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"rebecca demon daemon rebecca" Discussed on Zero Credit(s)

"God you digs lutts. She's okay awesome me. Rebecca demon daemon rebecca. We summoned you smear it back with two ks. Wanna you hoes semi for a. that's right. We did something new for a boy. John taken away. Hi rebecca first time. Some longtime fear of demons. I suppose a bit of a problem. I have a longtime crush of mine. Brad classic sleepover situation. Me and henry were gavin. We were talking or if you were in the area the little tenderly Telephone cords were spending. We're talking brad. It's a long story but i'm trying to win the affections of brad. I just really appreciate any tips. You could give me from the demon underworld which. I'm sure is very good at attracting mates i got. I got what you need to ticket. Brad in the clutches. First deputy gonna wanna lie them. Real good you gotta go on. Take some jelly and disallowed are all over. Little body. Occas is this. Is there a type of jelly. Like a flavor or some type of fruit. That john should be picking flavor is good for the next part which of walk into which is unhinged jaw is. It won't go. Okay okay new. You just take brad by speed and you just shelvin. Righted orca free. I feel the move. Just put them right down there so it sounds like john you. You have the option of which type of jelly to us. What do you think of. Brad pairs well with I don't know brad. He plays a lot of sports. I'm thinking like a cape goose berry. Qatar picante at sweet flavor. And now demon rebecca. I i'm not you. Do you know about humans. I'm presuming yet. Slippery bodies Right so i mean. I don't know that i could say a better myself. Yeah i think i think. The world's philosophers would agree with that definition. But are so. I don't know about you john. My jaw only goes about like yay wide That seems that seems rather too small to fit a whole human her cinnamon. I think we might be running up against some physiological issues. That would keep me from swallowing brad whole feet. I listen. I mean. I'm i'm willing to try it. You know i. I'm kind of at my wit's end here in lieu of swallowing whole You could also try this trick which is just to date him. Normally ask him on. A date would be kind to him not to hold on. I don't know if you know much about humans but That seems like the hardest thing in the world for human to do. It's it's perfectly horrible. If if if you cannot infect consume only alternative act would not wish any human male female god clear the less preferable choice to lumine someone up with cape gooseberries jam and swallow them feet. I is to date them and be kind to them. In the demon world It is never too swallow each other left right. It's the purest expression of love. I recently was. Swallowed ejected Strawberry jam with is my preference with my high lover. Rebecca with two seize. i only date people with my own name as i very vain but in you know me. You don't rebecca slowly over time. We are beginning to know. Rebecca with two ks demon records. So rebecca with two ks demon. Rebecca you have a preference of the jelly that speen slathered on you. Oh yes yes You know brad. For instance could be tied up and show shelley's to his liking and choose one. That's very nice fairness or play some people like that. I don't know i could see that. I think of bigger hurdle that i have is that i've never spoken to brad julia. We also are running into the problem or brad doesn't seem to want to leave his house and also not sure. The brad knows who. I am tier. Okay well the feel like swallowing. Him may be a bit of a violation at that point. If he doesn't even know who you are. Okay yeah i guess. There's a lot of work. I gotta do to get to either swallowing or dating. Which at this point. They both seem equally difficult right and it seems as though even they both require consent on brad's part or just knowledge. That going hat battle. Now that's fair. I yeah. I mean the the entire extent conversations. I've had with brad as we've discussed as me pretending to be the. Irs will sue him slipping polaroid's of myself staple the to flank steak under his door. These than throwing a bag of fishing hooks at him. All classic human courting moves. I thought so yes. I didn't know demon shit like data. I'm i'm i'm i'm a humble demon really Though i think people who have my own name makara mirrow arago. And i love myself daily. You know. I gotta ask what what prompted you boys from from a simple simple Wanting to one to seven in deem dating data is a big step. I just wonder what the interest is like. How can i help you reach dry everything else. You heard the man you heard john. We did the fish thing and the polaroid stapleton meat and even pretending to be the irs threatening to sue him. These are all the conventional methods. We did everything and to play devil's advocate. I'm sorry demons advocate for ourselves. Think we initially summon demons not as dire as boy advice but out of boredom. And i believe to find out what the definition of the word plectrums. Yes we were born and also we had some questions that tip you know. It's just what you do. In a sleepover. Right you summoned some demons. Yes with your Nondescript spirit board yes yes. Legally distinct spirit board the most powerful of the cult tools. You no connection whatsoever to the milton. Bradley corporation or a series of movies of Questionable quality at preferred that hasbro barbie dream board for some of my personal summoning limited edition. We'll have to check that out for next time. I mean assuming we even want rebecca back not say that you're a great her back to say we're jusque. Were just starting to get to know. Each other from wanting to stay in time passes differently for demons. In a way that i can't begin to comprehend.

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