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"rehab antigua" Discussed on Your Mom's House

"Who birthday. That'll be like real close to like the grant. That's probably the one of the first times it's open right I know I want to talk about so bad to be the first band in there. Yeah Taylor Swift is in there. What are we set her on fire but we could do that but I and then again I I went. That's cool. That's cool show. Maybe just kind of break it in slightly. Yeah we'll just go fucking wreck the place so it just falls down. After desert new stadiums wave Nello. Very different doesn't ever comedy. La La la La la rocks. Tom Okay do you watch her? Netflix dead. I actually really like. She's exactly yeah. I like some of her songs. I'm in do it but she's exactly who I thought she would be very cool. We watched it. I know she's sorry. Joe Get on board trolls control. He's so hateful hateful. I am not are you. Are you playing playing anywhere around here? Well how many stores like store all the time at the Ice House. And then you're they're doing like You know she shoots We can't announce that yet but in whatever later this year and then I just my my new special comes out in a few weeks so I have to like year up. Do All we WANNA come see. You guys trades love that I'd love to podcast with you guys again. So what are you GonNa do my podcast? Listen I've only done fifty episodes so far but it's doing well love to me host anytime you guys both come. Yeah I got worse. I it's about the worshiped you've ever been through. Oh my God yeah see. Everyone's got a story like bill. Burr came on and they talked about drums. Little time for your free shirts. Where can we get burnt a shirt? Because we're for him shirt and fill. It does getting a goodness stomach. Sleigh sleeve too strict bypass. Yeah yeah put the balloon in their co in an outpatient now with what he's doing he's not doing the stomach where they reduce the size. He's doing the thing where they just kind of. Cap The top and the bottom of it so that he can't his that well. The doctor say he asked lose member of at least seventy pounds on his own. Before they'll do you see the picture of soda like not that long ago. Things have changed October. He looked fine. Okay but I mean you know. What though then doers thing. He's not GonNa look like you know he's GonNa be all skinny awesome. Yeah oh I didn't realize it was like that. Yeah maybe he was wearing a girdle. Yeah I know he's like I think. He said like not not a long period tiny he gained like eighty pounds in just like a couple of how just kind of being himself again out there. You know I don't know how you aren tour like On tour I usually. It's it's tough right with like destructive. It's like city city cities and you start to kind of you know breakdown. You start making poor food choices but like fucking skinny but the bird you the booze and the food that'll do it. Yeah he's up to like four something right now. Anyway I would love to come on I I. It's called worse. I what he wants to like. You know it's funny. It's just like the subject matter like everybody has the first time they've the worst I ever. Ah There's there's some good ones. Yeah what's the best worst? I you've heard is probably the lead singer of crazy town seth He got he went to Rehab Antigua. And it was on a fucking island right and it was some celebrity Rehab and he didn't WanNa be there and there is no way. There's no way to get off the silent as you go on a boat right so he said fuck that and he just swam into the ocean and swam for like what ten hours in shark infested water to the closest island right and then he washes up on the shore that island and he's greeted by a dude with a machete named like forget what it was like razor or something like that and he was like. Yo I need drugs. Like I'm fucked up in. The Guy took him in the navy. He realized he was a singer. Crazy town and then he started. Pimping him around the island you know. He's how badly he wanted. It was so bad and then they did all these drugs together and the guy with the machete killed someone in front of him and like it was fucking. It's the craziest story so his fucking Berkshire it's fucking and then he had to like escape to the UN to like get saved and they almost like didn't save him because the left the Rehab and they were about to like let them be there and die. It was really fucking gnarly. It's totally drugs. Offer fucking crack cocaine. Yeah so that was probably the GNARLIEST WALSUM. Tommy came onto no after textron okay. That's what I'm thinking. I thought you were GonNa say I have to take a shit? I have to take us. It took an emergency ship to walk to one and then I was like you know when I walked in there I was like I guess I'll order my coffee and then go back and then take your shit coffee you no then I ordered it just and then I paid for it and they're like all right it'll be at the end of the bar and I was like okay and I was like I'll have to shoot like right and then I then I saw the code and then I sat in there in walked through I sat down and they had the Like the broken toilet paper thing on that when you pull it goes like don't so it's like a feels like you're making like allow people are like well that guy's wiping a lot. There's no fan on so you just here just haber everytime echoing that level of emergency brown trying to think man. What did you eat? Did you eat lunch before you walked over? Yes what did you have Kelly? Yeah so right through. You know we wait. No Karnal coffee. Well I guess it was. You know if you'd be pre doing a bump cocaine you're like oh I gotTa Shit is that right. I didn't know that that's a drug people. Person Thing yes. No regular person their drugs on the stadium tour. You think not not for me where sober almost all. The Band is sober. So does anyone know weedy? There's we do eat. No I right now. It's been like almost six months for me. I just Kinda just stopped everything you really. You're like able to do that. Sounds like me just a hair was but he did and he's doing so much well great. It's always good to pump the brakes boxes awesome. We're.

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