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"rashawn woz" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Could be a variety of guys at the forefront, including Devante Smith. Once you explain this, his impact doesn't stop when he takes off the pads do that. No. In fact, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say this, but I'm going to because we're on national radio. I actually have a Heisman vote and I was really tourney. I was struggling because if you look at statistics, you look it. Alabama's offense. It's really hard to separate who was the best player on this team? Whether it was Mac Jones with the 77% completion rate or nausea, Harris, who's been a monster and just came off that s E C championship game, So I called people of Alabama and called coaches. I called people around the building. And I said, Who would you vote for? And I'm not going to tell you everything they said. But let me just say Devante Smith. They told me he is the Alfa of this program. He runs this team along with the center, and they are just so good in the building. He's the guy that brings the juice. He's the guy that brings the positive energy. And he's literally about 10 steps away from me right now warming up on the field and you know they call him the Slim Reaper. This kid is big and strong. He may be thin in the lower body, but I'm just watching him warm up and he's doing He's one leg. It hops where he takes a step and then hops high up into the air off of one leg. He's jumping about 4 Ft. Off the ground. The slim Slim Reaper Scott Bounce, guys and I'm just watching him. Run routes jump in and get ready for this game right now on my just dropping. He is a special kid off the field and on the field Well, he's got bouncing middle linebacker Dylan Moses brings the wood He's got the burden of calling the plays and being the bell cow in the middle of that Bama defense, But he also carries an added burden of wearing the number 32. What does that number mean to him? The number 32 is kind of a new legacy that has gotten passed down through Alabama started with CJ Mosley, who you guys remember famously was one of the best leaders, captains and really great contributors on this Alabama team will shine. Evans came in. He wanted to wear it, but he had to get CJ Mosley permission and C J said, You have to represent the position. You have to be everything to wear that number and Rashawn Woz. You guys remember what a terrific young man he.

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