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"The winding road to free listing this street now here's your host Christine welcome back let's go to the phones and talk to Kathy good morning Cathy Kristin what's your question this morning I paid my mortgage jobs the end of November last year installations yes I am very happy about about two or three days after the payment was supposed to have been received by the servicing company I called and just to verify that it had data and they said that it had I asked them what the next steps were and they said that they would be sending out a letter within a couple of weeks to notify me that the market has been paid in full and then they would be contacting the county in which I live so that that he would be released to me well nothing happened I called again like the first of January and it was my account with them had been deleted because they could not find it at first it took quite a lengthy conversation and then they were finally able to find it but they told me they could not they could see the documents they could see the account but they could not access the account and that it was being referred to a supervisor to handle two weeks later I called again and I had to go through the whole thing deal with them they couldn't find it finally they did a surprise me with taking care of it and nothing so I am wondering if first of all if it there that they are doing anything and if it is not too soon to expect anything what do you suggest I do I would I will tell you that this is Rebecca Missouri I would tell you that it is too soon to expect your deed from the county that can sometimes come up to six months afterward they're very behind with that so if that's your main concern that's very typical but if you're wanting to verify that that's been completely you know paid in full and it's that was recorded then that that's something that a title company can help you with do you still have the paperwork from when you purchased the house do you know what title companies that we you used I I don't off the top of my head but I have all my paperwork so do you the the low that you paid off with auto loan that you refinance the purchase loan or was that the original purchase loan the original purchase long for the house okay so yeah look for that paper will click for the title company the issue the title insurance the other thing is the bank that you paid off they actually have to issue a re conveyance meaning that the they're going to remove that lean from title so they they actually will send that in to note the fact that that lean is been paid in full often to oftentimes we're doing a refinance part of me yeah yes so I would I would verify that the wi conveyance was sent in because that's what you want to be sure that that that lean gets removed from title but the verification for that would be to contact the title company that handled the purchase loan because you haven't needed there was there was actually insurance that you pay full at that point in time that that that protected the lender he just wanna make sure that the that leans going to be released so that's what I would do but again on something like this I would not expect that to be a a quick thing at all I mean I would give it some time I would make sure that the Linda or the bank that you paid off and sent in the documents to notify the fact that that that that that the league has been paid in full but you have documentation that you paid in full so key obviously keep track of that and don't you well protected either way but you just want to be sure that you get that clear title down the line okay so it it contacting the company that I dealt with when I bought the house to make sure the things have happened correct and they can they can give you the right and they'll give you direction on exactly they can follow up on it and they'll give you direction to make sure that your your your position is protected okay okay thank you Greg thought to give us a follow up phone call with any other questions on it thank god they huh interesting call me that you know off the often times with the with the way the where problems a coal rice is when the second mortgages involved oftentimes because they don't use title companies they they they don't see the need for the what have you so you get yes second mortgage company with with the with the bank per se you pay that second mortgage company off and then you know you goes by two years go by you go ahead we financed the first Noel sudden Lena still left in the second because it hasn't been we convey might so issues you do want to you know it's it's great that Cathy's following up on it because that's not often that you don't have to find those things out later years down the long road when you're gonna lest it exact realize many have to chase after them so then that you know you go off the credit report showing that it's paid but it does get it can create a delay of up to one to two weeks with the chase that we convention sometimes you don't get it you cannot find it so then that can be that can be a problem trying to get the clear title yeah so like rex said take care of this now over like you know just kind of let it fall to the wayside and then forget about and then also you need to do something down the road yeah many to chase and I can tell you know just the fact that she's on it to that which you just paid off in in November good for you Kathy stay on a tank wrath folks number the shows a full full full one a one once again celebrate the big to to with T. mobile switch now.

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