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"redwood bhaskar" Discussed on Bravo for the B-side Podcast

"That's it the credits roll. Yeah and this was really really well done. Yes yeah I did at the very beginning I did at the beginning and it took me a little while to figure out why I was feeling this way I was like Kinda slow in places like I liked it overall. But it's still kinda slow places because the last like six movies that we wash while we're watching them and taking notes of had to be furiously typing the whole time the true stuff going on and I didn't have to be furiously typing the whole time on this because it wasn't paste that way you know what I mean we'll know We didn't have a but I feel like the the pacing was appropriate. It was just me reacting to having to furiously take notes. Well here's thing so You know looking for the sound quotes. Rog. GotTa jump ahead young bed do all this stuff But I realized doing that night. I told you Thirty six minutes into the film. We are already at Redwood House. Yeah the murder house. Everybody's in there in the last two ladies. Are there thirty six minutes? Yeah Right. That's not a long time. You know and so I understand what you're saying but yeah because it wasn't a lot of elaborate setup we it. This is the kind of thing that that I did. You know one of the points that we may talk about was the the art of simple story once again right here. It is Let you finish. Your thoughts. Here won't won't come back to that. Well I it was the I mean my nose just kind of like overall I think if you you WanNa get Gore fast this is gonna hit those buttons. There was a lot of Gore. A lot of blood is very satisfying And if the Aleph practical effects and there are a lot of really good practical effects than here That you know if I do them I would be super proud of them. Think they're really good. Oh and that mask is easily the best killer mask. I've seen like ever absolutely ever ever well speaking of that mask Let's talk about that. I let before we get in trouble So as I had mentioned I've been chatting back and forth with David David Keith and When when we were talking about the stuff and the movie in this We had talked about how you know. That mask was a fucking attention getter. Yeah and it was super creepy and you know what people should buy it. So I wrote or responded back to him in one of our exchanges said. Oh yeah by the way my wife and I were talking tell you what if you could merchandise that fucking mask man? All my God well come to find out. They didn't make the mask right He purchased it. How this got passed us this long. I have no idea so. He sent me the information. this is You can buy this mask and a bunch of other. Sauna this exact. That's exact one for this. Maybe was modified version. You can buy the base model of this round. The Guy who makes these makes X. number of masks. But for extra money he will customize them or you which is probably four filmmakers on his website. He has a couple of films listed where his masks have been featured one of which Redwood Bhaskar So it's a grim stitch factory. Yes is the gentleman who makes these masks by hand. Yeah.

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