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What are Chuck Pagano's plans for the Bears defense?

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01:45 min | 3 years ago

What are Chuck Pagano's plans for the Bears defense?

"Now Chuck Pegado he replaces Vic Fazio who went from Chicago to Denver. He is the new defensive coordinator of depth buyers trademark me your thoughts was well. This is the one that this this instigated the article <hes> thinking about Chuck Pagano because you lose Vic Fangio. Who is I think along with Wade Phillips the most most respected affected defensive mind in the game right well bill belichick sort of on an island up there by himself but you know throw in Romeo Coronel is another guy who's respected but we don't really we know what Chuck Pagano is? He had one year defensive coordinator with the Ravens where they finished third in defense with Ray Lewis Ed Reed Terrell suggs and then he went to the the colts and he never really had much town to work with on defense now he's token over a defense that is almost sure to regress to the mean just because they had a sky a high turnover rate loss very few games to injury last year and cannot and fifteen percent of drives with an interception like they did last year especially especially That defense every week to make up for their offense. I felt like an if you're if you're in the situation Pagano. You're going to get blamed from their earliest part of the season. It doesn't go well. Why would I want to take over some for someone who floundered before me you come in and you look on the other hand when you have a chance to work with Cleo Max Akiem Hicks Roquan Smith Dan Danny I mean they're absolutely loaded Jackson Kyle? They are loaded and yet. I think it's a tough spot to go to for for Pagano.

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