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"ranier roseline" Discussed on Fantasy Focus Baseball

"Think go top twenty. But i like must grove outfielder. I mean i don't know. I mean i never say well. Maybe you can get this outfit or that outperform because all dependent on what somebody else wants to do. Maybe you can get brian reynolds for. Maybe you can enjoy gala form. I don't know what the other manager lee would or would not do. I won't be pushing at least for brian reynolds for forum. Right and brian reynolds right now. The number ten outfielder for the season. But we don't rank them that way. We probably wearing top thirty so that might be fair. Maybe jared walsh's fair. Your home runs not much else if you want to start and so i got him in an ill only league and i'm trying to move him and i'm not getting a lot of takers a mixed league though. I might shoot as high as gone for t- oscar hernandez and you mentioned reynolds as well. I like the walls price point. Maybe alex for dogo could be in that. Same general ballpark. That tier of nana lead feelers. But right beneath. I love this as like fifty players in the all star game in. Jared wall has to make a diving catch in left field position. He's literally never played before. Jared watts has never played feel anywhere and he played left field in the all star game because they have so many players and they still can't get it right and how they maneuver them all around anyway next except this burner. He's got an ob he wants to know if you prefer fam- or mullins the rest of the way can't believe that's even a question of eight. Cedric has been so good and when you look at his numbers. There's nothing wrong with them. It's all legit right. I mean even the pack sixteen home ruins of sixteen stolen bases. He's he's taken walks. He's not being overpowered. And he's he's a lefty who is doing great against lefties three hundred against lefties some pop so it all looks legit to me so gimme cedric marlins. I know that's that's i. We witnessed that three months ago. But how many damn. He plays a lot but he's had durability issues. In the past and padres have lots of centric. Moans is gonna lead off every day for the rest of the season for his team. Tommy fam- plays what an eighty percent of the time because he misses. He's been playing almost every day for a couple of months though. If we're gonna talk about otani durability we have to mention fam- yes glamour game. That's the thing it's not a. I'm not sure how to characterize it with fam. It's not only the injury but it's also a level of inconsistency that i can't explain. He is kind of jackie bradley. Jr. in its boston red sox as he be awesome for chunks of time and then just completely useless for fantasy and i think that's what Shifts this for me. Laws fan is very good on base percentage leagues. But i'm with you moen's has to be a top fifty player and dress for twenty twenty two doesn't he could end up with an end up for twenty five homers twenty five steals a five category monster top fifty for twenty twenty two with. I know you're thinking eric. It's a little bit fast. Cedric mullins is the number to outfielder for the season behind. Only a koonya. Kunis gone so like i'll take a kuni over moments in an absolute second even with the you you wrote this year but next year. Yes yeah. But i'm saying why are we going to rank said moen's like if you rank kyle tucker number thirty next year. Why wouldn't you moans number thirty. See what i'm getting at here. Like a very good prospect. You took a little bit longer. I mean if we're going to rank ranier roseline number fifty. Why wouldn't we mullins ahead of that. Moses doing better he runs because because when it comes to a year transitioning into the next you may have to make corrections on some of the fluky outcomes and one of them is his home runs are largely fluky has homer. Fly ball rate is way a character for his entire professional career. It's the only thing that i don't like about mullins year. So i'm gonna project next year. That moans steals thirty bases and best to eighty but his fifteen home runs even though he's got sixteen at this year's all-star break. I'll take the under on the homers. But i like your sixteen home runs right now and you don't even think he's going to sixteen all year. But you didn't hear what i said but i'll take the under. I don't feel completely committed today about a rather see of the goes. But i won't be surprised to see thirteen fourteen. I think i'm all in aesthetic moans. Being left handed starting march next year. We're in iraq martin number thirty why are we ranking civic mall. And that's that's key. And by the way i actually think he has a better approach. Martin that feels the points leagues. I like that show with no name. Game for kris bryant. The rest of the way. God i don't give you that guy to you know don't he's the number six third baseman on the player writer for the season. He's having a good season and but he's kind of being like cold under and cubs morass. Will i mean like right. I mean he has a hit lately. They've been losing a lot. He's he's a good player. You might be overrated for fantasy purposes. Though i really going to trade him. I view brian. Now i will be shocked to seventy guy who has twenty five home runs. Knox in ninety every year doesn't run good player very versatile and you were capable of better as well and if he lands in a good situation the upside is that's the custody janos midseason trade finish the downside is. He's maybe barely a top fifteen third baseman. I mean i think you'd have to look at our rankings for where we rank brian as a good name like we could play a name game but in this situation right i mean like i don't wanna get too cute with it either. I mean we both rank. Brian seventy five. I'm pretty sure. I rank them a little bit better than that. But like like you rank him. A brand lau bregman cory seager so obviously you would take those guys over him. So i don't know how we would play a name. Your unless actively changed but your bryant right next to mitch haniger. Okay it makes sense to me. Our guys trade candidates craig candidates. That's about it still basis. They're fine. Yeah and there's probably more safety in the injury department. I think even accounting for brian's history than there is for haniger. Yeah yeah. I actually have them at third base right ahead of al shelhah and your shell to me seems like the if you want to lock in those stats that you just gave us and be safe about it. You'd rather have her show. But do you wanna take the chance that. Brian has one of those great final two months and carries your fantasy team. It's possible you're right. I hadn't thought about that. This could be a nick. Has the second half for him. Like a cobb. I if he gets traded because you could see bright being motivated by being in a pen race and and play in the heck out of left field for the yankees and the final two months. I could see that look what. He's the braves left fielder. I e could good lineup spot. If he lands are opportunities right now with the kuna out. I wonder why any team would go forward right now. Other than the first place team like why would philadelphia. They'll have any prospects as it is and atlanta's not exactly deep some starting pitching in the minors but the late under five hundred. They're going to really go for it right now. I understand you need outfielders. But why didn't you sign out of meat. Like at least he's a proving. I like. I'm a little surprised that they didn't get him. I just didn't get to him. I.

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