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Phylicia Rashad to lead Howard College of Fine Arts

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Phylicia Rashad to lead Howard College of Fine Arts

"A big homecoming for key member of the Cosby family for sure shot is returning to her alma mater with a big time title the Tony Award winner and matriarch of the Cosby show family has been named the new dean of the how what university college of fine arts which shot graduated magna **** laude from the historically black university in nineteen seventy earning a bachelors degree in fine arts her homecoming marks not only a return for her but for the school's fine arts college it was folded into the college of arts and sciences in the late nineteen nineties the school's provost says Rashad skills and passion for the arts makes her a perfect fit for the role and we shot says it's a privilege to help re establish the fine arts division at Howard I'm Oscar wells Gabriel

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