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"red fitch" Discussed on 106.1 FM WTKK

"My personal Twitter feed is at Todd Schnitt. So feel free and that was that was doing some late night tweets last night. Yeah. I'll give him some my tweets a little later on. But if you're on Twitter gimme a follow at Todd Schnitt. Because you never know what I'm going to tweet. I even tweeted out a fabulous bottle of wine, a great. Australian Sharon is or Sharon as some Australians will say. Sixteen to twenty dollar bottle. The just drinking like a ninety two ninety three pointer and the the name of the wine. It's it's called. It's called ball. Buster. I tweeted a picture of the wind last night. So you never know. What's gonna pop up on my Twitter feed back over to the Wall Street Journal piece, and I I got to wrap this up 'cause we got a lot of other things to get to today. You know as we were getting off the air yesterday. Just approaching the six o'clock hour yesterday. The new started breaking about the FBI and the take down of this guy in Atlanta to wanted to blow up the White House hit with a shoulder-fired rocket. And then. Breach. The the White House and kill as many people inside as possible. So taken down on an FBI stink. I wanna get into some of those details as well. Back over though to the Wall Street Journal piece and Michael Cohen. And I'm about to get to the juicy the cell treat taught the the interesting details, which I'll get to in a second. But you know, Giuliani's pointing out, and I think this is fair, wait a minute. So Michael Cohen requested fifty grand from the Trump from Trump to repay this red Finch guy who allegedly rigged some online polling. Sites for Trump. But Michael Cohen only gave him twelve or thirteen grand. But he got reimbursed fifty grand that's that's called popping or pocketing like thirty seven thousand dollars. There's there's no doubt about it. Then as we move on here. From the Wall Street Journal prosecutors wrote in a charging documents that when Mr. Cohen asked Trump organization executives for a one hundred thirty thousand dollar reimbursement for a hush payment made to Stephanie Clifford, the porn star known as stormy Daniels. He also scrawled a handwritten note asking for fifty thousand dollars. He sent said was spent on tech services. And that was to an eight of the Trump campaign. The prosecutors didn't name that company. But people are saying that it is this red Fitch so fifty grand now, here's where. Is we're things get. Take a little turn again here. And what is what is going to say on February seventh remember Holon testifies before the democratic controlled house oversight committee in just a couple of weeks on on February seventh is when this happens are open to the public and on television. I mean, that's going to be another circus day, another three ring circus going on. But listen to this. During the presidential race. Michael Cohen asked this Mr Gallagher this red Finch IT guy to create a Twitter account called. At women for Cohen. And the account was set up in may of twenty sixteen and it was actually run by allegedly a female friend of this, Mr Gallagher. Or gaga? Who operates this red Finch and the account described this women for Cohen? So he has this account setup to. Technically, do some PR work on behalf of himself to boost up his image with the ladies. That's right. So it describe Mr. Cohen as a sex symbol. I don't know if you saw this on my Twitter feed prior to Christmas. I put together a side by side of a snap. From Michael Cohen doing his sit down interview with George Stephanopoulos wasn't at next droopy dog. Droopy dog, and I'm telling you it's uncanny droopy dog and Michael Cohen. Dead ringers, baby. So wait. So Michael colored wanted to be described as a sex symbol. Online and this this account this at women for Cohen. It talked about his good looks at his character. So where he wanted to look good in front of the ladies Michael Cohen, the ladies, man. Yes. Michael. And baby. Michael cohen..

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