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"ray dukes" Discussed on We Hate Movies

"Called the school. There was supposed to be cheerleaders one first of all wet. So there's not tipping any sitting used to. I am coupons coupons here but i mean also like this guy matt sam lombardo great name by the way that ray duquette if i if i have an alternate identity it might be ray duke cat first of all what the fuck is name also fit kevin bacon. Yeah ray ray do catch would be a fat guy your like a fat guy. He's eaten his pobal. Chef can't be shown. Effect is dick. If you're asking john goodman to be cat and he has to show his pena's coming out of the shower bought into that episode of into it. All super troopers pulled that off. Pharma there i also have you ever seen the seven. Those are supposed to be. Sexy is dead. Fat guy pinhas. We need fat. Do dick like i'm eric. I don't think you can sell it. That's that's my. I gotta talk for the peaceful. It is play. That's why mandalay pictures should still be around. Because has hackles to the tiger travel with that fucking tiger but the like the music that plays bass so appropriate for your about to watch wild things. Yes you do. Yup i love anjelica. You're dating a man because barbara baxter Wakes up they've had sex probably the she stayed over. We don't know what happened last night. And your like you'll do and we were all assuming you're dating somebody of brunch plans. You're about to leave the dude. You're dating has to cheerleaders in his driveway. Are you like just. I think i would have word. You might have words about that. Hang out right. let's see what goes on here honey. Some breakfast over here. Ashby looking like the fucker you. I'd be like i don't fuck with cost. But it'd be like boo boo. This motherfucker talking. Some kids presented as like. He didn't really want it. Yeah but it's also like she just leaves it. Well see you later dude by joy these two seventeen to eighteen year old girls in your driveway. Genius planet that's fair the genius inner workings in layers layers like an onion. She's i'm going to stay for breakfast. Sorry i have to take a shit real quick. Sam will be very long shit while these two girls are watching your car. That's how long it's going to be. I don't know what's going on theresa last night. Remember kelly goes in barbara boxer. Leaves you know blah blah. She goes in. We get a nice fade to black which i liked the fade to black because i liked this movie does keep you kind of guessing if you hadn't seen it before yes and then it comes out and then she she runs out. This is richard chateaux. This was like where the vhs tape was getting broken. I think for a lot of shore dripping because it starts with the floor and you just seeing the water dripping and it just goes up and you're like what's going on and then the fade out happening and then she comes out. Something's torn she's upset. The fat kids definitely see play basketball. Yes street. there's a dude like doing some yard work like across the street like hey. Where's that cheerleader. Going i car And dan this is basically. The plot gets in initiated in which She stays home from school and tells her mother that she was raped. Fructose breakdown the same. Because like denise richards who her character's name is kelly but i'm say denise richards gorgeous woman this we'll talk about it when it needs to be talked about but this was not just a bisexual awakening for me. It was a sexual awakening for the friend hanging out to finish watching wild things and she was like. Oh yeah that was a bisexual waiting for me. And i was like yeah me too. I'm like damn the same age right but what's funny about that. Scene is that. I mean steve hit the major beats with it. But it's like she's shooting with a shotgun each shoot anger because her mom was like fucking the dude and then gets the paw titties fly in holding her. He'll like really guiding this real hard cursing like a motherfucker like on this. Dick gets a call from the school and like your son or daughter didn't attend school today. Or whatever and then she sees denise richards outside and then they go inside. And theresa russell is in this film a terrible mother because she says shit like they start talking about the dead father slash husband and like theresa. Russell says it in such a way. But she was like he didn't have to kill him. Understand okay and like denise richards is feeling like in motion is crying and like you know she goes. Do you need a valium. And it's like i. She says i miss dead. Theresa goes jesus christ. The suicide is pretty fresh. You other at least a year in previous early a few months ago and theresa russell thank god which she was saying. Oh we we don't know why he did that. I'm like all i was. You killed him. I don't okay see. They've made now three sequels to this movie. But that is what -solutely yep there's wild things to wild things three something different completely different casper the characters are probably different to everything's teen sack is pretty much. Most of these plots are like two high school girls. Doing something more like two college girls doing something else. But the like third sequel part four is definitely wild things colon the foursome or something like that. And it's like one dude and three ladies and something goes down and then like wild things occur not watch lists on the second starts the same exact way as this one like literally the auditorium. The whole thing is playing. Yeah there well no like a second rate like a tin heart or some. I would wager that much like the cruel intentions series poor near in poor near. It's got a dozen. Isn't that sarney weirdly more reserved for short. Does i mean the. I think the actress from the in crowd is in. That makes that movie the really. Yeah yeah great. Not good But yes she reveals that you know. Semi-barter raped me. And that's when you see some lombardo with the principal talk about just talking about some barracuda principle of arise yup the administrative role..

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