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"reagan terence crawford" Discussed on Tha Boxing Voice

"But then and another author to a trainer, you know, is he going to send another offer to please don't play anything else recorded. The gophers don't have the the role Mike argues. Or the morals to make sure that you're going to interview a caliber of promoter with the proper equipment. So that it can at least be heard. Ration- of Russian to get it up first. And we don't add it. We will let the audience realize the mistakes and correct us. So that's what we're doing. I'm I just don't see the pressure, right? Like, Mike, obviously added pressure on our Heyman and PBC. And I just don't think that there's any pressure on those guys when those guys have options like we didn't give any Crawford options. But I'll give my Earl Spencer options, then we'll let might give his options. So like for Earl I'm gonna get and say unify with the Lonnie men since. You know, Mike doesn't want to take that IBO title seriously. When Crawford is in desperate need of one. I say if you're Earl you take that you sass that men fight up at least get him signed. Al get them signed take the Lonnie Minju off the table. Take one of the two wounded vets whether that be pack out Thurman, then you got the unification with Sean. I mean, just so many options by then maybe Jamal James has made a name for himself in a year and a half from now or dining guys could have come back a year and a half from now. So I think that URL has a lot of options, especially options that the public knows right? Like Earl could fi- Sean turnaround and fight olga's. And both of them have been on FOX, you know, both of them even even even Bob was high praising God. He might have sent them an awful. But I think he's got options is all I'm saying. So I don't see how our is gonna feel pressure unless you know, Mike is going to come and say, well Bob is gonna make a significant offer. It's gonna be one of those offers kinda like you gotta sit down with your people and say, hey, are we really not gonna take this? Explain to me why. Because obviously there is so much for out to offer early on his own side of the street might if you're of Bob Arum in top Reagan Terence Crawford. Then you gotta get kinda kinda creative either at the Americana fight. You can go out there Americans guy that he's been one of the fight for the gathered the different one fighter. Mccown for the last couple of years down kill broke or you can go back to what you were like that. I like that you got the same as wild. It's like, there's no, you know, leftovers boxing rely on anybody everybody. So, you know, even though Cao book already lost to gonads, and Earl you know, went over there and took the title from in the UK. I think that's still a decent FIFA Cup cupboard Terrence. And then if you wanna go more views over here in the states than you. In my opinion. I have to go back and revisit the Dan Garcia offer may make it a little bit sweeter for that. And make it something that that that then it can't say no to and if you wanna get a little bit more, creative go after a guy that that people seem to to leave out of the what the way we're not leave out, but not mentioned him a among the elite give him a shot to be on pay per view. And I'm talking about no other Shawn porter. He did his numbers in cars, California. Wasn't that great? When he was at the the venue, formerly known as stubby. Come up center. So who knows if you can get him in Terence Crawford. You can kind of make a big fight only SPN or or do a joint whatever you guys got to do. But I don't think that's big enough to join thing. Bob when acts the bow porter..

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