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"rata khanna" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"rata khanna" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"Has come anywhere close to having 60 votes. So I think this is likely to all be litigated out, dealt with in the various states around the country through the democratic process. And with that, there's deep concern about the future of contraception and same sex relationships earlier today on Bloomberg, Tara Lee grove, a vision and ethics foundation says there could be many far reaching consequences. And so just to have a justice saying not only should we consider substantive due process, but listing those specific cases involving contraception and same sex marriage and intimacy among LGBTQ community is pretty extraordinary. She says those issues have to be tackled in California voters will decide in November whether to make abortion a right under the state constitution. In San Francisco, Ahmed Baxter, this is Bloomberg, Brian. All right, thanks very much. I had 39 minutes past the hour. Let's get to sports. Dan schwarzman is looking at a couple of upsets going down at Wimbledon Dan. Yeah, Brian let's start off in the men's draw on day one 7 sea duber catch loses in 5 sets done seated Alejandro davidovich for kina, a topsy Novak Djokovic did drop the second set to Korean soon luquan en route to Forsyth win now. There was another big scare 5th seed Carlos alcaraz comes from being down two sets to one and in a fourth set tiebreaker to knock off young lenard's crew in 5 sets while 16 C Pablo crane a booster retires from his opening match after two sets. Others advancing to the second round who third seed Casper Ruud 9 seat Cameron nori, sends you to the Yannick center in three Americans 20th C John Isner 23rd C to Frances tiafoe and 30th see Tommy Paul. And the women's drawn to see the net continent third seed owned jabur intensi de rata Khanna roll into the second round in straight sets while 7 seated American Danielle Collins is knocked out in three sets. ESPN reporting that the Los Angeles Lakers are the only team that is actively trying to acquire Brooklyn that scored Kyrie Irving in a sign and trade deal. Brooklyn has been unwilling to give the 30 year old a long-term contract extension with Irving having to Wednesday to decide to exercise his 36 and a half $1 million player option for next season. I'm Dan Schwartzman that your Bloomberg world sports update, Rashad. Thank you, Dan. We are looking of course that the Asian trading day would go in there in 20 minutes away from the session in Seoul and Tokyo getting on getting on board as it were. We got U.S. equities grinding a bit lower. We've got treasury yields and oil on the way up and all of these things could prove a bit of a headwind for Asia and also on top of that. There may

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