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"randy meyerson" Discussed on Animal Radio

"Play in everything. She happy. So but vomiting from a young age on is a different kind of situation than say we have an eight year. Old cat. That starts vomiting. So that kinda helps me kinda kinda zone in on the things that might be Contributing to what happened. So i tend to agree with your first veterinarian. That the concern would be that she had perhaps some kind of safa geel problem. And what sounds what they were describing was actually A pr a which is a Persistent rate eight arch in it is a fetal blood vessel. That just doesn't go away in some animals in its inherited problem We see it in dogs but also in cavs and what that means is not actually can constrict over the esophagus such at some point They may be able to eat drink and get that sustenance. They need but eventually a puppy or a kitten with this problem will not thrive and they will just continue to go down downhill. The problem is that has this little vessel constriction over the asaf against this is the food. So things have to go through. If it's constricted. That means that food and water sits in the biggest of in the throat area and then it doesn't take a whole lot with a little bit of movement and well up. It comes when that happens. You get the lack of the nutrients going in so we get skinny animals. But they're very hungry and they're so hungry they just can't gain the week the nutrients don't get in the other thing that can happen. Is that because the safa is so mushy if you will That food and liquid in the asaf against can actually be aspirated into the lungs and that can lead to aspiration. Pneumonia causes respiratory problems. Coughing trouble breathing Sometimes fever So that actually can be a consequence of the condition If we're if we're to that point now Your veterinarian me have gotten as far as they could. They did x-rays sometimes. We'll do a barium swallow so we take regular extra to give up a little bit of food with some barium in it and then we take other xrays Sometimes that doesn't pick it up and we do have to see a specialist and the lead there have to do a contrast cdt or an mri. Yeah when you're talking about big bucks fifteen hundred dollars that's probably what they had kind of thinking so you know. I think you're it's very sad. You know that the second veterinary visit. You know lead to her demise so quickly after that but i think the i guess looking back The course of a or a puppy that has this condition and that is failing to thrive and not doing. Well they do not survive without surgery. it's Eventually they're put down because They can't gain weight. They develop aspiration pneumonia. And they really just kind of go downhill so badly so I know it doesn't help in the pain and have the loss in the manner in which you lost her but I would say that you know knowing that surgery is really the only thing that can fix this type of thing We don't even recommend long term medical management for it because he animals. Just don't do well here back. Maybe whore he injected her in the back room with a steroid shot. When i can't i can't comment on. You know what he did or what he didn't do But what. I can tell you that you know part of a veterinary visit is a two way street. So we we definitely a veterinarian. We have our opinion in our recommendations and that should be validated and approved by the pet. owner I mean. I guess that would be a conversation to have with that office about The situation plan on it. But i haven't been able to get a hold of them since but I she didn't ask freight or any that flowing this stuff out of bruno's after he gave her a shot then she went downhill quite drastically and did suffered terrible death. But i feel betrayed. Because i feel he should talk it over with me instead of giving her that shot when he took her in the back room only to give her an x ray and primer nails. I feel betrayed for that. He'll be trade. I understand yeah. And i think that's you know it's an important thing You know for you as a pet owner a veterinary client to have that conversation. And you know whether it's reaching out to him or someone else at the office you know. I think that is important in. Hopefully once you do that you can have some closure and Recognize you did the best that you could for her to large amount for her One point five zero. Stephen really depends if we're talking. Milligrams leaders in deuces for cats for dmed. Roll you know. And that's where. I can't comment on her j-o-s-e and making sure it was the product that i'm thinking. It was that he used. I really couldn't speculate on that. Thank you kathy for calling. Today our heart goes out to you. You're listening to animal radio. Call the dream team now with a free animal radio app for iphone and android app. He don't forget you can get your fix of animal radio anytime you want with the animal radio app for iphone and android download it. Now it's made possible by fear free pets taking the pet out of petrified visit them at fear free. Happy homes dot com. All of us here at fido friendly magazine can't wait to get on the road with our favorite fido. We know that it's just not a vacation without our furry companions by our side. Start day-dreaming now and visit fido friendly dot com to scout places near and far so you will be ready for your next adventure once it safe to travel. That's fido friendly dot com until then stay safe and leave no dog behind and now an animal radio news brief to find out if you're pregnant. Get a beagle zoos around the country or sooner to find out whether a beagle name elvis can let them know when their polar bears are pregnant. The two year old has been specially trained for a year by kansas handler. Who taught dogs to sniff out everything from explosives to bedbugs confirming pregnancies of the massive bears. A threatened species has been pretty tough and zoo. Officials say knowing can help make sure that they can help the mama bear's ready for birthing and raising cubs they separate them from the males they get him into dens with extra bedding. They step up video camera monitoring and they lineup staff and volunteers for twenty four hour cup watches. Later it's always nice to know in advance said randy meyerson of the toledo zoo. She praised the bigger project as thinking outside the box to provide a potentially important new tool it's noninvasive and it's simple for zookeepers.

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