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"red wilton speight" Discussed on Sports Talk 1050 WTKA

"Whole lot of stuff going on offense, Red Wilton Speight as your quarterback, and they still went in there and should have won that game, So they've been close. But you're absolutely right. When you look at the Justin Fields and you look at the wealth of talent that Ohio State has coming back, you know. You know they're gonna be there at the end, and it's been a long time since Michigan could say that, And that's not okay. Let's be honest with the resource is this place has and I understand. You know the people that say What airplane by a different set of rules or they're playing a different game and there, you know, so on and so forth, and their athletes have to go to class, But at some point, you've got to be much more competitive than your being. And you can still recruit like Brady Hoke recruited, for example, brother in a lot of NFL talent, and Jim Harbaugh did a couple for a couple of years there as well. But that's got to do a better job getting these guys on the same page and then Telling these guys and letting them know that. Hey, you've got a responsibility here before you look to the NFL, and I think a lot of guys that they brought in have had one eye on the NFL bill, and instead of Laying it all on the line for Michigan, and that's what needs to change. First, In my opinion, Chris balance with watering to calm the Michigan insider joining us on the draft Kings guests sign everything. Michigan Athletics 24 7 at the wolverine dot com and also listen. The huge radio networks award winning declaration of the Michigan football Podcast with Doug Scheme and Chris Balice. They were awarded the huge Medal of honor. For their work on Michigan Football League elicit as another both straight shooters for those of you that haven't heard Chris.

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