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The Bermuda Triangle: The Deadly Deep or Drummed Up Deception? | 112

Hysteria 51

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The Bermuda Triangle: The Deadly Deep or Drummed Up Deception? | 112

"If you haven't checked out my new series the end of the world with Josh Clark than now's a great time to start the holidays are over the doldrums of winter had begun. And there's no better time to explore existential dread than right now. But wait, there's more to the end of the world in that. Yes. The series is about eggs essential risks. But it's also about hope the threats that are coming our way that could wipe humans right out of existence. Could also be just the thing that makes us band together. In a way that humanity never has before in the end of the world. I take you on a journey across time and space from the moment and asteroid collided with earth and set off a chain of events that wiped out the dinosaurs to the post biological future where we live in a digital format. If we don't already we'll explore big questions like whether we're alone in the universe and exactly how artificial intelligence could take control of our world from us. It also has a beautiful score. Or and cinematic sound design. So it's an adventure for your mind. Which is just the thing to snap. You out of the winter blondes all ten episodes of the end of the world with Josh Clark are available for you to binge now on apple podcasts the iheartradio app or wherever you get podcast. Aruba jamaica. I wanna take you to promote and let you all die in the triangle. But these dummied sacks just plan to discuss it this week on his theory of fifty one. Disturbed an incredible historical panic. I think we're going to do. Steria? You can't handle the truth. Right. As this is stereo fifty one. The truth is out there. One fine detail coming for you, look that has one of them now. Welcome in hysteria nation to the podcast. It's never been lost at sea. But we know assert robot that we wouldn't mind it happening to this is hysterical. Fifty one. You're an idiot broadcasting from the lower fourth dimension, otherwise known as Chicago. We're your hosts and navigators in charge Brennan hand and John go for this. Right. And tonight, we're talking the Bermuda. Triangle? This is one of the big ones one of the largest triangles in the world. Proven fact. Yeah. Well, it would be if it were nineteen Ninety-two. It's funny. How this was the biggest thing going on the world of mysteries back in the day. Not as big of a thing. Not so many people really talk about it anymore. Yeah. It's weird. I mean, certainly some people have already chalked it up to be s moved on. But the truth is nobody obviously nobody knows for sure there are plenty of other weird topics out there that have a lot less credibility a lot less evidence than get a lot more play nowadays than the Bermuda. Triangle does I make the Bermuda? Triangle my bitch. That other voice you're hearing the third host of this show. And the only one who panics at the sight of a bathtub is the one and only conspiracy by built CBA my lab to help make the show better. Is that he drinks too much? Curses excessively fucking right. Necessarily violent reminds me my grandma like her but a little bit less Cussing. I like her already anyway, you as hats, I was saying dominate the Bermuda. Triangle? No, no. You wouldn't that's just robot? Bravado. What happened when Brent took you to the community pool here in the lower fourth. I knock snow cones out of fifteen kids hands. Yes. But you also screamed like a rabid hyena and rolled away as quickly as possible when Britain took near the kiddy pool that you knocked over three more old people on your way out the old people were for fun. And I wasn't scared. I was just being cautious. Can't be too careful about leptospirosis. The bacteria spread by wild animals and sometimes found in natural bodies of water. You're worried about the community pool. Never know. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. You my friend or no angel? But you know, who is Brent tonight's guests. See we've been studying my sake way techniques. Don, there you go. That's right. So welcome back into the lower fourth dimension. It's been quite a while too long one might say, Mr. Kevin Crispin. Hey, guys, thanks for having me. Although I'm a little upset. I didn't know that leptospirosis existed. But now, I do so John, and I are from the wonderful land of Springfield, Illinois, and so many animals pissed in lake they figures from and stuff would but it had leptospirosis and you couldn't swim in the lake spring lake Springfield in Springfield, Illinois body was a very large body about was literally shut down for a couple of summers and nicknamed lake lepto is that right now, what are the symptoms of this rot? That's what John blamed it on know crotch rot can be as mild as achey Nisshin headaches all the way to like bleeding from. Orifices and death. Yeah. I'll take the ladder. The dog gets lepto seen. We there is a vaccine for this thing for animals get it a lot more than human do will drink a lot of water. That's been Pete in more than well normal, your normal normals various objective, Brits favorite topic on jeopardy is bleeding out of my orifices that Iran that whole category and do people do you clap for yourself when you do all five flaming dog Pune the human responses. And my wife cheating hor that was that was. Yeah. Billy man's. Yeah. But, hey, if if you're gonna steal that's a good movie to steal from four. Well, no, I know. And now you bring a Billy Madison. They're like, what do you mean? Adam Sandler, he's done. Very funny. It's I don't understand back in the day. He was very just came out. It's actually it's funny. He has a new stand up special three things Ige wrote. A rap song like Eminem style, and it's like keys wallet phone keys phone, and he's just like when I'm home, but mckee's wallet phone. He's at the airport. When I need a passport, fuck keys. Did you guys have they're all gonna laugh at you? When we were when we were probably in high school that was just amazing booth lily. Booth lily. Because I said fucking dukes of go there. The goat code is on the second record. What was that called that had them all? All Gerald man on it. Lick them. Holy cheese. Oh my God. So good sex. Good stuff. Yeah. If you're under the age of thirty probably have no idea what we're talking about it. Adam Sandler are well informed. Anonyme probably not Adam Sandler was actually a funny. Comedian back in the day. He made good movies. He made funny comedic albums. And then he signed a Netflix steel, and it all went to hell from there. Actually, that's not true. There might have been one or two bad movies before hell for him because Netflix pumping him full of money. That's true. That's true. I think there was more than one or two bad movies right before before Netflix. Yes there. Well, there was the whole what's that one with Kevin James and. Oh grownups. Yeah. Yeah. They did. I am right. They did a lot of money. I didn't like little NICKY. I never saw little NICKY. You're evil. Deed is turning coconut Pepsi. Actually, that's pretty that is fucking evil. Where you from the deep south, actually, I Nikki so far pretty was the one before that it was pretty good any. Yeah. He's funny. Yeah. And then we're going to be listening to this and three years fighting out that he was drugging women through his entire career like. This is going to be right after his jello pudding. Pop. -dorsements? I will say this. You know history. Thomas f Wilson you guys done for that. Is he played biff and back to the future. Great artists. Greats him comedian. Yeah. Have you ever heard his song of where he answers the questions? And and he said when they asked him who the nicest celebrity ever met was was Adam Sandler, really if I remember correctly. I've written this. He's forty years or almost going on forty years. He's been thirty five years. Whatever it is. He's been biff and everyone asks the same question. So he's like, she get everything out of the way Sandler has a new stand up special on Netflix. It's actually as getting good reviews. People are saying it's Paul Thomas Anderson, directed some of it. Wow. Yeah. Well, you know, member what the hell's the name of the movie, oh punch drunk love glove. Yeah. Speaking of punch drunk love the Bermuda. Triangle? Have you been studying your segues Brent? Oh, man. So get back on track. Everyone is probably heard of the remedial triangle, but another good time to define it. So I thought coming into this the Bermuda. Triangle had its own mysteries of the universe volume. Yeah. It does not looked it up. You could just went into my library. It's true. Yeah. Right over their catalog. Yeah. Because you're libraries a lot closer than my computer. I mean, it's also a lot better. You know? It doesn't lie to you like that Google. That's a good point. That's a good point. Got my own VPN only, let you go where you need to go. So what can be if you will tell us what the actual definition is of the Bermuda. Triangle? Well, I will play with Kapiti today as go fo- pedia, remember kids, go pedia dot com. The bermuda. Triangle also known as the devil's triangle or hurricane alley is a loosely defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic where a number of aircraft and ships have been said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Now, it's if you wanna think of not said disappeared literally have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. But that's not up for debate. It is weird place. Things have just disappeared. There's what you're saying. You can you can argue with me all you want. You're really arguing with Wikipedia. Go pedia going to argue with definition, they're not planes, and and ships go missing all the time Malaysia three seventy that's under this. It could have been well that one is a bad example, but stuff disappear implying. There is the said to is said to have happened under mysterious circumstances. Whereas other people might look at and go that's not mysterious at all. It went down in the ocean. Lots of talk. That's true. I mean, look at us go on sorry. I interjected commonsense. Go on. Yeah. Please don't do that for the rest of the show. Now, if you want to understand what the tranquil looks like think about a map and the rough boundary is Miami to Bermuda Puerto Rico, if you were to draw a line between those three boom, you've gotta triangle. We're just look at the cover for this episode. There you go. Someone was thinking with him out. Oh, goodness. Now, most reputable sources dismissed the idea that there's any mystery maybe we should say reputable, maybe we should say mainstream the Senate he of the Bermuda. Triangle is amongst the most heavily traveled shipping lanes in the world. Don't forget cruise ships to with them frequently crossing through it for ports in the Americas Europe and the Caribbean. John, and I have sailed through it both of us. I've flown over it many times same here. You know, granted I have multiple time travel and international stories which will get to later. But you know, I've done a proof of it. Like, I did a geometric proof of the Bermuda that go. Yeah. I proved it well done. And it's what's called a proof yet. Thank front. I read the Israeli of the day about quantum computing and turns out right now, all of the encryption technology on the internet is based on Oriels. And it's really so I'm not a math genius. I know you're surprised turns out is. Hard to prove that Oriels out quantum computers can figure them out like this. And so the whole point of and I'm probably saying that wrong. And if you're if you're a math whiz or quantum computing with you know, go ahead and call me out, but it turns out because of that once quantum computing gets more prevalent, all internet security will be worthless instantly. Really? Yeah, encryption is easily Grech even scrolling encryption can as if my uncle wasn't scared of life enough now. I guess even for a really good normal binary, computer. It's really tough to figure out Factorias into prove them out. But a quantum computer can consider all possibilities at once. So it it figures it out very quickly. And why he brought that up the world's biggest quantum computer? The remote a triangle. That's right. Brid you're telling sprint that. You've flown over it numerous times, I'm assuming that's on your way to your skull island. Yeah. Which a lot of people don't realize I it's small, but there's a skull mighty. Let's let's face it. I can name any island. It would be school. I it's true. It's true. That's already taking school island too. I don't skyline thirty seven. It's it doesn't matter as long as skull island is in it. So everyone is heard of the Bermuda. Triangle, and the spooky tales that go along with the ships and the planes that have that have that have gone down or disappeared in the area. But where does it? Where's it come from? Brent they're really a suggestion of the unusual disappearances in the Bermuda. Triangle appeared back on September seventeenth of nineteen fifty article published in the Miami Herald by Edward van winkle Jones. So the hold on hold on. Can you say that name one more time, please cruise right over that? Van winkle Joan secrete name went onto a famous rapper that was Robert van winkle. Oh shit. Nice. Very different time. Then brent. It was. You know, if you had an arts wrinkle Edward van wrinkle Jones. Yes. I don't know why that was relevant. But I told you that anyway, the point I was going to try to make to our intrepid listeners is that this is the first mention of it in the media in. It was a big been it had been talked about, you know, certainly now that's not where they called it per se a triangle, but that was the whole Bermuda this whole area doing weird stuff. So two years later, fate magazine published see mystery at our back door, and it was a short by George sand covering the loss of several ships, including the loss of a big one flight nineteen which is a group of five US navy planes that went down we're going to talk about that. We'll get to that one big one. Sorry. I just have to ask. And this person's name is George X sand that man these names are fucking been Xavier right back in the Zine on. They had the best names. You know, like, yeah. People were named like red and droopy crazy crazy one of the guys in one of the stories reading was droopy Bill, and they just everyone said it wasn't in this one. But it was for a couple of weeks ago. And no one was like LL, but he just kept saying the name droopy Bill, but do you think that guy actually? Sat around with his friends ago. You know, what really really really has benefited me in life being called dream rupee Bill, but it was a different time. Yeah. Just a different time talking about Exxon's article. It was the first fillet out the now famous triangle, the whole area all these losses. They call you giving me trouble about skipping over van winkle, you both skipped over the name of the article seems at our back door. Let's I did. Hear you chuckling over there. John low hanging fruit fame. Yeah. Hey, that's the best kind of fruit. Yeah. It was the first one. Speaking of that flight nineteen to say, hey, they're a supernatural stuff going on. It wasn't just a crash and then in nineteen sixty four Vincent Gaddis wrote in the pulp magazine Argosy John's a big fan of the Argosy covers so Argosy is an awesome magazine. It's funny that this this article this article gave the Bermuda triangle. It's name this article is in Argosy magazine, which should go back. And look it even says, it's fact and fiction so there's like fictional tales in there. I remember one article that was in there was about how Lincoln was doing black magic in the White House. Like, it's that kind of. Magazine and just for the record Bermuda. Triangle aside, the covers for these. I bet are maze are mazing paintings. Yeah. Yeah. You know, it's like they had the guy. But are they like Pulp Fiction covers their life? Exactly what their life. They look like they took that art that artist. And when he was then making those said now make all the box covers for the Atari twenty six hundred because remember. Oh, yeah. That's right there in that same vein the one I loved his yards revenge. So this had did this publish sorry to not go too far. But Argosy did a published like Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury Thailand. And that type of stuff to of stories with short short short short story was still pale. Ron Hubbard also articles that were supposedly true. It was a mixture of the fact in the fiction. Yeah. Okay. Interesting where they gave you the boundaries of the beauty triangle, given the Miami, San Juan Puerto Rico, you know, the whole Bermuda area some writers in that time gave different boundaries and. Varies greatly. But between five hundred thousand to one point five million square miles. I know that's a big big area. You know, a big difference. That's weird. My prove just said for equals x. Well, you were smarter. I mean, you broke a yeah. Thank you. And I actually read, you know, in going on some people go, oh it extends all out to Ireland and stuff like that. Like, you can't just say the ocean evil all the way to Ireland. Yes, you kidding me? It's like the fourteen hundreds and you're talking about the sea monsters that are coming to get you. It's all evil. That's right. Well, speaking of fourteen hundred we're going to go to break. But when we come back, we're gonna talk about some of the famous cases that have happened one of them fourteen ninety two. But then everyone died that's exactly what I learned in school. Up next on hysteria. One. You know, people say necessity is the mother of invention. But that's not always true. Sometimes the mother of invention is advertising. Yeah. Or pure accident. How about ego maniacal delusion? Absolutely. Or just a desperate longing. To be cool. I'm Robert lamb, and I'm Joe McCormick. We're the host of the science podcasts stuff to blow your mind. And now we're branching off into the exploration of invention. Invention is the story of human history told one piece of technology at a time the things we made and how they made us invention publishes every Monday, listen and subscribe to invention on apple podcasts the iheartradio app or wherever you find your podcasts. Was supposed to be scarier funny. It's just say. Triangle, a rubel gem ak- on take to Bermuda. We set up for you kept going. Ooh, I wanna take two. Come on Preity. The other where you don't pay a lot tension to me. So true. It's so true. John is enormous person guy. So we've talked a little bit about the urn. We're going to tell you a lot more about what's really going on there later in the show. But we wanted to get into some of the famous or you might not hurt of all these. But there's some fun cases that have happened in the Bermuda. Triangle, Andy, I well. Well, no, man. His name is Cristobal Cologne. Yeah. Yeah. A hero to everyone. Especially in this day and age Christopher Columbus, director of home alone. Yes. Okay. Him. Yes. So most people think of the Bermuda triangles legend beginning to grow in the twentieth century. But the Laura area goes back a lot further than that. And the Bermuda triangles batter petition started with Christopher Columbus. According to his log on October eighth of fourteen ninety two Columbus notice his compass was flying all over the place in giving weird readings. Now, he said he tried to out timid or it didn't work either out. Tim didn't work so tired of these devices sea level at. All times, and it still wasn't working. There is a parallel here. We are talking about a a journal a journal entry and a malfunctioning device that's used for navigation of some type, they'll covered if you look see that device hanging over then that literally altimeter someone bought John the Babel's Jamie and Aaron bible him and timid or that he can have with him at all times that goes all the way back to our operation high jump. That's true. We need to know we need to know at all time, we give and don't guess at it. Don't you need to know? So anyway, Columbus, he didn't tell his crew that the compass wasn't working. He thought he thought it might be a bad idea considering the fact that a few days earlier, they had noticed we actually talked about this in another episode. He noticed a light in the sky, and they all said fuck it. Let's go back to Spain. And so there he goes, look the compass. They would have been like let's eat him. If we go back. I'm tired of hard tack and rat. Let's get some Chrissy Innis. That's the way it goes. For the first time. It was probably for real though. Probably a good a good decision. The faulty reasons were never really explained or competent on by Columbus at all. But the Nina the pinta and the Santa Maria did go onto not die in the Bermuda. Triangle? So there is that. Instead, he went on to murder and insulate indigenous people in the lens he discovered that he still thought was India until the day he died, not even I can get behind that buffalo. I have to say guys. That's the first time I've ever agreed with Sieben. Some some good every now, and then he uses up all of his hate early in the show. And and then he a little bit of commonsense returns, it doesn't last long. So don't don't stay on his I'll ride the highest long as I can actually I just said that to see if Kevin was as big of a pussy as I thought he was he is well, I'll keep my mouth shut moving forward. Do that. Put a lot of people don't realize this though, the not only I mean most people by now know, the Columbus was a complete asshole. And and it literally he showed up to islands try to slave and kill because he thought they were in India, and he told them I want all your gold, and like we don't have golden. We don't know what that is. Okay. While I'm gonna kill you. Anyway, here's the kicker. I didn't know this part. Columbus went to his deathbed thinking that he admitted to India still ever new still never knew he was an idiot. The only reason that Columbus got that journey approved was because he did his own everyone else said you can't get any to the earth is. To everyone knew they say the earth is to what round because people go around saying Columbus. Discover that the earth wasn't flat. That's not true. Everybody knew rounds big far well Columbus. Columbus was the one. Who said it's not too far. It's actually only a couple of days journey. Here's the math. He's really bad. At math. The big piece of paper that said four x and this isn't. Proof callback. There you go. There's the proof. He also convinced Ferdinand and Isabella to finance the journey. The earth is actually not a global ship like a pair. So it's really close to India. We're really close to India here in Spain and the earth is shaped like a pair. Let me go the earth is shaped like a pair is the original on it is elliptical. I mean, it's not round per se when he wash. Washer he shaped like me bigger the middle. The point is he's an idiot. Is he's a dick, and we can all blame. John, John, John really has a. Those John you've got a dagger out for Christopher Columbus. We can actually we can actually blame. I think it was Washington Irving who didn't like the story and basically rewrote it right Washington. And that's why we have all of these Columbus sailed the in forty-nine to Columbus. Although she blew all this bullshit about Columbus. He never even stepped foot in America. They say they say he discovered America. He never stood step foot in North America. Well, that's it man. I'm not reading fucking neck sleepy hollow anymore. The next one. When I talk about the flight, are you going to go on a diatribe about like hating like like MacArthur? Yeah. Like where we go with isn't. Because we are talking about flight nineteen. This is a big win that people love you probably even if you don't know flight nineteen is you've seen it in a movie, probably. But this this is a big one was a training flight of five team of injured or pito bombers that disappeared on December fifth nineteen Forty-five while over the Atlantic. This water. I plan was scheduled to take off due east from Fort Lauderdale for one hundred and forty one miles then go north for seventy three miles then back over a final of one hundred and forty mile leg to complete this exercise. And unfortunately, they never return back to base and before we get into what happened. I would be remiss if I did not say as a avid dark tower fan the fact that it is flight nineteen well, then that must be something for anybody out there. Who's listening and has read the Dr tower series the brilliant Dr tower series by Stephen King, nineteen is a very important number. So for the first time ever, I believe what we're talking about. Thank you for your time. Now is is nineteen is that something to do with cau-. Books does. Yes. But nineteen is a very important number. But yes, 'cause wheel Kaiser wheel one of the thing about flight nineteen Britain mentioned it was five bombers we hear and the number you think of one plane or something squadron news. Exactly. Yeah. So the visuals story is the navy investigators at tributed at to navigational air leading to the aircraft running out of fuel which that that makes sense. But the flights leader was Lieutenant Charles Taylor and experienced pilot and veteran of several combat missions in reward to. So the navigational error story doesn't make a lotta sense people say or does it does. And here's why. So a lot of stories you read about the Bermuda. Triangle and attributing flight nineteen to the Lord that surrounds is. Well, he was an experienced pilot from World War Two. There's no way that he would get lost not so fast. My friends. He was experienced, but not particularly talented only. Twenty eight years old. I hit a history of really irresponsible moves during combat in the Pacific. He got lost literally twice and had to ditch planes both times on this particular day. He didn't show up to the base until not not only was not on time. He didn't show up until twenty five minutes after they were supposed to start the mission. He gave no explanation. And then he said, hey, you think someone else could take my place on this was he so I'm sorry. He was lost twice before in in discipline. Right. And then he was twenty five minutes late and didn't want to go on this mission. He also doesn't take like a plotting board or a washer anything basic that you should have with you on the flight, so insured, he was unprepared unprofessional and had a history of getting lost in dishing plans at sea and hung over. But here's the thing. Probably that doesn't make for a good story. So you leave it out John we've taught you that. You know? Why would I bring? That up now again, and a lot of that is I suppose somewhat supposition saying, you know, he's just an unprepared idiot. That's I mean, we we don't know that for a fact, but we do know the facts that he got lost. And we do know that it wasn't the first time, and the fact that he was twenty eight years old at that time. That's not that young middle aged. Sixteen hundred zoo. No different time. It was World War Two fighter pilot. So yeah. That makes a little that, you know, at least that's actually probably kind of old for a fighter pilot. Yeah. Also that wasn't the only thing that went down that day. There was a rescue it. You'll lots of rescue aircraft went out and one of them was a PBS mariner with thirteen men aboard as crew it disappeared. So yeah, they sent the PBS. Mariners were known. They had a nickname something like a flying bombs because they kept catching fire and exploding air. This wasn't the first time they sent three of them up. One of them didn't come back. Yeah. The mariner had a history of explosions Duda. Vapor leaks win they're heavily fueled up. And guess what they filled it all the way up because they were going out for rescue mission. They didn't know how they're going to be out there, and there's actually people that said there was people on a boat out. There said they some explosion. They think that was the mariner commanding. Right. So this is the big one. Now, if you are thinking of I've heard of this. Well, maybe you've heard of that movie Steven Spielberg, close encounters of the third kind will guess what remember in the very beginning in the middle of the desert. They find those five planes flight nineteen exactly is that. Right. Yeah. That is. Nineteen. So a lot of people are like. Oh, okay. A lot of people well at least one well. Yeah. So if you do a little bit more research into flight nineteen more than we're going to cover here. There are transcripts of a lot of radio transmissions that went back and forth between the flight and both the base. And then also someone just in Florida who heard the transmissions, and it was trying to help try to help them get back to safety improvement. Some of these transcripts have been falsified just made up to help cook up the story a little bit. But there there certainly are validated. Accounts of them saying, you know, we don't know where we are. I think we're over the Florida Keys, but they couldn't they couldn't have been over the Florida Keys because it was just one island versus many islands, and there's a lot to this. But it really does sound like just folks getting lost. And it's easy to do. And it was the daytime is even you know at nighttime. You can't tell with water sky, nothing, you know, and this was daytime. But yeah, these guys they just think they lost their bearing when you are a pilot in flying that over land, they use you know, you if you didn't have instruments like they have today the. Site. There's things the horizon going well, and there's like, okay. So this tower over here is one of your things markers Hardee's on the corner. Exactly. Yeah. Turn left at Hardee's. She's been Carl's junior my fault. That is not the only flight that went down. There was a KC one thirty five straddle tankers that went down there on August. Twenty eighth of nine hundred sixty three a pair. I just say that was also the same day that Martin Luther King junior gave his I have a dream speech. There you go you're learning a lot to know. That's a good drop. Excuse me. Kevin this isn't historian fifty one through. Oh shit is true, man. I went in the wrong door. So a pair of US air force Casey, one thirty five strategy aircraft collided and crashed into the Atlantic. And the spooky version of the story states while the two aircraft did collide and crash. They were two distinct crash sites separated by over one hundred sixty miles of water. Explain this to me. Brent I don't understand is the argument being made here that they crashed together in some sort of vortex. And then when they fell down they went back to their original positions. There is people that make lots of different claims one they both exploded, but one flew on its own for a while before it lent was one of them went through a time vortex the truth. Well, research went out they went out. You just said it time. Coretec exactly why are we repeating ourselves. They found that second debris field crash site. And it was a mass of seaweed and driftwood tangled together on an old buoy literally was suck it crash site. That's not nearly as cool. No, it's not. But you know, what don't let you know, an old MUI and driftwood with seaweed Killa good. Where they really did. Or the look like there was two different. Way in like, holy crap. How did that happen? And then you go. Oh, it didn't. But the first part of the story persists got it. Then we got the Carol AD ring five massacre built in nineteen nineteen the Carol L Deering was found hard aground and abandoned at diamond shoals near Cape Hatteras, North Carolina on January thirty first nineteen twenty one. It's not a schooner. It's sale them. You know, what a scooter is a sailboat you stupid head. There is Easter body. That's just a guy. Man that that movie needs reexamination because that's a great fucking movie. Really is no something. So I have I don't see in in three. I have lots of problems. I cannot see the magic posters. I've never seen one. Can do it. We're not trying hard enough. And that's what everyone's cross your eyes. They cross on the road, rents mine, Brian. It was a different time. It was it was a different type. River's end more at the time indicated that the hearing was a victim of piracy possible connected. The legal rum running trade during prohibition and also possibly involving another ship to Hewitt which disappeared at roughly the same time rum. Hell, yes. That settles it I am becoming a pirate shirt. Go out to see. Yeah. Please get lost at sea stars later and note steamer sailed near the track of the Deering and ignored all signals from the lighthouse. And it's speculated that Hewitt may have been this mystery ship and possibly involved in Deering crew's disappearance, meaning the Hewitt either killed them or took them on. It could have been an inside job. They don't know. But there was a ship out there doing what it wasn't supposed to be doing being light signals. It's it's a weird one. So. Yeah. That went doesn't so much. Make me think crazy, but that's a famous one. Why think one of the things to point out is the reason there's a lot of mystery around the Bermuda. Triangle is that it's not just things crashing. It's people disappearing. It gets match on. Oh, yeah. More. The group's Kiernan experience. This is my favorite thing to come out of the Bermuda. Triangle? So in December nineteen seventy just after three pm, Bruce and his dad, and a friend Chuck laugh, I add a business OC took off the runway on Andros town airport in a brand new Beechcraft bonanza, eighth thirty six shortly after takeoff. They say they noticed it elliptical cloud directly in front of them about a mile away hovering only about five hundred feet above the ocean. And said it seemed like a Len titular cloud, but they'd never seen when that low. So it was like I never seen that before. One thing worth pointing out is depending on which account you read from Bruce. He says it was just he and his dad and then another account he has the third guy. So they're very not made up name at all Chuck Lafayette. What's your name off Chypre, that's it on the birth certificate? You could literally see it in your mind. The guy sitting there looks up sees the name of the street is on Chuck Lafayette. Avenue shuck chocolate. Like throwing fish Chuck. It was in Seattle. That's my point. They called the. I don't think it was because they called the Miami flights. Reported over the VHF radio that the weather was good nothing to worry about. So they continued on with their flight. And then they said this Lynn titular cloud quickly changed into this. Huge. Cumulus clouds. Legit clouds. If you're not familiar are the ones that are flat. And Cumulus the big puffy clouds that you see a cotton ball. And they stated that they were climbing at a thousand feet permitted in the cloud seem to be building up around the same rate. They couldn't get away from it and unexpectedly caught up in Gulf, the bonanza and after ten minutes of climbing in and out of the cloud trying to get out the airplane finally broke free at eleven thousand five hundred feet and the sky was clear who hasn't engulfed bonanza before. Are they still open? God damn right. They are. I'm having dinner gold grou- come on. Now. That's actually, right. That was a trick question. Four thirty comes earlier. Right. That's right. It does the only place where it's actually cheaper to get the steak than to not bonanza. Oh, yeah. Exactly. The comes with the bar. Chicken breast. Oh, that's another three dollars. But the steak that comes. So they level off eleven thousand feet look back, and this cloud is massive. And they said they well strange. Glad that's over on with the flight. So soon they notice another cloud building directly in front of them near the the islands. They said it looked great deal. Like, the cloud that they just let except the top of this was around sixty thousand feet, and they came within a few miles of it. They saw that it appeared to emanate directly from the surface of the earth sodas taking up the full from the earth to sixty thousand feet and upon entering the cloud. They witness an uncanny spectacle, quote, unquote, as they called it. They said it became dark, but without rain and visibility was about four or five miles. And they said there was no lightning bolts. But extraordinary bright light like they couldn't see the lightning. But it was it would light up white. You know, like like, you would you would think with lightning and illuminated the entire surrounding area and the deeper they penetrated the more intensive lashes became and so they made one hundred and thirty five degree turn to the left and headed to south. Trying to get out of the cloud. They're you know, they're they're stuck in this storm. So soon they notice a large U-shaped opening at the west side of this Donut cloud. They said they had no choice a lot of descriptions for these clouds going on they re and they're good at distance really estimate distance. Well, you know, if he's listening Jason, Chris, and you guys know this. He is our fights jets for a living, and I talked to him recently about like, do you guys know how high you are how fast you going? He goes at all times. I go. Yeah. But without instruments at all times, I can tell you how many miles something away is so. That's fair. Okay. You know? But for me, I'm like, I don't know somewhere between fifteen and one hundred twelve miles an hour. What you say that the police officer? He's just a member of big cloud could be a pilot. Obviously, he's he's you know, Kim trailing right now. Thank you, both of you. Thank you. I just wanted to get sucked into that. But thank you guys for keeping my. So they turned they're trying to get through this thing. And they said as they watched the top end of this gap kind of joining and it forms a whole. So there's a break in this cloud. It's a tunnel. One mile wide about ten miles long, and they can see sky on the other side clear blue they're going to go through they're going to try to get out of this cloud. And they said they're in the tunnel for about twenty seconds before the emerged from the other end and about five seconds or so they had a strange feeling of what they described as weightlessness and increased forward momentum. We looked back. They saw the tunnel walls collapse and a form what they said, look like a slit, and it rotated slowly clockwise away all the electron IX magnetic navigational instruments were malfunctioning, the compass was spinning slowly, you know, in all directions, call as they went straight. So the contact Miami. And they tell them that they're about forty five miles southwest. Emmy heading east at ten thousand five hundred feet radar comes that goes. Yeah, we. Can't see you there at all. Like your not on on our blip. Something weird happened instead of the blue sky, they expected everything was dull grey, like completely not what the the weather's supposed to be the weatherman was wrong. Well, not necessarily 'cause visibility seemed like more than two miles yet. They couldn't see the ocean. Horizon sky the air was stable, but there's no lightning or rain. And he says he likes to refer to this as an electronic fog because it seemed to be what was interfering whether instruments suddenly plume, FOX breaking this weird electric fashion as he said long horizontal lines appear in the fog on either into the plane, then the lines widen into slits about four or five miles long. Boom, they see blue sky, the slits continue expanding all of a sudden everything's disappeared. During in a blue sky. Nothing weird so far. Here's what's weird and stuff goes on. They see the barrier island of Miami Beach, directly below them. After they landed at Palm Beach. They realize the fight had taken less than forty seven minutes. They thought something must have been wrong with the airplanes timer. So they'll look at their watches all three watches say three forty eight. They had never made it from Andrews to Palm Beach in less than seventy five minutes, even on a direct route. Their course they had taken because they went off was at least two hundred and fifty miles. Off course, forty seven minutes to get there. Boom time vortex. So they made it way further they flew that thing all of a sudden, they're where they're supposed to go in forty seven minutes instead of seventy five minutes they through that through that time tunnel. So could we could monetize this because I would love especially on the Deb's. Dammit bought. Oh, man this story. So this gentleman has certainly told the story a lot and every there are a lot of different accounts of it. And they all change. They're all different. They they have different details. H that's one question before you go further were you there? Yes. Nineteen seventy I wasn't that hard hitting journalism right there. I'll say that. Prove I wasn't turned it on you. I turned it. So those are a lot of different incident. There have been plenty of others. Some verified some not from the Rosalie that was found completely abandoned except for a canary. That was the mine wasn't killing everyone. We know that that's true. That was back in the mid eighteen hundreds to the US cyclops went down in the triangle during World War One. And this is true. It remains the single largest loss of life in the US naval history not directly involving combat right sad. There's so many more that we could cover. We're not gonna spend any more time on it. Let's get to the juicy stuff. Brent y Why's it going on? Yeah. It's it's a big area stuff goes missing. But it's just water. And it's also the most traveled shipping areas in the world. So why do people blame the paranormal what what are the paranormal things they blame? And if it's not paranormal could natural causes potentially be at fault. Well, let's dig into that the break on hysteria. Fifty one. Wormhole into a lot of. Nazi? Hi, I'm Ariel Casten. I'm Jonathan Strickland and together we're going to tell you the stories behind some of the biggest triumphs and failures in business. That's right. We're going to explore situations that tested the medal of entrepreneurs pivotal moments required making decisions we'll be talking about some big companies that everybody knows like Disney LEGO Harley Davidson and together we try to answer the question. Do you do when you find yourself at the brink? Listen and subscribe at apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app or wherever you listen to your podcasts. Time vortexes and wormholes on hysteria. Fifty one it's time to finally get to the truth. The paranormal explanations for the Bermuda. Triangle real quick question because we know through science and mathematics and Rosen bridges and things like that are physically possible, you know, wormholes can't exist. We we've never found an example of one, but just like, you know, black holes and things like that theoretical physics radically speaking, I wonder if there's some guy like this guy. Just like fuck it happened, you know, and he's like, and he's like I'm not telling anyone because no-no believe me like he went out door boomy was in Africa one day, and he's like son of a bitch. Sean of bitch. God damn it's hot Herrell. You need to send him a passport. Aye Chan he's got Google the American consulate. Happens all the time. I tell no one no one's going to believe me being that idiot. And then he has to go to work. This is why I was late wasn't wormhole knocks on the door to. It's me again. Yeah. I need to borrow your game. If they do exist. That's the case that that's the guy. It's not it's not the guy you see on on ancient aliens or anything like that. It's it's the guy who just keeps to himself quietly some guy from ancient aliens Krog. So let's talk about the payroll. You said let's talk about the paranormal explosion people reporting on the triangle have used a lot a number of supernatural concepts to explain the events. Well, the first ones not supernatural it just it's a fact, and that's it Lantis. It's not so much. Paranormal. You said is it's just the technology. We don't understand it. It's it's it's running down there. They had a really good battery the it sunk, and it's just it's messing with stuff. So sometimes the Bermuda. Triangle gets tied to Atlantis. And in the way, it does is this thing called the ba- Meany road, which is curiously off the island of Amini Mesnier binney. I always had binney might be right. You might be right. Both ways. Let's say together Mimouni Amini. You know, what I had a good the Mimi ba- Meany the other day. It was. Warm. Yeah. Lots of mustard. It's an island in the Bahamas, which is is certainly near or in the triangle by some definitions followers of the psychic Edgar Casey who have an upcoming up. So it on this whole thing the the road upcoming up so Edgar Casey upcoming episode. Spoiler alert. So they take his prediction that evidence of Atlantis would be founded nineteen sixty he made that prediction, you know, decades before that they're saying that he was actually referring to the discovery of the Rimini road. That's for you, folks. Believers I suppose described the formation of the road as as actual road or a wall or some other kind of like a human built structure under water, and it shouldn't be there. And you know, what we're not going to tell you any more about that. Because it's on the future topic spoiler alert aliens. So there. I I've I've heard three or four different versions of how it lands is tied to the Bermuda. Triangle, and I don't understand any of them. So there's technology this interfering. That's why these these anomalies where you lose track of your altitude, and your your things spin, and you crash on your own because we don't understand what's still going on down there or somebody was texting on a flight. There's a there's a bubble down there that there are a pure mids under that is what's left of Atlantis. That's sorry. Just under the ocean. Right. Right. Right. It's under its own firm. And that's given. I thought that I mean. Yeah. Like imagine the bubble. It's that on nab under the water that jars people are fun every morning when I watch it. So it's it's what's referred to his bikini bottom and. By squirrel, Sinti, squirrels, and they have their own ecosystem down there. So all of those are true. But if you get hold on, let's get to the meat and potatoes. Here we need to talk about UFO's. Absolutely. There have been tons of UFO reports sightings it cetera over there. Steven spielberg. He talked about that flight nineteen guess what they were they weren't lost their objected. But we can't go George soup loose on it. And just say, what was it aliens? There's actually two possibilities as it relates to alliens the first they are drowning us they are sending our planes down there sinking our ships. They are abducting us for horrible reasons. They are bad and they are the enemy the second. They are saving us before a disaster happens the best example of that would be the Kris Kristofferson vehicle millennium. Remember that movie? Yes. But I would have gone with the Mick Jagger slash Estevez vehicle free. Check. If you if you remember that. But then you had been wrong. It's okay millennium millennium. Chris Christopherson the who who directed that. It was the same guy Columbus. No, Michael Anderson. He did Logan's run off anyway millennium. If you haven't seen it great flick. But what they're doing. They are time travelers, and they are taking people off of planes before the planes crash and putting dead bodies on them in this case, my point is that the aliens are doing the same thing only, they might not be replacing the bodies, they're saving us from pre-disaster. That's exactly right. That's what they're doing. Where the fuck were they in two thousand sixteen. Well, they can't do it all the time, otherwise we'd be onto them. Oh, sorry. Big onto them. Yes. Big on if you weren't in two thousand sixteen big as talking about the baseball World Series where that's not one. That's what he was. That's fucked up that's fucked up. That's not what I was saying the other day the pictures from when they won and everything you know, what for this city and everyone dogs on it. Very peaceful your to. Fucking piece million with eight million people showed up to a party, and then just went home and no one died. No one died, and I was with our friend, our friend, Alan. And I watched the game with him. And we were two and a half blocks north of the stadium. Even though the game is played in Cleveland. I love the cubs very much. Thank you. You mispronounce cardinals. Not welcome back on this show. Favorite paranormal, explanations for all this comes from the two thousand five three part US, British German science fiction mini series, the triangle. It says that the triangle is a wormhole in. That is a lot of already talked about where moles star gates time travel. A lot of people talking about it's kinda hitting on all cylinders back to the to the fictional mini series that I'm not familiar with the triangle, you called it a US British German. Was this a three country extravaganza? And if so what color was aren't open to the US British German Sifi syndicate sheen. I don't wanna wanna have to describe it. Touche men to share. Sometimes you get me. And you got me good. They're seriously though, you look at all these wormholes. Here's the thing. One day in like twenty forty six of warbles going to open up all these fucking ships and everything are just going to come pouring down poughkeepsie everyone's gonna be like what the hell's going on? Because if it's going somewhere, it's gonna go somewhere worth space or time. They're just gonna go and get poor poughkeepsie. I don't think that'll happen. And here's why the poughkeepsie riots will take it out. The franchise ward off a lot about poughkeepsie over the no if you remember our dear friend now now departed, Stephen hawking had a big cocktail party and invited through any and all time travellers to attend and not one showed understanding I'm not saying they can control it. I'm just saying these wormholes the gotta dump out somewhere. I see. It's not that. They're like. Yeah. We're going to do it. He did have a party for time. Travellers. No and showed up on his birthday. He's like oh. Really, really true. But I'm just saying these guys won't even mean to do it. They'll just like Olsen flight nineteen comes poor. Now, this guy with a whole bunch of ships and everything else Amelia Earhart. You know, the shift from final destination is there. That's fictional. What is going on you? You're you're part of big fiction. So is guys. Let's get to the natural causes these actually interests me more. And here's why none of the paranormal at really any of the paranormal explanations. Do and I maybe that maybe the natural won't. I don't know. We haven't gotten there yet. None of them. Explain all of it. It might explain how a plane went down or it might explain how ship went out or might even explain how people disappeared. Spoiler alert. You're going to be said, I'm not going to be satisfied with this. No, you can't have you can't have your cake and teleported to you know. You know what I did there? Let's get into shit gets lost at sea. That's the that's the big thing here and a large amount of that. In my waterproof camera from my honeymoon that had about half of my pictures from my honeymoon laws. It see how'd you lose it? We're you know, how you waterproof cameras. They give you that wrist slide. Where were you like we're in Hawaii? I mean, were you in the ocean reaction? The oceans lung often is in the ocean. We were just messing around in the ocean swimmer ash, we're playing tiddlywinks. Oh you. You really enjoying that giggle over there? So we we're we're in the ocean. And it's just one of those waterproof cameras. It gives you the the it's like a rope. That ties rancher your wrist. And you sense it up he sent it up, and I'm skipping over that you sit up, and then you know, you're supposed to be good. But my wife on my shoulders, something like that. Then I look down like oh camera. Wait, wait. And then you frantically like diving because you're only in like five six feet of water, and it's gone. It's long gone some kids like Yik, but. Got one hundred dollar Nikon new. There you go. That's it. The thing is that there's some usual suspects here that that the always really ugly heads, and I think the best place to start is also one of the saddest human error. That's a big one. You know, we're talking one in my life. Didn't use to play bass for human error. Yeah. I did. I did we were huge really good progressive band. We were that rare thing prog rock so you'd like to get into the existential when you say human error are you talking about? Grits. Are you talking about the air that humans wherever created are? You talking about Ayers, you making your own life or the air your parents made in they conceived. You man, let's talk about that third one real fun. No, john. I'm talking about all of them. You know? All right. Do you have a bout fifty minutes and thirty milligrams a clinic pan, and and do you. Do you accept a copay? The thing is like you don't even mean too thing. A lot of these aren't nefarious -ly done. People weren't trying to you know, use shit. Eighteen he wasn't no-one who's trying to crash that day, not not in the triangle. But I didn't see the iceberg until it's too late. They didn't heed the warnings at their icebergs. You know, another thing we went over earlier like when it's night, and you don't have enough light in you. Don't know what's the rise in what's water and with things start going awry, people lose their cool. So it's not to say that it wasn't. It could have been a mouth function of something that stacks on top of other things human error is a big catch all the other one that that that might lead into to human error is compass variations and the big thing. People say is the triangle is a magnetic vortex. You hear that a lot? No, some theorized that unusual local magnetic anomalies makes just in the area. But no anomalies ever been found ever hear the small little ones that you're talking about. There's no there that's a giant magnetic for. We do know there is a weirdness there and the weirdness is that magnetic north or the north at your compasses and true geographic, north generally don't match up, and this is one of the few places on earth that they do. And so that does cause a little your instruments to get a Linke. If you don't know that that is the case, then it could screw up to. But if you are navigating planer boat that should be like day one. Guess what? It's exactly right. I mean, breakout your Sexton, and we're going to teach you how to figure out how you know. What's true, nor still can't believe you didn't buy the Sextant and went back since then, and I didn't buy it again. I was there with our buddy. Phil Phil's fixed over here looks awesome. It's forty bucks forty. Dollars for sex brass like an antique when it's made them money. You've spent more on fake alien bodies. Oh, yeah. There's one to my right. But Sexton is where you draw the line six hundred dollar greed. Leonard statue what I'm getting but Sexton's pitch potch. So what I was saying these people should know that the public on the other hand might not know that and so they go that's a weird one. And it it makes a difference. They don't they don't know. The public sounds like book at large the public at large sounds like the made from count duck. Tails tails, Nickelodeon, he was literally a vampire duck who they were bringing him back to life and instead of using blood the us catch up, so he's just like this goofy vegetarian he won't bite beast or man that is Donald song. Donald. Hour. He could be resurrected with you know, he starts and she goes. She grabs the catch up on. All right. The really really long reference. I was making was that the yell that that branches did for what the general public sounds like sounded just like the made from Kentucky dot you? You're welcome minutes later. The other thing that makes things seem weird. There is the Gulfstream. And so there's a major surface current primarily driven by the Thermo hailing circulation or as our flatter friends called it when we did our roundtable bullshit. The do they said it didn't exist. So in essence, there's a river in the ocean. Think of finding nemo. All right. Remember the little turtles ever in that stream? That's the Gulfstream never seen vinyl IMO finding Dory. But I watched finding nemo bothered me because I found out later that if that actually happened the father would have just switched sexes and sort of having sex with his son Kevin's really angry over here. Yeah. That's what that's what conflict actually do. I was angry about you. And then I got really angry when he just explained to me about I was just saying since you have a son you've never never watched it. Well, maybe he's not we're too busy watching Elmo right now. We'll be okay. But for real though, they're the they do pretty good job of explaining the Gulfstream in there. It's like a, you know, it's his jet stream that goes through there, and what I'm getting at is planes, go down, and they're not overly large even ships at sink. They hit the Gulfstream. And so will the plane went here. It might be miles. Carried away off course to were actually nestles on the bottom of the ocean. Or if it's floating. All right. So I was here and then in a few hours your way way far away. Right. And so people go how did that happen? It's the Gulfstream. But if you don't know that exists or if you're like are flatter, friends and say, it doesn't exist because it's a lie for whatever reason. There's some things they say lies that doesn't even argue with the flat earth. What is your problem? So if you make a water landing, and you go mayday mayday, I'm taking on what are going to. You know, these degrees, and they go out there, and they gave an hour fifty miles away. And they don't find it. Right. That should happen quite often in water. Brent I appreciate you taking us through those other examples, but it was actually solved in two thousand sixteen. Oh shit. It's weather. Specifically microbursts. So there's a show on the science channel actually watch pretty frequently. This show is not one that I spent a lot of time on it's called what on earth, and literally every episode is just them taking some sort of satellite image. They found and talking to a bunch of scientists about it, they talk they don't even show pitch other pictures of the area, it's about one side image. It's not great. But on this particular episode is so we don't keep billing. Valid point on this particular episode. They said they explained the Bermuda. Triangle, and it got picked up the New York Post the today show in New York Post. Yeah. I mean, it's a it's a reputable reputable newspaper. No. But it it really what it was picked up in a lot of places in the episode. They said that the hexagon shaped clouds were said to create strong winds that form microbursts of air also referred to as air bombs. They bring down planes crash ships things like that boom airbomb which could that the air bazooka tube. While you're doing it at a plane in a much larger thing, unfortunately, we find out not too long after this. This amazing discovery that even the scientists that they quoted in the show. His name was Randy Servini meteorologist Randy Servini, rainy. Servini sounds more. Like a wrestler on Doppler five mean Randy Servini, drop the Doppler five under. He says he was grossly mischaracterized, and he wasn't even when they were in viewing him for the show. He wasn't even trying to explain the community. Triangle got too. Good point. You know, what I think we should listen to a clip from the show. Now, we're good. Powerful winds recorded by radar in the North Sea. Also, exists below the hexagonal clouds over the Bahamas. And meteorologist Randy survey thinks they're connected to a terrifying. Atmospheric vini? These types of hexagon shapes over the ocean our innocence air bombs. Perform five wetter called microbursts their placid air that come down on the bottom of the cloud, and then hit the ocean, and then create waves that can sometimes be massive incisors. They start to interact with each. All right. So here's a couple issues. I have with I've seen the whole clip number one. Well, number one, they're calling these Hicks clouds their holes in clouds and. This survey just said, he said hexagonal shapes. He never said, no they did. They are not exciting closer holes. Number two, one will be a square, and they draw a hexagonal ones at triangle. And they they were just yeah. There's clouds in it. Yeah. Is not even holes, it's such B S. And the other thing is before this clip, if you watch the whole thing they put where they're on the map and the zoom out to show you the Bermuda. Triangle if they were not even in the Bermuda outside of it. Yeah. But they they weren't in the Bermuda. So he intervention was interviewed by the Washington Post after this. And he's like I wasn't even talking about. I mean, they might have happened in that area. But they literally went understand the science I'm meteorologist they wanted to understand how microbursts work. And they're sake and killed ships. Exactly. He's saying that when you see those patterns, not cloud patterns that can be an indication of a microburst cool. Interesting stuff. That's good to know. He was not then saying and all of those patterns are always there and they're sinking ships in planes in the Bermuda. Triangle undo turns out we did not get the answer from the science channel similar, but different another thing that could be sinking them there, and my favorite favorite crazy explanation that actually could be scientifically factual, methane hydrates, methane burst. So here's the thing. There is a presence of large fields of methane gas on the continental shelf underneath the ocean. I had some methane verse. They are gigantic so laboratory experiments carried out in Australia have proven that bubbles cannon deed sink skill model ship by decreasing the density of the water as a two for any wreckage concert. Rising to the surface would be rapidly dispersed by the Gulfstream. And so if you look this up they actually show videos of it. Now it works, and they showed it one of the ones that they took a basket, and it it's you put it on water, and it floats, and they took soap, and they shot the service of the water, and it changes, the density and the basket falls into the water will the Mets funny made that sound there. Thing kind of farts, methane works. The same in case you guys were wanted alluding to. Methane works. The same way it changes. The didn't see the water. So literally if your ship up there in a methane burst large enough, you'd be an aircraft carrier Elseneer us, then into the water, and it's been hypothesized that periodic methane eruptions. They're actually some called mud volcano. They're called that Ellie may produce regions of frothy water that are. Providing for AUSSIE, mud volcanoes. Okay. Frothy mud volcanoes low hanging fruit. Brenton. They can't provide adequate points for ships. But if this was the case such an area around ship would cause the sink rapidly without warning. So of course, plane engines, they showed a large person, methane a big enough to sink that would go in the atmosphere. It could kill a gas engine. It would shut it down that fall. But according to research, no large releases of gas hydrates are believed to have occurred in the Byamugisha triangle for the last fifteen thousand years. Because we're not smart enough to know, they're happening or. They have happened. Big methane doesn't want you to know. Thank you, John because I didn't want to think I was brought out here for no reason. Methane advocate. Huge huge that makes sense with your t-shirt. Choose methane. I didn't know what that meant. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Well, that's you know, I'm an activist. Your active ist. So you know, that was an interesting one that's outside of the realms of what they think might be happening. But it's pretty cool, and they did experiments you can watch them online, and they sink little scale model ships and stuff, and they just go. It'd be terrifying. You wouldn't even know what's happening. You're underwater. It's like oh damn as a standalone. It's really interesting, and it like I'd be interested to know like where it has happened. And and then cross reference that with disasters and see Koba. But as you so dutifully pointed out, it's certainly isn't the reason for the Bermuda. Triangle? Well, we don't know. We just said, no, we do know. He don't know. We don't know aliens could be doing it outside of our grasp. Oh, okay. Fair enough, sometimes their technology. We don't even know, it's technology. You know, look at our implants, you know, getting that you're not making any goddamn sense. That's 'cause you woke health. So what do you guys think what are your thoughts on triangle is it is it a a real spooky paranormal plays or is it just some water that that is really well traveled in there for things happening. I've heard about for me to triangle since I was a little guy and terrified you that you'd have to go through their some point. Yeah. Of course, I was I just thought that was the passage to adulthood, and I saw maim once said something to the effect of men when I was a kid. I really thought the Bermuda. Triangle would have a much bigger impact on my life. Same with me and quicksand. Very true. And I thought this is such a terrifying thing, and then I was here with you gentlemen today, and it's just a bunch of people getting lost. And sinking. And that's tragic. I don't want anybody to die or anything like that. But like that's kind of what happens. Well, it's just like you. You're talking about flight nineteen it's horrible that so many servicemen lost their lives is just not paranormal. It's just not out of the it's not weird don't think it's paranormal. We haven't found them. What do you mean? We haven't found them. What what we have to hire? James Cameron to go down to the don't know where they're at. There. We haven't found the planes. We don't know where the point they're not in the ocean. Well, we don't know that we'll have we searched for them in the ocean for the last we carry the one just like Titanic eighty find the Titanic until eighty five because when stuff goes down like we said, even that big. It doesn't go straight down it goes. And they didn't even know for sure where it went down at you know. So like are you saying got called in the Gulf stream to the planes? The planes the planes. So they don't know where it was asking about the Titanic not the not the Gulfstream there. But it it it did it did break apart. And yeah, it was traveling at such a high velocity when it went down the Titanic that actually many of the decks crushed onto one another because hit with such force. So anyway, back to this. It's just one of those things where I was making a joke. But we don't know where the flight nineteen is so to say that it's not paranormal aliens, John is just stupid. It's irresponsible. That is the word. I was looking for fake news fake news. Yeah. This one's this is non start. Let me we don't know. We don't know a couple of things that are worth pointing out one the people that researched this kind of stuff, I'm not one of them. So I'm just repeating what they say. Well, most what we do in the show the people researched. This kind of stuff say that not only is there. No agreed. Yes. Or overabundance of calamities in the Bermuda. Triangle that actually if you take it per capita. There's less in that area than than men. The other areas of the world, it's like when you hear about shark attacks every year, the here that shark tax on the rise that usually one of the years with the lowest amount of shark attacks, sharks attack, very few people more cows and pigs kill people every vending machines, usually kill more people every year than sharks. You mean that they fall on people usually it's user air because they're they didn't get their money's they're kicking it or they're trying to get their arms reminds me of that episode of Seila twenty twenty one where Murphy was stuck in vintage under give you some of that sweet juice bay. He's got a pet scorpion. Stinging them out yet. Oh, man love C lab. Other thing that's worth pointing out. Brent Kevin is that a good way to see if something is more dangerous than another part of the world is to follow the money. And how do you follow the money with danger insurance Lloyd's of London who originated maritime insurance, by the way, they were the first ones to ever offer. It does not charge more or extra nor do any other insurance. Lloyd's of London tends to be like the the barometer that people look at you fight. It was a supermodel still. I I would have you know, my legs insured by London. Right still. They do not charge any more for ships that will be going through or planning. It will be going through the Bermuda. Triangle, and they do they do base their insurance rates on the part of the world. Like if you're going to be spending a lot of time. In a war torn part of the world. You know that I have more Molly shipping business. It cost me an arm and leg, literally. What I meant. But the. I kept it now. Hey, I got nominated for an Oscar did the point is that if it were more likely to have a problem there. It would cost more in. It doesn't right right? That's true. That's a really good. We always I always think to myself say then you'll follow the money. That's when we research stuff that's on that. We didn't. We follow the money looking for, you know, where it's going in Lloyd's of London is a great example. But don't take our word for it. What's your word? How can they let us know John? I would go to Facebook, and I would get in that little search bar type stereo nation. That is our Facebook discussion group where we talk about all of this whole lot more just go to Facebook dot com. Search hysteria nation. That's right. Also, we have our regular Facebook page on there and on Twitter. We're at hysterically one pod patriot. You can go on there at hysteria patriarch slash hysteria, fifty one and don't forget of our new tier the thirty dollars here. What's that tear? John your member? There is no new here. It's these sniff Django fourth year for thirty dollars. No. I'm not saying if you sign up for the thirty two you're wasting your money John hill, John keeps pursuing this. And that I'm doing that for free now. Yes. Yes. Wow. Chosen few. Wow. Your name is amongst those. Who were to ask me what this was worth. I'd say at least sixty dollars. I know. I know that's why we're doubling it to sniffs half the price both nostrils each time. Voicemails don't forget you can leave us one seven three six six nine seven seventy seven again, seven seven three six six nine seven two seven seven. We've got a ton. But this is a very long episode. We're not playing any this week. We're going to get back to him next time. And if you've forgotten any of this just go to stereo fifty one dot com, that's our page telephone about the show, Adam hysteria nation. They'll love it will love you. It's awesome heaps picks sticker. If you've got assured if you've got anything we want we want to see Sinn those picks on steering nation. You can Email to post on Twitter. Instagram wasn't where you're at or just put them in a bottle and thrown out to sea. We'll eventually get them that works. The Gulf stream will will move them to us. I've been send in the nest so assume. This. So as to the photo. Right. Staying. Mama. Kevin. Thank you so much for coming and being on the show again what's going on. No Montego not. I have Montego going on not much going on was in attendance for our first live show in Chicago's great show guy. Front row states. Right. Just stage. Right. And when you guys around again, I hope that people come out and see us hell of a good show, and your you're with I got one of the exile shirts shirt. I got I'm Brenda don't I hadn't owned news. He got the umbrella one of the house works Berle's we gave out and he goes, I don't own an umbrella. I'm actually really excited about this. Awesome. Yeah. Or friends at the X files game. They gave us some from t shirts to give away that was awesome in real fast. My friend who got that shirt. Her dog's name Scully. Oh nice. I would have picked it for a Molder, and it's female. That said I've been Brent I've been Kevin I've been John. He's been conspiracy about stay woke me sex. Tenable over. That's it for a number of of hysteria. Fifty one Joan Bren Toby backed next week. We've yet more of the unexplained the unexplored and the unheard. Oh. If it's unheard of what they know about it. Anyway, if you want to suggest Toby give us your thoughts for just my fun of conspiracy votes. That's my favorite. Join us in our Facebook discussion group hysteria nation, just log onto Facebook and search hysteria nation, all you can always tweet us at hysteria. Fifty one pot. You've been listening to fourth hundred shines. Everyone. I'm doctor ause. 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