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"Name was segment, we've turned it into a segment where you can call in and vent about anything happening in the sports world are really the world in general. There are some rules, whereas say them right now. And again, if you wanna call in four zero four seven four one zero nine two nine gotta keep it clean. Obviously we have the power to do mute and the call hit the dump button, which we can hit. And then you won't even go out on the air. Even if you say it on the air, we obviously want to just quickly say this. We had a car last night where was upset about station changes. We are no power in that. We don't want to comment on it. But if you are upset about that don't call into the show about it because we're not gonna put you on the air. The way we know people have a lot of things to talk about we won't get you guys on. Let's start with Tony who's upset at the Braves. What's up, Tony? Well, good evening. Mark and crew. Yes, sir. Yeah. Yacht. You were the one who suggested that idea. Remember it? I do remember it. Well, it's the perfect mom occur. Because you always have a different crew pretty much every evening, but anyway. I digress. For years. Now, I have been so upset with debris organization being bought out by Liberty Media. I I was peeled when AOL Time Warner bought a out in Ted Turner was you know, kick to the damn curb, and that was his doing, of course because he sold the team. However, when you get these big room Guam rights, and as a pubs fan, I had to deal with the Chicago Tribune company when they bought the cubs because they wanted property that the school that I was the chairman of the board of they wanted our property to build a pardon deck, and my biggest problem is that they're pretty well hamstrung, Alex and fabulous saying, well, we can only spend this amount of money because we're not making the revenue on all this other real estate development that we did around SunTrust park. Right. This is a huge choke to me, and I'm a cab county resident, and you know, I'm helping foot the Bill for this mess, and you know, what not to put a decent, you know, team out there. You know last year was a fluke come on. Let's get real about it. I mean, look at the Phillies right now. I mean, they re upped with Bryce Harper rea- multo, just a delicious analysts, and I see the Braves if they're lucky finishing second. Maybe third. What say you? Love your show now. Hey, listen Tony much for the phone. Call really appreciate again, you got some with lots of matter with you four zero four seven four one zero nine two nine twenty makes a lot of really good Braves points their Marshall we've heard this before and people calling this show often and they get upset. It's an actually Mike bell. I think has the perfect tweet for this. Because someone tweeted at Mike bell possibly a new Braves logo. It says financial flexibility that the Braves organization keeps telling us, right? We're just gonna keep financial. Flexibility, and that's kind of their excuse for not making big time moving Tony makes a really good point Marshall. I mean, we're sitting here, and we watch all these other moves happen. The Yankees got a they they signed a free agent closer day for a three million dollar based salary. If he makes the majors and Mike bell said what the brace couldn't do that. And then, you know, bell from dukes and Bill makes a really good point. I really appreciate Tony being our first caller in the Matz matter with you segment again, if you wanna get on a conversation four zero four seven four one zero nine two nine again, keep it clean try and keep it talking about sports if you don't mind cause it's a sports show. You know, what I'm a little upset about or at least, maybe not me. But this this one mother is very upset at Felicity Huffman, and Laurie Laughlin, of course, the two celebrities, you know, the full house celebrity who paid her way to get her daughters into USA, you've probably heard the call scandal. So the Ed people magazine this came out. What is it yesterday? A California mother is suing Laughlin and Hoffman for five hundred. Billion dollars five hundred billion dollars because sheriff son did not get into USC apparently. And she thinks that her son deserve to be any at a four point two GPA, which again is the only went to four point. Oh, but she had a four point two. So he's a smart kid. But apparently, you know, when Felicity Lopez paying her kids to get into UFC. Maybe this this lady has a point five hundred billion. I see another caller on our new segment mozza matter with you. Chase in talking about Braves. Tony got fired up. Chase. Are you ready? You're up. Hang on hang on hang on. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Okay. What's the matter with you? I see Braves talk to me. Alright. So the problem is Tony just call. Instead, you know last year was a footballer breaks. And that's that's some big, man. Like, the Braves young everybody wants to sell out say liberty, which what's fair, right. Could make move right? But the thing is is we have so much young count wash sell the phone. For two years. Well, I think you make a good point. Now, Tony did say, and I will defend Tony just a little bit as he said, we can still get second in the division. So then are you saying that this is clearly a NFL least winning seconds nothing. We're going to win the okay, and you can make this a segment we're going to win the east by three games. Okay. Book there this book at chase is going to book it. All right. Hey, listen Baker much for your phone call. I really really appreciate it. I see a nother caller on the line. Good to go is Chuck good to go Marshall thumbs up on that in Jennings. I think he's east screening Chuck right now, we're gonna go, right? Chuck the Braves or heating them up. Tony. I appreciate you got fired up. Here we go Chuck what's up, man. Well, I mean, I have to say that it just seems to me that ever since the ownership group that has the Braves are far more concerned with having a profitable thing in their portfolio. I e the Braves then being a championship contender. They were happy with the fact that the Braves made the playoff run. Last year. They didn't make any moves to just happened. And then, you know, you've even got small-market teams around baseball making moves I mean, quite honestly, I'm a massive Cincinnati Reds fan, and we're very small market compared to the Braves at least we made a rather large trade in the off season to bolster our team. But you just simply don't see the brace doing this. Because the ownership group in the Braves just simply don't care as long as this part of their portfolio is profitable. Don't treat it like they wanna be a championship or very shock less than I have to agree with you. I mean to me it just seems like as long as the Braves are decent enough than the organization and the ownership group. Okay. Well, you know, what we're making money, and that's fine. But for me what I hate is. Like it. The braids were like a consistent playoff and World Series team. Then they make even more money, right? Like, so why can't we just make them that good and make the appropriate moves the point where we're a perennial playoff. Team because then you make even more money, right? Yes. I mean that would make sense. I mean, but the fact of the matter is they treat this as a corporation not as that's why someone like Arthur bring for the falcons, he's passionate. He wants to win the gentleman that bought the hawks he's passionate he wants to win. But UCI, absolutely no passion whatsoever. From ownership group from the Braves day. They don't care as long as it's profitable. And they re I mean, it's just like let's face it. The ownership group that owns the Braves, heck, they're not even based here in Atlanta. So just doesn't matter to them that the Braves are a championship caliber team, but they won't ever do. So until somebody else besides the by the brain chocolate into the fact that we we want a single owner or maybe one or two owners that are. Exactly passionate about Atlanta. Hey, chuck. We agree. And I really appreciate for the phone call. Thank you. Again. That's another caller here on our new statement mozza matter with you, it's going, well, we're getting a lot of cars a lot of passionate callers calling in about the Braves, I think, and again, all of you reacted this Marshall, I think we had was a two two callers ago. The course that book it Braves when the analyst by three games, your initial thoughts on that possible by three games, right? Yeah. He said three three. I mean, it's totally possible. Listen. Yeah. No. I I hey, I could see that look Harper. The nationals have been the favorite team to win the NFL east for like, I don't know. They've never had the Braves numbers, and they never did. Well with Harper and the oh who's their pitcher, Stephen Strasburg? Yes, never does. Well, when he comes here to Atlanta never does well against Atlanta. And I'm just I'm not sold that just because Harper's moved to Philly. They're all of a sudden going to just be the team to beat now. And and on look the Braves have some issues to get through especially when it comes to starting pitching and the bullpen, man. We'll just have to want to see I think we had Tony at first saying that it was kind of a fluke that the blaze break Wednesday to the playoffs last year. He did say they're still a good young team. But he did say possibly a fluke is upset at ownership which everyone did which is fine. The next caller did say, hey, we're very young very good ballclub. We're gonna win the analyst by three games. And I think both can be true. We can be a very good very young ball club, which we are. But also have leadership and an ownership group that doesn't want to take us from a very good very young ball club to a very good, very young and elite playoff ballclub. Now. Listen, the braids can win the analyst. I mean, that's I mean, that's that's not a hot take the Braves can win the enemies this year. Are they favorite to win the analyst? No, but they can. But I think a lot of people are upset right now. I see Brandon is calling in right now. We'll get to him in just a second. They're upset because we have the potential to make a deep playoff run with the team. We have right now why not just add a couple more pieces. Spend a little bit more money that way, we can have a really really really good team. That would I sure be a playoff team? And again, the phone number four zero four seven four one zero nine two nine is Brandon. Good to go. I see him right? There is good. Good to go on Brandon. Yes. Brandin? Yes, sir. You are on what's up, man. Hey, how you doing? I was I was calling. Because like I said, I think a lot of people be we have a a former MVP Josh Donaldson. And like I say if he calls the phone better help a lot. And then we have a lot of young players and their like, I say days feeder, they Glazer, and we would have saved a ton of money. And if they want to work out would have been getting on them and all of that. But like I said we have y'all been soundly, and then we have wound McKay air, or whatever who's gonna help grow all of these young ours ourself. So like, I said I I feel like next year. Of course, you could probably make a splash with this year. Like, I say shit. Let's see what happens because we have a formidable say young. We have now. Theater? And like I said, I think like I say, I don't wanna rush. Worse than usual or jump. The bowl. William for great surprise in the future. They will stay. What do you think they quickly where we're where they finished in the NFL as I second third fourth where do you have them this year? I believe I okay. Yes, sir. Brennan, listen so much for the phone call. I see Cole is next call when I talk about. Yes, sir. How are you? Yeah. Hey, how's it going? Not too bad. Oh, pay. So you wanna talk about the hawks. All right. The floor is yours. All right. Well trae trees. John Collins, I feel like the future for the house, but I have two questions. The first one was I was trying to understand. If Dallas has the worst record do they get that pay? And then the second one was what do you think the hawks need to trays dot com built around them young. So yes, sir. Hey, listen..

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"Callaway met with the media. And this is what he had to say. There's not much chance. The Metropolitan's us Edwin d as as a high leverage firemen in the seventh or eighth innings that season Diaz is going to be the closer the Mets are seeking a setup man on the open market. And everyone knows they're interested in Andrew Miller. I'm saying that he's just saying the Mets are seeking a setup man on the open market Calloway says he hasn't contacted free agent reliever. Andrew Miller who was on his pity seven Cleveland other than to which I'm happy thanksgiving. What is it here as to what his recruiting pitch for Miller would be in Callaway answered you're really good. And we need you. What is it? Brandon Nimmo will lead off for the Mets in twenty nineteen can I insert? Maybe he might be involved in any kind of deal with real Moto. But MRs Calloway, what does this mean? It's all like of talk now already. Brandon nimmo. He says is gonna lead off at the medicine. Twenty nineteen Callaway says Robbins casino live third Mets have discoved glisten to this. The Mets have discussed Jeff McNeil as a backup option. At first base. Second base shortstop third base. Love field. He'll be in the Mets lineup often. Mickey Callaway says, but doesn't appear likely to be an every day starter. Well, I mean right now who's well. Listen, he not every day started. Because let's face it. Second base. You have with the casino at third base right now, you have Frazier, but things can change already Paul is calling from Newark New Jersey volume on the fan. What's happening? How are you Steve arena? Okay. Paul. Thank you for the call. Yes. If you can leave me on for your answer 'cause Cardi more. But it's an age old problem with the Mets they try to do everything on the cheap. They got to connote deal. India's deal. It was a wash. So you're not spending any more money. Now. How do we solve the problem to me? It's not gonna happen. So please deal with my fantasy for a minute. Okay. Machado then you don't need real until you get what a defensive catchers you get your outfielder. And we're doing good dancer your question. How you get rea- multo without trading. Syndergaard. I would not trade any of the pictures. It took us this long to settle our top five Rb to make it people had surgeries we finally settled in on our rotation with a solid rotation. You don't mess with it. The lineup is the problem not the rotation. So if you wanna to get remodeled, oh, I would give up Conforto. I hear the Marlins light Conforto. They don't want nemo. I would make that sacrifice rather than sacrifice Syndergaard me out. And then maybe if you could get that deal done c- from listening to a lot of met fans since six thirty mostly listening all day. To hear reaction and response from everyone and. I'm getting the feeling that many many metro politics fans would give up forget about real motel. Get a Wilson Rommel's. A Maldonado a grand Dow let real Muto stay where he is go to another team if it means creating a Syndergaard or even Wheeler I too am getting concerned that yes, this deal is going to be done. But at what cost and just who would be going either to the Yankees. Although I don't think that's in play as we speak. I'm concerned. Now, I would love to have real Muto. But I'm concerned and a little bit with the fear factor here that have not Syndergaard Wheeler might be going. Leo is calling from Brooklyn New York. And Leo you're on the fan was happening. Leo. Hey, steve. How're you doing? Good. Leo. Thank you very much for taking the time. What's going on? Let's let's two scenarios. I see the Mets should be looking at it. Pittsburgh in San Diego. I don't San Diego was interested in Syndergaard. And they have a couple of pieces that we can use. They have also had such as a catcher say manual Margot, which is a builder, and then they have Myers be looking to move your contract. They signed the Posner and Pittsburgh you have Savelli and you have starting March March when he's a good one understand why we're stuck on. In real Muto. Russell Martin has all sat there. Well, here's the thing. Leo all accounts all accounts from the most respected. Baseball insiders. The most respected speculators and guests, we guests meisters, man room. Risers all have the Yankees and the Mets in the Marlins involved here, and depending on the moment depending on the hour and so far over the last twenty four hours we have three teams involved, maybe two teams involved or maybe a third team that isn't what the Yankees the Mets are aggressively from all accounts. From local accounts with the Mike Palmas the Sweeney murders of the fan with the David Lennon's with the national in baseball insiders like John Hayman was wholesome with the fan. And of course, Rosenthal. We have an Joel Sherman of the New York Post all of these guys are creditable and respected. Baseball insiders who know from their sources who rely upon their sources, and they do what they do on our successful doing it because more times than not there on the money, and you have Rosenthal talking about that. Ultimately, the New York Metropolitans are going to get real Muto. Great until you stop and think who the Mets might be giving up to get him. Danny is calling from the Bronx. And Danny you're on the fan. What's happening? Hey, steve. How you doing tonight? Okay. Okay. Danny. Thanks for the call. Okay. I the Mets need real mutal. Donny. What are you going to get him? Gotta give up. You gotta give up something how about Huila and nemo for real Mutel. I will do that right now. I would hate to part with Wheeler. But we only know from half a season he was ten and one to close the season with a two we are a six, and but I would do that. Of course, I would do that. Because the I can't see the Mets making this deal without giving up a bitter. I agree. You think Miami? We'll do it Steve if it is. We learned set of Syndergaard. Yes. Lesser of two evils. I need to give up on Reeler. I think he's found his came there. But we only have that half season. Danny. I just I think they're going to give up somebody from the pitching staff, and and again, I would have certainly mixed feelings. It would be happy to have real Muto. It's a step in the right direction. It's a player who can help the Mets they need offense. We're averaging two runs a game. What with the with the nimmo's in with the zoro's? And what the Conforto is. I'm just saying. So no, I would I would rather part with them. Then I would any of the starting staff, but my mixed feelings is yes, I would be overjoyed to get real Muto, not happy. If it is Syndergaard number one, and certainly Wheeler number two. Greg is calling from Morristown New Jersey gray fam- was happening. Hey, steve. How you doing tonight? Okay. Greg. Thanks to my comment on the Mets. I just like to make a Cowboys point. If I say, no, you're you're so happy about their five game winning streak. Oh, you don't know the half of it. So I agree with most of the callers there's not a package I can sing realistically on the Marlins or Yankees could put together realistically I'm talking about. I would trade Syndergaard for and the second part of that comment would be you don't know that if we enter a two team deal with the Marlins that Derek Jeter is not gonna turn around and give trade. Syndergaard right should say give syndergaards to the Yankees. Like, they gave him Stanton for a bag of balls. Just because the two team trade initially doesn't mean that Derek Jeter is not gonna turn around and make him a Yankee, which would really bother me even more than trading when the Fernwood. No. I understand that. You're not the only one to be thinking that that's for sure. Greg. Thanks so much for your call. Cheater, and and Cashman are not exchanging Christmas cards. I don't think I mean, it wasn't always the best of times for number two and your program number one in your hard. When when the ANC is pretty much said, hey, wanna see what other offers are out there and rubbing jeeter the wrong way. So there is that factor to consider also. But then again, you know, listen, and he wanted to get rid of Stanton. And of course, that jeeter was happy that the Yankees Turkestan and his money off the payroll while we have to take a quick break. And then right back to your calls. One eight seven seven.

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"Edwin Diaz Brody brings in Edwin Diaz, and now the Mets are openly discussing trading away, Noah Syndergaard and for trading in bringing in JT rea- multo and this week he even got more attention by dropping the name of the never ending saga. That is Tim Tibo saying that it's not inconceivable that Tibo makes it a city field this season never mind that the thirty one year old would be rookie has a lifetime to forty four minor league average. He's Tim Tibo. He's a name. He's a star. The Mets are doing something with Brody that hasn't happened in a long time here. They're getting press looked or not pushing the Yankees off the back pages yet, but they are getting more column inches Brody is bringing show business into the Mets. They may or may not be any better. But sunny, workplan sure would be proud. Week after week. I talk about what it's like to be alliance fan how it is unique form of well torture. But let me be more specific take the case of Eric Ibran. The lines chose him with the tenth pick of the two thousand fourteen draft the tenth pick. How often does it team pick a tight end with the tenth pick, especially when a guy named Aaron Donald is still on the board. But that's the lions the same team who wants made Andre ware and number one pick. So here comes the Braun out of that football powerhouse North Carolina anyplace four years in Detroit. And it's almost always a disappointment you can count on him to drop a ball. When things matter the most he gets booed. He gets criticized and last off season he gets gone. The lions released him yet. Another first round pick dropped off the roster altogether. So what happens he signs within apples, and he already has many catches and yards as all but one of his Detroit seasons and by the time. This year is over he'll have his best season, statistically, and the way the culture going. He may even see the play offs and the lions they haven't got a tight end left standing, and we're last seen being terrorized by the Rams Aaron Donald a guy that could have picked instead of Hebron in the first place. You want to know what it's like to be alliance fan come to Detroit say the name, Eric Braun and watch the reaction. That's what it's like that's going to wrap it up for today's sports reporters podcast. We do this every Monday and Friday. Yes. If you just tuned in and said, even know this existed. Well, this is the continuation of the longtime TV show on ESPN and twice a week. Gives us a chance to reflect on what happened and what's coming up..

Tim Tibo Edwin Diaz Brody Mets lions Detroit Aaron Donald Eric Ibran Edwin Diaz Noah Syndergaard Andre ware Yankees Eric Braun ESPN North Carolina football Hebron Rams thirty one year four years
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"What Dr competitor offer of the show on the is FOX trying to get. Here's Joe it's happened on the station. Has it not just like happened in this? I've thought, you know, twice with with two guys one was still in the company, but the other one is is another. It's all put that on me mad at any of them. Do what you gotta do. You know? Yeah. I like, you would think that you would think that if ownership values him though, than part of the problem is you definitely can't pay him as much as what the giants are gonna offer. Right. If they make the offer. So that's the position where then what do you do? Because if they're going to give you what the number. Let's say five million in. You're you're going give them two million. Yeah. Then you almost. No. You gotta let choice. Yeah. But if you're willing to match it's a different. But, but that's my thing. Those you can't match and then have him be making like, basically, what Freeman makes you wanna double. Then the money becomes too much. And you just get the next guy. So so that's that's the the issue as I'm as I'm saying that if they want him, I think he's gone. Don't you? Yeah. Yeah. I think as long as it's reasonable you. You you pay them. And if it's you know, there's no chance you can compete then you move on. That's yeah. And I don't know. I don't know if it's going to dictate the rise or fall of the dodgers, rather if it happens right because theoretically laws Andrew Friedman's here. Good Friedman's been solid, and I'm sure he has X number of lieutenants that he could that he could feels like could do that jor. Sure. Absolutely. And you know, and like you said you don't wanna keep somebody down. Right, right. I think that's part of their a couple of guys, you know, free agencies right around the corner here in baseball. It's literally month away. I actually believe that there's a couple of guys the dodgers should absolutely be an on one guy. Jed Larry second baseman for the Oakland. A's? I think it can you can get him at a reasonable contract and reasonable in baseball. I'm talking about like three four twelve to fifteen in that range. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Per year. You know, someone like that they need a catcher, I know that Grondahl may be back in the mix. But I would take a hard look at a guy like Wilson Rambo's you talking about a two time all star that's available out there because this notion that they're going to trade for JT rea- multo the Marlins, I don't see that happening considering the way the dodgers to hold onto their prospects. Like that that that's not. I don't see that unfolding that way. The other part is I want them to go after Zach Britton now that goes against everything that Friedman Zaidi, and these guys believe which is pay a premium for non closing pitchers, even though they were kind of in on him during the trade deadline. I think they need that guy because I don't know about you. But are you a hundred percent confident that kenley Jansen is good to go moving forward because we got asked that question yesterday. But one of the fans that came to commerce casino, and yeah, I thought okay about it. But if you have Britain in there who can be your setup guy who's been a guy who saved I think fifty games one year. I would feel a lot better. About that. Look, I'm saying look now the way that you do it's. You stole. I mean look on radio but looking at I've just noticed a trope for. I mean, doesn't the what I mean the way that Janssen looked last year was not the same that he looked the year before. And usually you're not gonna go back to your previous high performance after another year of getting older and having thrown all of those cutters..

dodgers giants Joe Andrew Friedman baseball Freeman Friedman Zaidi kenley Jansen FOX Janssen Zach Britton Britain Jed Larry Marlins Wilson Rambo Grondahl Oakland hundred percent one year
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"Five forty we've been talking get into GM. And. He said everything you want to hear. And that's fine. And my mother said actions speak louder than words. So we'll see what actions are in the next couple of months, the expect something to happen today. No. I'm just that come out about the three headed GM that's left behind and he said, he's gonna talk to sandy and all that and has to be taken care of and the Grammy probably win the Cy Young. So there's little things I think of pop up, but. Let's see what your are on the next couple of weeks months leading up to spring training. Let's go to Chuck in Richmond. Chuck you're on the fan. Hey, Tony how you doing? All right, man. How about that? My man. Yeah. I don't think bound bandwagon. Is that far off man Metzler? You know, they played over five hundred baseball in the second half of the season. You don't want some guy healthy McNamara going to cover off the ball Wheeler one of the best second half of any. You know, any starting pitcher in the league. And I I see reader for optimism with the Mets. I mean, of course, you know, we got a couple of holes, but you know, gonna have to that offense into the bullpen. I think the Mets and definitely a E next year. I mean, I would say obviously Machado Alonzo can get a packet started for maybe a real Muto. And then you know, you your bullpen arms. And then I think the Mets gonna be back on top. Far away. I I don't know about that far yet because I if everybody stays healthy, and I'm not even an forget about. I'm not even put him in the conversation. But if guys stay healthy, and they got a good chance if they like you said, but what he has to do in the next. Couple of months is he's got to plug a lot of holes. You got it. Yeah. Catch. I mean like you said is catcher and third though. I don't think we promise he's gonna be coming back centre Conforto in you know, you put somebody like I said Machado on thirty you get removed on. I think the Mets are team that can be really dangerous, especially with the way, you know, the ground Syndergaard and Wheeler look, you know, pitching wise some help in the bullpen. But I don't think we're that far away. And I think what you meant my comments is win. Now that you know, we got a team that came when now they can't learn on doing something, at least, I hope so forth change. I'll look backing up. Can you win can win the NFL these today with this group? No. I only played they played, you know, a little bit better in the second half. But no, it's not a championship team. They have to add some pieces. Rea- multo said today, he's not resigning is not going to sign a long term contract. Now, he's got a couple of years before the free agent. But. All star. That that might solve the problem. What what's it gonna take? Are you committed to Alonzo playing I? Was see a bargaining chip. Could they be a ninety one club? Yeah. If they make the right deals. This current club. Could you get the five hundred? Yeah, I guess. But you have you know, you've gotta gluttony outfield. You gotta Gladys first base. You don't have a third base. You don't have a catcher second short seemed to be fine. Austin Jackson, the new lagaras, you keep him. Will you go back to the and it'll be going to get hurt? Again. Let's go to Dimitrius in Hoboken Dimitrius. What's going on? Only how you doing. All right, man. What's up? Things I want to bring up with. I just want to tell about this whole GM. You know, it's it's you know, you could tell the message just, you know, trying to hybrid, you know. Against the players were not. So basically, you know, I feel like he kind of came in with his inside. You know, you, you know. The manager. And then you've got the other. Well, the other guys in the front office that have the experience with there's only so much you could do, but you know, the previous caller certain, you know, right now. Fan, but I'm also like to follow in baseball. But right now the analysis kinda like up for grabs. You got three teams or another rebuilding phases. You know, you've got the Marlins you got you see what's Washington though. They broke that down. Right. So this is pretty much like the the pretty much the perfect time to actually get ahead of the ball. Atlanta and Phillies up it'll come into. But you know, they don't have the starting rotation that too much have, you know, the to those workhorses that can, you know, carry game, you know, the team on their backs if they really are firing all cylinders, but you know, like, I said. Any GM hiring? You're gonna you're gonna hear fan or journalists or whatever you gonna they're gonna tell you exactly what you want. If he came up and said, you know what I think we can win championship in the in the fifth year. Nobody wants to hear that. Nobody wants to you know, you know, action. They wanna see. Feel now. So we're real quick on this whole situation with. You know, pretty much adding more fuel to the fire. What's going on with the organization? You know, I'm from Hoboken. I know exactly what the situation, and this is this goes to show the character that he has, you know, it's pretty much something that probably getting drafted. They probably missed on it. You know? On his commitment on certain things. But you know, earlier there were talking about that he got summoned today before at the same location pretty much trapped them today. Yeah. Were saying that there's usually a bottleneck to get out of Hoboken. We all going get too far away to come toward, you know, what's going toward MetLife. So basically when you up the hill and whatnot usually, and the reason why I'm telling you this because I got some I gotta take a couple of years back for being patient and trying to get up get the hell out of the traffic. And usually when you go up there, the Cobb is pretty much. It's it's something tale. Are you trying to trying to make the right to go up the ramp to get onto the? This is what it is. When you come up. All can you pass the we all can police municipality at the light? There's a fork you make a left, right. There's a little light there. You gotta make a right all about an extra one ramp onto four ninety five. Okay. So when you go walk that little hill, and we all get the small town. So you know, they gotta details. Like, it's every day. There's two cops. There's the fork there at the first light Nikola, right? When you make a right to go onto four ninety five. So what I'm thinking he tried to go around everybody. You know, and that goes to show you that you were running late. You were running late. And that's not that today. But yesterday that they didn't catch you. But they issue a summons and said it through the mail. Okay. And then they got you because they think you're gonna go there, and it goes to show you like what are you thinking? If you know, you gotta be at MetLife. I say ten in the morning. What why are you win for the last there? Russian a mess there. Anyway with all. And if you don't that's the only way you gotta get outta there. The why you it goes to show you questions. The character has a person's like listen, everybody out here. Like who doesn't think you're getting paid to play a sport take it serious? It's like if you're not committed to Cleveland only to get there early. What goes to show you? What goes to tell? You about him is are you taking your job serious beam behind somebody? Everybody was crying. Well, you like this, and like, you know, early Mike set it on the radio like fifteen years you ever heard of anything off the field other than you know, with the whole memorabilia and stuff like that on Eli part. But you know, it's like you dropped it on the US pick on him. And I gotta deal with this year. You know, the repercussions to what's going to happen. Anybody that disobeys a coach time Montgomery or along with the law because what happens it's either you're gonna get the boot release. Now, you gotta think about another planet. It's like, well, we gotta go regardless. We to Jeff another quarterback, and it has other the way, but just you know, it goes to show you like the giants actually do their homework thoroughly prior to the fourth round draft pick. You know, people make mistakes, they get a second chance. The problem is on the verge of getting your first chance. You think you'll be activated? When they come back from the break. I mean, ideally, I just finished out the your the quarterback to try and figure out something next year because he's not going anywhere. Makes you wonder if they ever could fix the offensive line. What would happen to this team? Let's go to Anthony a queens. Tony what's up? Hi, tony. What's up? Oh, how you doing? Doing well doing well. I Tony you got to agree with this. I mean, what might be today was pretty bad. I didn't hear business. You can't what's the guy going to say. No what a loser. Take twenty five years to get better. Little conflict. You gotta look when he said we will win now. Well, will they I don't know. We'll see what looks like a couple of months. But if he said, you know, I think this team really stinks and. See now, you say that it might be maybe a one hundred percent honest. People paying money for tickets and see the season. They wanna give me some reason to buy tickets, you tell me stinks. Wait a minute. I don't need to buy tickets. Then. I mean, it's bad enough. We haven't heard from for GM owner in years. Alienate everybody really, it's just ridiculous. It's crazy, and Tony anyway, listen, we're gonna know next. Couple of months the question is this. And I said is this kind of puppet was he gonna stand up and punch in say listen enough of that nonsense. This be gotta do to win, you know, the nine unless they're gonna start releasing cheap. Bruce and Frazier. The Mexican a bunch of square pegs. So if you don't see them biting the bullet and the leasing a Jay, Bruce or releasing fridge and getting creative women's brand purgatory with them. Space. That was the most ridiculous thing to play first. They said Dominic Smith. You gotta Kim the minor leagues. It just makes no sense. What they do. It never makes any sense. That doesn't square peg round hole since cream Jeffrey, Kevin Mitchell, and once they're wealth. It's always fights back with the with the wolves. Do a my way. This is a. Fearless is what I'm curious about. He says, we're partners partners. Can you overrule the owners that you know, we're gonna do it my way that's what we're gonna find out back with some more Mets in football after this. This week..

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