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"rehab lake tahoe" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

"Was a that was a remnant from yesterday's conversation Let's see so. I was thinking about our friend friend of the show and hopefully knicks Governor of california larry elder Taken a lot of crap out there because he's pretty effective he doesn't really back down. He doesn't couch his stuff. He doesn't soft pedal eighties. All you know regulation and taxes and schools school choice and homeless. And he's got a plan but he's being It's being attacked out there in the media now a couple of things I was saying to. Dr drew. And i was talking to me yesterday. Actually spoke today about Larry elder and i'm like california is like a junkie that needs an intervention lights. They're not gonna be tears they're gonna fight it but we just need. We have the van waiting outside right. Essentially need johnny knoxville and the crew to show up at steve o's apartment. And just go fuck. We're leaving tonight in the van and california's i don't wanna go like this is good now in the fucking van rehab full lockdown. Rehab lake tahoe. Wine-country coat you get a personal trainer. You're going to be up at this every day. Dhabi time. I wanna go band in the van. It's time it's right now. If we if we come back in three weeks you're going to od like we need to do this. So larry elder. I've listened to for longtime time. It's all you the brass tacks kind of guy personality. Been on the radio out here and syndicated for twenty five years or something now anyway for some reason this intervention that we're staging here on california. It's not acceptable to like the la times or cnn or many other entities. Now i'm not sure why the look around and things aren't going well and just look at the numbers where we rank and education and homelessness and things like that okay. We could use an intervention but They don't have a lot to go off of larry. Now here's my thing. Larry like school. Choice if gavin. Newsom doesn't like school. Choice then articulate why you don't like school choice but you can't so now we're just at the point where this guy's got much ideas and you just call them racist and sexist. I also as i was saying larryelder. Sa- black man. I don't really particularly carefree. Stray says as long as he implements policies. Because what would those racist policies look like like. It's two thousand twenty one. It's california how would you implement racist policy race black man. I don't know how you do that. But i'll i'll play a few news clips and then i have some other ideas i I don't know what you want the la times headline here with him. Which is which is awesome. In by the way which shows there is no were were were out of boundaries in terms of keep calling people racist Have it larry. Elder is the black face of white supremacy. Oh boy been warned alright. So that's the la times bad and so that title was changed. The original article was published was recalled candidate. Larry elder is a threat to black californians. That's like if you go back into the archives valley that was the original title so that that's the new one. Well he's He's a threat to black americans in california. Two thousand twenty one. Even though he's black and comes for stop he comes from south central. He went to crenshaw. He was born and raised in south central. And that's his bones. Were made so. I do not know how the black guy who hails from south central is going to attack black californians but evidently the la times know something that we don't know well and it's also it historically we've talked about on the show how the you know sis. White karen comes to the rescue of these ethnic groups. I'm wondering what black californians think of larry elder. I don't really particularly care. What white writers fairly time. I wrote that. Here's here's another. Here's another interesting kind of mind bender california and we always talk about california's on the vanguard of all the progressive things that are going on cuisine high tash. But you know we're gay marriage or something whereas the tip of the spear of all the most progressive everything's california has never had a black governor. Wow so we are. We should have been the first with the black governor. Maybe the third zero black governors. It's been over one hundred and fifty years since we've had governing a hundred and fifty. I think i think it was eighteen. Forty nine was at eighteen. Forty nine that we came up with our governor here in california crystal anyway against eighteen. Forty eight forty nine. Our first governor not black human beings have ever been the governor of california. So i would look at this as kind of progressive. Because isn't it the l. A. times and cnn and msnbc who loves the notion of the first black vice president or woman woman. The first caller. I never stopped touting the first color all right well. Maybe we'll have the first black governor of california except for you guys. Don't give a shit about that because why he's black party wrong party that's it that's it so that's just the race just ends at the party was the case for him. Being bad for black americans. I know he. He speaks a lot of truths about black america. And they don't like that but anyway no they don't make their case they just say he's going to be bad like Later on so. I was watching They had there's joy reed has a great clip on. Msnbc and again. i don't know he's a black man. Who thinks he has better ideas than gavin news arguably has horrible ideas. So i don't know why. Msnbc needs to get into the fray but go ahead and attack ideas all right. Here's i'll play clip for that. This is a black man and it just goes to show you that it is true that even people of color can be influenced by white supremacists narratives and fall victim to it. Right now. joined by their elder. I mentioned he's thinking for himself. Automatically is falling victim forever. I believe he believes whatever he believes. Yes i don't think he's been no he over co op. One hundred percent of what he believes. I don't we don't have the screen working up here. Max pat but and that's pretty insulting to say if if you're a black man and you believe this somebody's in your ear. You couldn't possibly have. It's it's racist actually is is what it it's racist is what it is actually fallen prey to white supremacist culture. Beliefs or whatever. Whatever it is also is is less regulation or getting a desalinization for the pacific ocean or water storage. Or forestry these are white supremacists platform you certainly an outlier right in terms of like a guy like him who believes in sense so fervently and says the things he does put like. That's not a reason to say like always been co-opted or these are the views of someone who's gotten infiltrators by. He's a black guy who has different opinions than you. That doesn't mean he's been co opted and it doesn't mean he's a white supremacist with a black person's body yes and you know how like with newsom. Look i know. It's like to come from a broken home and yo- single mother..

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