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"randy jill scott fred hammond" Discussed on Brown Girl Radiance Podcast

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"randy jill scott fred hammond" Discussed on Brown Girl Radiance Podcast

"Mike. Ceaseless Beats. Amid. When she was calling. You know he was you know of course, he was teasing that he was basically like, okay. I'm going to beat this Duda. Right so for those of you who don't know this is Alicia keys has been. So anyway, I was just a fun fun. I thought that that was a really fun battle and I do want to give them credit to because it was they did it on June t right? So they were trying to. Celebrate our culture and again bringing out the pianos it was a production. So to me, that was also like an upgrade in the experience, but I really loved hearing all of your listen and I think that's GonNa. Be Flipping About Sisterhood is that we all kind of have our different perspectives on know what moves us? I do think it's pretty cool though that we all landed on. Patty as the number one, which I think just also speaks to why I felt like it was important to call them out and to record a special episode end to give them their flowers while they are here. And, and who had also say another win my prayers. Please AAC, either of these queens like we have lots so many beautiful souls and spirits who also I should also say who are not things right? We've lost many just to unfortunately it's a Kobe nineteen and we've also lost some inspirational Figures and celebrities as well. emphatic Justice Ginsburg just passed away. Yesterday and Chadwick Bozeman as you all know how I feel about him and the Black Panther franchise and many others Kobe and his daughter back in February. We just had so many. So anyway, watching the battle of me on the inside was like Lord please you know look wonderful. They seem like they're in good health like please please do stain them through this year. I, you know I don't I don't think our hearts can take another another loss but. The God's will be done. I'll just say that prayerfully perfectly his will is for them to be with us for a few more years. and. So anyway, going back to. Kind of kicked it off for us a little bit there. In terms of future versus battles I definitely wanted to hear who you all are interested in seeing. I will share I. Know You you mentioned a few and I would say earth wind and fire Oh. My goodness that'd be amazed thing like I I have seen them lied before and they like it that concert is one of the best concerts that you can ever ever experienced their. Hands down the best though to be honest I, don't know who go against them but that was a great one. And then also I for me. This is just like on a more personal note. India. I re is someone who music has really inspired me and I've gotten some of my other favorites like Randy Jill Scott Fred Hammond women in. India are reasonable music just again it's another one. It's like a soundtrack from my life and it's just move me and so. I will say I was trying to figure out I don't know who she would go against exactly i. Don about the names I mean, she's kind of been. She's really to me very unique artists who's in a category like all her own. And so I'm not quite sure who should be matched with but I will say I think that it would definitely be a nice neo soul vibe and so I thought about like Lauren Hill again don't know that we match the two of them but again they both. Nick Lauren Hill. House? The. Missing Using That was another first round the. Exactly. Yeah no definite. Definitely, that was actually the next name. I was GONNA say gene you're on it. I was I didn't think about him as well. So I think in the of though like the combination of that, that would be just magical and then another are Embi note. I would say usher I would love to see him against someone on he I mean he he's still he's still make enhance now like like that. He could battle now he'll be in. Residency in Vegas Right. Again, I don't know who can battle that me and I'm just saying, but can we get him? Can we get him on the? On. John Nra, it would be a different type of verses like just a solo persons or something. For me. When I was talking to my friend, we had smokey versus TV. That would be epic. And both of them are still alive and still doing their thing so badly..

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