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"ravi joel" Discussed on ESPN FC

"The captain was under in yesterday before that it was chubby and before that it was called us. And this is the first season which armband is worn by messy in every game. And so perhaps that makes it different. But I think it's been seen more as a as a shift in personality, and or character, the necessarily just the fact that he's wearing the armband well can livable bite back to be several big bites that they take ten to one out. Outsiders to fear of never seen the mon- tried to adult. It's worth technically, a big gab hustle low the one twenty yet so few as you might expect James middle. The today Steve saying Liverpool's history and pedigree of European comebacks bid them chop is. Is Ravi Joel's? Yes. But again on fortunately. The plan against a team that is a good team. But they have a guy. Cole message. Not a not as with the hope begins to diminish is. Well, you know, it would be an obsolete medical of Liverpool will to not boss alone. This Champions League being three nailed I think it would be bigger than white Celona beat peers beyond the estan bowl miracle way beyond that. I mean is it or are we talking something similar? No. That was a final. Yeah. That's different because finally different but last year. Yeah. Absolutely. So it's not. Improbable but not impossible with over put. Senate a said after the game the wheel of appeal try and sell this to the within the team with an address room the way, the players and coaches and club, we'll try and sale as as we can have a famous one of the most famous nights under the laser unfilled. There have been many. But that's how you have to want to try and stay positive where you have to do. You got to talk about illegal. You gotta talk pressurizing them you to talk about master having an off night, which is on lightly. But you gotta try and sell it within your squad as kind kinda profile to try and give yourself a little bit hope that the funds, and you know, how many onfield hose, no. And the hope that there's going to be illegal goes Liverpool's. We and all of a sudden the comp- pressure on unfortunately for Liverpool. Those teams of medical talking about Bosch alone. It's been involved in booth shave story. Yeah. You know, coming back against the G. And then so if I'm valley, although only thing I'm talking about before the game. Right. You know, how we can go go that way or go that we and that will keep them on the tools just to go back to message just really briefly as eulogized about said put into fantastically. Well as that. At the stage where when you want your beginning, marina gay, but particularly big game. When masses played he doesn't do something that is world. You kinda come away. This appointed not Stevie because we live Apu. But just in general he doesn't just so used to doing things that nor the plan. Let's can do when he doesn't do you come away and thing. Well, that was a average tonight, Gino, the amazing thing is you can count on your own one hand attains, you actually think. I mean, this guy holds himself to an incredible standard the rolling by the only thing. It was a rolling about with the ship. It was this ship at challenge from Mellon on the sideline. But it was almost neymar ask the rolling around. So that was shoe it somewhere between improbable and impossible is what livable's task appeased field. How would you sit about times if you were them if you're in club? Whether it was aspects of the game that I think would encourage the pool like played quite well in the game. But they're pressing work quite well. And it's boss alone is to lose if boss alone owner Trump lap from the back and do it particularly well in the early stages of the game livable win it back score a goal that will get the crowd going. That's the only way I can see the winning if Bacelona tactics wrong play too many booze into midfield. When the tightly marked and Liverpool win back possession in good areas. That's the only way I can see livable getting a winner in this game..

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