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Flyers fire Hextall

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Flyers fire Hextall

"The. That game misconduct podcast with Don. League-record and welcome to the Monday edition of games conduct. Diam? Download Greco we had long hiatus because of thanksgiving, and we come back to some big news involving the Philadelphia Flyers. And who better to discuss that and everything else NHL on a Monday is EJ Radic fermenting. Joel now Monday through Friday on the NHL network four to six PM eastern time. How're you do? I heard you under the weather. So I'm glad you're feeling better. Yep. Just that's that time of year. You just got to try to. Grin and bear it. I guess that's the best thing you can do. And nobody's gonna feel bad for him. Because you know what? Next day could be you. So don't feel too bad because he seems to save some sympathy for yourself. It could easily be me off and on I'm often on death's door Mollison. But then you then you rally your known to rally rally, which is very alternative alternative. Yeah. That or death and believe me, we'll all scrape up enough strength try to avoid that whenever we can. Yeah. Well death in firing. Those are the two things that nobody wants to have happened to them in Ron extol is out in Philly, creative differences for lack of a better phrase. You're reading a statement, they just didn't seem to philosophically believe in the same thing's going forward with the organization. Do you know what those philosophies were? Well, no, I don't. But I would I would speculate on a couple of things I think that, you know, the flyers are underachieving so far this year, you know, their their goal differential is a minus thirteen which is in great. They're they're not been very good at home. They're five six one at hall. Call those losses have been ugly. I was there for their home opener against San Jose. When they got blown out in that game. And it wasn't the only time that they had been blown out on home ice. And they just had an embarrassing loss in buffalo that an embarrassing loss in Toronto. They did actually have a win against the Rangers on black Friday and played well in that game could have been a lot more one sided if it hadn't been for Henry. Plan. So well, so I mean, there's underachievement of there's probably some consternation within the flyers management structure about the future of their head coach, Dave axed, all we've seen a lot of we've seen several coaches moved out ready this year. So there's probably something that we're going to Asian somewhere along the line that probably feel like maybe they need a coaching change or something different day or so that could be something. Also, the new I think during Ronnie's tenure there. He's been very of. He's been very patient, and he's tried to develop as young players, and that's very commendable. And you know, I think there were probably some that are saying, okay. You know what we have goalie injuries? Let's get Carter heart from the minors, regardless of has been just played very average there. And let's elevate them to the National Hockey League level. And I think Ronnie's probably quite back against that. He's fought back. It's the coaching change. But the one thing I would say about, you know, Ron Hextall tenure which has been I would be critical for sure is that if you were gonna look to have a stop gap goaltending group between the time you draft in heart. And when you feel he's going to be ready, and really it's gonna be a while. You had to do better than Brian Elliott, and Calvin Pickard and Michael noisier. There's been a number of goals that have been available over the last couple of years. They signed Ryan Elliott after Brian Elliott, basically was a key element in the Calgary. Flames being eliminated in the playoffs in that particular year. Michael waiver hasn't been able to stay healthy for more than a couple of weeks at a time Calvin Pickard they picked up off waivers. You know, it just seems like they haven't been able to find any stability goal during his tenure. And I think that is another thing that I would say the other stuff we could argue. I don't think we could argue about that. I think that there have been other goals that have been available that would have been better than what they've come up with. And so that and that really to me is one of their biggest problems. There's just no confidence in the Philadelphia. And it makes sense to me everything that you say and the patients we've talked about it here on the show on how they weren't gonna rush heart up. They weren't gonna rush some of their younger players up for a run last year. Even though they worry. To make the playoffs or cosmetically to to soothe any problems this year that there was patients usually it's the general manager. That's chea-. It's the organization that's preaching patients. It seems like it might have been the other way around maybe the organizations Chiba, Iran. Xbox had the philosophy of I want to be patient it usually works the other way around right? I mean, he he was I guess thinking he had all the time in the world and time ran out. Yeah. And you know, the other thing too is that in Philadelphia now, you know, done it when we were growing up tonight or on the flyers. And like when the old man was happy things were good. And when the old ban wasn't happy things got changed, and that's the way work, and and now with Mr. Snider passed away a couple of years ago, and it's kind of a corporate group. You know, the Comcast group that owns the flyers. I'm not exactly sure we'd making the decision, you know there. It's a it's more of a corporate structure. I know Paul homeland is he's the guy that eventually his name gets on the, you know, the release, but you know, how much input comes from. The corporate management structure above him. You know, and how much they have to say in this. So the bottom line is for the flyers. They've got to play better. They've got to figure out their goaltending situation. They've got a combination of some some veteran players that have been playing very very well. And some young players, you know, that they feel can be really good players. So the window for that all gnashing, you know closure. Ruse best years. Jacob four checks best years, even James van ravens cycle. They recently signed as a free agent and was injured for a good part of the season. I mean will they jive with when you know, I've improved RAF is at his best. Then maybe Carter heart becomes the goalie down the road. I don't know still. I mean, that's the window. Can you get all those things at the same window? I'm not sure, but they and the one other thing too is they don't really and it's not a fighting league anymore. We know that there's there's not those types of players, but in Philadelphia, I think they do like to have their team nasty and hard to play against and the flyers have had to fight. At the team this year to fighting majors and they've only come in the last couple of games. And again, not that you're gonna turn your team into the seventy five broad street bullies. But you know, there might be a sense in Philly. Like, hey, we have you know, that's where we are. We have to be a little bit harder to play against and we aren't right now. So there's a lot of things I think the problem what do it? I'll be very curious to see what happens. I didn't think they've axles days along there without Ron Hextall. And there is there is a place in Philly that could go out and could afford to make a deal with Joel when Ville the bringing him good point as well. That's a very good point on. They have the money to do it. Now, it's interesting because you're going to let go of both of them today if you wanted to so we'll see if it's just a reprieve until they can get something worked out with Joel or whether he thinks or the organization believes that hack stall will will be given a couple of weeks to maybe prove that he deserves to stay. But if they had a problem with say Hextall, not firing hack stall that I would think both of. I'm would have gone today. So we'll see if he could take the opportunity. Yeah. It's a little strange. I agree with you. I think it's odd because I think there has been some push especially because we've seen in the last several weeks as I mentioned, the Oilers made to change the things may change the hawks may changed teams. But making changes the blues meta change. It seems like that's the move that comes first. And if nothing else comes in tandem, but in this case suppliers have made this decision. So I guess we'll just have to wait and see how it plays out over the next several them that should be interesting. All right from the negative to the positive Buffalo Sabres on an amazing run nine game winning streak. But if you dig a little deeper EJ eight of the nine games decided by one goal five of the nine games in shootout or overtime. So is this team that's coming together? And is a legitimate force in the National Hockey League. Or is this a team that you know has been quite fortunate during this nine game run. I mean, listen they've been riding away right now in this league. There is not a lot of difference between these teams now we have power more than I've ever seen it. This league for a long time and just for example in the metropolitan division from the capitals at the one spot the devils of the eight there's eight points between them so everybody is is kind of right on top charter. And you know, and the same can be said the divisions and throughout the the Buffalo Sabres or finding a way to win those games. And that's great for them. They have a franchise player Jack Eichel who was found. Someone in Jeff Skinner that he has great chemistry with your skin has just the test. Gators always been a really talented guy. We're talking to Johnny McClain who was coaching Carolina was an assistant Carolina. And he was really impressed with Jeff scanner is just lost. You know, he just said this guy's really talented guy. And he gets to go to buffalo and play with a high end player and I call and he's got eighteen goals now in twenty four games. And I think in sixteen of those of come in the last seventeen games or something some crazy number like that. So they're getting they're getting enough scoring, you know. Golly that's come in. And he's a franchise. Pence men, but he you know, he's a rookie. But he gives them someone. Now, that's another really high end talented player. Rasmi Landon is I think it's certainly a you know, a tough re defenseman on teams in the league. So he's he joins with you know, with Ali. And they've got a couple of veterans back there. They added those veterans than the blues trade with a wily that gives them a deeper roster to begin with. They went out and got Carter Hutton who has come in and played very well, so far he's a veteran guy. That's giving them kinda the belief that they could win games, and Linus ullmark is played. Well, when he's as a young guy who they see my either die down the road. So listen, is it sustainable? No. It's not sustainable to continue to win sixteen to come back and games and win. Everyone goal game win all the shoot outs. It went all these overtime games. But the Buffalo Sabres through twenty four games. So put themselves in a great position to pay perhaps the ploughs this year. And I think they're going to be a team that they're feeling it right now. And if they can stay healthy. And if they continue to get decent goaltending. They're going to be a team. It's just gonna be a. Competitive team and hard to play like, you know, like a lot of teams in this league. Like, I said, I mean, there's just not a lot of different even the bottom one little change or something all of a sudden, they could be I'm not I'm not trying to pour cold water on it. A matter of fact, I joke around with Michael Rapaport who's our stat guy with the Rangers. And he sends out notes before every game. You know, who he is? You see him at the garden and one of the I joke around with him because he always gives a stat. Like when the Rangers. I haven't looked at today's yet. But just for sake of argument, you know, it'll be Rangers and senators, you know, fourteen of the last twenty meetings of a decided by one goal. I mean, you could say that about every matchup as the Rangers. Every game is decided by one goal or two goals because of an empty net. I mean, very seldom no matter how bad a team that you're covering is that you're sitting there with the game already being decided going into the third period that that's how the sport is. But you're right. The positive of it is they in nine straight games against some pretty pretty good. Opponents that they they've been the one to figure out a way to get that last goal. And that's that says something about a team they went in. They went into Winnipeg in Minnesota on back to back night. That's right. That's that's the win those games. And in Minnesota the second of the back to back they were down to nothing and rallying went. Absolutely. So you know, that to me was an eye opener because that is a hard double these days to go on and play those two teams. Yeah. And I gotta give a lot of credit. So we'll see how it goes. But I mean, heck I'm really happy for him because that's a die hard fan base up there. We know the sports history of that franchise. But hey, things are great in buffalo right now. The bills have won a couple on a row or say here we're role in. I mean. Hey, everybody's out on Chippewa while having a good time right now, you know, when you talk about what a sport needs and very seldom does a sports say we need the buffalo market. But the NHL does. I mean, if you take a look at the Stanley Cup final ratings. It's always a last year. You know, it's it's Vegas going up against Washington. So we are Washington. Be number one Vegas will be number two buffalo be three of Buffalo's always heard sometimes second depending on what the Stanley Cup. Final matchup is they love hockey, they hunger for it to the longtime since they've had a run that two thousand and six six cups should have been. There is no offense to Peter lobby letting the hurricanes, but the the sabers were so the net conference final I think they would be ten in the Stanley Cup. So that was that should have been there championship. They still think about the whole goal against Dallas ninety nine. Now. I'm not talking about Cup for this team. But if they can start moving in that direction, they'll be excited you mentioned Winnipeg is one of the teams that buffalo beat during this. Streak. I mean Patrick line. Aiming this is this is sick. Now what he's been able to accomplish Ellison. It's kind of a wacky stat. But still I player in NHL history to record a hat trick in three different countries in the same season. That's pretty good. I like that. It's three three hat tricks before the twenty third game. Which is something you alluded to on Twitter bossy did four times, but still different era of hockey. But. Listen, we had a conversation back when they when him and Matthews were rookies of and who should be the call to trophy winner. And you said you always leaned towards the center as opposed to a winger. But I say for a winger, I mean, this kids just a flat out star. And as just been a joy to watch while listen he could score. I mean, there's no question. He's Alex Ovechkin two point. Oh, I guess right. If there is such a thing, he's very similar that he's a big physical guy. Got a great relief. He scores with similar areas Lovie, and you know, the funny thing is this guy started off season. And he was a little bit in the slalom people are wondering what's up usually under the goals score? Either power play goals around the net goals. And then all of a sudden he just goes off the winter Finland and he got hot over there or he just brought back with them. And I mean, it's just the dynamic goals score. And I think he's going to be a dynamic goal score for long as he plays in this league and got nineteen now. And boy, I mean he's rolling. So he's got a supporting cast around him. You watch Blake Wheeler thread, those passes through to him in that left circle. And they got some nice camera crew one another. So no surprise like Patrick line is scoring goals. I guess the only surprises when he goes through any kind of stretch where he doesn't because he's just who's to dynamical for any update on the Lander. No, not for me. I mean, it's so I mean, we we know what the calendar says, right? I mean, we're we're sitting here and several more days Saturday. I believe is December first. You'll have to have something done by then, you know, I think it could go. Anyway, maybe we'll say well, he's going to sign or he's going to be traded something's going to happen. And I'm like, well, I mean, if chroniclers don't get a great offer for them, and they can't sign them. I mean, I don't think it's out of the role of possibility for for just shut shut down and for for knee land. Or maybe they end up playing Sweden this year. So I I'm not saying that's gonna happen. I think we're likely that he's either gonna sign or get traded. But I only get rule it out. Because if you're the leaps. I'm not giving me of kneeland or away. You know, I'm getting something significant return if I'm trading I think if I had to if I had to wager on it. And of course, I'm in the state of New Jersey. So I could sure thing existed. I would probably say that he'll get something done, and he'll say, but you know, when it will probably be something short term because I think that's the rub it all this is that, you know, newsletters, letters the first of the three guys to really be dealt with for a contract knee lender. Martyr and Matthews, and I think that there was some concern. In the new Andrew group that you know, they signed for less than you know, Margaret gets X amount. More Matthews gets X amount. More than that. I think they see their player and Louis grosses the Asia there, you know, of course, Williams dad, Michael played in the league, they see their player, as you know, in a similar place within the structure is maybe not at the top. But you know, you know, we get into these discussions about money. I mean, it's always it's always an interesting dynamic. So I think time we'll we'll play out over the next three or four or five days. Like, I said, I if I had to wager. I'd say he's gonna stay, but I wouldn't rule anything out and that would include the idea of him just not signing and not being traded here. And there's other players that are going through this next year. I yeah. Oh, yeah. I think we're, you know, I think peel the Brenneman done a piece on it about the idea that some of these younger players that have played so well, you know, we might be looking at some of this. And you know, some of these teams. Have a number of, you know, tough contracts, and I think that's you know, we haven't even seen that yet only when you think about some of the contracts that were signed. I mean, there's three four or five years left on these deals, and you know, I don't think we've seen the extent of the damage that they can do when a franchise I think we're seeing a little bit of that play out in LA with some of the problems they've had, but you know, they have a lot of success you win Stanley Cup. She signed players belong contracts, and then those players don't perform at that level anymore, and you're kind of on the hook for those contracts. So, you know, the case that guys like me land guys coming out of entry level. I think if if they're your guys that you feel like your core. Gosh view, they have produced. I think you almost you're almost of the situation where you have to pay for future production as opposed how it used to be where you pay for what a guy has done and tried a kind of a level of of production. Because if you wait you end up signing those guys much later in there, you know, at twenty six twenty seven. Now. Now, you're doing an year veal, and you're you're not getting the best eight years of their careers. You're getting you know, maybe three good years, then try to okay years, maybe three years where he meant to think about buying the guy out. So in in the in the case of the Matthews, who's obviously he's gonna get his money, and you know, Barner or and the end or I think you'd like to try to sign those guys for the eight years if you can just because you're getting their best probably their best years of their career. But the problem is in Toronto's case they've got to MIR assigned to a big deal. And they've got the, you know, three really high in young. It's just hard to hard to do the mass as yeah, it's hard to it's hard to do the stuff in a vacuum. Now for sure yeah. Yeah. Rick carpenter L. Of course, you know, him from the athletic. You should follow him on Twitter. He's a great follow for anybody out there looking for some hockey knowledge. I don't know if you saw this tweet from a couple of days ago, maybe yesterday says that the NHL quarter Mark nine of the top fifteen point scores are. Twenty three or younger, including each of the top four rotten file mcdavid McKinnon martyr. Overall, this blows me away forty six point four percent of players to appear in at least one game this season or twenty five or younger. I mean, that's what this league is about. And so these guys gonna wanna get paid. You know what I mean they're carrying teams right now. Yeah. And I think you here's another guy that's going to be interesting grading point in tamp down. I mean, he's probably been their best players. Certainly there amongst most productive players with future off. And what are you gonna pay? Brayden point of his Tampa Bay Lightning and some point down the road of you know, you have rent and then McKinnon, and Colorado, and then, you know, you pay McKinnon you're going to have to pay rent and at some point. So until you see how it's played out there with dry file mcdavid. Those guys are on big big contracts. And that team is really, you know, it's all good when the team is winning. But the team is losing then it's you know, it's more. It's more problematic. Obviously. But it's it's it's amazing. This league is gone young. It's it's a fast league now. And if you can't keep up, you know, you're you're in trouble. And that's the way I look at team like Saint Louis who, you know? Here's the staff where he died at this time last year the blues leading the league in points. They were a top the National Hockey League standings as we discuss we talked today. Your later are thirtieth out of thirty one teams. And I think Saint Louis has their hesitation to embrace the young talented players in their group and push them forward in their lineup has been part of their problem. Yeah. So you know, literally is absolutely about youth. That's absolutely that speed right now. And if you don't have those things in your line of going for you, you're probably looking up, but a lot of things. All right. Let's do a few tweets before. I let you go cool. Okay. All right. Sam has says gentlemen, hope you both had a wonderful. Thanks. Giving day with your loved ones looking at the Western Conference standings. I'm surprised to see Calgary is I in the Pacific Division, is that sustainable do. You think San Jose Vegas or Anaheim will rise to the top? I like San Jose's team still, but they've been so inconsistent. I mean that a nice little run. But really at the end of the day when you're looking at there. Yeah. They're twelve eighty four which means a twelve and twelve right, right? And they both board games and overtime. So they've been very up and down Calgary fourteen nine and one. I think the key for Calgary is going to be the gold sending now David Riddick has come in. And then great, and he'd be my guy. I would continue to roll with David Riddick. Now, they had the back to back. I believe Smith played in the game last night. But I haven't had a chance to double check that. But the bottom line is that. If Mike Smith is not going to respond, David miniature your is your goal, and he's played very very well. He's at nine thirty save percentage. Screw twelve games. You have to have goaltending this leak the Calgary Flames. They've got terrific young players there. Chuck drill Monaghan Lynn home. I mean, the defense which you're down on Brody. And and those guys. It just going to be about the goaltending is the goaltending going to be good enough. And there were two week division. So dateable. Absolutely. It's the stable for Colorado and have a good roster. They just need to get good. Goaltending Riddick continues to do that for them. They'll be fine. Yeah. Smith twenty five saves in the six to one victory for hours on last night. Haywood w says, do you see the Rangers picking up another play via trade to add a veteran presence with the kids? I don't think that's really where they're at. No. I agree. I think that they're like just talked about they have embraced the idea of playing the young players and to a certain degree. It's been pretty successful so far now they've won four shootouts. Therefore, no, knowing the shootout, we talked about that with buffalo. Right. So I mean, that's a plus they've found ways to win those games you take those points away. Just take those four points away and the Rangers now moved from fourth in the metro to near the bottom right there with Philly. So. For me. I think that the, you know, the Rangers are gotta kinda go maybe week to week from a managerial standpoint, they're going to watch their kids. They have in Hartford. They're going to watch the kids they have playing in all over the globe. Whether it be in Europe or in the in the junior leagues and North America. They're gonna keep intending to watch and see how they feel about Kevin Hayes going forward. And what offers may come for Kevin Hayes. I think if you get a good offer for Kevin Hayes. I think you move if you don't get a good offer for Kevin Hayes, then you'd probably sign them. And and you move forward. But you know, I think in the case of of zuccarello. I don't know if there's gonna be a big market for for zuccarello'll. If there is a deal Jimmy made. I think it's the same thing. I think the Rangers are looking at continuing to get younger fast better. So that's the way I would do. Now, you see the numbers game for me is all right? Let's say you traded now, they don't have an appetite to trade picks. That's why you sent the letter out last year. Right. And we're not even a year removed from that. So unless you're going to do a Spooner for Strom, which they did which is let's see if I can take a chance on a player that hasn't really clicked the two places. He's been any veteran you bring in. Gonna take somebody's job. Right. So you don't want them to take one of the kids jobs, and then you defeating your own purpose? Right. I mean, the idea is to let the kids play if I'm going to go out and get a center that's going to play on the fourth line and make Leah's Anderson sit than than what am I doing? He'd like. So I'm gonna bring in a veteran to help the kids the kids got to play. So what veteran of my benching? Exactly. I mean, I think I look at it this way, if as a one of those this is what I say when I say, they go, you know, manageable. Look how to week to week if we get into February and the Rangers go on a great run. And they and they are just playing really, well, then I would think that the Rangers would look at it and say, okay, there's someone out there that we could add to this group that can help us even better. We we just come together beyond our wildest dream. Right. But I don't think that's going to happen. I think that they're going to bounce around back where they are. You know in one day out the next 'cause they have goals. We've got a pretty good group. And the guys have really responded to David Quinn has done an excellent job. So I think again like people have Kevin Hayes. Kevin Hayes has been a good player for them. You watch the Rangers on a pretty much game to game basis. So you would have probably have more of a p than than I would. But by feeling this. If you something Kevin Hayes to like a six year deal, and he doesn't perform it that higher level. You know, now, you're stuck with his contract. So I think for me if somebody came in, and we'll give you a really good prospect and high pick for Kevin Hayes. I'm probably making that field because I think that the raiders future is. Is the younger guys they and their group the guys that aren't even there yet. You know? That's what that's what's going to be the thing that gets the Rangers to the next level. So I think that's where the Rangers will be with Kevin Hayes. I think that they like him. He's played. Well, they wanted to continue to play. Well, and you know, what if the offers there to do something they'll I think they'll do it. And if the offers and there, then they'll resigning him, I agree with you. Let's close it out with Tom wish to say happy thanksgiving. Same to him. Could you see the NHL coming up with a compensation formula similar to the NFL for free agents? For example, the Pinera inside a big deal with someone else next July. Columbus gets draft pick thoughts. Well, I mean. I guess something. Like that is you know, you then you have to determine okay, it's like a special pick. So what number picked you don't think it's fair to the teams that you know, in drafting before they have to slide back one to accommodate a team that couldn't sign a free agent. They knew going into it. What was happening? Yeah. There are cases where teams get those you know can compensatory draft picks. They get added to the draft, you know? But I I would say that the, you know, I'm not I don't think it's something that's an urgent thing for me for the NHL because you know, the covers you have time to make it to dry, and if they choose not to make a decision, why should they get anything for it? You know? So I mean, that's just the way it works. And I don't I don't have a big problem with the way the system works. Now. I think it's incumbent on the on management group. So the individual seems to make decisions that are best going to impact their chances stuff success. All squeeze one more Jake says, what division do you think has been? Best. So far, the Atlantic of the central. That's a good question. Because you don't want the Atlantic. I was like the dog division last year. It was so bad. And I thought it was going to be pretty easy to handicap again this year, and it's been much better. I mean, you know, Florida's been the surprise just with not playing well now, they have another injury rebuttal Lago. So they might be kissing the playoffs. Goodbye. I thought they'd be a team that could get into the team, but they've got a pretty bad injury. And you know, losing tro check. And now they lose Longo again. And I don't think longer with James rivalries, really the answer. So Ottawa has been entertaining. Although there you just go for ton of goals, and they're rebuilding Detroit. One thing out there defensive back. I mean, they've been a much different team in the last month. And they were the first month Montreal has been very competitive. They put Carl also on waivers today. That's one for you. I mean, they just signed last summer or two summers ago. And he's got a. Five year deal at four point six to five million. So I guess they're going to be eating that money in the minors. I don't think anybody's gonna pick him up off waivers bosses had a lot of injuries buffalo. We talked about camping Toronto or elite teams. I I would probably have a whole central probably the bend the better division. You know, Saint Louis bottomed out Chicago hasn't been as good, but they're really strong when you think of Nashville Minnesota, Colorado wind up back at the top and Dallas is they're pretty good. So maybe marginally they've been they've been the better division but land asthma surprised this year because some of the team even though they may not be winning as much there have been much more competitive. Yeah. There's no question. EJ? Thank you so much with us. All the information. We'll talk to you next week. All right. You got it done. Always budgets are. That's the great EJ Radic joins us every Monday when he can. And when I can fit him in my busy schedule to have you want more EJ and h L network NHL now Monday through Friday between the hours of four and six PM eastern time. Let's take a look at the slate of games tonight. There are five of them at seven. O'clock. The Bruins will be in Toronto to take on the police. Always a fun rivalry Toronto with their six nothing victory back on Saturday. And Bo Boston, of course with their nice win. They blew it to nothing lead in the third period against Montreal. But eventually did win the game. They're banged up on the blue line for sure but trying to revive at thirteen six and four all the leaves have been great at sixteen eight and oh devils continue their Florida swing? They'll be in sunrise to take on the Panthers. You're EJ talking about again. Roberto Longo is heard devils now back under anti Joel five hundred after getting blitzkrieg in Tampa last night capitals and the islanders from the from Brooklyn from Barclay center at twelve eight and two islanders squad coming off a win over Carolina while the capitals taking care of the Rangers on Saturday. Speaking of the Rangers, he'll be hockey fights cancer night Madison Square Garden, as they will take on the Ottawa Senators and at seven thirty tonight, it'll be the blue jackets and the Red Wings from Detroit as things really heating up right now in the metropolitan division. So close the metro right now Washington back where they probably feel they belong all along the Stanley Cup champions twenty nine points Columbus with twenty eight points in the twenty six are the top teams in Rangers. Now two game losing streak by themselves on the outside looking in. But it's still so close because the islanders and the Rangers are actually tied in points with twenty six with the Rangers played two more games. So the Rangers with their home and home against Ottawa tonight at Madison Square Garden Thursday up and Ottawa chance for maybe the Rangers. At least they have to feel like they're the better team and could win those two games to get back on track before they go to Montreal coming up on Saturday. But you know, what the Rangers thought they were the better team a couple of years ago in the playoffs. They got beaten six games. So that's why I gotta pay close attention to these games. It's always fun back with again tomorrow recap the games, and we'll go over would be a full slate of games coming up on Tuesday. Thanks again to EJ Radic. We'll talk again tomorrow. This was the Monday edition of gay misconduct. Listening to the game misconduct. Five cats. Looking for more dumb? You're on the Michael Caine show weekdays from three to seven PM on ninety eight point seven ESPN, a New York worldwide on the ESPN app. I don't forget to subscribe to the game misconduct podcast on the ESPN app. Google play music. Podcasts. Wherever you get your podcasts.

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