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"rawlinson stetson" Discussed on OC Talk Radio

"Changing thing for me a dream come true from being a little Country boy from indiana and the cornfields playing a little nine hole course and caddying and started looking for golf balls and selling him over the fence. Escon my first job in in the business of and Found myself Thirty years later on the pga tour at the peak of the of the game from coming from that little background. But that's that's almost. I feel like every man. That's every man's dream much as yours. You're this little guy in indiana in and you actually though i mean there's so much your story i wish we could. We can't tell your story today. We can just tell little bits. I wanna hear you actually caddy. Let's start with you as a caddie you actually caddied for one of the greatest players of all time. How in the world tell me about that. While i was in college. I was getting my graduate degree. That was a brand new believer in christ in a university of florida tour player. Dave reagan asked me to speak at his house in orlando and share with the rawlinson. Stetson gov teams my story of faith and I had given up the game. And i talk to these guys and he said wally you know you. You need to use your platform of golf. He said why. Don't you come out and caddie for me on the tour. I went out and caddy for him. The first tournament at In north carolina. We had a bible study on the tour. I didn't realize there were guys on the tour meeting. Gary player was there. Gary and dave ragan myself and this time gary player was already gary player right area. Mayor was yeah he was like i mean. I couldn't believe it. I was around this guy. This icon of the tour and dave said gerry if wally could ever caddy for you to be mean the world of him. He's a college player in gary said. Well there's nothing against you all. But i haven't seen you caddy and you know it's a big business. I've never had another caddy except cricket which was his caddy and lo and behold we get the pairings and we're paired with yuri player..

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