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"randy fund" Discussed on The Daily Zeitgeist

"This is a puck has take a deep dive into america's shared consciousness. It is wednesday. June twenty third. Twenty twenty one. My name is jack. O'brien and Back i'm jackie o'brien eh Just a host with miles of gray miles off. Gray that is courtesy of hannah and assaults. Shoutout i actually never really knew that was by flock of seagulls. I only knew segel's from Joe flock of seagulls. Where why we're here fiction. And i'm thrilled to be joined as always by my co host mr miles ray now batting at the top of the order number of four twenty four. The valley dodgers is her day. Oh no hold much not been on social media too much recently. But i i had to dig deep for the old school. Aka you got the valley jersey behind you. The valley broad number eight one eight valley shit on the laker jersey. Joe phoenix man. The fuck is dag. Because it's the you know that graphic is from the phoenix suns jersey on it. But when i saw that on. Mike minutes only one values the san fernando valley on the laker jersey. Represent from my fucking town and it's funny because one half. I was telling carl tart because he has to say too. I was like look. It's funny man like everybody in the valley that i know they are like knocking my door down like use so but you know what always referee from. Is there like a regional specificity. To who reps the lakers versus the clippers or is it. Just all lakers everywhere. And then like some clippers fan again in my life. It's the contrarian that ended up being clipper fans your heart for even then like growing up in you know like our first memories or the showtime lakers and then the randy fund years were absolutely abysmal And that's when i think the real ones hung on. Obviously the kobe shack years brought more people. But there's no geography to it. It's just you know you get down how you want to. I'm just saying man. These these phoenix suns fans starting to feel feel themselves a little bit like they make your neck for For a jersey thing i mean they. They can but just about to win the championship people. Yeah for people who want who get upset. I just say you know what i can never get mad at. Someone being proud where they're from nestle. That is has nothing to do with the sun's just being me being proud of san fernando valley child barring an injury. That's that's my pick is the phoenix suns. Okay well. We are thrilled to be joined in our third seat by someone who didn't know they were on sports podcast They are very funny and talented actor and writer. You seen on keenan and indebted and a black lady. Sketch show and trill. And the movie desperadoes which we loved here on daily zeitgeist. Please welcome nicole. How's it going dancehall. Welcome welcome thank you. I love that. I liked doing that. Sound when i'm introduced you really went to parts of your voice. I think like the timbre of the horn sound. I gotta hit the camera. You gotta get that. Got a great greater. Got a great year nicole. Thank you thanks for having me. I know you're la base. Where you from originally. Where'd you grow up. I'm originally from kansas. Actually i've just outside. Kansas city missouri and kansas are kind of all the same place but yeah i lived there my whole life my middle name. Is dorothy weird coincidence. Because my grandmother. Dorothy so i just got stuck with her middle name and i'm from kansas. The wizard of oz was inspired by uganda's no way around one hundred percent. Yeah we definitely gave them some tips and some note was something. We don't get about cans. The foot was something cool about kansas. I just like everything is about kansas. And people don't understand or also people a lotta times think that i'm from a farm or like a small town the big all. This must be crazy for you. All these teams you forever into a strip mall before west mall like yeah wait on all the malls in the fucking world exactly. Okay okay coco. It's a lot of that. I feel like that's that's the thing is like i. I'll usually describe it as just outside of kansas city so people understand that. I'm not like a bumpkin from tumbleweed town. But it's like even if i was you know hate but like i'm not so pleased. Yes i think it's It's a cool city like downtown. The downtown area has gotten really more residential. And there's like a little light rail and people are walking down town and doing a lot more down there now. So it's like it's a pretty cool city my question. I always like to ask when people are. You know they have a hometown they go back to. What's the food that you can't. You can only get in your hometown under the thing that you desire. Maybe you can get other places but the thing you desire when you go home you know. What's funny is well. it's like barbecue. Is kansas city further. But i've never been like a huge barbecue person. First thing i thought of that was outside of that was This like sandwich place called mr good sense. It's just like a shitty sandwich place where you can get subway like subway styles. Yeah which is more or less and they have a good sandwich. Called the penny club. Got low rose turkey. Low american cheese. It's like it's like trashy sandwiches but they're really good and i don't think that they have them anywhere but kansas. I'm pretty sure. It's called mr good sentence. Good sense plural. Oh okay so yeah. Like sent like a direct penny Okay oh good. So that's what i get when i go back. There is just a little bit a regular old sandwich. Deli fresh sobs. That's right seat. That's what i like to ask good too. But yeah that's just i don't know i'm not that i've never been super into it so i don't have like a spot that goes for ashore Yeah i do like the reference to strip malls as the number one. A feature of elliott key will be. Have you ever seen this many strip malls to go many strip. I know why i love. La but that's what i think of. There's a lot of like you're like. Oh i'm gonna go like what was that restaurant. 'twas a or whatever it was that was a really nice restaurant that was in the middle of triple was the call to amac. Yes that's a one by follows. Pizza is like the reform. Pizza sign is still thing like when you go. You're like is this the restaurant here exactly and everybody was talking about this amazing restaurant and it was really good but yeah it was right in the middle of this weird strip mall Place and so. Yeah that's what. Yeah there's a. There's a second floor a strip mall sushi place that i really liked. In santa monica like second-floor strip mall is usually like dentists warlike waiters offer a store. They're not trying to get any foot traffic. It's for the people on a mission. Yeah but But they had good sushi stairs All right nicole. We're gonna get to know you a little bit better in a moment. Okay cool i. We're gonna tell our listeners. A couple of the things we're talking about. Trump is turning down the position of being speaker. That was something those being bandied about. I didn't know that that was possible. Miles you know the government. Better than i do so i'll you'll have to explain to me house possible. That in person could just be speaker of the house. We'll talk about the mansion. Compromise workers just coming out and sam fuck retail jobs. We'll talk about that. New britney spears article Hit the new york times yesterday. That gave us a little bit more detail. They got their hands on some sealed documents from the ongoing court battle over her conservatorship. We will talk about karl. Massive the first Active nfl player to come out as gay all of that. Plenty more but i nicole. We like to ask our guest. What is something from your search history.

Trump nicole kansas new york santa monica carl tart yesterday wednesday jack second floor jackie o'brien June twenty third Dorothy Joe Kansas city Mike second-floor third seat karl miles ray
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"The number one buyer in the world. Yep is interesting while we're talking about books. Let's talk about the The cash flow dojo. I know that's a recent book that you've written and tell us about that. Yeah so so this This is kinda born from for mike. Passion of of Just kind of building multiple streams of income in my life I view that as a requirement in today's world You know the the single source of income kinda dead dual income. Were the husband and wife works. You know that's kinda dead that's not going to get someone ahead as gonna keep someone in middle class in so one needs to be building. Dozens of streams of income coming into their family and In a in those that don't take that to heart Are going to suffer financially when it comes to retirement. So that's what the book is based on. That's what That's why we launched bequest funds the income fund last year's well it's a It's a passive income vehicle whereby investors Five of sixty randy fund. So it's fully set up with the sec. Investors come in and they place money there and they get an eight percent or nine percent. Preferred return paid to them monthly though we we like to. We like to look at ourselves as helping people invest to cover their monthly expenses. In kinda live whatever lifestyle. They wanna live as a result. That's a great return. And this all stemmed from us in our relationships in the secondary market whereby we purchase re- performing mortgages these mortgages that are seasoned in pain in the secondary market. We purchase them at twelve to fourteen percent yield which allows us to pay out an eight or nine percent yield. Depending on what lock-up period the investors look into partaken outstanding martin. This has been one of the most interesting podcast shows that we've had because the information is somewhat knew You're clearly a detailed guide. Detail oriented guy because some of the some of the statistics and just the process. That you've explained here is has been phenomenal. We appreciate this. Yeah okay sean. You buttered me up you can. You can get right. You get you get the downstairs office. I'll take the corner ones. Whichever one has the window over the bay martin if they if they wanted to reach out to you now. I'm looking at the website. Appear on the big screen. I've got note. Investing made easier dot com. That's note invest note. Investing made easier dot com. That's a good way to find you. Yeah or they can reach out. If they have interest in learning more about passive income through the income fund they can reach out to info at bq funds dot com in someone will send them a free e book as a result very good. Well there's a free book coming your way to reach. These are a lot of books. Were talking about a lot of reading. The do i got writer's cramp just listening to you. This has been wonderful. We appreciate you being on the show. Today martin signs Note investing so if you were a little unfamiliar about note investing this podcast will show a shed some light and kind of show you a path out there and how you can possibly get into that martin. We appreciate you being on the show and we'd love to have you back in the future You bet absolutely and we'll We'll look forward to talking to you next time. Take care okay. So that was interesting. He was a great guest. It was way over my skis as usual talking about that kind note investing and anything outside of just paying. My mortgage is over my skis but Very very informative. And i think i'm going to go on Get that free book. Stop paying your mortgage. You may meet martin again. I'm not going to solve acres. He could be the next homeowner next note owner Very interesting though you know. He's a guy that's highly successful. Government contracts built a great business and Relocated down to florida. Yeah he's got that snowbird fever yeah. Florida's not out relocate to but yeah a lot of people like it. oh yes it's got a whole. Yeah it's built on the snowbird mentality down there. Xactly will i guess that's That's about a rap so we'll start kind of easing out of the show. All right i like i did enjoy. That was highly enlightening. Ladies and gentleman. We look forward to visiting you with you next time inside the sale ring. Thank you for joining us today. Show to access all resources and links mentioned in today's show over to www dot the sale ring dot come now. We appreciate your feedback and insurance you to share the show with other industry pros like yourself jonas next time as we meet you inside this sale ring..

nine percent today eight twelve eight percent florida Florida fourteen percent sean last year martin Today sixty Five single bq one of jonas Dozens podcast
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"You're insane, and he's got a tight in that No. One talks about Mark Andrews. No one talks about Mark Andrews, and he's got marquees Brown, so he's got the receivers. He's got receivers and he's got the arm strength and he's got the arm talent. And the only thing about this Ravens team is everyone when they think of the Ravens. The first thing you think of his defense on this team is not there, not a bad defense. But they're not the Ravens enough Ravens defense that you're used today. They are not the Ray Lewis had read. Defense is when they gave it was at 13 points a game one year. Yeah, Yeah, This is not. This is the defense that could rival the 85 bears. This is not a team that you can score on this Ravens team. All I'm saying is When Lamar Jackson is up for a contract when his contract extensions up. Oh, my goodness. He's got to make more than the homes, right? Gonna be more. It's like everyone, it's It's like a latter. Everyone. It's going tol you taking the Ravens minus three. Ravens minus story. Really, You're not. You're not going to tell you. I'm sold on the rent an underdog chief's team with Pat Mahomes know who may be the only guy better than Jackson. Right now. I am sold on the Ravens. 100%. That was my Super Bowl pick. And the reason why my homes is better than Jackson is because of and we just talked about the great weapons. Jackson has the weapons Mahomes has. He's always Oliver. It's ridiculous. I mean, with quite Edward Delayer. Now it's just sick. What has he means? His pride. His worst receiver is Sammy Watkins, Ethnical Hardman and entirely Hill. Oh, by the way, Travis Kelsey best receiving tight end in the NFL. He's got wiggle. I mean, it's just sick. If that defence was any good, this chiefs would be happy team would have two or three Super Bowls are true if if they can get off the field and that and that, over time against the Patriots, they won. That's horrible. That they go and they But I like the Ravens. The Ravens are This is the year I may have that That's the one day I may have to completely disagree with you on. I may have to take the chief's plus the points only because if you're giving me points and you're giving me a field goal, you're giving me less than a field goal and I could go with the Ravens. But you're giving me a field goal. I can buy that half a point. Take 3.5. I'm very happy with the Chiefs. But I'm going with the Ravens and don't be surprised if it's a blowout. Don't be surprised if it's a 10 point win for the Ravens. Yes, Ravens are good. And the Ravens are pissed because they've lost the Chiefs. Have they? Not last couple of years. Yeah. All right. The other games talking now is tomorrow night, Lakers nuggets told you Lakers 6.5 point favorites over under 2 14, by the way, which I think is way too high. That's too high. That is too high. I'll take the under net game before I did anything else. That's two fourteens too high. It's short of it going toe overtime, which, with knowing these two teams could very well Yeah, I mean, it's they They say you always take the over because you can always get the over. But two fourteens alone Hi. Really, really high, especially in the fourth quarter fits a close game Now it's slow down time. So so you don't don't wimp out there. I'm not touching this game. 6.5 is the number who you taken. Lakers or Nuggets. 6.5 is a number tomorrow. I'm taking the Nuggets in the points. Code six naff Lower. I'm taking to the nugget to make this to one or is now 30 and which is basically three hose basically over the Nuggets may still get a game, but it's basically over 303. It's going to Rio tomorrow. Then it's over. Yeah, it was over. I mean, it was last night was there Last night. It was their game to win. Yeah, because, like I said, LeBron played so horribly in the second half Awful. They played bad except everyone's back to Francie Davis. Everyone was bad. Frank will goes bad. Frank Vogel. I see. And I just hate the Lakers coach is Ari since Phil left have just been horrible. Oh, you didn't like Ah, Was it We had really time. Jonah vich. We had Mike D'Antoni with my brown as I said the Lakers coaches since Phil Jackson have been absolutely or after filled after Ah Pat Riley was Randy Fund. It was Dunleavy del Harris Harris. Oh, my goodness. It was Nothing. It's just I mean, other than the times they've got lucky with Riley and Phil. They really had horrible coaching. And and the Riley thing was an accident. Yeah, he was doing color commentary. Yeah, because I imagine that I am playing. I am playing for Paul Whitehead. Yeah. I mean, it was it was Bill Sharman was a head coach before. He got hurt or something. Whitehead took over. It took over, but he took over Sharman system right and imagine that I would die and Jerry Buss said. Let's see how the trees between Whitehead and Magic finished saying Magic snake. It was. That's why people like LeBron gets coaches fired. Every star player named Begets coaches fired. Michael Jordan got coach's fire labour got coaches fired every guest now that Riley, I will say this I got very lucky in a spot that he landed in but was smart enough to make himself a great coach. Yes, In that time, he had the time to make himself a great coat. Yes, yeah, A lot of people don't do that. They land themselves in a great spot, and they don't change it all and they end up sucking everywhere else because they were great in that great spot, And people don't realize that Pat Riley was a defensive coach also Lakers that eighties team but everyone tells Children he was, but Those defensive principles that he used in L. A..

Ravens Lakers Lamar Jackson Pat Riley Chiefs LeBron Mark Andrews Pat Mahomes Paul Whitehead Bill Sharman Nuggets. Ray Lewis Brown Frank Vogel Michael Jordan Dunleavy del Harris Harris Jerry Buss Edward Delayer NFL
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"GotTa help. Now I mean 'cause. My headaches get worse once I start misting up and blubbery I didn't know that yeah. Guards these put together some state, fair memories, because that's what we're going to have to live on at least for another whole calendar year at least. With the news breaking today that the State Fair Twenty twenty s officially. Cancel. On number of people have said. Don't forget about hydrating I that's not one of my weaknesses. I've got several. I am. A rabid. Electrolyte slash hydrated, Guy Water Guy Water more water and more water, and I think pretty effective water to that extent, so that I don't think that's my. Problem, but a number of interesting ideas of come in which I'll save. As we get a little later into today's program, let's let's let's let this rip. Let's give it a try. To Minnesota's sports calendar. Calama And in fact, it's probably not as over modulated as the original so to that extent of might be better sound fine to me I. I have no problems with it. I'm just GonNa read you a story. All boy from May twenty second. Two, thousand and nine. Eleven years ago right? Little more yes. Actually today it's. That's a whole founder of calamity calendar calamity. What's wrong with me? That's my head. I am hurting. Had heard the sounder for a while too much stuff going. So did Press Dateline Minneapolis. Minnesota Timberwolves of hired former. Indiana Pacers Executive David, Kahn. To run their basketball operations four days after being rejected by Portland Assistant General Manager. Tom Penn I. DUNno show of hands was confirmed to the Associated Press by person with knowledge of the higher. conned fills the vacancy created when owner Glen Taylor moved vice president of Basketball Operations Kevin McHale to the bench to replace fired coach Randy Wittman in December. Taylor had said Mikhail was not a candidate to return to the front office, but the owner was hoping he would return as coach. Also unclear as the status of current woes gm Jim Stack and assistant. GM Fred, Hoiberg. The wolves have the number six lottery, pick and two more I. Ron Selections through trades. The picks coupled with ample room under the Cap Young Star on Jefferson. Gives on plenty to work with as the franchise continues rebuilding plan, the started almost two years ago at Garnett con work for the Pacers Front Office for nearly nine years mostly on the business side, but he played a big role in helping. The franchise moved to conceal fail how fieldhouse in nineteen ninety nine. That's important served on the NBA's competition committee was considered an expert in the collective bargaining agreement. He left the Pacers in two thousand four. Out of the League ever since, but he has been part owner of several NBA Developmental, league franchises and also led a group the tried to bring Major League Baseball to Portland Oregon. We'll sought. They had their man. They offered the job depend last weekend, but Penn surprised the team by taking a promotion with the Blazers. He was the third candidate to withdraw this month. Joining San Antonio Davies Dennis Lindsay. And former Miami Heat General Manager Randy Fund. Con. Cal can come to the team at the recommendation of Commissioner David Stern. Interviewed for the position. This month. Mark Mattson says he's finally happy to have the situation. Subtle mad dog comes at a tylenol with the draft coming up. Great step a direction of our French. have. Asked if you saved any Kanzi, sound. Well. We've got some. He lasted four years in fact almost to the day he went May. Two thousand nine to May two thousand thirteen, didn't he wasn't a four years? They get a four year run. And on the way out the door. Called into US he did. In a very strange interview in he basically intimated. That it wasn't his fault. That Johnny Flynn was a was a bust. He don't want to draft him. He didn't want to draft them by the scouts. He and he didn't have because he was hired as late as he was, he couldn't bring it. His Own Scouts and the scouts always complain that no one ever listened to them. In this case, he decided to listen to him on his first draft correct, he said I'm going to give them the benefit out I'm gonNA. Listen to him and I said. What does that mean? You're not taking responsibility for you saying you didn't pick? Johnny, Flint the guy with the million dollar smile and. It's my responsibility, but it was the classic kind interview in which he pretended to take responsibility. For a number of different things and ended up taking responsibility from none of it. And in fact, basically, saying were were on the verge. We're on the right track and we're on the verge That was as I said. He got fired in thirteen. So that's seven years ago and we're still on the verge and that was I. don't know how many blueprints ago was at four three by love that we started the rebuild in two thousand nine. Two years after they traded Garnett. Big about how fresh that must've felt that blueprint in that regard, we must have had so much optimism about this. Be Acid Hey. We got lots of lurking young star now Jefferson bunch of picks I mean the world's are. Basically what they told us. Do you remember I? Just looked at may twenty third, two, thousand nine in the Star Tribune archives. Do you remember that David Kahn wrote a letter to wolves fans everywhere now. That ran in the star. Tribune page see to? I'm presuming everywhere else. Like everything was con- it's lengthy. It's a very lengthy letter, right? So I don't know if I can read all of it, but maybe at some point we'll do dramatic reading. or I could read some of it now. Here's where he starts it. Tools fans everywhere. I Love Your Passion. I know you want to be proud of this team. And I know most of all you want to win. Also talked about. We need to be more transparent. He came in first day shot, so we need to be more transparent than we've been in the past. Maybe that was an ostrich. Maybe he was a podcast or the program as possible I guess. I know some of you worried here that I've been away for about five years since I left the Pacers in two thousand four about four months before the infamous brawl, not to worry. My company owned four. NBA D. League teams the last four years, and that meant seen a ton of players in person who are now rotation players in our league. Meant hiring nine coaches from Sam Vincent to Quin Schneider to Michael Cooper to Jay Humphries meant constantly working on coach and player matters, so I never really left. When I went to law school I never intended to practice law I did it to become an NBA front office person in basketball. I looked forward to winning you over during the days weeks and months ahead. That was just part of it Wolves records the year he years he was here. Fifteen and sixty. What we we did improve every year. We went from fifteen and sixty seven. To seventeen and sixty five. To Twenty six and forty, two, thirty, one and fifty one I dunno show of hands. We doubled our wintel. which the problem is sort of like I said doubling the ratings. The ratings are terrible doubling them doesn't mean a lot, not typically fifteen victories, doubling that and taking four years to do it still puts you twenty games under. Five hundred. So. I I like the way Dan a soda reminding me that this was A..

NBA Pacers basketball Tom Penn Commissioner David Stern David Kahn Garnett Jefferson Johnny Flynn Twenty twenty headaches Indiana Pacers GM Glen Taylor Minnesota Timberwolves Star Tribune Portland Assistant General Man US Minneapolis Mark Mattson
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"Try to Minnesota's sports calendar Calama. It and in fact it's probably not as over modulated as the original so to that extent of might be better. Sound fine to me. I I have no problems with it. Just GonNa read you a story. All boy from May twenty second two thousand and nine eleven years ago right little more. Yes actually today. It's yeah that's a whole founder of calamity calendar calamity. What's wrong with me? That's my head. I am hurting. Had heard the sounder for a while too much stuff going so she did. Press Dateline Minneapolis. Minnesota Timberwolves hired former Indiana Pacers executive David Kahn to run their basketball operations. Four days after being rejected by Portland Assistant General Manager. Tom Penn I duNno. Show of hands was confirmed to the associated. Press by person with knowledge of the higher conned fills the vacancy created when owner? Glen Taylor moved vice president of basketball operations. Kevin McHale to the bench to replace fired coach. Randy Wittman in December Taylor had said Mikhail was not a candidate to return to the front office but the owner was hoping he would return as coach also unclear as the status of current wolves. Gm JIM STACK AND ASSISTANT GM FRED. Hoiberg but wolves have the number six lottery. Pick And two more first Ron Selections through traits the picks coupled with ample room under the cap young star. Al Jefferson gives on plenty to work with as the franchise continues rebuilding plan. The started almost two years ago at the trade of Kevin Garnett con work for the Pacers Front Office for nearly nine years mostly on the business side but he played a big role. In helping the franchise moved to conceal fail. How fieldhouse in Nineteen Ninety Nine? That's important served on the NBA's competition committee was considered an expert in the collective bargaining agreement. He left the Pacers in two thousand four out of the League ever since but he has been part owner of several NBA Developmental League franchises and also led a group. The tried to bring Major League Baseball to Portland. Oregon. We'll sought. They had their man. They offered the job depend last weekend. But Penn surprised the team by taking a promotion with the Blazers. He was the third candidate to withdraw this month. Joining San Antonio Davies Dennis Lindsay and former Miami Heat General Manager Randy Fund. Con Cal can come to the team at the recommendation of Commissioner. David Stern interviewed for the position. This month mark. Mattson says he's finally happy to have the situation. Subtle Mad. Dog comes at a tylenol with the draft coming up great step a direction of our French. I.

Pacers Tom Penn Al Jefferson basketball Portland Assistant General Man Glen Taylor NBA Indiana Pacers David Stern Randy Wittman Minnesota Kevin Garnett Kevin McHale Minnesota Timberwolves David Kahn Major League Minneapolis Mattson San Antonio Davies Dennis Lind Gm
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"You have to have a good product that people are going to wanna watch because you can go EP factory of the stadium or you can go pink factor appeal factory. You know what I mean? So it doesn't matter. I'm not gonna go to Marlins park just to eat bean show factory because I can do that factory. And I don't have to pay for the name of the stadium. Honestly, I wanted to be insured Mitchell park. I know what you mean. It's hard for franchise to survive in terms of fiscally. It's hard for them to survive in the face of twenty years of losing or a really long sustained period. The Marlins actually haven't had twenty years of losing. There were quite all right in the mid two thousand but they had their other issues. But when I was interning for the Panthers during a lockout, Michael your Mark was turning stuff over and selling things like crazy. You can't have just bad s sales people. I mean look at look at seven ninety survived. I mean, su- God's was taking all sorts of deals even though like early on it probably shouldn't have. So there there are ways around it and Bauer certainly looked the part. I can't wait for David Samson and join us because I'm sure you know, some sort of inside information on what's happened here. And he wouldn't be he won't hesitate at all to tell us. He's he's definitely the fair. One to talk on this. And also ask them what what what the deal is with Michael hill. Because I mean, he didn't he do these trades? Who wasn't any do the Brinson deal? Who was it? Was it David Samson made the joke that he had pictures? Didn't we ask somebody about wise, Michael hill still there? He must have pictures. Wasn't that the joke? Someone may not real though. Oh, it's a joke. But that's like the his point was is. I have no idea. Why is there? It's baffling. It is baffling given that, you know, this organization had I mean kids have executives called Larry buying fest. Uncle Larry like he was family to that team. And they got rid of it would happen. The Larry by says what happened to Larry festive? What had happened to Randy fund? Yeah. What happened rainy fund? I think I think Randy fund didn't want to be working with Riley anymore. Because there was there were some issues over not having any real power by festival. So I think what it is. But I I have not talked. I've literally just overheard that in a couple of places I haven't confirmed that please try to find out what had happened to Randy fund in Michael. And Michael Hill's defense, though, this team has had acquired drafted talent throughout the years. It's not like a hundred and sixty two draft rounds. I I'd hope to God that was saying some Mike Michael hill is not like terrible at evaluating talent that we just haven't been able to keep any aren't these trades port of evaluating who knows who's really making all the decisions on these traits. Well, that's the thing. We're sort of puzzled as soo- who's making the decision. So it really makes it difficult to blame somebody. So I guess when they fire Michael hill as a as a sort of sacrifice to the masses. Then I guess we'll just play Michael hill. We'll take the word for or could it be that the very beginning. This. They told Jeter, hey, you should keep someone around to be a fog like what's more realistic of the two things. I just said that they actually respect it. Look, it might not have been pretty here throughout the years. But this guy knows and can evaluate talent or jeeter. You're going to need a fog. I if it has to be one of those two things I imagine that being like the closed door meetings at Loria and Samson had would Geeta were Jeter s so any sort of advice for me on the way out. Yeah, you're gonna need a fall guy. In fact, you're going to need several I loved that around. I love that as his business card instead of, you know, general manager president, just Michael hill. Fall got twenty seventeen July twenty seventeen he got a contract extension through twenty twenty. So I mean,.

Michael hill David Samson Uncle Larry Randy fund Mike Michael hill Marlins park Marlins Mitchell park Loria Panthers Brinson Bauer Jeter soo Geeta Riley general manager Mark president
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"No, no, they they've hired them in Memphis. But I'm saying the two guys they hired a bit never had success. Right. But they're not running the show. There just consultants basically for the most part, George we have a mystery consultant. Yeah. The shadow, yes. Of course, wasn't wasn't Randy fund a part of a couple of front offices. Yes. He was he didn't have he didn't have a ton of experts. But he was an advisor to the guys who were running the Grandi fun. You know, the worst headline I ever saw in the LA times. It was the best headline history. The LA times it was the meanest fund for fire. I remember that. I remember that brilliant that was like straight out of the New York Post, but my point to that is that he got another job because he had like Riley had loyalty to him. So he brought him over and he worked with them. He drafted Dwayne Wade. So I mean, it doesn't mean that guys like that can't hit later. Exactly our mystery consultant is hard at work. Maybe this fund. This Bill Birkat purgatory is never fun. More purgatory next ESPN LA. So Andy wrote an interesting thing for the athletic about about Jeanie Buss described. You you said and by the way, welcome back to purgatory. Ireland's here handy is here Ben is here in Georgia's here from Georgia's in Florida where in any minis. Yes. Somebody could run naked down the middle of the street and like open a barbecue. I'm hoping that's the. So describe your your friend the premise of it, basically is that for the Lakers to move forward with Jeanie Buss leading the way she has to be more willing to make decisions and do things that will make her uncomfortable like inherently uncomfortable. Whether you're talking about the rift that was going on between magic and Luke Walton where I think she really was unwilling to take any leadership role and steer it in some type of direction she really stayed in the middle. And she ended up losing both. Or when it comes to building a front office. You have to be willing to build relationships around the league and extend trust to people that maybe you've heard good things about, but you don't know them personally, and you have to be willing to extend that trust and do something that makes you uncomfortable, and I feel like genie. At least my impression is that she wants consensus and group think around her so the decisions can be made for her. And you know, Dr bus, you know, use he was. Famously willing to let people like Jerry Buss or Mitch Cup. Check do their job. But he was always the final call in Dr relished being that final call. I feel like genie wants the final call made for her because she's uncomfortable with it. And you can't lead a business like that. That's fascinating. I remember a quote from puff daddy.

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"And he was the lead guy. No question. Okay. Not shack. He was the lead guy in winning a championship in his third season. And then never had that opportunity again. Right because the championship team crater. They bottomed out in Seminole eight to try to get there at rose. They didn't get rose. They got Beasley that didn't work out. Wayne second-best player if you look I think it was the oh eight oh nine playoff series. If you look at that. It's like Dwayne average thirty three in the next highest scoring player on the team with Beasley with pen. Like, they just they didn't you know for all of the talk about Riley's mastery. They didn't get him any help, right. Chains. Riley maintains that was because they they were focused on ten at that point. Like, they knew aftershock that that was focus. And it works, right? I mean, I don't think they thought it was gonna play out. Exactly how it played out. But it it works and then going, and they also didn't think Michael Beasley would be as big a bus as he ended a correct, right or Randy fund would still be there. Right. But, but yeah, I mean, I think if you look at two thousand ten you know, and and that I you know, Dwayne was the best player for a lot of that year. Oh, listen, they would've had a second finals MVP. They would've beat Dallas in eleven yet. Dwayne was their best player for the postseason except for the Chicago series. He was not he was not good in the Chicago series. But he was their best player. Dallas. He was their best player in the first round against philli. He was their best player for most of the second round series against Boston. And so he would have a right. He would have had a second finals MVP. I think he would be evaluated a little differently. Then I think there would be more of a conversation of putting him closer to Kobe. And I know I've crunched numbers on this. I I mean there. There. If you just go by the metrics, there aren't many numbers that Kobe better than Dwayne longevity. I think plays a factor. Well, yeah, longevity. But here's the thing about longevity Vom jeopardy. Kobe's lasts four years weren't really 'cause they weren't. I mean, well his last year specifically, I mean, Tom average Joe alluded to this. He was arguably the worst player in the league. Right. And he was a second piler at that point. That's all okay. And so you know, I was waiting better than Kobe. I'm not gonna make that argument. But I do think that people would be surprised if you just if you do the per hundred possession comps, okay? Or the per thirty six minutes, you know, taking a standardized number instead of just looking at the total numbers per minute per possession. Dwayne was as a -ffective is Coby and in some ways was more effective. And so I think that if he wins a second MVP if they win that championship gets Dallas that near you. Now, you can say male. They win the championship against Dallas in in eleven. I'm not talking about six I'm talking. About eleven then maybe they don't come back with the same hunger in twelve you. Don't know what's going to happen. Right. Because obviously, not winning eleven inspired. Lebron like he changed his routine. You brought an immediate guy to help them all the things that LeBron did and that's been well chronicle, but if they win in two thousand eleven eleven against Dallas and Dwayne went the second EP there were having a different conversation about him. If he stays healthier the last two years of the big three era. But again, you know, they if right, but then we would be having a different conversation. If Chris Bosh doesn't get sick. And maybe the heat in two thousand sixteen right where Dwayne head you know, the game against the purple shirt guy. And they take Toronto to seven games they probably win that series if boss there, and who knows what happens against the Brown, and Cleveland, they had played the calves really tough. They had a bunch of wing defender. So at least bothered LeBron do they win the series, probably not. But I would have given them an opportunity. So I think that there are some what if was weighing..

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"Ship. All. Sorry. Nothing. Get LeBron hill these goof-balls they sorry. I'm selling poof right now, I've got a bowl for the next two year. Three years. This year y'all can have five dollars for mother can both to Laker games. The price. Anybody can have it out home hit me blow me right now. Five. I don't have any Laker games are still a five bucks. You probably gotta buy food. That's problem. I think there's a minimum that you have to buy the five bucks. These goof-balls they saw. No, he's going to be a game. Or he's going to see those guys out. Is he called out everybody? Lebron? Of course, of course, you don't call that his neighbor something now, you're gonna call him out. But it wouldn't surprise me. So this year is over for him pretty much. I won't say it's done because you never know. But if they get off to a slow start next year, they could turn on the Braun. Oh, yeah. Did you know that whole that? They love Kobe. Kobe circa do some guy. Yeah. They could crack on him because like you've done nothing here. You one of the greatest of all time you've done nothing in purple and gold. So if he was on the east coast, it would have already happened New York. Philadelphia markets like that it would've they would've already turned on him. Like, you haven't done anything. Well, nobody does anything New York. That's true. So they wouldn't have turned on him there. Boston, maybe fill those teams haven't really done anything. Either. The Lakers haven't done anything with LARs nine years. Ten years wasn't last another championship. Oh, nine maybe. It's about right nine for the Lakers. Go Kobe in kazaa and other went back to back God tons about. Right. Late two thousands would be my guess, but it's been a why no this'll be the sixth straight year. They missed the playoffs. Six. Ten ten was last time. Okay. Maybe the Celtics four three nine and ten. Ten. Okay. Got it at eight one in nine one in ten got it. So yeah, it's been nine years. This will be the ninth year. And then six years if they don't make the playoffs this year six think about that six years for the Lakers. I think I read what was it. From the time. What was it? Like a time. They can't the time. The franchise started in in Minneapolis. Two. Was it like two thousand ten something like that? Maybe not that long ago. Long of a span. I don't know. But said they missed the plaza five times, and they're about to miss it their six straight time. So it just goes to show you that this this organization usually isn't as much of a mess as it is. And. You're like, okay. Well, so how does that happen? They weren't very good. When magic was coaching them. And he goes Randy fund and magic, and they just they I mean Del Harris was there. And then all of a sudden what changed for that team? Both the transition drafting Koby right getting shack. Yeah. Wanted to go there. He wanted to be in Los Angeles. And he was in his prime. I mean, he could still crush so. And then Jerry West drafting Kobe and all of a sudden, boom, we're for fifteen years. We're good got nothing to worry about for fifteen fifteen years. They were good. Well, they haven't had another draft pick like Kobe. Devon added another free agent. That's wanted to come over like shack. They've had LeBron. But LeBron's a lot older than shack was when Shad came over. So but they had two guys. Now, they have one guy, maybe the Laker brand isn't as strong as it. Once was I don't know. We'll see this offseason who wants to go there who wants to. Play. And maybe it would be. But maybe they don't wanna play. Lebron? Remember at the end people are like why don't wanna play the Kobe play there. Thanks, go play somewhere else. I don't play them in in now. You're going to get LeBron and everything that comes with LeBron everything that comes with him on the court and off the court. Can you handle that can you handle that? So I and again, I know they want Davis. I'd love to have Davis. But they're I think their best bet is to find somebody next year with the cap space. They have and then worry about the following year after that and see what they can do because it just you can't lose your whole team with no matter what you think of Ingram and ball and coups Ma and heart. You can't get rid of all of them one of those guys like, they're just not great. They're useful. NBA players have been saying England's been a lot better last month month and a half Koo's was proven. He can play. I still think ball's gonna future in the league. Are they great? No. But if you have those guys in your rotation, you're okay. No problem talking about this atoll problems, put curry Thomson in Durant with us. They're fine for good. They're not like you said they're not going to carry your team. But they they're solid put curry Thompson. Drown me. They probably be. Okay. Yeah. I mean, you know, you put a couple of really good players. I think you'd think you'd be fine. Absolutely. I think the thing. That's interesting about them is maybe maybe it's just perception, maybe it's just media driven, but LeBron can hit this year because the team he had in Cleveland last year wasn't very good. But it was full of veterans and they could play with them. And there was I can't remember the piece that was written was written last year. But it was somebody came out and said, look, it's not real easy playing with this guy. Like everybody thinks it's really easy playing with this guy. There's a pressure to it all these things. I think we all think that it would be easy to play with him. And I think it's been proven by these young guys who aren't quite established yet that there's an intimidation to playing with them. There's a pressured to plane with him in a whether it be the, you know, he's obviously the GM. So he's watching you on the court. Do I want you know, does this guy want to play with me? It's almost like these young guys are all on eggshells, and they can't relax around him. You know, there's kind of a players, you know, a lot better than I would kind of a camaraderie amongst players. It's almost like the coach and the GM is back in the player section with you sitting on the plane, and he's watching you, and he's a valuating you, and that's what I think that these guys have felt that it's not a team camaraderie. It's us against them sometimes against the coaching staff or front office or the other teams LeBron's in the middle of that he's evaluating you. And these guys just have an annual now whether they're supposed to or not, I don't know. But they're all really young. They're young. They're finding their way. And it's not easy. It's not easy to play along the the greatest of all time. And that that's something that takes a little bit of time to to figure out and they've only had this year and they've only had this year. So I just. It's it's tough situation for him. I know I know everybody appears crying bay area. They hate to see if honestly I I want him to get the. I want a second ahead. It's not to happen. Of course, we said this all year, it'd be fun to watch the Lakers. Be good words and Lakers can have a little bit of a rivalry. That'd be kind of fun to watch that's ever happened. But see that's what's funny at the beginning of the year. When they signed these veteran guys, I thought they were gonna be a tough minded a defensive team might struggle to score a little bit. But they're far from that. They're not that team. I thought bright Bergen and Rondo and bringing in even Chandler at the beginning of the year when they brought him in and lane Stevenson, and all these type of veteran players, I thought, okay, they're they're going to be tough. Like, I don't know how much they're going to win. But they're kind of they're going to be tough. They might be good defensively. They're going to bully the warriors around that we thought they didn't have enough shooting, but they were gonna kinda bullied teams around. But they haven't been that at all horrible defensively. They're not physical at all. They're not good defensively. No, not good. Gets weird and the Braun has been good defense. No. Which is funny. He's calling everybody out. And they just stand around watching some the defense obssession, you're like really let ESPN did by that by doing that graphic or that isolation on him is now that I'm calm when I watch the Lakers, I constantly watch him constantly constantly dogs it he's not harden, but he dogs. Okay. Your great. We all know that. But you're gonna call your team out like that. And you're going gonna take a rest, and then he has his guys. See no one's a question. You'll be your teammates gonna look at you. Funny. Pay that right now. Because they don't care who you are. If you're gonna come down on guys, and suggests that they need to figure this out of figure that out and you're doing that guys locker room, we're looking at you going all right? A phone call. Sure, go ahead. Rob is in Park City. Utah is one of my favorite places. Very. Yeah. Gonna rob. What's going on guy? What's what's what's your talking about right out? Lebron how bad everything is with the Lakers. I mean, what is good? Blueprints of what not to do for? Ranch in terms of what going to a place with young players and scuffling. Good point. Well, I mean, there's all this talk about him going to New York. Yeah. I think if he went there he wanted to go with somebody else. And then they're going to have a really high draft pick who knows get the number one pick. Then you're looking at design Williamson, which would be interesting. But yeah, but I don't think here's the thing. Rob. I think if you're a player, you're like, well that wouldn't happen to me. I think I think I think you feel that way. Like, okay, I could figure this out. No big deal. And I think if Durant did end up leaving it would be more of you know, what I've already I've got three championships there. I wanna be loved Curry's always going to be the face of the franchise ear. I'm not as loved as I wanna be. I'm gonna go somewhere else and try to win back everybody that said I was a coward for coming here in the first place because it was just gravy training on a championship. Let me go be the face of the franchise and win a championship. And that'll be part of my legacy again, he might stay. I don't know. I think he should. I don't know why wanted to leave here. This is good as you're gonna get it. But I think it'd be does leave that would be the reason. Yeah. Rob. Thanks. I think that's a good point. I don't think Durant would handle it. Well, because like you said he wants to be loved. I mean, that's clear. He's he's pretty thin skinned respect him here. Yeah. They did respect him. They know how great he is. It's the media. There is him. And kyrie. I'm sure they know. I mean, look if they don't win they bring those guys in. Let's say they get a top pick in the draft, whatever the expectation level is going to rise. And if something like what's happening in L A and look that can happen in the Eastern Conference. You got you got some teams there. If let's say Boston did get Davis or even not they just kind of get things straightened out. I don't know what the hell's going on Gordon Hayward. I was watching that game Houston. He is not coming from that injury. But no, yeah. Eastern Conference has four really good teams. I think the Knicks would be in the mix there. But if they had a season like the Lakers are having this year. The media would be crushing rant. And let's say kyri with he's sensitive to let's say he goes there. I mean, they got a bunch of young players outside of that. They would draft a really good young player. But those guys wouldn't handle that. Well. They should both go be fun. I think hilarious it's to Casey and Santa Clara real quick, Casey. Which again. Nothing casey. That's okay. You know, what's going on, man? Do you guys are breaking down the Lakers? I'm from LA. I come here for business big warrior faint because I'm a big friend of of Michael and new play when was the baby, blah, blah, blah. Yeah. In the way, the warriors were built the way the lake was used to build. Teach you draft. Your core. You make.

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"Lose their lives. One time. That's it. You know, people in the AFC don't worry about it. We're good you out. I got you signed with collector or something. I know people I gotta use. I clicked on the inside baby. And the Anthony Davis ends up anywhere. LA LA take a year and a half. But I think he I like, no matter what if you. He becomes a free agent is on. I think he wants to be there. And I think he's looking at this as LeBron's at a few years left. I'm going to be the man. And I mean, look if you're a history of centers there is like unparalleled will Kareem shack, Mike, and I mean, it's like incredible. Lebron? He good LeBron wants to get him there. Now as in yesterday because he the clocks ticket for him. But for for Anthony Davis. He'll be twenty five now be twenty seven when he when he when he signed with the Lakers three wants to go. He's got a good seven years left at least being top tier player. Like, I think if the Lakers it the Lakers were smart, which they won't go that far. They would they would try to wait this out hope that this summer. No one wants to give up assets. And then they can come with a short deal. Yeah. They'd short. They won't give up their entire youth movement. And then either get Davis for a shorter hall of talent urges wait a year and a half because then you of the young guys like Bill young guys aren't terrible. No, he might not be all stars. But Ingram's last month and a half love who's he's been good kouzmines been really good. I still think ball can be a service serviceable will player heart could be a very good backup point guard. Like, you give those guys two years. They're going to look a lot different than they look right now. So if you get Davis there. Lebron's air for a couple more years. And if all the reports are true that guys just don't really wanna play with the Broncos hear everything that goes along with it, the broad retires forty whatever something like that. And they Davis twenty eight then maybe someone wants to come in the young guys are ready to go a few years than other Lakers on think that way, I mean growing up down there. I know they want to win every single year. Especially now when they've been terrible. But I think I like I was thinking to myself. Okay. Let's say you get Davis abroad. And you given up everybody like everybody, it would have been awesome to see the Lakers their youth me but wanted done down in New Orleans because everyone would have been reunited random would have been what's going on. Good to see you. They'd had the trailer for de ngelo. Russell exactly they could have had Randy fund be there. All right. What are they going to put around those two like mercenaries like that's kind of what the word do. But they do it for like two roster spots seven seven. We did another one year contract. So I just like their best bet would have been like. Personnel. Is you would have said if Anthony Davis deal he could have been out this year, regardless here too said, I'm walk into the Lakers. I don't care if you try me or not, but I'm gonna end up being there if that would have happened Lakers wouldn't have been offered anything. They said screw what does. But I mean, like I always thought if they got Kawai then sound like wants to be there. It didn't sound like anybody. It's free to the shows. They're all Georgian wanna go. I there's that something clay. Playing going anywhere. Loves it up here. Like loves it up here. You imagine how miserable Klay Thompson will be next to LeBron. Oh. After playing with Steph your whole career. Yeah. I mean, and I know we're going to run. But there's something to be said, hey, shut down. There's something to be said for being there when the team was a very good step for those two that saw that. And then being here when the team is doing what they're doing. I mean, they're always going to be the guys dream on as well because they drafted a, but those are the two those are the two guys to say, you know, what we're here at ground floor, and we were here and they're gonna right. They're going to ride this thing out until gay just can't fly anymore to the wings fall off this thing. And I would that's what I would do. It's the bay area. It's a great area to live. They like the coach organization. Yeah, they just they dig it. Rocco city and going anyway is they ain't going anywhere. That's the real authority like the bay area. We. Kevin that will continue on take your seventy on these words later. Now. Poor traffic.

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"NPR's countdown. Sports leader. This is dubs countdown to tip off and. San Francisco KFC and HD two semi sports leader real quick before we get into worst. Just so, you know, a big trade today in the NBA, and it could have ramifications at least in social media, and it already has New York. They're talking all about this. But New York going to Dallas Kristaps Porzingis, Courtney Lee, mainly for contractual purposes. Tim Hardaway junior sign that big contract that New York decided to match and. Surely he came over from Atlanta, Atlanta, decided not to magic he's making seventeen million this year eighteen million extra year nineteen million and then Wesley Matthews one year left on his deal. Dennis Smith junior not making a lot still in the rookie contract and deandre Jordan one year, he's making a bunch of money. So that Dallas can be better with porzingas put them in Don-Shik and New York the Knicks can clear bunch cap space in sign at least two max players in the off season. The problem is, of course, players haven't come to New York lately. Even though they constantly talk about guys like LeBron and others, and none of them have gone to New York. So what do you think is it just a who knows? What do you think of the trade? You said earlier, I think well, I think they were stock the next you stuck a little bit. And you're trying to figure out a way to get out of it and trying to entice stars to come to New York. Is much as the Knicks haven't been. Really any good for the past ten fifteen years. The last time they really relevant Ewing twenty years ago twenty five years ago, Steven employment, Ewing, Mason, Oakley, doc. Rivers there. There's some pretty good teams. It's always ran into the bulls. But. David really been relevant forever. The ploughs here or there. Yeah threat, they they just know. So they're thinking all right. Let's go and scrapped this whole thing. In twelve thirteen. They won fifty four games when the season's thirty seven seventeen thirty to thirty one twenty nine in their ten and forty this year. And even before that it was just a average in twelve thirteen and they did that. Because before that it was thirty six wins forty two twenty nine thirty to twenty three thirty three and they haven't been really consistently. Good cheese. You have to go back. Now they've been off. Absolutely awful ninety. Okay. So from. Okay. That this was kind of. Yeah. When you was really rolling. They went from like from eighty eight to about ninety six ninety seven for about a ten year period. They went fifty to forty five fifty one sixty fifty seven fifty forty seven fifty seven forty three and then ninety eight ninety nine hundred ninety seven ninety eight. They just started to take. And they haven't come back. So I get it. I mean, I don't think the Knicks brand. Is a big deal. But it is New York. I mean, New York does have some cash aid to it. We were talking about businesses. And do you want to go there? What do you want to do after basketball? So I think if you were the player that could bring New Yorker championship in basketball because they do love their basketball in New York. The giants have been able to win the Mets made a World Series the Yankees, obviously of one a few World Series Rangers. Rangers the bed in a Stanley Cup the Allender feminine much. But if they were to win a championship, it'd be huge. What's the best way to do that now with the roster? They had so you go ahead. And they gotta be hoping Dennis Smith junior is going to be a player. He just didn't fit anymore with the Mavericks. He might be a player. He might be a pretty good player. Find a role. Yeah. We don't know that. So you're just like, okay. Let's just hope maybe we can get like the big ticket would be Durant. And then Irving that'd be your big ticket. You have a three and a one or whatever if you get quiet that'd be great too. I don't think twice going there. But who knows? Who knows like what are your marketing opportunities outside of basketball in New York? They could be massive. You're absolutely massive. So I like the trade for them because it was just different. Let's see what happens this is and get us anywhere. And I like the trade for the Mavericks to because they were just kinda stuck in the middle there. Like, what are we who are we and and Cubans not going to stand still it's like, well, let's just roll the dice here and see what happens? So I like it for them a couple years of a bad contract with Lee and a couple of years of a bad contract or maybe one and a half years with leeann two and a half years with Hardaway, although they can both play overpaid, but they could play, but you're thinking okay after that, then we can really try to surround porzingas and dodge with with some guys. What happens now worst comes to worst? It porzingas is hurt. And he's never the same player. They need. Then Benue you made a mistake. Then you made a mistake. All right. So that was the big news today. Obviously, the Anthony Davis stuff nothing really new on that other than the Lakers apparently offering all their young players and the appellate Casey wants take them. Steadfast wake him up. We'll send him a Senator. We'll give you a new. We're good. We'll you Randy fund, whatever on coaches, Kim. Please. She got that LeBron returns tonight against the clippers other some of the big stories around the association, breaking news Klay Thompson will not play tonight. He's got an illness. So he won't play. So that's how and McKinney is gonna start again with what Steve does. So that they can keep things kind of on the the normal as far as the rotation. So it's going to be Durant. Green cousins McKinney in place at Thomson tonight and Steph curry seventy Sixers Jimmy Butler Wilson, Chandler, Joel Embiid, JJ, Ben Simmons. So those are your match ups. We'll get into some things including the player to watch in the xfinity X factor of the game. A little bit later on in the show. But those are the the match ups, by the way, this is clay's. I missed game of the year. And it doesn't say anything major illness. Okay. They go practice won't stay on with Rocco. And why not? Chill. So that's what's going on. As far as the warriors are concerned as far as the winning streak is concerned. These guys just get off the road. They finish a perfect road trip. Get a few days the best thing about this. A lot of this was obviously cousins comes aboard. But they've had breaks. So it's not my cousins has been pushed back to back games or three and five or ever since he arrived. It's just kinda they're getting a few days off here. Few days off there. They had a couple of days off after the road. It's it's really been a perfect. I'm sure they looked at this. When they said, when's he gonna come back? Let's have a few days before every game. And it's funny because it seems like he's been back for a while. He hasn't been back that loan. This is his home debut tonight. No, that's pretty crazy. And he he's been really good and this'll be his stiffest challenge yet. Because Joel Embiid one of the best centers in the game. So this this'll be a challenge for him. And I'm sure the crowd would love to see him. They've been playing good. He's been playing good almost like when he came back that he'd been there for a year and a half feet has got hurt. But he knew everybody and knew the system and knew the guys and came back and like I said from the first game. I thought his body looked really good like they waited until he looked good, and he was in shape, but everything from the offense the passing the movement that everything he looks really good. But it'll be fun to watch him in a bid go at it. Yeah. Absolutely. I'd by the way, Anthony Slater the athletic saying, he's cousins of play around twenty five minutes tonight against Philadelphia starting each of the first five, and of course, we'll continue to do that. But a restriction around twenty five minutes. But again when he first came back, remember the first ninety played against the clippers was a fifteen minute outing. He fouled out in that hounding. And now he's already. Up to twenty five minutes. He's averaging fifteen point two points per game, seven boards and about three point six three pointers. He shooting about forty nine percent for the field. Fifty four point five thirty three point land. And again, five games of caves small. But if you just look at how he's playing if you look at the movement skills, as you pointed out, if you looked at you know, really teams haven't taken advantage of defensively. I'm sure that will change at some point. But it's not like he's out there moving Steph. It's not he really looks. And I'm sure he would tell you. I got a long way to go. But still he he looks good. Like a glove like a glove. Just throw them in there, and knowing how to play basketball solves a lot of problems. And he knows how to play and the guys in the court. There you go. We'll take a look at the M drive player to watch. When we come back look at that. We'll look at a few ups a little bit more closely as well. And again, Klay Thompson will not play tonight. Klay has an illness funds. Mckinney will start in his place tonight. For the words, we'll do more next as we get ready for.

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