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"rasmi landon" Discussed on Hockey Today

"I mean, listen they've been riding away right now in this league. There is not a lot of difference between these teams now we have power more than I've ever seen it. This league for a long time and just for example in the metropolitan division from the capitals at the one spot the devils of the eight there's eight points between them so everybody is is kind of right on top charter. And you know, and the same can be said the divisions and throughout the the Buffalo Sabres or finding a way to win those games. And that's great for them. They have a franchise player Jack Eichel who was found. Someone in Jeff Skinner that he has great chemistry with your skin has just the test. Gators always been a really talented guy. We're talking to Johnny McClain who was coaching Carolina was an assistant Carolina. And he was really impressed with Jeff scanner is just lost. You know, he just said this guy's really talented guy. And he gets to go to buffalo and play with a high end player and I call and he's got eighteen goals now in twenty four games. And I think in sixteen of those of come in the last seventeen games or something some crazy number like that. So they're getting they're getting enough scoring, you know. Golly that's come in. And he's a franchise. Pence men, but he you know, he's a rookie. But he gives them someone. Now, that's another really high end talented player. Rasmi Landon is I think it's certainly a you know, a tough re defenseman on teams in the league. So he's he joins with you know, with Ali. And they've got a couple of veterans back there. They added those veterans than the blues trade with a wily that gives them a deeper roster to begin with. They went out and got Carter Hutton who has come in and played very well, so far he's a veteran guy. That's giving them kinda the belief that they could win games, and Linus ullmark is played. Well, when he's as a young guy who they see my either die down the road. So listen, is it sustainable? No. It's not sustainable to continue to win sixteen to come back and games and win. Everyone goal game win all the shoot outs. It went all these overtime games. But the Buffalo Sabres through twenty four games. So put themselves in a great position to pay perhaps the ploughs this year. And I think they're going to be a team that they're feeling it right now. And if they can stay healthy. And if they continue to get decent goaltending. They're going to be a team. It's just gonna be a. Competitive team and hard to play like, you know, like a lot of teams in this league. Like, I said, I mean, there's just not a lot of different even the bottom one little change or something all of a sudden, they could be I'm not I'm not trying to pour cold water on it. A matter of fact, I joke around with Michael Rapaport who's our stat guy with the Rangers. And he sends out notes before every game. You know, who he is? You see him at the garden and one of the I joke around with him because he always gives a stat. Like when the Rangers. I haven't looked at today's yet. But just for sake of argument, you know, it'll be Rangers and senators, you know, fourteen of the last twenty meetings of a decided by one goal. I mean, you could say that about every matchup as the Rangers. Every game is decided by one goal or two goals because of an empty net. I mean, very seldom no matter how bad a team that you're covering is that you're sitting there with the game already being decided going into the third period that that's how the sport is. But you're right. The positive of it is they in nine straight games against some pretty pretty good. Opponents that they they've been the one to figure out a way to get that last goal. And that's that says something about a team they went in. They went into Winnipeg in Minnesota on back to back night. That's right. That's that's the win those games. And in Minnesota the second of the back to back they were down to nothing and rallying went. Absolutely. So you know, that to me was an eye opener because that is a hard double these days to go on and play those two teams. Yeah. And I gotta give a lot of credit. So we'll see how it goes..

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