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Looking Back at Rain Man

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Looking Back at Rain Man

"Today. We're talking about one thousand nine hundred rainman. Who a correct me. If i'm wrong. Jim this is like the top grossing film of the year and also did quite welford self in oscars nominated for eight one three and it made like a billion times is budget not bad. Not bad Is directed by barry levinson which you might recognize from his work on the natural. Good morning vietnam wag. The dog and sleepers is written by barry morrow and ronald bass. Maybe ronald bass. I didn't look that up. Shoot just realized which we'll talk about. We'll talk a little bit. More about barry morrow when we start talking about the impact of the of the film had on this subject matter Stars of course. Dustin hoffman as raymond ray babbitt and it stars. Tom cruise is his brother. Charlie and also val area go lino. Who i'd only known as the hot funny girl from hotshots and hotshots part do as a remember her from them. She's actually. she's playing italian in this movie. So gotcha and i wondered if like what happened to her because she was in these big movies in the eighties and i looked through her Like imdb and some does just one thing after another match kept trying to work on both sides of the pond and one contract would interfere with another contract and then that would fall through and that was delayed and she liked it. Seemed like ten years relied. Click by and so. It's a shame in a lot of big movies like the. I'm not saying this was a big movie. But she went to rainman right after big top pee wee which you know not the best. But she's in like you said she was in leaving las vegas. She was in escape from la. She was leaving las vegas. Apparently playing someone named terry jesus. We just saw that movie. And i did not. I didn't did not really must've been a minor role

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