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The Impossible Is Finally Happening

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The Impossible Is Finally Happening

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I hope you mr fruit and welcome back to the greatest podcast known to man known the law and i have to specify that because let's be real easy malian sixty three would be the episode episode. Sixty three of the z podcast. Thank you Jamie today's episode. We cover quite a few things We obviously missed a week because thanksgiving schedules. We talked about that briefly. Thanks for sticking with us. We've got well. I mean let's be honest we've been waiting for cyberpunk is real and it's a game that we can confirm is actually coming out. It's coming out this week. So we're excited about that. Not only that but movies a lot more are going to be accessible from home rather than just leaders coming next year. We talk about some of that. That's pretty exciting. We talk more about entertainment. We still gush over mandalorian. No spoilers though no spores running this kind of stuff. So don't feel bam spoiler free here talk about some missed fruit minecraft stuff a lot of patron questions. Oh yeah we also dive into some interesting statistics about the most recent merchandising and yeah a whole bunch of patron questions. So that's this episode. We hope you guys enjoy last to get into it gentlemen. Welcome back to the g. g. over easy podcast episode. Sixty three four sixty three or four is being spent. Well soon would know where two weeks off or we been. We tend to get a week off because of thanksgiving and stuff. Just got to crazy. So we're able to manage to get an episode but we're here even though this one's also but late again schedules have been a little cruise. So the policies on the delay. Thanks for sticking with us listening and or watching or doing both. Because if you watch and don't listen you at the same desk probably not watching you could be ordering your new suss line merch collection From the line or is it over. It's over it's over yesterday Never even announced it. I got everybody stickers. And i'm gonna. I'm gonna get like a little frame and i'm gonna all the stickers like in a closet but you can't see us dope yeah nicole by another four hundred dollar frame from hobby lobby. I can't wait. Where are my stickers in while they sent them. But i like your reef in the background. That's kind of but thank you. Oh you just don't know this. I'm a guy. Know where the stickers are but i have mall somewhere. It's it's a nice collection. I was a. I was a fan. You want nola fun. Fact actually surprised me. The biggest bestselling merged collection ever actually but it will be out the dream team. Og shirt it underperformed but that's neither here nor there Okay so the most popular item. Let me guess gordon. I'm going to guess it's the one we were standing in. It's spooky shadow. That's actually like the most. That's actually the least ordered salon. Like the most. Yeah i thought that was great and then so just goes to show goes to show. Most the most is the is. The is the watermelon with the bone in it. Know what with the saas on the back that is is that one. That's actually the second least exaggerated. I thought the white and that one. I might like these are deficit favorite. Yeah i was like these are all overprint. One is that the that one is third most popular all along. The most iffy on fourth most popular was the sweatshirt. i like surgery and most popular was the lineup. Everyone liked that one. Okay so the the lineup where it was like you in the frightening kinda like like that. That was most popular like put in perspective Nine times as much as that shadow shirt really. So that's the that's the convention that we're gonna see like your among this stuff is by the shadow three years from now be used to love watching you guys your mangas. We did do those. were hilarious. We still playing among us. man. I'm actually going to do like a update on the channel. Let's talk among us as well. Just there's some stuff axe people been asking and then like because a lot of the things like among us. Obviously slowly people lost interest one. I started posting less but also because our original group everyone's kind of stopped playing like swale e like two people laughed and ignored. And then like i'm tired of this person gone and then people like who are these new people. We hate new people. So there's all thing i want to go into. His was like what happened with the channel and being like a essentially like a little Kind of nitro boost or like a boost but like it was almost like a little experiment. Because i've never up until destiny one way back when i start maternal. I've never uploaded one game that long. Like continuously really. I mean it was like it was like three days back to back. I'm talking like just that. Contact was among us among us among us among us a deemed robbed today. Because i looked at it. So in september with that. Boom we gained the channel four hundred thousand subscribers which is more than we've gotten in the past year and a half and all through november. We got two thousand subscribers. Just shows how crazy just that's how hot and cold it can be because a lot of people in the us that are really popular still just rising but it's because they have kept the original group. Yeah they just have that like same ten people that just had that same time. Same place same. Everything and i don't. I don't blame her group or anything. I mean totally either. I mean especially like with our group especially so chaotic that like two games sometimes can feel like not you know like and for some people they're like on like burnt-out but that's because like when i would play it was only the session. We record which would be like once a week for a couple of hours but other people were like all day with different groups make sense. They're kind of like getting tired of this but to finish out the us. So then there's all the stickers so guess who sold number one you yes guess old second. Most i would guess blue dork knob blue really. Oh yeah i knew by a significant margin. I think his sticker is probably one of the cool designs. I think it's a combination of sticker and in among us people like who he is as characters. Because i'll get back. It's like don't even bring back just like we're dork. People just love. The omega wildcard pure chaotic and then actually tied at the very end. Was you ambu. Oh no it's not. I'm not really actually tied. Let's go blue and then we own. I won't lose the rest. Cousins could be people. Think this popularity contest. I do think some of it was also just designs. Like for sure like i do just overall dorks is really cool. Yay darnold's my favorite other designs. And then it would probably go blue then mind than yours. I actually my favorite to shark house my favorite anyway. Then shark. Yes so that was the collection. That's how those did dope collection by the way. Thank you But again underperformed a little bit. So i kind of felt bad and to be well pandemic and it's also my fault like really set during september. Yeah like who knows. Yeah and you're also competing against data zone. But if 'cause i waited while originally we hit two million so fast i was like it might merge and i was like because then we were like two point three or whatever and i was like dude. We're on our way to three million would really just like just halted the brakes. I was like well. What are those car crash tests. Were just a cargo and fifty miles an hour and then walk like november work on getting og crew back. Maybe back together for among us. We'll try we'll see the mods and stuff like proximity seems really. I feel like those kinds of that kind of stuff can change it up a little bit to where it'll be more fun and stuff and then you could be like the old group is back and then like six point. Eight million. Easy back bay. Oh shoot up and it just be like. Hey youtube you commented all my video. Just put it at number one for a day. It's like people were talking about me for once for like that. September finally get noticed by bigger people yellow and then and then known ever mentioned megan. We'll make some some groups fall through. That would've been suber to be fair. Jeeva easy listeners. Will know like i said i hate like makes me anxious just to try and reach out. I'll have you know after that. I tried especially like especially to group and like a deception kinda game. Where like you don't know the people at all. It's it's a lot different than like saying. Let's call of duty together on for me. It's a nightmare because like let's say it was a three player game and i'm joining some. I don't know his friend still gonna be uncomfortable. That's fine but now i'm joining eight other friends use. Also i dislike it rises eight times so yeah i'll have you know. I did try irish that to some people and notice how i never made a video. Nobody has nobody said yes by. Don't even try not shot my shot and yeah all ball shot hairballs say a little bit of a rim and show. That's the shots. I don't know. I was going with that one basketball. Oh yeah how. 'bout speaking of finally landing a shot. I though it's from the time we're from the time we're talking. I'm saying like as in like it's finally kenya see late. I don't care that it has sure gay released but like that's expected you know it's gotta be good because everyone's still saying like nope is still get billing stuff. I don't believe. I don't believe i call the last delay though he has like no way. It's now is like one. More as i do for one more. But at this point we're blessed than seventy two hours out on pc. So there's no it's not happening plus some people already like there's a whole best buy. Yeah i saw on read it that like their lives election addition early or something to pure through best buy. Somebody's getting fired. Pretty much all preorders. They already sent out. People got him a couple of days ago even just normal disc. Yeah i gotta start priore from best buy like all the reason i knew is a co carnage. I follow him on twitter. He's like in the game. Right like i think is a case in the game. Yeah mind. does he posted a picture. You guys won't believe this like best buy okay ordered a year ago because he was the ps four addition to not even like new gen. And i forgot like order this whatever and is here like a week early. He's like obviously. I'm not gonna stream. And then that's when cyberpunk made their statement like was like if you stream this year done like just wait like for everybody waiting until december nine th at whatever time i thought that was because like they had just send out like creator codes or like media passes or something like that will mean he passes must be a while. Because i remember seeing a tweet like two days ago. I was like just finished. Cyberpunk like can't wait to tell you. About how many hours is like the thing. They roughly said one hundred eighty but but that seems fame known on. I'm thinking that's like god. Yeah well because to do all three. That's probably what you're you're. Because i think they said somewhere around like forty hours for the main campaign something like that because they specifically said they wanted to make shorter than what your three because they actually had like percentage of people to actually finish the main which three restoring and it was like ten percent chance yeah just because like it would span so long in the while. That was fun. It's like you also just get so distracted. Yeah that was mean witcher. Three the sky rim Male story whenever i played sky rim but that was my problem which cyclists discover guild joining that. Like same thing with skyrocket. So and it's going to be the same play with cyberpunk to be like me. Who do site deliver this pizza. Kid like do i. I guess my testicles. With robo testicles of course. I'm going to do this site. Tell me what to do. I'm there so the only problem is i wanted to play through although it was originally but did on the second channel since the nasdaq on i might only streaming on how i don't know if i'll double upload there but we'll see if i'm streaming it how sidetracked. I get argon your regular schedule. Podcast listening for this short break. I'm a big football fan. And i like to watch all my soccer highlights but unfortunately because i'm in america and not in london any of that stuff that's now a thing of the past thanks to express. Vpn what most of you thinking. Why don't you just use. Incognito let me tell you something incognito mode does not hide your activity it doesn't matter what mode you're on and how many times you've lead your browsing history. Your internet service provider can still see every single site you've ever visited express. Vpn is an app that reroute your internet connection through secure servers. So your isp can't see the sites you visit express vpn is available on all your devices phones computers and even your smart tv so there's no excuse for you not to be using it. Protect your online activity today with the vpn rated number one by sina and wired. Visit my exclusive link express. Vpn dot com slash g g. That's two letters. Baby expressed vpn dot com slash g g and you can get an extra three months free on a one year package. That's e. x. p. r. e. s. s. vpn dot com slash g g go to express vpn dot com slash g g to learn more streaming. I hate i hate streaming those kind of games though. 'cause like i i'm like an they have an inventory kind system. Where like you have inventory. My inventories always terrible. So i always have bags gave rolling best very optimal like you should pick up. That weapon like shot up the games in our thanks to i've ages have it in sub only mode like i've just probably spoilers to honestly i'm probably not gonna look in chat unless i actively ask a question one answer. Okay which. I can't imagine probably gonna be anything so realistically is just gonna be playing and people watching alerts honor off on a probably needed. I'm just immersed I can't say have you preordered it. Blow I should should i. I mean i priori. Yesterday i was like i have bought this. What's like i always like pre-ordered so it doesn't sell out but you don't see that anymore you know like in the digital. Don't sometimes there's like some rewards for barely in the digital age. I don't really bother you. Played up playing it. A lot blur no. I don't know if i'm gonna do content on it but i'll probably play it. Yeah just little austrian. I don't know. I just don't know what to expect i don't either. I'm worried about him. The fresno streaming game. Because it's like there's going to be so many it's it's it's cyberpunk like it's it's it's cd project red. They're just going to be so much dick and tit. I'm i have like this internal fear of like i can i even do that on twitch but obviously they're gonna let you do it on twitch but it's like it's like the witcher like they don't want you just actively just going in there and like i think twitches made a statement about it's like it can happen sherpa like if you're just going in there and just that and that's what i'm worried about is apparently there's going to be a whole bunch of people you can like sex and like a war. I don't even want to know if it's an immersive game. Don't san andreas have some broad. That like had the whole nation uproar. Because you could literally have sex with like like a prostitute or something smash wherever. There's a mod like that. Everybody lost their minds. Like i was young and naive. it's across the world. Yeah i. I don't know what to expect i. You said i don't know if i'm gonna love the game or if i'm going to be like ten hours into this and just like i am does not like getting what i need from this or something for me. The biggest thing will be. Does the shooting feelgood because if the shooting game play is like there's going to be hard to get through but as long as the shooting is like even for me passable. It's like it's enough. That i'm not like i don't like this. It's that i don't have to think about it. i'm probably. I'm probably a little bit. Yeah the shooting. Like whenever i look at a trailer doesn't ever blow me away though. I'm not like whoa. I need to watch this mccain doing so. It's not like i had to like play this. It just kind of looks like every other kind of shooter has always ever looked which isn't a bad thing but one hundred percent think it's secondary for them like rpg story i combat second but with all the time they spent on. There's no way it's going to come out and be like man the shooting sacks i didn't realize this game had been like the like they announced like two thousand thirteen. Or what does it. I still remember that you throw. There's like this cybernetic girl and it was like rain and she like slides underneath. She's like side and on her knees like the the rain street. And there's like police and she's like i remember and i was like that's dope seven years later you'll be a youtube or house by the time it comes out doesn't even like remotely look like the same game. I remember what it look i. I don't remember it being announced that long ago just like concept alone is just totally different than why like. They showed us in that trailer. So it's like y. I mean hey you got to think at that point. It was still just like pen and paper. That was one hundred percent. Just yeah like concept. Three d. thing I think we shot the gun early here. And then they just went silent for a couple of hits your cheek and it like goes up zoellick slow-motion yeah totally not a gameplay trailer at all there's this funny reddit thread. I how yesterday it was like it was about that. It's like it's been seven years since cyberpunk was announced. What's happened in your life since and it was just people i got married. I got a car. I got a kid and even i was thinking about it. It's like a graduated high school Went to college. I became a youtuber. i got married. I got dogs. Got a house. It's like just a quick reminder. This is the first thing it's just a quick reminder. This teaser is older than the. Ps four it's always pretty crazy reminds me is that gte five has outlived an entire console generation. Came out on the three sixty. Nps lary you all ps four and the xbox one and now it's out on the next one remember three gta's came out on one console since then since then it's been that read. I'm gonna wind up yet. Sky rim has lasted a lot different though they just keep remaking it and like well. Gte five is still like cash counts. Yeah like it's still going. Did you guys see a red dad. Had a new update. Red dead online to piss. I it so much from that. I think everyone did from j five hours. Expecting like gt youtubers avocado read multiple later. Screw that sounds great. And then how do you messa just take. Gte's idea and just go now. They're like riding gte baby like you could even put like casino saloons. Like into red dad. But no you put casinos gta. I thought i just think the cowboy like multiplayer server kind of thing that g. Does i just think the cowboy would be so much cooler than like modern city. More interesting to me. Yeah but say lobby are and it does look kind of cool though. I wish that came out though win. Multiplayer was out. You know like when it first came out. Well yeah even multiplayer when it first came into his even more bare bones. Oh it was awful. It was like fish. Like some of the clips. I have from that stream or some of the funds for the first couple of hours and being able like rpm proximity chat was fun but like aside from our pene nothin. Let's be rough to drop the ball on that but it is what it is and we'll see six on the six maybe we get a gts. Six five i mean at this point. If they don't that's on the new rules it will blow one. It's all backwards compatible talking like a newer like. I think they're talking about like a new update or whatever some. It's just lasted forever and congratulate people that like you know invest in like it and love it. They're like this is great. It just keeps getting supported. Nobody saw that coming speaking of support. You know what is finally getting support some movie card game. Oh no i thought. The pokemon online trading card game finally got its update. It's never get. I just don't put any faith in that. Hbo and warner brothers teamed up so that everyone of their movies waited for twenty twenty. One will be releasing same day on hbo max dagger in the hearts of movie theaters across america. That is the nail in the coffin. I think kinda but also the only way movie industries can recoup anything now. They're not making an ticket sales. Well i guess maybe maybe scratch. I said maybe like the the idea of a movie where it's like a two hundred and fifty million dollar project or something like that like how you see like twenty those year. I think maybe you'll only see like five or six now like they're only a end all be like on. Hbo max and streaming services like that along with being released in movies. But i bet prefer me. I pick my couch over a movie theater ten times out of ten if i go to. The theaters and cover wasn't a thing. Jer but right. Now i'm going. No movies here definitely prefer to watch your home. We're finally getting wonder woman. I think that comes out digitally on christmas day tenant finally releases on dvd or whatever and a week saga it. Then i haven't seen ten in either man but the important one that i'm excited for it to come ace max king congress godzilla happening. Yeah did you actually not little teaser today. Before this real shit. Like three seconds. Though i saw a but i saw the saddest thing i thought it was real. It was like it's like universal like a monster phases and then it was like face to rogaine and it was like mothra. And then it was like godzilla three and then it was like a destroy. And then by the last one face who was like mecca godzilla vs godzilla and then like based three was nuts. It was like destroy all monsters and twenty twenty seven and then like destroy all monsters part to twenty twenty eight. All my god was. I think i think it was fan. Made yeah i don't think it was. I promise we've been waiting for this movie for years. I think like the Because they hinted at it in two thousand fourteen right with. I guys came out. I think they handed out and king kong this. I'm i'm sick of whatever. Godzilla comes this holiday listeners. I'm going to. I'm going to go on my monserate. This is kind of visual so like a pisses me off about those movies. Though is like godzilla walks in frame right. You like law like he's about to punch the canned goes all. It's humans doing over there. You get like a little. Pov down here watching now. Who cares and it's like cuts to the family running. And it's like folk. Like i want to see the makers man like there needs to be directed that just says puckett worth oh thirty minutes at godzilla and king kong just going rounds just db s brawley row. Yes seriously just like give us a stupid like two thirty five forty five minute just like whatever and give exposition or something up just fighting it and then like thirty seconds of this is the most insane thing i've ever seen tim. Yeah let's keep watching frank. And then they go back like this. He's back but no continued to let them fight. And now it's like. Oh let's cut to the family of driving away in their car because they love each other. I don't care about them k. Okay about the humans. I'm not here for the humans. I'm here for godzilla but then but then it sucks because the second godzilla movie was so fucking tight reviews which is awful for but it's like but it was just monster mash like do you guys know. Why do you guys go to go to the mov- problem. I fucking love. That human element was more monster fighting than the other ones. But still parts where i felt like under percent but like critics were like the storytelling. Yeah exactly and like fro who gives a fuck reptile that can breathe like blazer beams boat i don't care ripple mouth open that's one on there for i don't need to see the deposition of karla. Your mother for some reason thinks that the monsters are going to destroy the world. And that's the best thing for it and then just doesn't make any sense. And then taiwan. Lancaster shows up. What's going on. And i will say so. The second one had more fighting which was cool. But i still think the first godzilla did it. Perfect 'cause like it was a lot of humans. But i think that was perfect because it led up to that suspense like for me for the entire time. Wake for me the way they did. It like really built up. And then you are just waiting to see godzilla and like when you finally got to and then at the end i think the kind of like in the city. I think they could have done a little bit more. Gods wants to reveal happen. Show me someone godzilla the gunman but like when it was like super vague and like they're in the on the island. Whatever the trees and you can only hear like him in the distance or like the rumble and then you see him at the airport. But it's like only the shadow. And then you just hear like the godzilla zero for the first time and i'm just like yep. This has the augusta. Yeah that's eighteen dollars. I paid for this movie. It's like with Like with data right or like you. Don't go dragon ball move for the store. You go for it to see the bad as animation. People beating the shave each other and when data was like could have been thirty minutes shorter. What do you mean it could have been thirty minutes off while we're here for those people that are into the mountain and had the mountain crater around them they could have cut that but up Hello i like what we think about. Action scenes like the best action sequence. We just go to brawley. 'cause it's not let down. Its like thirty minute story and just like an hour of just. That's why i love to do. It's like i came here to see this and like the best part was like this is so i don't i don't want it to end. And then it kept going yes qb going and it kept going like yes. It was just thirty minutes. I just fighting and i was like this is awesome. Felt about my hero. Animation was to keep going keep going. Don't stop is obscene. Is who got damn. 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A subscription plan for this get special offers for the holidays going on right now by visiting hawthorn dot. Co that's eight eight w. t. h. o. r. n. e. dot co to check out the holiday specials. Hawthorne dot co. Thank you hawthorne for sponsoring this podcast. Remember that's h. a. w. t. h. o. r. n. e. dot co. Well for me like some of its fan. I put a lot of. it's the payoff. Like instance. I want to go see godzilla fight. So there's like this lead up. What is or like the you know the antagonised or what's going to happen. And then when i start fighting this this is it i to have too pay off the not enough pay off and i would rather be like man. There's too much fighting than rather like you. I wish by superman leg. Where what is this like. This is that. And that's what. I'm worried about. King kong vs godzilla. I'm afraid that were shown like bam pursue radio. How can they messed that up you know. How could they mess batman versus superman. While they did did they ever. I think it's a little easier because you have to actually portray like emotion backstory and these are primal beasts. So he's it's not they're not going to be like oh and it's gonna be. Your mother's name is martha to like you're right. Humans the why did you even zero. That is still unclear calls them. Alfred is the so so what other movies have. Slated on their anything hyper king kong. Because for me. I just saw kong. Sick i saw batman was twenty twenty two which is okay which is okay that means it may be only in theaters. Which is cool. Can't really blame because like Filmings on films on films off like for me. The the thing that hurts the most is that the which keeps getting delayed. I need it. I watched that on attack on titan. And i just watched literally just came out. We've been saying this for mogs. Don't even watched the crown. I've been watching the crown dude. I'm busy watching my hero for the love the crowd. It's actually a dope show hit. I love the history so like when you like. Ooh they're like in world war two right now it's like he's gonna let you like that though. Yeah i'm gonna watch my hair over the thirty eight time. I can't busy. Rewatching for the raiders. Have bro four. Three watch season ever since i finished brotherhood. Miami games has been off here the list of the movies though. Okay why these. I haven't heard of the little things i guess is going to have denzel. I love denzel. Anything denzel tom and jerry. I don't know maybe bring. I think trying to bring tom and jerry. Back like scooby. Doo like kids love. It was like old people love trauma. Jerry kids thomas and jerry. Maybe like tom. And jerry the approach they're taking because it looks more like Was that who killed roger at it. Roger rabbit whereas like the two d. three d. mix. That movie holds up because they didn't try to do like state of the art human. Yeah but Will probably the mini saints of newark. The I don't know what this is reminiscent but it has you jackman and he looks brooding so. I'll take it okay. Dodson lovers kong but the crib to think about that. You're watching that. Act the corrib. No more fucking none of that space jam and new legacy. What do they now. Do-does says bronco fan. Dude let lebron make i agree. He's gonna make it one five or four two in miami one in cleveland. One in la for like who. Who else is going to make space jam. And we'll i'm just worried like on top that classic like that's just something you need to leave on the browser. Great actor lebron's awesome. I think the. I think lebron hit apart own. Have you seen trainwreck. Funny in that. He's he's steals a show in trainwreck. A this will be a big decider on the future warner brothers superhero movies. The suicide squad. August sixth a reboot which is a red card. And they're like. Oh that other one. Deadpool did which is like killing characters and just having no issue on like throwing away villains for the sake of like listen this the one that has like thirty giant actors like nathan fillion like all these random people are gonna show up and killed like two minutes. There's almost the only way you can afford this. Cast is if each one of them are maybe in it for an average of four to five minutes or so aegis alba braga and i'm sure some will survive or something like that but we'll smith is like will smith and margot robbie or is it different like the returning cast members include margaret. Robbie joel cinnamon. And chai courtney no will smith pride for the better which is louie was signed of sad because we'll smith kind of carry that movie jay. Hopefully james god knows what he's doing. jared leto as like The joker or not like are they have. They said anything nothing about this. I don't know how this works. Like are they gonna call back to the is this. Just don't know so it's just like have. We've dune october. I that's like the chat or whatever lights young charlemagne. yeah. I heard a book write a very famous put so they messed that up. Have you read that book. I'm not the matrix four faulk. Yeah i'm hype about that thing calling. I'm not that i like. I'm in king conquer measly. I think had like the oj. People coming back like it's gonna be but matrix relating to the other two and the what's the third one called the and it just don't want him to fuck it again 'cause after the first one was dashed purdy sharp down the first movie that's per everyone does. That's a perfect matrix resolutions. That's it forever. Like two and three were just that weird time in movies though where like cgi was just kinda of taking over to the point where it was like. Let's just cgi. Let's just cgi everything. And that's what makes like the the first one. So cool is that like when they do like all the slow motion of its actual practical effects and like when they go to the second one. It's literally a cgi. Kiana reads flying through the air. For dude the fuck in god revolutions was just. Oh my i don't even wanna talk about the mr anderson vite like mike guy. Did i remember being a kid. And i was just like. Wow this is terrible. I i'm with you. I was watching my cousins because we loved the first one and then the second one was bad. But it's like okay like maybe we can wrap this up and the third one is just like the tornado. Span is just so bad man and then like the story also is just kinda all over. The place soon doesn't make any sense. I don't know what else going on you know. What else can be pretty bad. Apparently there's going to be another mortal kombat. Reveal leonardo's you i'm waiting for is not a moral combat. We're not gonna make like a straight up like high budget street fighter movie. I think more combat is even cooler than three five more combat you have like university of realms and like where they like they fight for see. I feel like street. Fighter could be easier because it's like just imagine the boxing movie but replaced with like street fighter characters like a little superpower brockie. You know what i mean. I think he could do so much more combat in the sense that like you could just be so crazy with it. You know and make rated a adults. Only we'll see. Let me stop you there. Because i think that's the problem is when it's more complicated. They don't know what to do and so they just take the most bizarre stuff and try and throw them all in here. Do this and and it's like what so simple. so there's less parameters. Sh what did i feel like in in video game movies and stuff. Let's a scenario in on on what we're trying to move towards lead the worst. Maybe like two degrees and these monster. Hunter i have not. I have no desire. Release leeann theaters on the come out. I think it's it's probably going to be like everything else at least for something. Yeah no thank you. Do they have any actors in. That are no combat They have it will be directed by simon mccoy. Never heard of that. Let's see what he's directed. He has directed to see movies. Mortal kombat upcoming movies more combat. He's directed the upcoming mortal combat and the night time economy which was a video short. I see him standing next to what looks like So this is his direct direct coral debut. I guess that's talwar. There's a that's there'd be such like but think about it though did if you knock mortal combat out of the park you make fucking mortal kombat sick. Probably why they got. Simon mcchord has everyone else is like. I'm not putting my name on this. If he stumbles like is just a first time dude. Whatever he's he's fucked the fuck. You make a moral combat movie. Did you got like eight movies. Come out of that thing. They have ludi lin as liu cong. Todd in the nobu. Asano and jessica mcmenamy as sonya blade roster of other actors martial artists. Yeah the problem of moral combat though is like every fight moral combat they like stab each other and then they just like pull out the knife not so. You can't really do that in a movie sure. This is bizarre cry macho. Have you heard of this crime a macho cry macho now. It's a clint eastwood neo western drama. He's still doing westerns. I guess. I can't believe he's still like eighty. I can't believe he's still alive. he's so i think. He's like in his nineties clinton as ninety nine be like. He's gotta be in his nineties. He's a good look. Kind of joked about eighty. I was rog. It's even older. Yes was this as well. And that he looked like he was ninety ingrained torino. That shit came out like ten years ago. Well good on uber eighty nine. He's still making the bag. Go for man. That is bizarre. Fruit is like past my prime. I'm drinking grape. Jeez bro. i'm lucky some tapioca go to You know. I'm lucky if i'm still like why. Vote when up. Who you know. It's go on. Go on eastwood go on then good and obviously for theaters. I hope that after it all comes back. I feel like they'll be less theaters for sure. But i think they'll make a resurgence and i especially like the first couple of months i imagine can be a flock of people coming back and then on top of that theaters can re-release those that. Most people missed as like random showtime movies afraid of groups though. Like you don't think this is going to make a big group of people like people are like. I don't want to be in a group of people anymore. Like of that fear. Or do you think that'll be plenty of people for awhile. Yes some like some very degrees like never doing this skin and some like. I'm still going to wait it out or like. I'm still a little unsure this kind of stuff. Where are you at right now at me right. Now get away from me like yeah. We're not even remotely close to. We're still it's only getting worse like up so once we get some vaccines that are readily available and then a proven to be working all this kind of stuff. Then we'll talk but until then until then because we still have no idea when this is gonna be. You'll be comfortable the first day you walk into a gym to workout. Pardon your regular schedule podcast. Listening for this short ad break it back baby hellofresh once again teaching you how to cook the most delicious meals out of the box. So you don't have to go and get fast food all the time. I delivers fresh high-quality preportion ingredients. So you can make meals. That are delicious and nutritious. Over ninety percent of the greens are sourced directly from growers to ensure peak flavor and ripeness hellofresh offers more than twenty chef crafted delicious options. Every week. To help you break out of your recipe. Rut try new things and make the night feels special or something for everyone to enjoy including twenty minute meals. A low calorie vegetarian kit approved recipes. And more for me. It's all about convenience. The fact that i get a box and it has everything that i need in it and i don't need to run around. The grocery store is what sells it for me. Every time go to hellofresh dot com slash g g ninety and use code gee-gee ninety to get ninety dollars off including free shipping. One more time go to hellofresh dot com slash gee-gee ninety and use code gee-gee ninety two ninety dollars off including free shipping. Which we'll be 'cause you've just got new. That new jimmy dan basic. I'll still go will one of my mercy. Because i've allotted private training session still and it's a of money. I'm not throwing that away too. I think that's what they do. It'll be nice to just like you know meal the train every now and then finds new stuff. But then also occasionally. I want to leave the house. I like my gym. Finally getting used to it like working at home working at home. But i definitely still miss like just the atmosphere one thing. Yeah just actually get now and also on top of that like seeing other people. They're the pomp. He's been motivating accountable. And then like you're like. I saw yesterday like that guy is like he gets it in like. I'm gonna be here tomorrow because he'll be here tomorrow. Then you go into the steam steam room. That's what i miss more than anything like. We're not Mr jip you can pay a You couldn't pay me a thousand dollars. Assist steam room with a bunch of random old guys anymore. Mike seriously. I that sounds like i used to never. I used to walk into that thing and now it's rolling up on him for me. Freak a nice up on the list. We got Continuing the light of an entertainment mando mandalorian. I'm saw my my faith and star wars has been restored time. I'm watching episode of that. I'm like every star. Were thing was of this quality like they just know what star wars fans have wanted essentially and are like here. You go like star wars. Oh give him give him few like you know how they gave the whatever russo brothers would ever like a vendor things. They'll give today. And i can't remember john farrow her. Yeah just give star wars spider spider-man's butler guy. Okay just give everything. That's him right. Which one john fabric plays. Oh yeah yeah bellies. Little cameo think everything played with us. It's so good. And that's why i'm sad. It's only two episodes as the timer accordance. I didn't realize that but we get a season. Three which is tight mandalorian movie. Just keep giving me these ten hours things you know. I feel like amanda lauren. Movie would only make it worse or like not answering questions. Put him in a movie. Just like a little cameo. I appreciate the fact that now. I wanna go back even more and finally watched through the clone wars and stuff. Yeah 'cause they're finally like and all the stuff. I saw this movement. It was like the trojan horse. It's like day. Felonious like bringing in like disney executives at the top of the gate in inside it says like clone wars characters look mandalorian it's like making making clo- moore's characters like cannon or whatever but yeah. I won't won't talk sports anything but yeah it's sick. watch it there. Really is no downplaying. Like if you're a star wars fan. I'm confident you like it. Agreed site from that I might be making minecraft channel thinking about what now what now. What ideas of a micro channel does that in like. Does that take like what. What's your idea of micro channel. We'll some people like she used to like does not doing well enough on the main train on. Just do it on a second channel like you just want to. Well i wanna one experiment. Yeah with a fresh channel. Because obviously i would have never done this for a fresh channel. An experiment where like. I only upload like it's watery a minecraft channels. Yeah like you know exactly what you're gonna expect. And then and then see because the way the algorithm works already with my channel. It's already set in its ways for the most part. Like when i post something it knows what is going to do. Or how it's going to push it out to people blah blah blah. and well. my doesn't do on the channel. It does about average a unless like like the minecraft series for instance that we did a couple years ago like every episode of the little worse which makes sense series. But you know the new channel just a whole bunch of stuff could. Every time i play minecraft remind me scheme so good news so much. Do social and different things you can do. If you don't wanna do multiplayer one day then we could go. Do build off in creative like player thing or go. Play spleen Odds yeah you can do so many things that i don dude like you know me. I love mine christ. Tell me the meet Advanced server or something on there we saw thinking about it right now obviously. Look that'd be my fourth channel if we're including podcast channel so it'd be lot fear that out but it sounds fun so we'll see. The second channel will stay the way i see it as main channels everything i'm doing and then second channels essentially the let's play channel and if i may another one minecraft term and then she and it could be an experiment. Let's say do like a month or two on my stained doing an soviet thinking about that didn't work out. Oh that reminds me. I put like dream team all stars because that's like what we were going to call. It was sharing center team. Like i literally in my title. Maze dam sure in the charity incentives. Whatever we're like a dream team all stars minecraft hunger games or something. So i put that and immediately people already like like people are going to be so confused. They're gonna think the dream and like they're going to think it's the real dream team house like first off. Yeah i my first half first off. The dream team is so unoriginal for him. I'll be honest. it makes it makes. His name's dream is very ponti like it just works but also like i've already prepared you know if like we get dream stands or something. Like common bombarding us would post a picture like of the dream team. I upload day and then dreamed for step which was like a year ago. Like one isn't a very original name. Now we've been calling for this like the olympic team of nineteen eighty-eight. Well that's what i said to like in that comment i was like well really where the od dream team. But we're not even the energy drink does he. Oh gee oh gee dream team again. It's not a very lipoma dream team. Last point yeah. Irrelevant buner draped. Now these all new kids are like who these old did. It's called the dream team. I love watching four hunters going after speed runner for the ninth time in a row. I love watching washtub destiny players. It's us that's me. Hey wait that's me. I used to love your dream team videos did it. Back in dusty wind. The hawk moon dude. All my god. That was so funny. I can't tell you how many times i tweeted at about like yours. The hawk moon coming up in like the news. Expansions like i might be playing at man. So who cares as other responded. Somebody someone's like you make sure you do not use the hawk mood because two years ago to video you said you can never use it again. Even if they bring back. Okay i'm not gonna play in. The game will live flu like it's like that soldier mean where he's like taking all the knives in the balcony sleeping like rob taking hawk moon jokes than just balloon. You sleeping to steadily. That's funny. I mean to be fair if we look back. You're like we weren't even doing that. You're the one. That's like last-second joe. I'm waking my hochman. Oh fruit just like a cool. I'm not doing the same wagers now. I literally like Speaking of hochman. I literally have this guy who has sent me. I'm not kidding. You hawk moon game week for. I think a year and a half straight and he's probably missed a couple days in between every day for way back so you can't see the name but this is hulk moon game week read day. I am not stopping swiping. This thing just goes. I don't even get it was hot. C'mon game week mean at i. I don't know. I don't have a hochman. Game is week you. You'll respond like i don't get it and he's like yeah you can't get it twenty six. It's a sydney's vacuuming so is not shouted her vacuuming it. Says you got a girl but no move and then so's properly game. We cockman game week cockman game week week. Hochman game weakest hell game week and then it just goes. Oh i get it. It's not like week seven days. It's week instead of strong care so why didn't get it to me with face. A real were just say real do fail. Do i think they quit like a year ago. But i say i respect a july twenty six twenty eighteen when he started so let that me ask the hawk moon peak though he still going deadman dude got a girl but you don't know he ended your career sit on your mind every day. That price still here. Did we devastator aside from that. Is there anything else unless you wanna get to. Sydney opened a pair of. I'd probably say they're about eight hundred dollar gloves. Cs go the other day which was very What do you mean like. She opened the cases and she just click cases. So you buy a case and then you buy the key for the case. It's like three dollars in total so an in that three dollars. You can get like a variation of skins and she opened probably like one of the best kind of gloves that you can get in that package so now only do you have to roll to get the yellow like and just to get the yellow is like i think the odds. I know how gamblers giants like one in. Like six thousand five thousand. I don't know exactly it's really high but then now only do you have that. You also have the thirty pairs of gloves that you can get and sometimes the gloves are terrible. Some are super ugly and not wanted or sought after all and then and so in that role. She got one of the best pairs. You can get. i think. Probably the top three gloves in the box or like the case. But now you have to roll a good role like you had to either get battle-scarred well-worn field tested or minimal wear so it's like not only have you rolled all that. Now you have to roll to get a good flow and pattern on your thing. And she got like a pair of field tests ones for that are saic. Hold him for years. I'm never going to sell them. Because i i think in two years like with the gloves now like i have a pair of isis. That gopher like fifteen hundred dollars. And i got him for like way cheaper than that and they just gone up because you can't find him anymore and you can only open them from certain case and these cases are going to go away at some point so you won't be able to open these gloves after april so right now if you sell them you can like sell them for pretty quickly. But you're not gonna make that big of a prophet so like i could make them like sound today. Like eight hundred by thinking like two or three years. They'll probably will be worth like seventeen eighteen hundred or something like that. They're sick investment. Well when you posted the twitter clip us so confused her because there's like all these different cams of other people like my little stream like what i thought was kind of like the poco mom breaks. I thought you were buying into like other people opening crates and i was like no. I was just a home easy. And i was like that. Why wouldn't he just. yeah. That's what. I was so confused. Like my e mates and there's just by gloves cases and we all just like watch each other open cases and shit like that it makes more. It's a great time you're turning. I was opening cases. I was just getting nothing. And i was like the game knows that i want something. So it's not gonna give me something. Let me go get sydney. Who doesn't know anything about chieko and she'll open gloves at his computer like. Oh she showed up. She let me give her live scarlet shemona's and then boo soon. Thank you and. I opened up another pair of gloves. But they were bad. They're only worth like three hundred bucks. Feel sorry for blizzard. Anything else you want to touch on before we get to pay three questions. I don't really think that'll be honest. I feel like that that peak the gloves slab not going to beat that. So we were on that final fantasy raid stories. I'm sure five point four is coming out baby. Let's call five hundred four. Mr fruit five point to play as each grade. Game the daily free through heaven sword. Don't forget this point should be paying. Pardon your regular schedule. Podcast listening for this short break. So here's another way. Twenty twenty started loop for us. the holidays. Lots of my go-to gifts. I just can't get anybody anymore. Like concert tickets or certain kinds of dining gift cards does want to know my ultra secret. Silver bullet gift. Ray con wireless earbuds flow started to incorporate my running back into my routine. So my recons are perfect for that seamless bluetooth. Pairing comfortable noise isolating fit. You can start listening right now out of the box and keep listening for hours. The audio quality is amazing. Best of all this is something that they can use for calls and music work and play at home or on the go. It's the gift that keeps on giving ray cons being jenner's for the holidays so you can stay on top of their great prices. They're offering my listeners. Fifteen percents off right now. Go to buy ray on dot com slash g to get fifteen percent off your rake on owner. That's by raycatena dot com slash gee-gee by ray khan dot com slash a. g. g. for your holiday gifts today. Baby i will start at the q. A a. with Call me Houdini says question for blue. What is your favorite flavor of jari toes. Am i saying that right. Those those mr for rolling is our love. See it yeah i gonna. I don't think i've ever done that before. I just kind of happened. Actually kind of impressed. Did you just impress yourself. I was i was sailing game mexican. I was gonna say it again to do it and i was like. I don't think i can like that was the one that's only roll. My are so enjoy that that was impressive. Holy came that's diff-. I'm kind of a simple lime but i probably go grapefruit to be honest with the little like they look like little tuxedos or am i wrong. Why no. it's drinks rebecca chips. No drink drink you go to mexico you go to any like hold on mexican shop. And they have those little colored. The super hyper rainbow. Gray right now the hyper rainbow looking in the fridge. The little glass mark. Are you serious. Rob you've never seen a do michael family. They have like this thing called colombiano. Like that is like yeah. It's it's something like that it's soup. They like it a lot. It's like a grapefruit kind of soda. I'm not really big into like South american soda. I really never really liked it and same with candy My grandma had a colombian candy and just kind of south american candiace never. It's always like really spicy like subscriber chat routing subscribership. Believe you you have. Everyone's everyone loves those those into thing like Like yeah little thing. I never grab them the sprite grapefruit from my favorite. I like mexican coca mexican sprite. Like in the bottle dude. It hits different for sure Let's do. Mr walsh asks favorite christmas movie. Okay usa threat about this morning on reddit. I sound like the guys. Like i listened to a podcast. There's this reddit thread and it was talking about something. That's like pretty normal like harmless but gives you super anxiety. The top answer was when someone asks for you to name your favorite x. Or y. necessarily talking about like and i was finally like reaffirmed like. I'm not the only one other people after i can't do that. It's like suddenly. It's just like i can't even think of christmas movie. It's like a mental block. Yeah i can't do this alone to eat what they need to ask is like what's one of your favorites or like what is what do you think is a good christmas. May not like what is your. What is the best. What's a christmas movie. You recommend the first. Santa claus look is that the one where he falls off is at the tim allen. Tim like. there's not pressure. Because i don't have to like diana hill like dass my christmas but i didn't feel like i like that one. What about you. what's christmas movie. You would recommend tonight hard. I still. that's movie that just takes place on christmas. I think like. I don't remember my stance on hard a couple of years ago. I feel like i can say wasn't really one but at the same time i don't know i guess at this point. So many people are into diehard. Like you know what if you know if diehards crisp soufriere than you know what i guess diehards christmas be for you. So many people seem to think it is. I don't really care that much so sure. I think i went over this last time every time i watch like a new. It's always. I always watch sci fi movies during christmas so arrival. Is my christmas movie. Think i do remember standup. I just watch a shit. Ton of alien flakes whenever christmas rolls around. And i don't know why tis the season for alien domination. Would you say run home to serve the one. I always think about or like christmas. Is that the one with our Favorite person which one the little seen with a little cameo off talking about now and they took out. What was that like the hallmark channel or something like took it out of the isn't it. Oh yeah. I forgot about like this hotel or something like that. My book into the grand ritz hotel. Because i remember what like might have been. Tbs or something. Well yeah like after all this day like taken that part i like the aired partner. Only imagine there was a sane reaction to that Jake has questions as my family and are taking a vacation to colorado i. I'm being there but mainly as a state. Stay patient at our airbnb for my birthday. Yes we are going to drive there from dallas with two toddlers because no touchy. The question is is. Do you think it'll snow around that time of the year if to unpredictable. Should we just go to the mountains. What time year The twelfth of december colorado. It's so weird like they'll be cold or it could be. It could be summer like there could be no cloud in the sky like there but there may be no cloud on this guy on monday but then there's a blizzard on tuesday and then there's no cloud on sky wednesday like was he saying they're playing in the mountains. Yeah i think he's going to be in denver different story. If you're going into the mound expect something you'll see there'll be plenty dimmer right now though like as of right now there's nothing. There was a snowstorm a couple of days ago. See up here though like i. I no doubt down south. They was like poor in up here. I think we'd like navy. Got a flurry The street got wet. So that's a good question Do i think like some crazy. Storms coming on the next week week. Two weeks now bicol but yeah it can be kind of unpredictable. Do you like oh and then he says a. Ps rob your pc from us. Sick use code salt. Oh i guess he works out of pc Premade sandwiches as what was your guys as spotify. Look like this year. What artists and songs did you listen to most this year. Well actually on fact. My spotify rap playlist is right. Here really spotify listens to frank sinatra on repeat with me listening to music rare usually. What am i listening to music. I'm not driving anymore or anything. The just youtube really I had took a screen shot of it. So i could share like everybody else in the world did i mean i think my my artist of the year was like a denzel curry and then i think number two is like kenny beats and then mo yeah what can I think catch catch thirty. Three was my song of the year by freddie a banger culture music. I honestly couldn't tell you any new music. I've listened to in years i just flew none of them. Yeah and and blue like made some drink kunming. That's like yeah. Of course it goes up for it. So i don't get when it comes to that grow. Listen i know the new katie songs. That's that's about it because you're right stan. This is my song of the year. It's in the subscriber. Chad if you're if you are in the discourse don't play a team not going to tell you about to put my bra alot into subscriber chaz so like someone's curious about Will then shouldn't say this catch thirty. Three by freddie dread. This song came out in two thousand. Eighteen funny is that. I mean look at me. I discover old music all time. This is my favorite song. So what was yours. Do you know dis spotify. I do what hold up on. Your spotify should just open. Did you guys do that. Was their issues this viral tweet whereas like this girl was like man. He's missing out. He's never gonna find a girl in music. Tastes like me ever again. And then it showed her like spotify rap and it was just the most like five basic things. You would have ever. But she's i'm so different like nobody's like me right so my top artists. This year is deaf tones. Which is what a surprise death to is implicit to shift to the deaf tones this year and then their new album came out to so poked out and then my highest. Okay see i remember looking at this. A couple of weeks not weeks ago a couple of days ago and i was like how is this the top song. I don't know how it is. I guess i probably just love my radio on and it just kept playing the song but it's a song by this group called i am am i who am i. Yes i know this confused. It's goods and i was like. Yeah this song is a banger. But i'm just like damn that's really the song let's do most this year. Okay yeah my my top. Five is denzel. Curry kenny. beats yuki yucai hashi Juice world and neck deep. And i think number three is just literally the conductor who makes all the my hero music yeah haiku visa to so that is literally. Iq's dope watch iq. My brother just takes me a breaking news alert. Oh apparently announced logan. Paul is fighting. Floyd mayweather i. I can't confirm that you guys can look right now. But what if he wins. Let me funny is concerned. What day february twentieth did he's gonna kill him die. Well i mean. Logan paul has the biggest reach i've ever seen in fully. Mayweather is may be shorter than me but the only differences floyd's out of its prime. There's a age gap thirty five years. That's what the other fifty foot fighters. Who fought floyd learned. You can't you can't touch so it's going to be one of those fights where people are gonna pay for it and they go. I can't believe i paid for this and do it is hugging dodging punches a set. I'll mealy say this if it's his previous fights unless he's learned how to control stamina is going to be exactly the economy gregor who i thought would have known better gas yourself like the first round and then that's boxing to be like the ufc to do standing in. There's just haymaker at the haymaker. It's not like that. That is interesting. My money's on floyd. I'm putting the house on floyd. Imagine how much money they're gonna make for that. That's ridiculous all that jazz. Four says blue. The resident final fantasy fourteen expert. Are you most excited about regarding the new five point. Four patch every the new radio. Obviously because it's a new ray tier and then difficulty so new retail trade like whole new fights only raid holy four new rage every reindeer fights are normally within a and final fantasy four fights and reindeer. That's about. I would say more than what i would expect. I would always say like three. I would think is average four fights and then each of them come with savage version. So and your boys over here savage reiter. So are you ready. I would love to watch you. I would watch street fantasy fourteen. If it was like a day one rada and you were like That'd be sick. I would watch the fuck happening but sick mice. My statics not day. One rating says day one rating is like jesus. Christ like that's is it like kind of like. Wow like just sewed beards of the next beards are going to beat it so final fantasy people have asked for this to change everything drops on day one so the normal raids the savage raids in all drops on the day. That new story condoms out. So they one. Raiders will do killing rush through interesting. Though russia the story though rushing normal rates just to get to the savages which are the harder versions of the normal rates. So it's like new mechanics or is it. You know what to do because you basically average is like a totally different beast like accent is designed to be hard so what you don't like the they released like let's say destiny with beyond light. Instead of having the rate kamau saturday the rain was like you could go and see the rage right now. If you want us yes. I think that's cool. Why don't you like that. I feel like that is like super just cool. I am not. I am not sixteen anymore. I can't do that. i can't stay up. Twenty four hours going into the savage is not sleeping. can't do that. I get it so like you rather have with destiny. You have a week to pratt and say you gotta go right now and if you don't go right now you can't keep up with the clare and interesting. It's just more opportunity more people get into it. And i know that they're actually gonna change that ice cream. 'cause dude i couldn't i it's like with crown of sorrows right like when that season. Drop where you had to do everything and then okay the raindrops. That day at five pm. Yeah it's just a lot can't do anymore those those as our past me any cool mountain five point four that. We're looking forward to pretty much always. I bet that's got i'm excited. It's also fun fact. Did you guys know. I just this past week. Because i'm god. Par parter blow. You guys already knew this. I'll actually top ten gun breaker on a well heart. That's actually huge. Pretty fucking pretty hot. Apparently let's go. I know at ten gum breaker. Let's go that's why you guys should play fantasy games. You play three rd. And then i can play. I can say. I top like we can be walking in a group and the but all my god. That's our top ten gumbo. That's my boy. That's primal data center. Mike with my with my scout title inequality rob law connects to actually funny girl. Let's get it that's right. Argh your regular schedule podcast. Listening for this short ad breaks sending asks if you woke up the next morning in an anime universe with armor enemy universe which wanna wake up in arms dude. I'm going to be honest. And i watched the on in the news of the day. And then we watched the first episode. You say attack on titan. No but what. I'm what i'm saying. Is like if i have plot armor an attack on titan the first episode of attack on titan when it's like introducing and it shows like the scouts and they're like running and there's rock music playing hours like this is the most bad ass way to introduce an anime. I was like. I wanna be a scout guy really bad so i claw armor and i can like actually i would be scout dude in attack on titan says. It seems really cool. Look at everything that's happening. Show i know. But i have our. I can be that it would be really cool. I think one of the coolest versus to in the sense of mystery and like just kind of how bad acid is. And it doesn't care that you armor so i might die. Even if i do have clar just like the scouts. When they're running. Plane and the commander forget what dave is now because i almost got out of him but then i didn't want to be like. Wow you watch three animating. Three right like report. Three big it was either him or levi. Why don't you just get like bulls scout logos like somewhere like on here. Doesn't have to be very big. Yeah but yeah. I think there's just so cool dude like just that insure was like man. I i would really love to be a scout and feel like i'm doing something you know like i'm learning about this world for my people ooh shit. I have the same problem with this because it feels like. There's a right answer. And i need to know a days and now it's like okay. Well the anime. And i'm like what am i watched home again. I can't even think of any enemy watch not retail. You don't wanna be in our universe within know the only one with plot armor that you go to university like you're screwed. I mean like being an engine so it would be kind of cool but like his universe you have plot our nardo definitely yards. Arto gets dealt pretty hard to him sometimes. Internet wanna have like maybe dragon ball jack on the strongest absolute debts. And that's just like dragon ball because you act so easy throw. He's wants to be jacked. No no no interesting story lines. That's what i'm saying to you. I can't of the watch i've watched now. I hate these questions. If you just do dragon ball thing about boring of life that is all you do. Training become stronger. Beat the aliens thing about that. And then i keep changing my haircut. Do what's not sick about that. What i'm trying to get the answers. Not only that. But then i can just go kill and like i. I have hybrid time chambers. I go chilling. Kyw's planet for oboe and go cheat all right. Aside from the. I dunno pokemon will be cool. Depression morals like being able to send do what again. What part of that world. I'm practically putting myself in the main character shoes. If i'm if. I applaud numbers. Why in the world would i want to be daunted to some other samurai anime where lord man. She's not as tragic want. Why like pokemon not that hard. I have bone whatever n- somebody down everybody. You blew sort be cool. I don't know fuck that's hard. What's the most claw armor plot armor. Probably one punch man's pretty hard plot armor but that's like it's kind of a depressing world if you think about it. I think joe coups practically like as pla armor as armor comes get more plot than goku goku died or something like that or has as you know what i knew. Perma death never happened. Happens in dragon ball. I don't think that's such a big other dragon ball or one punch ran. I mean shit my heroes a pretty good to like if i have a cool cork like if my arm is like. I'm guaranteed bitching cork brickell. 'cause it's like a pretty normal world like it's like this but like just as if people had powers We have marshmallow says. What is one skill slash hobby outside of gaming that you've always wanted to learn slash explorer but because of time constraints time commitments you're never able to pursue I mean it's like i didn't have time to learn or explorer. I just sucked at it. And i just continue to suck at it Skateboarding like i love skateboarding. And i think it's super fun and economic force there and stuff but i can never do like trae flips or like all he did. Yeah and i could never get super good. So i i never took the step to like take it to the next level i was just like i'm here and but i've always wanted to be super good to the point. Where like you could do like a four block and trade off the four. But i can't do that shit skateboarding. i guess. I feel like my list would be unending so many things to do well if he actually already doing that. In fact i didn't know if it was a that was kinda poke at the things to see if you wanted to reveal the more must share now. But i've designed a board game and in fact tonight. Is you be my first play test really because i had it in. I thought you had home. He's coming over some one. It's more refined into that. So i can get more be back but the past three days of we'll do just been trying to make the physical stuff to practice with But also like the write. A book. Draw a flawed Archie impassable the like when you want to if you wanna get at all below surface level. I can doodle twelve you. What you get with you and your art we'll buy you blew fuck. No i kind of always wanted to try. Archery bows and arrows are sick. I'm norm seventy-nine me said but man. Oh yeah if we're going nor me. We're in japanese like oh man like learn japanese. That'd be a good so hard like with like languages where you have to learn a whole new letter system like that is just a whole different learning experience. I think about time. Joey with the last question says what's the basic fact that you should learn in school that you learned as an adult mine. Mine was australia's summer is in december Joey i don't think that is one of the facts that you should know as an adult is interesting. It is interesting. Toilets hussein no like what a bank loan is gonna stuff endless What about taxes What's basic fact that you learn in school that you learnt basic fact that you should learn. It's like why would you shoot. Have learned that australia's in december. I'll help you my one thing. That doesn't my one thing. If we want to be serious would be that it might feel like you have to choose what you're going to do for the rest of your life but that's not true. In fact the average person change their career like four times five times that. What's a basic fact that you learned see now. I can't even think of a fact. I can't even think that like to pursue equals four fact right. Hopefully they would know what's a basic fact that you should have learned in school. Why don't you like taking a test right now. Like i'm like study for this question. I don't know how. I feel every question like turkeys pardoned. Every year ag-. I didn't know that like every year. The president like pardons a turkey and that it started. Because abraham lincoln son like didn't want them to kill the turkey or something. So every year the president pardons a turkey for thanksgiving there. There is a fact that i learned at should. I think you should know that. Probably nah but trump. Yeah what about you believe you fun facts. I don't i don't really apple tops around your sneha. What did i learn. Honestly it's no. That's not even a good one. Hold on. I can think of this. I can think of this now. i can't think of anything. Probably a fruit set. I mean don't pick your but like schoolteachers. you like to pick your career now. Yeah so i. I mean i guess you should learn that but that's like a bigger topic of our school system just as fundamentally busted and also Get bad grades. It doesn't mean you're stupid hundred percent even if like try schooling man. I can't get good grades. Doesn't mean you're stupid. It just means that you learn differently and the way you retain information stuff doesn't mean you're good at multiple choice tests and that'll do for the patriot questions and this episode of g g easy episodes sixty south then. We'll have an exact date next week by tom. Making i'm gonna have to figure out what it is so much everybody for watching and listening Thanks for sticking with us with the latest over thanksgiving and then this the video is going to be daily audio. Not sure hopefully soon. So we appreciate you all See next week when the balls deep and cyberpunk wall week next week robert gonna find you twitch dot tv slash mr fruit blue wedding combined. You ever a blue s low and you can find me at rugby. So we'll tell you boo.

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