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"ray trust" Discussed on WLS-AM 890

"Out Instead of the virus being able to hop from person to person to person potentially mutating and becoming more virulent and drug resistant along the way Now we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person A vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus The virus does not infect them the virus can not then use that person to go anywhere else Thank you Jim That was not planned This part of the show That is not true That's not true I'm sorry but that is factually inaccurate And the left wonders why people like us are now skeptical I'm not suggesting everything that emanates from any government official ever is always false But sadly a lot of it is And that's why I trust but verify to say Ronald Reagan but want to ray trust but verify Not bad out Some government bureaucrat told her the vaccines were great after she hated them when Trump was in office And then she's like it stops The virus stops That's just false And you think we're irrational for starting to question what you're talking about all the time You guys actually spare thing here if we are the conspiracy the conspiracy theorist That is hilarious Same thing's happening with Ivermectin You know the key component of gaslighting and lying to people is you have to isolate people from the truth You can't show them the truth If the hide the truth well it's getting really hard to do Because a lot of doctors out there my Doctor Who gave prescribed me Ivermectin or prescribing it to people who are seeing their individual anecdotes a lot of them but there are good studies and by the way if you sign up for my newsletter it's free There's no cost to you I'm not trying to sell you anything Just for your benefit We're not going to spam your inbox If you go to Bon Gino dot com slash newsletter and you click sign up I go through I scour a lot of the Internet Maybe the whole thing There's no Internet left when I'm done every day Okay I'm exaggerating But I try to find some of the best articles I found an article at epic times about Ivermectin And what I like about the article is it links the actual science and the data at the end It's in my newsletter today The headline of the article if you want to go right to the article you don't have to subscribe to my newsletter Either way it's fine with us Yeah we're not trying to say anything It's called more good news More good news on Ivermectin by Joseph mercola and yep at times It actually links to a series of articles citing the efficacy of Ivermectin Is it going to work for everyone No no drug works for everyone all the time the same way Every human being is unique with a unique gene code But science would indicate that if there was some therapeutic effect that large swaths of people would see some benefit from taking it it appears many have me included Yet these attacks on Ivermectin which seem driven more by a profit motive than they do by science In order for those attacks to continue and be taken seriously you have to isolate people from the truth and ladies and gentlemen that's getting harder and harder The left's mass delusion about masks the efficacy of the vaccines And we can talk about that folks Don't be scared Don't be afraid the left is gonna label you an anti vaxxer Here's the folks It doesn't matter They're going to call you an anti vaxxer anyway It doesn't matter Forget it ignore it The label is meaningless It doesn't mean anything You should be questioning this stuff You should be questioning this stuff Doesn't mean don't take it I'm not your doctor What it means is you should be asking questions It may not be for you And you are perfectly entitled as.

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Health Hats, the Podcast

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"ray trust" Discussed on Health Hats, the Podcast

"Sta. Wow that's think a little more valid. But i think the experiences were identical. Death is definitely so stunning and final. My wife's died from an aneurysm. In the casey house on the beginning of the a loss of life so it was quick. Bag tremendous instant change but they won the same and they often result of grief and loss as an appreciation of what you experience in being alive and connected to that person and in summary is gratitude and i have accomplished that with my wife and mike i i was able to fortunately but never personalized experience. Her death was hurt that i didn't wrapped myself in cloth and ashes and feel sorry for myself. I was trying to a learn to live my life in a different way but Some i never felt resentful. And i watched damage to this process. They may suffer counseling. How as mike. My circuit sicker. And i did. The same was in four days that i was asking the eighteen for Referring to greece counseling. And i went to a setting great slang but throughout my experience as heartbreaking as it was i was seemingly heartbreaking. I never felt danny shaking the sky or the gods are the world and i didn't either so that was a commonality. Their vote doesn't personalise the loss. The some injustice. Ray trusted life as it was going on and we came very quickly so appreciate the power of the person that we love so there was that commonality i also. I listened feeling on my right side. How can people be driving around and shopping. Those old is the world stop. And i felt that with danny another one day shortly from my guy then he was just trying to do the best because and all areas. And it's all me sorry about nothing is they're working that we i think we're out in. The hall was a bench there and we had to have well. It was in the hospital and daddy proud. I was appropriate to cry and we sat there and cried. A little might have joined them with a little quiet here and we're just two men together. Coupling was lies as life. us. And i remember my still was Particularly sad event because in some thinking young and vital but as contributions to life can be seen on that video. It's remarkable that a young man particularly guy with some rejection and a family of ours and managed to accomplish There's no name so that's how it was appropriately. A the moment we didn't blame the world son a tragic life we managed ray. We could and how that's pretty damn good Yeah i don't think there's much smart of the sun about. I was thinking this morning i was talking to an and my wife and i was talking to and i was thinking that my dow i have this mission of empowering people as they travel together toward best health and i realized that health is physical mental and their ritual and that while mike was dying he got stronger and stronger spiritually. And that was fascinating for watch really. He got stronger mentally i. He wasn't so strong mentally before he was sick. But then i think in his last year but philosophical he really got centers. And i think that really that made a difference for all of us. i think. His accomplishment philosophically spiritually was study. They were studying. And i think it's fulfill both the true cost of life as the most important. But i think from your intellectual jewish tradition and he was the exemplar star they person who understand and produces within that understanding communication to the world. Those in need is to have the whole world. And i think we represent your life direction. They're just as you. And i said the quality of goods services and the rational management we try to manage in a way it was human and we didn't ask papers do more than they should have or could have got to do the best way could and that's what my and that's what use it from the moment your. I'm with my wife now. My wife was the second life matter about twenty two years. I never had any regrets and your relationship with my as far as i know i've no regrets. Welcoming was on the positive side of human connection and he wrote. Oh man yeah. What's his crying again. Danny yeah yeah. I i wouldn't i wouldn't have given this up for anything. His wonderful the whole thing was wonderful. Painful wonderful yeah life one. The that's niger's that's for sure. Yeah plus those of us know. China walk the earth and make it a little better. We know have live buddy. Thank you so much for your mother-in-law. Welcome i love you. I love you to my friends. Thanks to kayla nelson web and social media coach. And joey van luende musician and arranger see the show notes previous podcasts and other resources through my website. Www dot health dash hats dot com. Please subscribe and contribute. If you like it share it. Thanks see around the block..

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"ray trust" Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM

"So what does that mean? A positive PCR test in the absence of symptoms means nothing. At the cycle threshold higher than 30. If this is the case. There have been approximately 2.43 million actual cases to date, not 24.3 million. That is not to say that people haven't had some level of contact with coronavirus. But to a point where you should worry about the health, and it could have an absolute effect on the health well. Maybe they were juicing the numbers to make it worse all along for presidential election. Tony, that is an absolutely horrific and insane claim to make without any proof, man. I'm just showing you what's going on. I'm just sharing with you the data and I'm sharing it with you that it came out an hour after Joe Biden was inaugurated. Isn't that something? It's like a miracles. People gonna freak out over this, if indeed it gets discussed. Right. They'll play off with their doctors on TV in this super hyper clinical way and all remind you that you have to wear your mask. Meanwhile, Joe Biden's got his 100 days of mask mandates. On any federal property. There he is. At the Lincoln Memorial, not wearing a mask. There is grandkids and his daughter are not wearing a mask. Look, don't don't yell at me for noticing that you're not following the rules that pop pop made for you. Don't do that. Tony, you can't go after the man's Children. I'm not going after the man's Children or his grandchildren. I'm noticing the photos, baby. Don't post the photos if you don't want me to notice, But how dare you say I shouldn't notice They're not following the rules. Because me you would find Right? If everybody in the restaurant isn't wearing a mask, quite literally, gorilla glued to their face. You'll give them a fine We've seen such absolute horror around Corona virus and the lies and the manipulation and now the lies. Some of them may be a manipulation, possibly of how they were looking at at cases based on sample sizes and and how they are are now trying to say that the White House had no plan for distribution. And so we're gonna have to invent one from scratch so they can invent a reason how they were able to exceed their 100 million doses. 100 days. Nonsense. It's it's ugly to witness and watch. But if you want something that's really ugly. Take this one and running around your brain parts for just a moment. Joe Biden. Is keeping Christophe Array As director. Of the FBI. Wow. Yeah. He's staying. The FBI. The FBI. Which on its upper levels That top leadership has been so bad. The FBI that has failed so epically Not those guys in the men and women who actually do the work. We're talking about the upper leadership. By this keeping Ray Yeah. What? What aren't we going to ever know? Now you could say to me, Tony, you're getting conspiratorial. I don't. That's not my purpose in addressing this. He's keeping Fauci and Ray I think that You know it it speaks to, I think a problem. When when raid took over. I don't think raise the most evil cat in the world. But I think you could point to a lot of things that we should have known more about that We didn't A lot of questions regarding how they got to the for example of the origins. Well, that's gonna be the John Durham conversation. A lot of questions about what was withheld about the lying that took place within the organization from people like Peter struck. Horrific things took place. But Ray's trusted enough. To be there, or is Ray trusted enough? Because he knows about the conversations with Trump and therefore they can have all the juice and then do what they need to do..

Joe Biden FBI Tony Ray Lincoln Memorial John Durham director White House Peter Trump Fauci
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National Prayer Chapel, Pilgrim's Progress

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"ray trust" Discussed on National Prayer Chapel, Pilgrim's Progress

"But I'm really struggling. With the lack of answered prayer in my life. And the shallowness of my life. I've been crying out to God and Lord I'm so shallow. So, shallow I need the mighty power and presence of the holy. Spirit. He says you're being pruned Ray. Trust me I'm carrying you. Thank you Jesus. You see why I'm saying I'm. Not, dependent on myself. I'm dependent upon Jesus and that's why the song. Has. Touched me that I've led with every day this week. Jesus. Only Jesus. It's not ray and Jesus. Or Jesus and Ray. It's only Jesus. He alone is the Lord. He alone is the king of kings. He alone rules over heaven and earth. And Crucifixion. Has. To be finished the power. is in Jesus. Power is not in me. Now, I have four to go. I'm the first to say to you. I am far from where Jesus wants me to be. He is dealing. In the depths of my soul with issues that are so painful, all I can do as he opens them is week before him. And acknowledged. He is right. And as quickly. As he reveals these things I'm asking him in the name of Jesus. To purify made by his blood. To change me. To remove it from me entirely completely. I desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit I desire to be able. To pray as Jesus prayed I desire for the fullness of the Holy Spirit to operate in my life but I recognize the holy. Spirit. Will Not come in power. Again into a man or woman's life. Until. There has been completed crucifixion. Crucifixion. That I cry out for. I'm not going to put myself. I'm going to allow God to tell me. What my places of abiding are. And then I'm going to do it. And I'm going to do it. Let me read this for you. Therefore prepare your minds for action. Be Self controlled set your hopefully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed as obedient children do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. But just as he who called you is holy. So, be holy in all you do. For it is written beholding because I am holy..

Jesus Holy Spirit Ray
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NewsRadio KFBK

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"ray trust" Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

"Sacramento has been in contact with the family member who's been diagnosed with the corona virus after trip to China if the case Tim lance has more on this breaking story a DOJ department spokesman says the unidentified employee had minimal exposure to that family member department officials are telling KPK the employee is not exhibiting symptoms of the virus the DOJ spokesman says the California public health department is working closely with the employees family on their fourteen day self quarantine they also firmly believe that there's been absolutely no risk to the DOJ workplace this comes after today's announcement though of the first confirm travel related case of coronavirus in Sacramento county it's unclear if the two are connected this evening KPK has learned that the potentially infected DOJ employee may also have been in contact with other employees prior to going into quarantine the department is not commenting on that allegation to lance news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. all right so going in depth here there's a new law that mandates solar panels to be built on new home construction but now there's an alternative California energy commissioners gave the second municipal utility districts mud the okay to offer builders the option of buying solar energy from smud through community solar farms that smart will build it rather than having to install the solar panels on new home roofs was not because of the neighborhood's solar shares program and says it'll help the builders of homes are low rise apartments to help those if it's too expensive to put the solar panels on the roofs weighing in on all this is ray trust the way he's the executive director of the second tree foundation who says he had major reservations about the solar mandates yeah we've been quite worried about how this could play out as far as how much tree canopy would be in these new neighborhood neighborhoods knowing that which solar panels you certainly don't want to have a large tall tree blocking the road rooftop at access to the sun so we're very pleased that the neighborhood solar shares program this mud was passed unanimously yesterday by the California energy commission and we're at the secular tree foundation as long as well as many nonprofit groups up and down the state of California for quite distressed about the possibility that we'd be putting less trees what our goal is a plant Mar Mar trees in new neighborhoods treadway said that they made their concerns known about the required solar panels to the energy commission and are pleased that they decided to support the new smud solar program it wasn't a driving decision maker for the energy commissioners from from their point of view of addressing the effects of climate change and carbon sequestration but for the US three oh two three people it was a monumental decision that truly benefits the health and well being of new homeowners and new our neighborhoods and while solar panels may be good for the environment so we're trees trees absorb carbon dioxide a potentially harmful gases like sulfur dioxide carbon monoxide it from the air and they also release oxygen we're very happy about the outcome I think in the long run we all know that solar is good for all of us in solar trees still some environmentalists in the solar industry's against the smart program while the legislature seems to be split and opponents say the proposal isn't going to save homeowners money and will end up paying more for energy bills six fifty had KPK traffic and weather together let's get to.

Sacramento China
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Hogsmen Podcast presents Talk To The Hog

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"ray trust" Discussed on Hogsmen Podcast presents Talk To The Hog

"And that's it says let's is ready to go in the parking lot And I go what about? How does this work for like you know? Pay Your what. I'M SUPPOSED TO BE THE NEXT MORNING. Like he goes he goes. We'll talk to your agent about it. I'm like I don't know I still book. Who might my name? Is this point. The guy like at this point like this guy is not in this business. Doesn't what's going on so someone else from that company or from the production calls me a woman and she's like yes. We just WanNa make sure you know that you're still in where need to be on schedule. Filming comes here. Yeah I'm good. So he comes like it's the Friday before the it's the day before what so Sunday night or whatever it is twenty minutes they call me. They call me they go. He goes good news bad news. The good news is you. Don't have to shave your head. The bad news is we cut. You're seeing so actually go in there but it was funny because I still ended up meeting stunt director. I still ended up meeting the rocks. Stun double which I was like at work. Yeah yeah which I was like. Rock doesn't have a stunt double no one looks like the rock and his mother fucker walks in like. Oh Hey the rock coming over at bad eyesight is done double bits. You're supposed to try and meet the Rock. I did read the right. He faced shit out of me. Yeah Yeah so. I think the last episode. You're talking about people that pay for like a backstage experience. Oh yeah sure. So a couple watch terms out the director of that hard with their last week military discount and everything so there was a Stephen Merchant was the director of the movie. All these names and I fucking Nick. Frost was in the movie and stuff. I Don British guys Shaun of the dead. Do the fact and a hot comb is Stephen. Works Rick Buddy. There on this one was shooting scene but yeah he was like the coach movie or something. So what does your password know but boy you stood in line. I saw common. You stood in line to say hi to the row. Yeah the there's like four people I was GONNA say. Hey Man Nice to meet you. Suppose like rock bottom for whatever and I am the last I looks to me. Walk Straight the fuck off. I'm pretty sure the whole catering room Saudi was like this. Do Bruni. Happy this go real life whole on on air hundred wants to chime in all the extra work. The but as Devon ever German SUPLEX came. Bless you oh. Devin couldn't be true. Tuck Chin well. That's because it doesn't get light. I gave my. I gave him eight. She's Christ gave them a lot of that here all right he hasn't been able to. Here's one of the craziest thing so I've been a lot of big names in there. I I've been professional wrestling for six years a little over six years and I have done some things that I met people and that I never thought I would. I would tell right now. We're we'RE GOING TO FOCUS. We'll go kane because you are of you called me. Texted me or something like hey we got something going on and I was like what and you were like. Cain Velasquez come train with us and I was like. I don't give a fuck what you say right now. I'm his training partner right now that I told you there's nothing you can say right. The burgers us like a kid. I gotTA stretch yeah. Verdict came Velazquez. And I said never heard of him. But how did that come about so? Obviously you know the down we trade down here and everything like that. That's a domino junior and then Obviously is dead is the Ray Ray came in here in training and everything like that and then he pulled me aside. He goes on I think the Fed wanted K to get a little bit more working and then raise. The one said I've got the perfect place and So came Came in from San Jose and everything like that and had had an private Arbitrating is something like that. And that's when I hit hundred G. will then one hobson a couple of other people because also knew that the chronicle was going to be happening. So that all kind of came about and everything like that from From Ray Trust in me interested in the school. Missile how it all came about so when I hunter I got paired up pretty well. Cain yet day because you guys were the biggest guy. You Ain't no bronx you know but I remember Ray was like hey. Can you do a little six minute match with Kane? And of course I can't of course. And he were you so back okay. So Rai- raised in the ring with as as the referendum and I'm circling with Cain Velasquez. And I'm just thinking I'm just thinking in my head like what the doing right now. I watch this guy kick the shit out abruptly. I watch this guy kick the shit out of ministerial gail. I watch this Guy Brockton. Not just you did what he smoked for. I remember miss. It's sports debt. So he's he's that scar that brock has on his face. That's from came. I don't remember that everybody drunk yet. He destroyed but he. Oh my God. I'm circling Cain Velasquez. Right now and also he's circling you. Mother fuckers I'm circuit and blood and waterfowl and also ray the way that ray wants came to fight live more shoot style. So that's another reason. Why rebranding areas. Because he wanted me to show Cain the shoe sale with the the the work the work yet. Everything like that so he raised is kind of like telling US stuff like two and ray says like Mike shooting or something like that for the double-leg or go behind and right then. Cain throws a high kick ass and I was like whole leave. I saw obviously didn't throw it four-speed but he threw it like pretty good. As when Cain Velasquez was an emmy firing a champion champion two times skew. Look just throwing a high kick at medium speed is fast if hobby because it almost clip market my said. I.

Cain Velasquez Ray Ray director kane Ray Trust Stephen wrestling Fed Tuck Chin Stephen Merchant Rick Buddy Frost Don British Bruni Nick Devin Saudi Devon Velazquez hobson
"ray trust" Discussed on Clock Dodgers Podcast - Motivation | Fantasy Football | Comedy  | Pop Culture

Clock Dodgers Podcast - Motivation | Fantasy Football | Comedy | Pop Culture

04:46 min | 2 years ago

"ray trust" Discussed on Clock Dodgers Podcast - Motivation | Fantasy Football | Comedy | Pop Culture

"Tyler mortars disease still get those three hundred carries. He does every year so so I think you have to pay attention to coaching changes and coaching situations in Carolina Panthers. I'm buying everybody on that offense with Joe Brady coming through Matt Rule. They're we're GONNA throw the ball to see when cliff kingsbury was hired. I didn't have to wait a couple of they. Were going to throw the ball. Throw the ball lot so think it provides an opportunity the Boston players if you if you understand what these coaching philosophies games are the and it gives you an opportunity to get out on some if you're a little concern so you better pay attention. I'm with your Josh. Are you as you as into the coaching stuff. As as I thought in the past you said you haven't cared as much right right. I don't thank. It's like a major factor to. John doesn't agree with ray he's like all right. I hope to get in. I'm getting a League Josh. We we could draft a couple of players and not but I mean that's the thing in this game so so just diverse intriguing because you'll have to viewpoints. are different polar opposites in. That's what makes fantasy football fun. And that's what causes the parody in these leagues in and there's nothing wrong with learning opinions even if the other opinions wrong now. Yeah see I get into into that stuff like as far as I know. It's a big topic on twitter. Recently with the whole momentum conversation I get into those variables coach momentum leadership like. I feel feel like it's important when you say like a Guy Joe Boroughs. You're like you know. His you know his His confidence in the way he carries himself his swag. Like I feel like that matters and I know like discussing some people right like they're like get out of here mainly because it makes sense but I feel like it does matter and I feel like it plays a big part like the fact that everyone was you know shitting onto Shawn Watson when he was coming out but I feel like if you knew the mentality had and the way he carries himself on the way he led like. It just didn't feel like well how. How are you so quick to knock this do what I mean like? It's just I feel like it's important but then other people were like discussing. That means nothing at all with this game. Yeah I mean it's I. I enjoy those variables. Why I understand people trying to get rid of them? Yeah I mean So I just it's an interesting. I think it really helps when when the players good right. Like when you're Shawn Watson and you know you're good now if you're just subscribe on the bench or your pop up and I got a lot of confidence. I don't really have the talent then but man I I've seen it firsthand. I work at a work in college. Athletics Work With College Athletics for the past ten years of my life and I've been around some very talented kids who have done some very good things. Wchs am one trait that I've noticed in each of them is. They had that confidence. They had that like I know legit like and they really were in and they all had opportunity to play at the next level so You know is it something that you just hold at the forefront of your evaluation process and say this kid tries tries really hard. He has a lot of confidence. No but when you're looking at an elite player like Joe Borough when you look at everything that he does. Well you just say Oh yeah eight. He feels like he can go a lot there Like just in herber like he's just crying. I don't know man. You just like to see some stuff out of some players right you really seat on basketball like induce no. You can't stop me when James Harden is out there. I don't care what you do on the drop dimes on you. I'm bombing it from three. Like like you know what I'm saying like you just know it when you see it. Now Yeah and you and they get crazy with it. It can be to me as much of a difference between Derek Carr throwing a ball short on fourth down or does Shawn Watson something amazing yet in the first out like. I don't know how much of that is talent. How much of that is the variables of I can do this? Because I think I believe in myself that much and I'm a leader and I wanna be great and the other guy doesn't believe in himself as much or whatever the case may be I mean so I guess you know as of credence so again I know some people. Josh over here doesn't agree with it as much but I want to bring it up All right let's move over to some of the segments that we have though The first one I WANNA hit his is trust issues I have three different topics that I kind of want to hit on I feel like are important relevant as well So we're just going to hit US things and we just say whether we have trust issues with this with this player or the situation or if we trust them So the first one is Derrick Henry. The talk of the town right now. Derrick Henry Henry finishing as a top three running back next season Do we have trust issues with that or do we trust it. Ray trusted.

Shawn Watson Carolina Panthers Josh Derrick Henry Henry Joe Boroughs ray Joe Brady Joe Borough twitter Derek Carr James Harden cliff kingsbury US League Derrick Henry Boston Matt Rule Wchs basketball
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04:21 min | 2 years ago

"ray trust" Discussed on EconTalk

"You also end of quote, then you also write many of us have control over. But do not fully understand the social and economic experiences. The make up the world of those. We try to help that we are constantly in danger of doing more harm than good. Those two quotes could have been written by the great economist, FA Hayek or the lesser. Economist me about the dangers of unintended consequences, and how top down solutions are often blunt and not very effective. So I'm very sympathetic to your approach. The skeptic says what you're really claiming is that what was holding people back was a self image of themselves as failures as wards of the state as people who couldn't possibly succeed on their own. And once we once you change that self image. They were able to thrive that sounds. I don't know little bit rose colored even for me. So tell me that that's wrong. Tell me it really is a powerful thing. And that it's more than twenty five families, which is fantastic. But it's only twenty five families. Well, now, it's over ten thousand families. You're only half. Right. I think that for a lot of the families that I grew up with remember inanity is a mixture of everything right? And so again, the stereotype will will never fish. So the self image peas, I think that it is a in terms of building south image that let's say that's only half the population. The other half of the population already has like my mother was very confident. She just pissed that's that outsiders had that image of her, you know, Mexican single moms. They're good education. So it was for most people it's both a combination of how the outside robe us you in. How it treats you and kind of opportunities it makes available to and sometimes say, especially during depressed periods. You feel yourself image goes down your self confidence goes down and in other periods that goes up. So again. We can't we just have to understand humanity is kind of a mix of all of these emotions and they all play. I think what's interesting is that if you are in a community that somehow has a very strong sense of pride or strengthen their religion, or whatever that that image than not only can open up some opportunities because they'll be positive deviants in there that great through. But it also helps the kids self image. So in that type of combination of self image is certainly what weenie as f I could say look at. I think you is families you can come up with better solutions. Maybe you're not going to become rich or whatever. But you have better solutions than my staff 'cause you know, I'm gonna fire staff in order to show you that. So I think if I and the projects that I'm working on going to Lybian, whatever that will we do is we set up an ecosystem says look at. No, outsiders going to be balloon or stand your life. You're the only expert, and I'm willing to trust you with the money, I raise which is a big market for them. So that I think is really helpful the problem. We still have is the outside image. And that is what if I has not been able to change. So now if I is getting funded by Google, and some you stand together. And so it is getting attention is getting attention because it's a program the image of low income families still hasn't changed. So I'm trying to prove that the capacity is in these communities themselves. You don't have to NFL. I you just need to have an environment. That's Ray trusting so we're gonna go to Lybia where ninety percent of the population is improperly they're having to create their own jobs were basically go there and say look at their outsiders that are interested in your conham year. The only ones building the autumn right now. Because. Corporations have left the government still pretty screwed up. And right now, you finding malaria, but you have created your own jobs..

FA Hayek malaria Google Ray NFL Lybian Lybia ninety percent
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"ray trust" Discussed on KTAR 92.3FM

"Required. You'll have guess you need to get you back on the road before you can see hammer down as a matter of fact, big rig lens on all commercial vehicles, semis, dump trucks box trucks. You name it. Oh, and I'd be remiss if but until you can also use that money for income taxes insurance tires and other capital means Joe find yourself short give big rig lending or call one eight three three three big rig. That's one eight three three three big rig. Well, stack them eight this is low master, and I'll see you on the road. Everyone eventually sees when trucks carry inside groceries for shelves, good style. But community products that keep a business running. But what they don't see is what the trucker carries inside your drive your history your pride. But we do we see you. We see you carry a career that helps support families and communities. We see you carry the title of friend and neighbor parented provider. We see you carry the sacrifice and the perseverance of a job. Well done. You are symbols of straight each with a determination to get the job done. Tough hardworking men and women like you what you carry inside is more valuable than any because it's what's inside. Matters. Most shell Rotella the engine works as hard as you. Get ready for the two thousand nineteen mid America trucking show. Show in the world. Register read trucking show dot com. Thursday, March twenty eighth through Saturday, March thirty Kentucky expo center in Louisville Kentucky experience the entire trucking industry with over one million square feet of exhibits over one thousand manufacturers suppliers and service providers from the US and abroad. Experience. The latest trucking technology hands on demonstrations drive new truck sophisticated educational seminars sports career opportunities and more. See the most elite custom show drunks in trucking at the thirtieth annual PK wide truck beauty championship. Michael ray? Trust cert-, presented by delta. The mid America trucking show, March twenty eight twenty ninth and thirtieth in Louisville Kentucky. Register now trucking show John events trucking show dot com..

Kentucky America Louisville Joe Kentucky expo center Michael ray US John
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77WABC Radio

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"What's the secret to a great night's sleep on the road increased comfort and profitability? And that's what you get with. The new Freightliner Cascadia Bill for both comfort and functionality fully equipped with a roomy, customizable interior, including a revolutionary driver, loft added storage capacity and spacious driver's lounge. Life on the road has never been better. Experience the interior and exterior of the new Cascadia by taking virtual tour at Freightliner dot com. Eric Harley here to tell you about our new podcast red is extra mile your one stop shop for all things trucking. We'll talk about everything from taking care of your rig and taking care of your health for new products and technology regulations and new ways to stay focused on the road ahead. You can listen while you're driving. You can listen while you're not driving road is extra mile available on apple podcasts, Google podcasts. Stitcher. Tune in Spotify and our website radio show dot com. Get ready for the two thousand nineteen mid America trucking show. The world. Register read trucking show dot com. Thursday, March twenty eighth through Saturday March thirtieth Kentucky expo center in Louisville Kentucky, experienced the entire trucking industry with over one million square feet of exhibit is it over one thousand manufacturers suppliers and service providers from the US experienced the latest trucking technology hands on demonstrations, just drive new trucks educational seminars sports arena opportunities and more custom show. All chunking at the thirtieth annual PK y truck beauty championship. Michael Ray trust hurt presented by delta. Mid America trucking show, March twenty eight twenty ninth and thirtieth in Louisville Kentucky register now trucking show dot com. That's trucking show dot com. Seven. Unvarnished and Gary McNamara and Eric on Red Eye Radio. And he is her calling. I'm Gary McNamara. Eight six.

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