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"reeve knives knives" Discussed on The Knife Junkie Podcast

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"reeve knives knives" Discussed on The Knife Junkie Podcast

"I'm sorry what's it called the That knife is beautiful and it looks like an elaborate production to me The handle is very very milled and beautiful. It looks like that design in particular particular must have taken a lot of work a lot of machine kind for those those and that's what we're doing with our neutrons or other knives now is that that's going to be an option option. I'm not sure you've seen some of our search scales for our atom. We're doing more of that as an option that we really do like those intricate kinds of other than just flat. The labs you do a lot of three D. surface machining. That Kinda Kinda sit set us apart from other. Production is in the designs to you cut designs signs into the handles lake like the atom in China Try So have you made any fixed blades or have any interest in in that market. Explain many many years back in. And we're just not explained company and we're not going to pursue that we we make folders well okay so as a folder maker what. What do you consider the pinnacle goal of making a folder? And what I mean is as as as an expert as someone who's been creating these These really precise tools. What what is the ultimate goal for you as a company Arisen night? I'm sorry as as someone trying to perfect a knife. Like what would the perfect knife look like. I don't know seen instagram lately. I think we throw a few them out there. I don't know we just keep evolving. I think less every day I love my Adam. Love my Adam so we just keep taking that and anything we can learn from that we just bring ned into the next night in terms of manufacturing right now feel like we. We hit something right there. Something that's just very usable but elegant and lightweight week not threatening to people in Stay with that get better at it. It looked so Precise I don't know that the the the way the whole thing looks just from seeing close ups in video And now I really have to get one in hand. But they look like they're so dialed in. I don't know how else was to say it with the tolerances with and with how the lock you know it's it's all titanium there's no stick and all that I mean you just seem to have it down. We're trying to get more and more down because some of the things that maybe have some stick aren't so dialed in. They'll end up getting shipped else. So we're we're really trying to get that down that they're everything we can't you can't have script. You couldn't have a tremendous amount of scrap. You're not going to be making money so we're getting quite good at that. They are one by one they all getting there and that it. It's not like shooting across the Nice. If you're going to be a manufacturer in your life have to be fit like a custom knife. You're not gonNA last too long so we're really trying to dial everything in so we can continue to do that. So how does the How is your titanium business now affected by the boom in your knife business? Oh we still sell some titanium Just the raw material but that never even know. That's the name of the company. We never really was a large part of the company. I just sell small pieces to custom knife makers we just really changed from custom knife. Whatever we call ourselves to how titanium just to make a sound stronger and had really we did sell that much titanium we do a lot of machining and titanium and we still do always will Will never be called helping aluminum. We will never a nice. We will be titanium carbon fiber so really has an impact that part the custom knife supply part. We actually gave that up about five five or six years ago. It was just taking a little bit too much time for what gained. We had so many other supply companies and we said we're not going to go that route. We're just going to let that go deal with the slip joints you've done three. I think three slow John's so you mentioned the European market before how how are things working for. TRM in Europe it is very popular for sure. That's been probably the most popular knife that we have there but I think we are. We also do sell neutrons and atoms around the world world. So far we haven't haven't lost too many seconds Stralia has been a little bit of a problem We're about fifty fifty getting them through customs so really really what happens to them they send them back to you or do that. Just put them in their pockets. Not sure they kind of sit there for a few weeks and sometimes they come back to us or sometimes they don't go anywhere but we we keep selling. We're not gonNA stop for that. We have a few issues could customs. But it's not worth it saying. We're just not going to do it right right. Well how do you think TRM Plan for it to grow is it is it a volume thing is designed thing. Tell me what you think the forward or would path is for trm. Well certainly these Adam and a neutron become our bread and butter models. And we're feeling really good about the nerd followed by the shadow. And I'll tell you the new ones GonNa call it be called the collusion collusion's so expect those the real core group of knives and and we want to keep making them and and making our production so we can keep making all available at some point or at least you're not waiting for a year to get something that they're all be the apart of our our line we're going to keep that same ammo thin light good materials could blade steel And they're going to be some variation nations not all gonna be exactly like neutron and the ad on finicky cat scene. It's just a nice nice. I was thinking about Kind of contrast between lean companies that I admire some companies I'll say like Chris. Reeve Knives Knives for instance they hit upon a design and and they just keep making these amazing knives but they're very careful about how they roll out the next item the the next knife. And there's something to appreciate in that that sort of care that goes into really kind of deciding what comes out next. Yeah I agree. Yeah absolutely Chris Chris. reprises is is the The Bar Need Street and we whenever we're compared to them. It's a great honor and we're hoping that The atom and a neutron are so benches ages. And we think there's a pretty good chance that they can be at we don't need. We're not going to rush. She how many nights we can get out. We want those to be have a nice solid base and and gradually add other models else but certainly many companies have a few core knives and they've been making them for thirty years so definitely not a company. That's GonNa make one knife. Nope you can't get that anymore. More next I gotTA say your design. Language is very Universal it's not trendy it's popular now but it also seems like it could be popular. You know fifteen years. Hence whereas some Some companies that I also admire you know come out with many models a year here or multiple models a year and they seem to be on trend. And it's kind of funny to talk about trends in the knife world but they're trends everywhere you know. This one's ended sized purple and has a warrant cliff played. Well that's not going to last for too long. You know. Maybe they weren't cliff blade. But you know just this idea of putting out something that's that's compelling but neutral in terms of You know it's not something that looks dated and then just perfecting it year after year and making making it better and better and and just you know locking in on a model like that or a couple of models. That's exactly what we're trying to do Kind of a classic look not old fashioned which is classic something that you are proud to carried. Show your friends. So do you go to all the knife shows. Can people find you there and talk to you ago deeply. Bleach Will do New York custom knife show in March we do the US an and unfortunately we just missed the bleacher West and we decided that we're we're GONNA go to that next year just because some people out there haven't had a chance they don't get the blade Shell So we're going to do that. When exposed saw a lot of press about it this year it seems like it's Sir it's gotten maybe it just wasn't on my radar before it's gotten much bigger naked? Something pretty good out there. Yes so how do people get into a three river knives Three river manufacturing knives. How do you how do you find them? How do you buy them? What's the best way for people to To connect with your knives. Well we do have a website three rivers. MSG DOT COM in at this point. A lot of our knives are not available. But what I do is I have a newsletter. Every two weeks did have to sign up for our newsletter online and I give them updates on when a next Waiting lists is going to be available for neutrons and atoms in the nerds. And that's the best way to stay in touch if you like to see things as they're going on our facebook group tycoons really matter Very active active and I do a lot of a fair amount of winding in there. But I do show a lot of what's going on behind the scenes and then instagram certainly post. The're hillary also spoon some posting about every day and we email and we have a tycoon at three rivers. MSG DOT COM Hillary Hillary at three rivers that Com- Jennifer at three rivers in ask Dot Com. Oh they're all so excited. You just gave up their emails. Ah So in conclusion. What would be the knife you told me? I had to have at three rivers manufacturing knife. TRM which knife would would you. Would you say I love by neutron. It's three inches in. It's just perfect size for me less lousy atom three and a half inches so between either one of those. 'cause I haven't even carried out of yet 'cause I can't give up my neutron and every day I could carry anything I want. I could change the color of the hour. But I just can't seem to get rid of mine neutron so I'll partial to that and that's what I got to say about that so either. Those will thank you. Marianne helping thank you so much for coming on the knife junkie. PODCAST was a pleasure talking to you and finding out more about. TRM knives visit the knife junkie at the knife. Junkie Dot Com catch all of our podcast episodes videos photos and bore.

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