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"ray coon" Discussed on Decibel Geek Podcast

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"ray coon" Discussed on Decibel Geek Podcast

"Wow that's actually pretty cool. it's pretty heavy. it's got a good group to it. Yeah does man. I see you know what. I kind of skipped over that one. Because i thought well. I'm probably not going to like that after hearing that. I think i'm going to have to go back and check that all. That's really cool. Yeah that's that. I'd love the groove in that and his vocal sound cool on it. But yeah i i was like all right dammit. I'm going to put it on my list. Wow who the hell ever thought in twenty twenty. I would have preferred corey taylor to marilyn manson. I guess you would wanted to. We ran it's crazy. That's pretty awesome. I dig it was good song all right so in years past when we've done this there's been a couple of unwritten rules to how we do this but today we're talking about twenty twenty. All kinds of shit went crazy in that year. And so we're going to cheat a little bit too. So i'm going to justify this because i saw on your list that you picked ep c. You know what. I'm going to go ahead and pick and ep two so for my number twelve. Pick in the top fifteen albums twenty twenty. I'm going to go ahead and pick an ep because to be honest with you. There's albums i liked. That came out and twenty twenty. That were full studio length album. I only four songs on while the next one after this one is perfect example that so this is a ban that we've talked about many many times on the show because our good friend ray. Coon is the lead vocalist of a band. Called donna the rising there are boys. They are boys. We love that ban a lot there from arizona and they are just fricking killer now. This might seem funny. Because they're like all camaro those boys. Of course you're going to pick donna the rising. But here's the thing you know. We get sent all kinds of music all the time and you know we made friends with people that are in bands that you know. Maybe i don't necessarily get into. I mean perfect example. We add period. Richardson on the show was one of the coolest dudes i ever met. Gave us one of the best interviews we ever had. And you don't see me running all buying firehouse albums. Fay's you go hang on for me someday. Grow up mature. I guess but this is a band that came to us through the show because they liked what we're doing and then we in turn said you know. Yeah well you know you guys are so cool and you wanna talk about us and promote us and and be cool with us. Let's check out what you got going on. And they sent me their album. They came out with last year and it was pretty damn good. You know but they came out with the ep this year and man holy shit shedder these songs. Good there's four songs on it and they are all just killer you know and so this isn't a case of. I'm just putting this band on my list. Because i consider them to be our friends. No i'm putting these guys on the list because even though it's just an ep. It's so damn good that it deserves to at least be in the top twelve of my list. So the new ep was simply called dawn of the rising got four amazing tracks on it and i love it.

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