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"rashad bayton" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

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"rashad bayton" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

"I have to now give up two ones now walking to the altar. I'm not running to the altar. Do you see what I'm saying? I see what you're saying. It's not all things being equal. And if you're the Chicago Bears, you're now giving up the ability to trade down once, if not twice. There's a bunch of picks to supplement your guy that you already know as opposed to just blowing up every plan that Ryan polls may have had, so that's why I'm kind of pushing back right here with your easily just absolutely. The reason I say that is there's no one in college. Even Caleb wounds at USC. Yes, sir. It was not even close to a Lamar was when he was in college, or where Lamar is now as a player. And so that's how you look at it. It's like, okay, is this guy in the draft? Like when the rams gave up three first rounds for Matthew Stafford, their thought process was, could we get a Matthew Stafford in the draft in any of these situations? No. So it just makes more sense to go get it. And even if I'm the Chicago Bears, and this is, again, no disrespect to the players that are on Baltimore, but they probably have better receiving core in Chicago than Baltimore has. If you're talking about just pure receiver. Careful Rashad bayton. He was hurt this year. He had a great year, but he got hurt. So they're using duvernay, Robinson, who they got from the cheese, they're just showing true. I called the week 15 game between the ravens and the browns, and I was in commercial break, staring at the ceiling, talking to the football gods praying for a first down, if not a point on the board. And so if he's able to, so I know. When with that. Okay. If I have a little bit more, we should be able to win, and he should be able to do much better. And I think in the end there's a ravens, they understand this, and we're having this conversation and I was on total access with Mike garafolo, and I was like, don't give me the care of following, or give me the GZ answer. Let's be honest. The Baltimore whoever negotiates with Lamar Baltimore is going to match. Because why would you let this guy walk? It makes no sense. It literally makes zero sense to let a homegrown talent that you drafted 32nd overall that has been one of the most wing is quarterback since he's been drafted in the league. Most dynamic players and you build an offense around him to let him leave and someone else get him. I'm just not going to do that. Unless you look at one of these kids at the combine and you could get a first round selection and choose one of them and start from scratch. And not pay somebody all that money. They're already Maurice, they're already up again. Because as you know, I've been reading a lot of these responses to the videos that we've put out based on the conversations we've had that I've made a heel turn on Lamar that I've loved every single thing about him. I just have some Spidey sense going off about why he didn't finish the season. Where was he in Cincinnati? I would need to have every question answered before I went and guaranteed every dollar in his contract. So that's why, again, this is not an all things being equal. What I want the 2019 Lamar or the Lamar of say that game against the bills this year that they wound up losing at the end, the game against the dolphins I think that they wound up losing at the end. He looked like the MVP of the season in the first month of the year. That's my whole way at my whole wind up of saying that maybe just maybe you would start from scratch not to have to pay all that money. That's going to be a tough deal. And go for it in that respect. But they do love them. I agree. My thing is this, the longer you wait, the more expensive it gets. Burrows up this year, he'll be getting the deal done this year, Jalen hurts to get one. Herbert will get one. That's three dudes. Who are all going to be in the 50s, 60 million a year deal. The longer you wait, the more expensive it gets. And if he isn't your guy, trade him, don't give him the go and trade him if you don't believe that he's your guy because this is what the biggest I remember being in 2000 7. We went to the playoffs 2008. We hit free agency. We paid two guys in 2008. And we had like 5 guys in our locker room that we didn't pay. And kind of fractured our locker room a lot, not that kind of it did that year. Because you went outside of it. And as players, we know guys that deserve to get paid, right? Because you see them every day in practice, you know, their skill set, to me, the longer this takes, the chances are you fracturing your locker room, and then the chances are you're going to have to pay more in the long run anyways, because what if he does the Kirk Cousins deal? Where he plays on this tag and he plays them the next tag.

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