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"rebecca multan" Discussed on Weather Geeks

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"rebecca multan" Discussed on Weather Geeks

"And we are back on the weather geeks podcast talking with Rebecca Multan from Fema and Dr Rick Nabbed from right here at the weather channel and formerly the Director of the National Hurricane Center. I want to pivot the discussion a little bit now you you've been touching catching on it throughout the discussion but communication we're in an era where our models are getting better. We have goes satellites. We've got really good radar systems but the communication social media this is something that was talking with Eric Blake go before we came in to do the taping the social media era and Hurricanes Rebecca. What are your thoughts on social media communication morning and messaging hurricanes you know I so I have also a background and communication shame which I thought was going to actually be a detriment when I got my graduate degree meteorology and ended up serving me perfectly in my in my world that I'm in now and it really boils down into? I think meteorologists have to realize that they may be the scientific experts but we are not experts in public communication and I think it would be really helpful for folks to sometimes consider that in flip their point of view around because so often we want the public trust us but we don't trust them and they're telling us by what they do or don't do or you know what information they consume do what they think about the weather and it whether it's such a personal part of everyone's lives and we've seen a lot of the social science in our community come out the to tell us things I'm thinking particularly about tornadoes but also hurricanes how people personalized in need she to personalize the weather information in order to make the right decisions and as meteorologist we we have an idea of what we think is the right decision but I see there's a lot sometimes when meteorologists are sort of second guessing emergency managers. Why are they doing this? Why are they doing that? You may not be an expert in that field and the more I think we can flip around our perspective and try to understand some of these Maury will actually start to take better steps forward social media. Sometimes it can be people talking at each other and a no. There's a lot of meteorologists talk about this that we all follow each other really reaching the public and then how do we connect with them <hes> but we all know people who aren't meteorologist and it's so fascinating that don't think like us and talk to people find out what they what they understand what they don't and then believe them trust them that they're not stupid because they don't understand maybe as an example of floods we have twenty different four products and it's possible people still don't know what flood mean gene so. Maybe we yes. We're experts at the rainfall. We can tell you all the hydrology but maybe they're telling us a real neat there and we do have in my program is is Dr Not mentioned the National Hurricane Program there is a lot of science and art art baked into the evacuation planning the hazard but also the behavioral studies <hes> we look in try to understand why people did or didn't evacuate how long it takes them to get their.

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