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"redwood jon voight" Discussed on Now Try This

"Thing that happened to you. Talk to your father. It's everybody's dan pointed out like. Is this trying to say that every bad thing. That's ever happened us because of fathers and i said no dad's are bad. Guys come on next generation. Be better so the conceited. This movie is the book is writing out. What's happening right now. And predicting the future. So the book goes through the inserts describing all their scars that no one knows about and then and then my favorite one is like it goes through all the scars is up. And then the schizophrenic. I apologize for using this terminology. I know it's incorrect. But that's this is how the movie describes them so he says. Yeah because i don't know anybody's name because they don't say the name they say tears her name's tears and she says in the book says she has a lip tattoo on this. We're gonna take fucking forever to talk about the has lipton. And then it's really like fucking editorial and sexual harass was like show me your. She says all the room your ass if she says fine and she pulls out her and shows her very nice but she's a very nice As as the black guy says that could be a black girls as. Oh my god i yeah guy so and i thought i was like lexi. Where's the i i looked at. I looked at this woman's ass for solitu- minutes because we were so confused we winding it. We didn't see the tattoo. And i said oh my god it was supposed to be cgi and they forgot because my dumb ass to let the movie continuing re keeps reading and it says in the in the tattoos not there. She only thinks it is. You wanted to show us more. You want to see us. So so i have to. I do have to interject here. Because i feel like i'm having fucking flashbacks of the interview. That at redwood jon voight. I was wondering whether or not this was a joke and a lot of internet was at the time. People were wondering. Was this movie rio as a joke. This movie one hundred percent israel. This man is serious. You made this movie seriously. And that's it. That's all to be set. But jon voight had said something about this movie. He said that this movie is a fable in through this movie. Something that has never been done before in film can be done and that this movie might actually. He'll people is what he fucking said. As if that makes sense as if simon conjurer going through the fucking motions of fixing these people would actually help anyone in real. Which is weird. Because jon voight very famously. Think thinks our nation is being controlled by like len tonality satanists. And what's the word for the for the for the cuna. He'll he's gonna person yes it makes sense. He made a video wind. Trump didn't get re when trump was trying to get reelected about. How if you voted for joe biden near voting for and it was very sincere. Very real. it was on joy is a piece of shit. You really sucks. But it's it was pretty funny seeing that quote at like that. These guys are such assholes that they thought that this movie could act. No they they hurt us the luminosity symbols. Check back back backtrack This was lovely. John boy is a great. he would be Lizard so here. We are with this book And then we meets was points characters. Name doctor doctor says dr karadzic's seems r. a. z. x. Who was last seen. Who's just a completely different movie. He is now in. The same movie does not exist in the same plane as the rest of the people in this movie all passy. But they're all being sincere. Yeah i he seems like a dick tracy. Oh straight up. Yeah he's like the rest up yeah cartoony villain at doesn't fit out the rest of the tone of the movie at all just making fun of like fifty s hulk you know fifties noir like that's like the thing they're trying. Wow so what did you. Why did who did. I need you to explain. This is the first part of the movie where i just need you to try to explain to me. What's happening because we get a scene with. Simon conjures estranged wife. Who is talking to dr is about how. He's yes i feel like i didn't say was his wife. I don't maybe what you find out later. She's they're lovers. But i i maybe there were. Maybe missed that part. Oh wait you're right. Because all the times that they talk about wall wives was the part of the movie. That wasn't real. So so so you're right they easily could not have been married and that just a conjuration. Oh i like four super the made up part of that bill. I'll see wasn't she. I now i might not have been. Oh god it was happening. What's what's happening in this. Why is the doctor talking to her. Why is this important. what's happening. What is it so the doctor goes shows up. And he's like and we have to get back at simon. Khan drew up going to stop him. And he establishes himself as pretty good can new of his doctor says. I could do dr crash chocolate. I don't have trump is room in his house. I want chocolate always eating a chocolate bar. The whole fucking seen. I don't think that was jon. Voight choice. I think he just like. If you're an actor making a movie why not have it. Be like character thing. He's always eating favorite candy bar. Whatever it's gonna smart. I'm gonna do that casting something like oh. My character likes cheetos and then i gained weight during filming. I'm like a character choice. You you said the character you gotta pay for my gym bill afterwards too smart contract so he's basically saying hey. We need to frame him for murder. Ready to fucking get back in the sky blah blah blah blah and. Then he leaves the room and she's like she like a plot twist like these zoom in our face. She's like little. Does he know. I love simon conjurer and they do this reveal by showing her reach into her drawer and there's nothing else to the drawer but a huge ass picture frame of her and simon conjecture which was hilarious way of showing that they have history together and she says i was a former student of his..

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