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"rebecca john tony molloy" Discussed on New Jersey 101.5

"Hi, larry. Hi, Steve nurture topic. I just got off to wait e- people. I knew the person that when you turn your headlights on. You'll realize go on no matter. What? No, no, no. You're said, listen when you turn your headlights on your real lights, go on automatic. But cars a lot of cars have what they call the daylight lights where they're always on like when you come. When you call when you turn your when you turn your car on your front lights. The daytime lights are on on that situation. The back lights aren't on. Oh, well, I I'm from the old time. I drive a ninety eight Cadillac DeVille Delic on with two hundred seventy two thousand miles delegations. What the hell's I? Adela? I thought that was Italian slang. Okay. Forty five years ago. Four points. Total never suspended right except to pass right? Don't cross the solid white line. Okay. And the distance. I was department. This guy was literally five feet from the foreign him. Five feet ten. Ten miles per call length ten miles each call went state district each ten miles or doing is a call linked. This guy was literally five and today. Young drivers with the with the steerings rapid tenured any quick bulls. There's very little play, and you can flip a car very quickly by making a quick bull that come behind you. These quick moves oversteer and the weight of the car can slip a card stage. Young drivers do that a lot. Yeah. Because they driving while texting. And then they're startled when something happens in front of them. I've seen them right? I've seen him with the phone in the middle of the steering wheel. Texting? It's so dangerous the worst thing, and you know, I sometimes he's driving his truck drivers get weaned off the road. I'm happier. It's ridiculous. Those kids in Jersey City years ago. Seventy five but at twenty five miles a guy drives guest, you'll see up in a we walk into drugs off the roading related waiting for a bus on. I mean that should not happen. No. You know, what though up there most of the time because it's so crowded, especially Kennedy boulevard, you gotta light every other block usually would be able to happen. But you're right what eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five Rebecca John Tony Molloy video of a cop giving a guy a ticket for driving in the left lane. Annoys you most about the jersey roads turn signals for Matthew white..

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