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"random showtime" Discussed on GG Over EZ

"Can be pretty bad. Apparently there's going to be another mortal kombat. Reveal leonardo's you i'm waiting for is not a moral combat. We're not gonna make like a straight up like high budget street fighter movie. I think more combat is even cooler than three five more combat you have like university of realms and like where they like they fight for see. I feel like street. Fighter could be easier because it's like just imagine the boxing movie but replaced with like street fighter characters like a little superpower brockie. You know what i mean. I think he could do so much more combat in the sense that like you could just be so crazy with it. You know and make rated a adults. Only we'll see. Let me stop you there. Because i think that's the problem is when it's more complicated. They don't know what to do and so they just take the most bizarre stuff and try and throw them all in here. Do this and and it's like what so simple. so there's less parameters. Sh what did i feel like in in video game movies and stuff. Let's a scenario in on on what we're trying to move towards lead the worst. Maybe like two degrees and these monster. Hunter i have not. I have no desire. Release leeann theaters on the come out. I think it's it's probably going to be like everything else at least for something. Yeah no thank you. Do they have any actors in. That are no combat They have it will be directed by simon mccoy. Never heard of that. Let's see what he's directed. He has directed to see movies. Mortal kombat upcoming movies more combat. He's directed the upcoming mortal combat and the night time economy which was a video short. I see him standing next to what looks like So this is his direct direct coral debut. I guess that's talwar. There's a that's there'd be such like but think about it though did if you knock mortal combat out of the park you make fucking mortal kombat sick. Probably why they got. Simon mcchord has everyone else is like. I'm not putting my name on this. If he stumbles like is just a first time dude. Whatever he's he's fucked the fuck. You make a moral combat movie. Did you got like eight movies. Come out of that thing. They have ludi lin as liu cong. Todd in the nobu. Asano and jessica mcmenamy as sonya blade roster of other actors martial artists. Yeah the problem of moral combat though is like every fight moral combat they like stab each other and then they just like pull out the knife not so. You can't really do that in a movie sure. This is bizarre cry macho. Have you heard of this crime a macho cry macho now. It's a clint eastwood neo western drama. He's still doing westerns. I guess. I can't believe he's still like eighty. I can't believe he's still alive. he's so i think. He's like in his nineties clinton as ninety nine be like. He's gotta be in his nineties. He's a good look. Kind of joked about eighty. I was rog. It's even older. Yes was this as well. And that he looked like he was ninety ingrained torino. That shit came out like ten years ago. Well good on uber eighty nine. He's still making the bag. Go for man. That is bizarre. Fruit is like past my prime. I'm drinking grape. Jeez bro. i'm lucky some tapioca go to You know. I'm lucky if i'm still like why. Vote when up. Who you know. It's go on. Go on eastwood go on then good and obviously for theaters. I hope that after it all comes back. I feel like they'll be less theaters for sure. But i think they'll make a resurgence and i especially like the first couple of months i imagine can be a flock of people coming back and then on top of that theaters can re-release those that. Most people missed as like random showtime movies afraid of groups though. Like you don't think this is going to make a big group of people like people are like. I don't want to be in a group of people anymore. Like of that fear. Or do you think that'll be plenty of people for awhile. Yes some like some very degrees like never doing this skin and some like. I'm still going to wait it out or like. I'm still a little unsure this kind of stuff. Where are you at right now at me right. Now get away from me like yeah. We're not even remotely close to. We're still it's only getting worse like up so once we get some vaccines that are readily available and then a proven to be working all this kind of stuff. Then we'll talk but until then until then because we still have no idea when this is gonna be. You'll be comfortable the first day you walk into a gym to workout..

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