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"raymond jaffer" Discussed on WINT 1330 AM

"We let our hair down. And discuss thought provoking conversation starters about so many things Americana not just the headlines and not just that those those pieces of news that come into your inbox and on your television all day long. So we get to other items as well. And I invite to Americans every week to come to the microphone and the chew on things. With me, we have Mike who is a CPA. He joins us from the west coast, formerly worked in politics. Hello, there might welcome to the show today. Thanks to a great to be with you. Nice to have you. Mike M Carl joins us from the east coast. He is a financial blogger, he blogs on finance matters, Anna technology businessman. Hello carl. How you doing Terry? Nice to have both of you. Let's get right. Started on think America in the vein of be careful what you wish for. I want to pose this. First question kick off the shell. Let's discuss the new angle regarding the supreme court nomination. This is not being discussed because so far as of this past week Cavanaugh Cavanaugh Cavanaugh Cavanaugh just like Russia Russia Russia. Russia was seems every single minute is something on cavenaugh. But what kind of campaign with the Democrats put up if Cavanaugh wasn't the nominee. In other words, if we're now, and it could happen looking at Amy Coney Barrett or Joan Larson or Thomas Hardiman or any of the others that Trump had on his short list after all. They did the pylon with cavenaugh. And now it's whether or not he threw ice in a bar. I mean, it just goes on and on and on. And I for one thought that this would happen when you don't say, okay time out, we are done that is at no more time, it's over etc. Etc. All right. What would happen? If it if for example, Amy Coney Barrett is the next nominee. Are what will happen Carl? Barrett is the next nominee. But I think she's Ginsberg's replacement. And I think that's been very cleverly set up that way because the left is going to have a terrible connection over it. She would be the anti Ginsburg from a standpoint of row, for example. But the other thing is is that I I think there is some argument at least rolling around and Trump said to try to keep the gender balance on the court, constant so he doesn't want to nominate a woman to fill Mansi. He doesn't wanna nominate man woman seat. Now. I I personally think that's sort of silly. But this is the world we live in. And so there's there's that consideration there and the left's head would just explode on this because you can't go after her on sexual sexual assault allegations. Obviously, you probably can't go after her drinking or social things like that. She you she is a devout Catholic. So you're gonna have all kinds of fun trying to go after her on temperament related to religion. But that's a sacred college. Well, and I think that she actually was saved. And that was the reason you didn't see her name this time around. I think it's interesting that you mentioned are because. As the the the next four a female Justice. So that may be and that may be strategy on Trump's part if they do nominate her next if they that Trump pulls her name next. I think the whole Catholic thing is where it rests. It's all about Roe v. Wade which is why they're smearing have an awesome much on that. And so would they do it with Raymond Jaffer, a chapel age and Hardiman and even Gorsuch was it was a Catholic. He's now a practicing evangelical, but the religion thing is the heart of it and the dams. No, it the left the left knows it. They don't want it. One of the common threads. I see in. These names is the pro life stance. Mike. Yeah. I th I think it comes down agree with both. I think it comes down to the abortion issue. And I think that that's what they're looking at no matter what they come up with for the excuse. But I think what the current people that are in the Senate that are doing this craziness. I think they'll do it in spades with whoever comes up. I know they don't need a reason. And there are a bit aggravated still with the girl that was put off, and they're they're out there nasty, people nasty small people. So I think you'll see it with anybody that they get well, we're looking at again back to the shortlist Joan Larsen northwestern school of law, a more the par Boston College and a j d from. Berkeley. He was raised Hindu became Catholic. Raymond kept ledge. These are all by the way on Trump's prior vetted list. He's the one that doesn't have an Ivy league pedigree. But nonetheless, he was a clerk for Anthony Kennedy Hardiman went to Notre Dame in Georgetown. He's a Catholic. Amy Barrett is a Catholic. She's was a road to Rhodes college and Notre Dame law and she clerked under Antonin Scalia. I think the religion aspect of this is the shall I say silent funder because we haven't heard much about religion yet. We just heard about sexual assault and we've heard about gang rape ring, and these wild accusations. But at the heart of it is how these originalists as they've been described to the American public. Carl would look at a row issue, and it and they're young. It will eventually come to that. So back to your comments Carl do you think then if it's a man would replace a man Thomas Hardiman would be next Raymond kept ledge a would be next or a mill park. I don't know that there's a large difference between them. I mean, they're all going to be going after on the same basis, if the cavenaugh nomination fails. The reason it failed is likely because the clock gets run. There's an election, and you no longer have a majority in the Senate the problem with that premises. The odds are very long on that actually happening. No matter which base gets fired up. It's just a mask thing this particular mid-term favors, the Republican party, and it just has to do with which class of the Senate you happen to be in. How many Democrats are up versus Republicans, and you know, how that splits versus where the electoral vote went most states. So I I don't see the probability is being very high. But it's the only game the Democrats have in what I find. So astounding about this entire scream fest on row use it. If you actually read the decision, and I have several times, it's one of the better written pieces of judicial work. I've come across my years of study of this stuff in on. In addition to that when the Democrats had the house of Senate and the presidency. I two years of Obama's first term they could have passed a one-sentence Bill. Or edited onto the PPA CAD ObamaCare and said all now prescription birth control is available over the counter, you would have had birth control pills for five dollars a month. You would have been able to get a depot shop for twenty bucks at any pharmacy. And the problem would for the ninetieth percentile be solved within don't want to solve the problem. It is always better to prevent an unwanted pregnancy than terminate one. I think everyone can agree to that. So why don't we solve the problem in the answer is everybody wants to scream fast. These kinds of fights in the fundraising that comes from them. Well, that's key. Now, Mike you used to work in politics, the fundraising that comes with them. In other words, create the drama create the chaos so that then the phones will ring for money how much of an element. Did you see in that when you're in politics? It's great. But there was never the contentiousness that there that there is now, and, but that's very very important. Unfortunately, moneys become very very key in all of these races. No matter what they are. It's it's incredible to see the amount of money that span on a let's say a congressional race in some small state like million. It's crazy. What do you make my go back to you again on the stretch? It's so ludicrous some of this. It's laughable to me the stretch of the he said, she said, then months mudslinging by the senators themselves, then they bring up a calendar and a high school yearbook and the drinking games and even flatulence and now it's ice cubes. And now the boyfriend of the woman who brought forward the gang rape allegation. Get into the he said she said with that. And it at some point I'm saying witness Kavanagh gonna be a Bank robber win is Cavanaugh. Going to be a member of ISIS making dirty bombs in his kitchen to blow up the supreme court. What will they think of next? I'm with Carl this has to stop at a certain time. The game is over rather than moving the goalposts. What will they think of next exit this bizarre? It's absolutely bizarre. I characterize it as a bunch of clowns looking for circus. And and I think the circuses. I remember this is this is that was entertainment. This is getting bad. And I think the Republicans have called the democratic bluff at every turn now, and they're just letting this go, and I think the people are getting so tired of that. I think it's going to be a big affect in in November. So I think they're letting letting it play out, and they thought that I think the Republicans would. It gave a lot earlier, and they haven't will back to your point Carl. You think it's the Republicans that they will win. So a lot of this brouhaha is an exercise in futility. If I heard you, right. I'm not so sure the Republicans will win either the house or the Senate. So I lean more Jordan. What more Mike sentiments are think? There's you know, you're right on the one side in. I believe the house will probably flip because that's just the math on how this turns to work during the president's first term in the midterms today, all the incumbent party almost always loses seats, but the Senate is a much tougher nut just simply on the math. And it's in at the end of the day. It all comes down to arithmetic. And I I just don't see the odds favoring a senatorial takeover. So if you end up with a split government as we've had for an awful lot of our country's history. Then the Democrats will sit there and launch investigations or maybe been threatening peach mint, but they know they can't get a conviction in the Senate. So. If you want the government to just pretty much standstill will likely what you're going to see following number Lindsey Graham, Senator Lindsey Graham is so fed up with as he says cavenaugh goes down. Trump should take it to the people quickly your thoughts on that. Mike. Absolutely. I think he's been a star in this whole thing really stepped up to the play Carl probable reasonable Europe. But how do you do it inciteful? How do you do it? The people don't have don't have any votes in. This regard that set the judiciary committee on the Senate to correct, but it would would create that sense of the people coming together. And what public sentiment is all about and that may help for the midterm elections. Good spirited debate guys. Thank you very much. We.

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