you're talking last two or three years. Doesn't even then even then I find me an example, please. Because I would gladly fight that isn't that isn't. I can't even think of one findings ample five should have gone that way with Chris Paul because he wasn't gonna sign for. Yeah. There are there is fine fine example where someone like a big z who. He would have been. Let's pretend he was coming off of a max contract. Right. You'd probably have to seriously. They have to go like the San Antonio Dunkin. Never took ski right again, Novitsky. But it's rare. Oh, yes. Right. It's all about the biggest check for what it's worth didn't take macaroni with Gulf state. We didn't know he gave that. Here with your buddies gonna this time, but he didn't take mega money, but we're talking about the it's almost like sometimes in baseball car, your strengths in his last three years was still the highest paid red sock. And he was a part time player was big Z's going to be the fifth highest pay defenseman or the case may be if they different. I mean, there's absolutely I don't think you could make the argument the egos and basketball are in the same universe polar opposites, if they go with seven defensemen, which forward sits it's got to be dated back. Right. I mean I don't want it to be. I think he brings a physical presence to the front line that you need. But he's the only one that doesn't disrupt a special team. I think that's the biggest thing you're penalty kill units. And your power play units are too important to keep intact. And so you start going through on those units. First and second units first and second PK units. And you see who's left and David Backes is the one that's the only part about that, that I don't like is by sitting this parts by, by sitting back as if you don't have chara, and let's say, you don't have grizzly. Suddenly you're losing a lot of physicality without those three guys for one and two as great as the Bruins special teams has been it's been phenomenal. It's still relying on the visuals calling the whistles, and so you're, you're basically putting somebody that has an I think back as outplayed cranky and debris, disk special you can make that he can't have on his penalty right? Again, five on five is where the Bruins have struggled. What the spectators Bacchus I really just like their he's everybody in that line has been at least back hitting people. Yeah. But the only problem is I think the way to beat physicality is with speed. While there's, there's that also draw. More penalty. With speed. If you beat your mantle or speed give put him right now. He's faster than back as good as you've done them. But he's also on the penalty. Successful. I get that. But I'm saying you're, you're benching somebody, and then you're hoping that you getting you're getting whistles. Well, if you do, though, at least you have people in place, and the brusque Bacchus, I think, is a spare part at this point. It's a nice story. I hate to use this example, because the man just passed away. It's like Bill Buckner being on the field for the final out of the six World Series of never happened. Because you wanna see back as win a Stanley Cup respected veteran, and all that stuff. But the goal is to just win the thing, he's still getting get his name on it sitting on the ninth floor or whatever the poll question, we gave out today, which probably is a bit outdated. But what the hell why not who should the Bruins used to replace an injured today? No charge for game five of the Stanley Cup final. We put out Steven kampfer. Jeremy liaison Earl Vaknin or yuck up the Borrell. And right now, people obviously, you're paying attention to what the Bruins are doing because forty eight percent picked kampfer, thirty five percent say Vaknin and a very skilled guy, but still a baby fourteen percent say was on and only three percents. Got up. So it's going to be kampfer. Grizzly plays. They go with six or seven that's the big question, right? Who do they sit? Again, Cassidy Cassidy is not quite like Julian, who I think it was close Julian, he'd probably feel very show loyalty to David back. It's because he loves the veteran players whereas Cassidy just, like who's my eleven best forwards tomorrow night, and that's who's going to be out there. The bottom two lines because they bring nordstroms great on the penalty kill Marcus, Joe Hanson's been sensational short. Now, now, the only other possible tinker in nobody keeps bringing up at all is four five has undergone changes here in the postseason because Chris Wagner's longer there. And so they slotted Nola Chari back. Yeah. Sean, corral, and Nordstrom. So could that be that comes out maybe but I wouldn't do that in favor of back. It's yeah. I just sit back as the odd-man-out char-. You wanna talk about physicality Chari hits every move. He does. And he's got speed beyond what back has. And so if between those two for that attribute you definitely, you definitely sit back, especially if you say back somehow has some shifts on the fourth line isn't really fit in with those guys because they're fast that fourth line is really fast Keraly, cherry, and Nordstrom. And then you putting back in I if, if we're playing this seven years ago, the way the league was great, David Backes awesome. It's two thousand nineteen that's style. Just as. The, the flashy guys, the physical. That's the league in general. It is John EPA, Chetty leak, everything has yet. So in the early two thousands after the lockout in the four zero five season. That's when the league, that's when everything changed when the rules changed or the enforcement of the rule, change the rules. The rules actually haven't changed. It's the. The directive from the league to enforce the rules as they earn forced and that came after the vacuum after the lockout to win back fans to maybe faster to keep score scoring up clutching the grabbing the hooking the corner grabbing that kind of stuff and it may guys like Derian Hatcher who's hanging onto the time. Guys like. Forced ends chara was very lucky in a sense because that change happened while he was still a younger player..

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