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115: My Bed Banter and Beyond

Fake Doctors Real Friends with Zach and Donald

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115: My Bed Banter and Beyond

"Hey Donald Hazak Hulu has whatever you are feeling. Do you know that I understand it? They have full seasons of your favorite shows like scrubs Donald. SCRUBS is one of my favorite shows, and they have some people always ask us. Where do you find scrubs? You find on Hulu Right? You can also find little fires everywhere high fidelity. Rick and Morty Seinfeld this is US ten fifteen. The good doctor who even has a live TV plan yeah, all sorts of good stuff. Guys go learn more at WHO DOT com. October sixteenth, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, two two congressmen vanish on a small plane in Alaska despite a massive search. They're never found. The case goes cold. That is until I started researching it. I'm standing right little. Portage Pass and Alaska my name is John. Wall Zach and what I found is one of the strangest stories you've never heard. Did he indicate what was in the suitcase? He said it was a bomb. So join me as I travel from Arizona to the Arctic Circle trying to crack this case. Listen to missing in Alaska on the iheartradio APP, apple, podcasts or wherever you find your favorite shows. It's memorial. Day. We're recording this today Memorial Day. We should be at a barbecue together yet. We should be eating ribs we should be. Are you really trying we hold on? Let me get this straight. Go on. You really try not to eat meat nowadays. I am PESCA -Tarian I'm trying that out. When did you become a Pesky -tarian? I watched this documentary that really got means fired about stopping eating animals besides fish. You sound like my dad. My Dad is the same way right now. The documentary was It's called the game changers. Call yes game changers. But I've never done I love. Burgers I love I love all the shit. We all have eaten our whole lives, but we have all this time on her hands, right? It's like an experimentation time on every front. Right like you can experiment with. I've been experimenting with all sorts of things in my life is I'm sure a lot of people have and one was okay well. Let me just try this this. During this time to only be officiator and I do feel better I do feel healthier well. That's great. By nine year I know you're very meet passionate. Donald I'm I'm trying to stay away from the red meat. That's the hardest thing to stay away from. It's so tasty. so I've been trying to figure out different ways to cook. Chicken and I've been doing that a lot lately but yeah, you're right. I do agree that too much meat is bad for you. Obviously because you know, cholesterol, says something about that blood pressure, said something about heart disease. Colorectal cancer says a lot about that. You know what I mean, and that's when you eat too much red meat usually or processed foods. I'm having a hard time getting off of all of that stuff. The problem I know man Oh addict. I'm going to tell you last night. We had a fake Burger you had beyond Burger. It wasn't one of the fancy ones. It wasn't beyond impossible as only two names I know. We just got it at a supermarket. It was Nice Nice brand forgot the brand, but it was amazing. I mean once you put cheese on it and all the fixings and your spices. Once you put the cheese on it. You're no longer press, Paterno, whatever it is that you've carrion. That's yeah I Jeez. I'm just not eating. I'm not eating meat I'm not even I'm not eating any form of meat other than fish all right well. Should we sing? You don't seem happy. I want you to get happy. You seem very. You can't seeing unless you're happy. Donald Very Song. Hold on, hold on. Hold on. Just you have a furrowed brow. I am very happy first of all. Okay well, let's let me see. We're about to bring on Randall Winston. One of the most exciting people I'm really excited. I don't want him to see you better. Turn. That mother fucking bearded frown upside down I'm telling you something right now. Randall Winston is responsible for some of the most happiest moments of my life, so I can't wait to have him on okay well, then counties mother fuckers in. Six seven eight mother fuckers. About show. About. Canada. Shoot. So. Here. You are. Why is he wearing like a gaming headset? God your. Best. xbox later money. Up to you from call of duty. or Are you finding chopper anytime, soon. Oh my God were so excited to have you on the show. You know you awesome. Yes, this is my son's gaming headset. By the way this is going to be I wish the audience can see Randall is wearing a gaming headset, but if you don't play games picture, a helicopter has. Right and he's in his beautiful garden and he's wearing his his kids giving. Literally as it literally is engaged lights up. I love it I love it. How are you? How are you randy? I'm fantastic. All Things considered I'm great. Congratulations on your pickup. Who Yes, thank you we did. We didn't get picked up randall but you. Know! I didn't know you didn't get picked up. I'm sorry it's all good ABC decided not to go further with emergence but better news ABC decided to go further with mixed ish. which is Randall show? Let me get this straight. Random your executive producer on the show. Now that is correct. Look men started. Back because Randall career is wei-go, and I think for people that want to go into Hollywood ran Eliza. Really exciting case of someone that's on way. Go Right now, not only is. I I. Remember a video I. Don't know how I saw this video, but it was a video of you pretty much. Manifesting your destiny, you know what I mean saying. This is what I WANNA do I wanNA move to Hollywood I. WanNa be I WANNA. Be a big time producer, and and you're very young in this video to I. Don't know how I saw this video. Starting. It was it was posted by a friend of mine it was we were like it was our twenty first birthday or something like that. This is a girl who I met on a journey to Los Angeles. We met at a rest of Oklahoma and became. Like friends, are on our way to come find our dreams and and she was. Very documenting everything and Donald I. That's it's crazy. Donald and I are very into I. Know Donald I think you are, but I'm very pro right now. Manifesting your shit and making everything happened my friend. Our friend Amanda is missed like Whiteboard and writing everything down, and actually I, became friendly with John Legend's manager. I think I've told you the story Donald. Who said that everything John? Legend has accomplished. They put on a whiteboard when they were kids like out of college, and they were like writing down like they were laughing I don't know this many Grammy's and cover Time magazine and they were just like cracking each other up and she's like every single thing. We put on that Whiteboard Hasn. John Legend got an e got. He's Ronaldson and get a fucking hot especially. For his acting skills, Oh, boy, here we go I know we had to get into it because Donald called me out to Randall. Saying that I dissed his work as death in the show. And texted me very upset about. His work is being criticized. I mean I think I played the part. That was required of death in the. Also, you know death is not the only real. They played on scrubs. We haven't gotten to the to the security guard yet, we. He hasn't been introduced yet hook Hook how secure. You the candidate security. Lettered who had led Leonard, who had tens of fans? Randall. Leonard, Do, do you think? I I don't know exactly how many episodes did, but I will tell you this. All fans that wrote me so many people from men's prison got. Some sort of treat assigned scripts or something from scrubs, so you weren't able to your name, you were able to do it and not get carpal tunnel is what you're saying because there's only two. Would you really give fan meal? Leonard not not a lot, but Manuel. Family niner deaths. Leonard for sure. Let's go back to the beginning. Yes, let's start at the very beginning. I try to do that with you. Manifesting your destiny, but at some point things changed for you like you lived in New York for a little bit, and then moved to Los Angeles. Can you just tell us how it all started? And how you got connected with Bill and how this became? An how this all transcribed descended into scrubs, yes. The truth is bill and I met socially I it. On scrubs we kept a graduation photo in Turk- and JD's apartment and told everybody that was our education pitcher, but we really we. We met on the basketball court. I had an I. So I I had I had driven out from the Midwest. You know trying to trying to find. My Dream Got Los Angeles. Snuck onto all the lots in town. Got Myself a job and I started creating my my circle. You know the your chosen family, your family and a guy who was my best friend, who I lived with Gregg malines who went on to run friends and How I met your mother and bunch of other stuff? He and bill had this played in this Saturday game. Invited me to play a few times, and that's how that was our originally met. Net Bell. I went from working for A. Guy Named. Gary David Goldberg. That was my my very first job. He's got family ties, yeah! He's amazing. He was amazing mentor and I had taken bill under his wings. So so gary is in some ways. The reason that we started working together and the first show we did together was show called Champs that was together and Kevin Nealon was in it, didn't it was it was dreamworks very first, TV show. So that kind of okay just to so Kevin Nealon who Zach remembers. Being at the First Party we ever had. Front parties? Yeah, that's why Kevin Nealon was there Zach. He wasn't there because he was a fan of the show. He was there because he worked with bill and Randall. Okay well, he may have been a coincidence, but okay. I hear you okay Ronald You. Froze you still there. I'm boy and that was when we lost Rand on God. What he drink in their most. Little Memorial Memorial Day yeah, buddy? Memorial. Day is just another weekday that you can rationalize. It's okay to drink early. Yeah! I challenge in This Day and age doesn't feel any different. My girlfriend was like it's Memorial Day I'm like. How is that going to be different from any other day that we're living in hibernation right now? What really we can kids? Yeah? The kids don't have to zoom today. They don't have to zoom things, but but today is a day where you know. My wife looked at me and was like you're drinking already, and I was like it's Memorial Day. It's Memorial Day. She then join you know she did not. She was like you're an alcoholic. Oh Shit, like maybe morial day in on that. Note I. I'm going upstairs to do my podcast. Okay random sets. He's resetting the Wifi. That's that's that's unfortunate. You know. We lost momentum. Blow in this guy up. We're GONNA have to regenerate it. We're GONNA. Have to regenerate it. We're going to have to regenerate our randall blow. He said fucking spectrum. I just had my dad switch off of spectrum. For the same reason. That shit is due to try comments bad Dan you don't support now. Guys I want you to listen. This is a very very technical man here. And he saying fuck spectrum, so if you're choosing a provider listening to Dan the only way that I found you get good Internet, service is if. If you just switched from provider to provider every year, or so because they don't reward loyalty. There's no like you're. Bill is reduced your services better. It just gets worse and worse and worse than they wanNA. Keep getting new customers, so I have gigabit Internet, thousand megabytes down for seventy five bucks month. which is the cheapest Internet I never had. It's because this rich. What are you using now? Dan What? Eighteen Eighteen T. all right, guys. You're hearing in a year I that Dan. Really recommends at and T.. It's really about you can work. The company's against each other. If you're constantly quitting one and saying no fuck off, you suck, and then they give you a better rate, so if you have the time which you do now, you can have fancy fast internet like Damn Randall Welcome back third blowing you up, and then you had to do a Wi fi problem. Let's get back into it, so you just jumped to in the spirit of time assist keep this moving us star. Work on Spin City with bill, and you hit it off. You become best east your parting around the city. You're young men in Manhattan Go. How did you get from La to Manhattan? How did that happen well? Donald No. Man The fight if I could reach through this group right now. It goes back to basketball. We came off the basketball court one night playing and Gary and bill pulled me aside, and they said you know we just wrote this. Week we send it to. We send it to Michael. J. Fox and they said There's a a The mayor's named after you I. Think your mother would be very proud. At, Mayor Randall, Winston and By the Great Barry boss and with the show got we did the pilot La. but Michael was living in new. York and said he would only do this series if we took it to. New York, so that was. The Opportunity Lifetime you know, change my life. I got the chance to go to New York Gary a select group of people and Donald you know Sebastian. She has no special. We we moved. We all went to New York with. All excite nobody was over anything. Everybody just was into going to the city you. How old were you I was? I think it was twenty nine. I think I turned thirty that year. But bill was. Bills a like a year younger than me and He had like the first. American Express Black Card, and he would say you know Randall. Go out and find us an after hours every Friday so. There'd be lines that these after hours clubs like you know. Absolutely, we don't have any room. I'd be like you got remember the regular. I'd say I say I need to cases a champ at a private room and that was just the beginning right after. I got to tell you some of my favorite moments. Some of the best moments of my life I've shared with you rent. You have been present at some of the most special moments, some of the most wildest moments. Some of the craziest moments of my life have been with you. They are love the. Everything from a partying in Vegas to marrying him and his wife and everything in between has been there is been there many people. Have you married Randall. Seven. Teen successful couples a Donald. What I what I says. You got to be serious. 'cause everybody I. Mary Stays Together Right. How many how many people have gotten divorced zero? Oh. Good? People, Messmer streaker. Now. Now ranch, if I'm listening to this I was preparing for this and I thought if I'm listening to this and I'm interested in production, but I know anything about it i. see in the credits all the time, a line producer, but i. e. exact producer I see us. Pricey all these titles. Can you explain to people that have nothing to do with the business? What a line producer does! Yes, yes, it is. It's true that TV credits are lousy with producers and usually, if the credit is lying, producer or reduced by that credit is reserved for the person who is essentially responsible for keeping the train running on time making sure that you've got the right crew people in the right place making sure that the show is on budget that it is getting delivered on time not just within the time constraints of your time slot delivered the day that it's supposed to be delivered. You know sort of soup to nuts. The it starts with the PREP, which is as it sounds bearing of the show when you first get a little bit information about the about the series and each episode. You know you start to break down with your team, you know. How many actors are we gonNA. Do we need to build sets? Are we going anywhere? And what is it GonNa? Take and I think. That job at its best is a negotiator in a translator. You know that somebody who you know. oftentimes it was between. I'm working between. Bill on scrubs between. Bill who created the show. And Studio and the network, so everybody's getting what they need and the even not the same language. or or figure out what the best thing! To accomplish what's in the script is? Can Be accomplished within the box. That's been built and the line bruisers, also if you think about the keeper of the perse. In a sense that when you're directing. Or running. You will often think Oh i. think we should. I wrote this big. Be Great to shoot it in this amazing restaurant, and then I want to get a crane outside. It's GonNa come down here and then he cou if it was raining outside. This isn't a line producer. Start to sweat so. We Need Rain Miami Rain. Every time time everytime gotta directing. A friend was given a script. And you say I need a crane. Bagley, I don't even know what the fucking script says, but I'm a big crack. But so it's the line producer job almost like a parent to be like look, use the dollar and you got your candy bar you. You should have saved it and you got an ice cream. Right you can have. You can have one big thing or little things right right? And a lot of times if You'd like Hey. Your of the money, but in terms of the money's not just the camera gear, but how many crew? How many extras you're going to be able to afford? Are you going to be able to do any overtime? All of that as often as the relationship I often over the line producers, they think of it like. A Chinese food menu. In that you're. You're choosing from a myriad of things that you can have, but you can't exceed that budget so if you want a big ass crane, then maybe you can have as many background at the wedding if you. Could you say that? oftentimes it crossed. My career literally made a Chinese menu or directors in the. Because you, you never get to a point and. Bill and I used to have you know something? Back, then it was, it was like the thousand dollar deal, which was once we had locked be budget. He was not allowed to bring any problems that costs more than a thousand dollars. Like could figure it out. You know if it was a thousand under, but you know you can't be adding stuff once we. Start Rolling now back in the day we would do a lot of overtime, which which now people don't really new anymore. Right I, mean on your jobs now. Are People Pretty much keeping to twelve hours these days? It depends really i. mean for the for the most part. Yes, but a lot has changed. You know we did for a big chunk of that. Show a true single camera show, which is almost all shows have more than one camera rolling out the time now, so you can get more work done within. The Hour get br for those who do people just being single and multi using the single camera show? You're getting one angle at a time. Shooting Actors Close Up. Then you turn on the other accurate. The more actors in a scene you know, the more time turning. If you have multiple cameras, then you can get multiple shots, but On a show like mixed ish. or you know American? Housewife or any shot got a family. Family shows opposed to community. You're up against kid hours, so those shows in particular are held to a stricter standard I'm going to be honest with you I love it when kids are on the show now and you're working to show because you're not GonNa pass twelve hours, dude you. You might not even do eight hours that day you know what I mean. I love it I love. I did emergence. Last year it didn't get picked up ABC. Thank you. You're. Donald by the way you were great in that show. I think we should pour some out for emergency. Worship emerge recipes, emergence but I remember we had two very young ladies on the show, and they were in school, and once they showed up to set. The clock ticking. We had eight hours to get them done or they were. They turned into a Pumpkin and. Pumpkin. And so it I used to love that it'd be like other kids working today again. That'd be great. I mean done done before I'm done before. The Sun goes down when the kids weren't working at you're like Oh my God. I'm going to be here forever. We'll see kids on there you can make. Right, yes! I can make that eight o'clock tonight Randall. You and I always got along so well. You know sometimes the relationship between a director and an line be contentious because the director feels like all you're taking away, you're not. You're not working with me. You're not making it not helping me realize all the things I want to do. Of course libraries has a stressful job. You're like dude. You're killing me. You're so over budget. What the hell you talking about, but but when the to our friends and they feel like. Hey, let's work it out then then then it never gets contentious, but of course sometimes with people don't get along the line printer. The director don't always like each other well. I think that. It is been. To the great benefit of my career, in general part of it is just the way that I liked to work is that the goal is to be symbiotic like you know when people think that it's contentious, it is contentious, but you know we're all rowing in the same direction. You want you want a great show. You want and comedies in particular. You know like I think about the episode. Let's stay but your episode when you when you go into the puddle and you see. Without. A manatee. Monster. He's not monster ran. JI named Julian Julie. Monster. What was the monsters name? That's a perfect. Example of that script had so much in it. but that was the biggest joke in the show and we had to. Call the city and GIG alert. It was the first time I got to use a Jack Hamman like digging holes in the parking lot. Reading Swimming Pool that we're going to have to fill in, but. But the question was you know. Is this one of the funniest things in the script? What what are we? What are we going to give up or combined so that we can keep that and that? Trusting relationship you know with with with the actor director with the writers. You know builds that. Run and your the kind of person that was like civil on board. You'd be like Oh my God. We have to figure it out figure out a way. because. I think that GAG, which involved building two different small swimming pools to cope. The city was not going to let anyone not do. Code was one of the most expensive gags and scrubs history as I recall. Yes, there was. Yes! It was very expensive, but were that you're right. That's a very important point. If you have a line producer, who's game and is like I? Can this out if you work with me and we can figure this out. You're going to get some of the best stuff none. Of course and was worried about Randall. Was He wasn't. Some of these guys and gals are sitting in office and they're rolling your eyes. When you walk in random was out there with the Jackhammer. Big Liquor can't believe our buildings. Totally true. All right. Should we get into that process? Let's get to the episode. Randall, this one is super size. Let's talk about that very rare. Most episodes thus far in the show are been twenty two minutes without commercials. This one is twenty eight, which is a big leap to super size, right? It was a big. It was a big issue at the time. The show with the pizza clock as we call it, but the network was. Very contentious about this episode and they did not rerun it again in. Certainly not that season and I don't think for years because being supersized and it's A. It's a very thoughtful episodes. Very emotional goes inside. Where are where the characters are and I. Think at the time you know. We were still in season and they wanted it to be. You know more were JD falling yeah right. They were like what are you doing? This weird documentary style interludes I mean where's JD running into a wall and you know but I took great episode. I just WANNA to say. written by Gabrielle Allen and directed by Lawrence trilling who became a one of our favorites early on, he then went on to do. A pushing daisies and parenthood and I. Just googled now that he's on Goliath, but. Guy I think Lawrence trilling and I did felicity to gain. Did you diesel? Alias tunnel now I was never on alias. Okay, well, he also did alias, but yeah he directed. Young Donald Phase on, and felicity is a really great guy. Really Fun good director and Gabby got I love her for the. Good team great team, and and I just thought there's a lot of styles, is so so they became this convention few conventions. There's the pizza clock thing if you look down at the pizza guys. In case you didn't notice. The idea was that it was mimicking o'clock, and so as the episode is cutting between one night of Sarah and I in bed, and then back to the few weeks. That follow was trying to date whenever it cuts back. The pizzas trying to look like o'clock from that night so there's that sort of gag, the timeline shakeup, and then there's these documentaries styles, shaky cam grainy film as though we're all being interviewed for a psychologist of project on widely will become doctors right right. Okay Well! I thought that was the next episode, but okay. No, that's my bed banter in beyond that sucker inner cutting. Our big epic. Fuck Fest for lack of a better term. I gotTa tell you something man nobody. Let's go back. You said the word. Now I'm going to now. We could talk about it I guess I miss those days I miss the days when it was sexwale day. Before kids, when you could just bone all day, then go out to dinner that night and then bone some more. My wife and I. You know what we gotta make an appointment now and it sucks. I Cal Dude I'll be like you think it's a joke and a lot of stand up. Comics have made this joke, but it's real you'll be like. How about sex Thursday? Can we do Thursday? Having my hair done right? No, no, no, no, no, no, the kids got zoom all day I'm going to be exhausted by eight o'clock. There's no way an ozark comes on. I gotTa Watch. Okay Wow Jason! Jason Bateman is stealing your sex night Jason. Bateman isn't talking it up for me right. Here, this is the good looking man I hear. The show's great, but damn. You Jason Bateman. I just wish she would get through the show already. I just miss those days I miss the days where it was like. And that granted I love my children and I love having them in my life I. Just missed the days of freaking waking up. Boning going to Hugo's to get breakfast. Or brunch right brunch whatever it is coming back home and being like well. What do you want to do well? We haven't fucked and like five hours reminds well fuck again perfect. Donald I'm sitting outside looking longingly at my blackout shutters in. How will you? Use them so much. Board is like Chris Cranking. Up a bedroom and Do. What you gotta do. Right Days is over them days. Is You guys are doing a great ad for having children right now? No, you should do it. It's great. As you both drink your whitelaw. Elliott has said in previous episodes that she's never had an orgasm and she said that she doesn't like sex, so is jd the first person to to not only bring her to orgasm, but show her the wonders world of epic. Sex Days. I'm sure you would like to think so I think. I'M NOT GD Donald. Zach Braff, but I actor of GDP. Probably was good, said well, you know in the beginning of it. All JD was kind of a sucker when he's like. He almost let her walk out of the House and she was obviously very much into. J. D. Well I. Don't Know Dude. I, disagree. I was watching it with fresh eyes. I was thinking I couldn't read where she was, was she? Like hey I should go, and then you know you know what that's like back in the day. I! Hate that Shit! Why detest test why? I got to be tested for how come you can't just be like you know what maybe? This was a mistake. Was it a mistake? Though or did you know what I mean like I? Remember saying to my wife when she was my girlfriend like. I don't know I don't know if this is. This is working out. You know what I mean and her being like you don't. This. This is the best thing that's ever happened to you. What do you mean you don't know if this is working out like that was real talk the fact that jd almost had her out the door before he was before she turned around and was like Oh just say you want me to stay stopped being a sucker. Stop being a little punk about this. Just say you want me to stay and I'll stay, and we can have sex again, and then he's finally like. Will you stay? She's like yeah. You'RE GONNA pay for that, though because I I almost walked out you. You remember back in the day when you weren't. You weren't in such a long term relationship when something's new and you're kind of insecure about it like. Did this person have as good a fun as I did I don't want to be the one who put I don't WanNa. Put my one. I don't WANNA BE WANNA put myself out there and get dissed like you're you're you're in a very vulnerable state? You're like I kinda like this person today like me, you know. What did I jd the character just, wasn't he? In the friend zone a couple episodes before that. They were they were friends zone. Yeah like. Maybe seven episodes before he gets friend zoned right then he and we got to go to break. We'll be right back with the legendary Randall Winston. An. It career at Ddat means owning the opportunity to play a crucial role in transforming how agencies operate join Gd for challenging and impactful work that advances your career apply now at GD dot com slash careers. Equal opportunity employers. Hey Donald do you know that? has whatever you are feeling. Yeah, I understand that Hulu even has a live TV plan have lives. They have full seasons of all. Your favorite shows like scrubs, seinfeld remaking more yeah, Rick and Morty scenarious. They have Atlanta too I love. Atlanta that is one of your favorite shows. It's amazing I just think it's masterfully done, and the point is. It's a weird time. You're looking for stuff to watch. You can find it on who people are always asking us? Where do I find scrubs? These days I'll tights on Hulu. You can always find on Hulu Hulu has whatever you are feeling, and if you go right now, you can sign up at who dot com and I guarantee you. You're gonNA find a show. You like and be like thanks. DONALD LEARN MORE AT HULU DOT com. Very excited. We're very excited rentals here. We're talking about sex. GD and Elliott epic epic twenty four hours of sex. And it seems that JD has found a way to bring Elliott all the way to the promised land, because she seems to be really enjoying sex the fact that they have it like six or seven times is ridiculous, even brings up I'm gonNA need a vagina transplant. She says she's sending of giant transplant, which is a very funny fantasies cutting to the guys. Running through all. Go. The. Cooler. The Cooler. Done the song in the bucks. Randall was johnny transplant something that anyone was worried about getting through the sensors because it seems pretty pretty risque to have a vagina in a box. I remember there being like some conversation around. I can't remember whether it was whether it was lot of companies. With the great thing about scrubs was that there was always something else to point like you know another red herring. It will have a dime the bucks, but he says Dick three times. Two pages later we'll, get rid of. So part of Reynolds job was was being bills liaison to the studio and being like listen guys. It's just one the giant box or not gonNA to happen. John is Knox's every week. And the great thing about about the the working with the person, there was a A. A woman can't remember there was this was saying. Chris Lives. This Sandy Christmas was this very sweet woman. We used to have these conversations with so I'd get on the phone and. Now Randall. In, the ball and You know and then you later Sabinus. Have all of that in the sheriff. and. What's funny is so often give you the sheet of all their objections, and it's a negotiation, and then even when you get it through like okay, we're fine with the vagina in the box. Please do not show of China in a box like. Even even share your like really guys. You had to write that on the paper like we were going to go to China. For NBC in the box. They say sometimes they say stuff and you think. Oh! Dan Your way dirtier than. That is not what we meant. Is. This is a true story. We had to go into the effects visual effects and adjust Donald Scrubs in a particular scene because if we're seen too much about. This how we do! You do it. Let's have some thunder. Applause from my junk. Wouldn't mind put up. Right those. Alone at the table reads in most of my S. Go. Whenever nurse Roberts couldn't be at the Taylor read. A random would play her, and his favorite part was doing her speaking of speaking of Aloma holy cow. She's amazing in this episode. Very funny, every one of her lines lands hard. You know what I mean white, boys. You mean it was a secret all of this. Everything that she said in this episode I laughed out loud I'll let's get ready to into it right away. You know let's the janitor sees Aloma and she sees him. And, she looks at him like. Get the fuck out of my way. and Randall bill is still hanging onto his his his dream that the janitor was only seen by JD in season one. and. We are on our detectives that are quickly proving him wrong in every other episode. Yes, yes, I I never bought into that. He was a figment of JD's metropolitan and Mr Snuff. I mean. because there's some episodes later I, remember an episode I directly where he has a group of men play by our team. You know in the survey are all. and. And isn't his his his side. He has two sidekicks. Joy and Randall right. Yeah, Randall. I've ever Randall. Martin played by Martin Martin, who is also in Oz the great and powerful with me, and he was also in pirates of the Caribbean. Yes. I Love The Gun. Let's talk about Coleco vision which comes up at seven twenty one and you have Coleco vision either one of you. I, did not my friend had COLECO. Vision and I remember Coleco vision being so awesome, because video games looked exactly like they look in the arcade, so donkey, Kong in Donkey Kong from the arcade. And I remember that game. I don't I. Don't remember the smart well. Sorry, we're interested in video games. Please go I'm sure on Youtube. They can play you. The theme music from smurfs on clear vision and that jam was fire. Was It loud? Learn la La la La la La land. That was the dope shit la La la La la La. La La. La La a hill ahead. Let's put it. This way JC can make a song from hard. Knock life, yes. You do that again. Kicking my beat box and we've got A. Long. A! Staple. A. La La La la La. Have to line that up with some delay, but we think it's fire and I think we can be a hard knock life. You, you you. Donald onset used to do transformers as our dude. Late night. He'll diamond. Neil diamond singing transformers. I thought I did it already, but if I haven't if you missed it, do defense dance formers. More than meets the. Young. Keep you on the. Face Dead Bettas to destroy the evil I deserve. The DISIP DAKOTA AND Neil diamond's your best impersonation. You also do a pretty good i. don't know much, but I know. Being my you do a better version of Aaron Neville denied to. Mice mind trash. Had No. DOUBT MAY BE. ME. Way Better than mine way better than mine there you go. That's the extent of our impressions. COLECO vision great game system. I felt like a baller because I. had it and you know it remember? The control was like A. Long rectangle and there was a certain on the bottom. Yeah, not to be confused within television, which I didn't have or in television. Well was it in television? It was COLECO vision. Start with the Atari Twenty six hundred I remember that. Everybody had that. And then COLECO vision go ahead, Randall we. Feel like the guy with the gaming headset you weigh in. This big sound, a hundred years old I'm only doing a puzzle during Cova. That is all of the original video games. Tari and like yeah, so it's. Puzzle. It's a mismatch. Few Van Gogh's starry night and we are not even getting anywhere near to starting it but I. Feel like if it was the old game console view. Had it done already I'm sending to you. There's an Alpha mentioned in the shop. I loved off. I was a huge fan of Alpha, announced to maximize. What are you doing? The puppet from outer, space. Who Love to eat cats. I, remember being a little kid and the trailer teaser for Alf came on and I remember being a little kid. My first film critic going that looked so stupid. Custody loving ALFLEX having. Animals. What was that about Al? I visited the outset you did remember. Yes, now was it raised up so they can have puppeteer. Yes, and it was it was. It wasn't a real state that has. No warehouse in Culver City. Max Right who was who played the father, who was an accomplished a few actor, and Shakespearean, actor and genius actor. All around fucking hated it I think that's part of the lore is that he absolutely hated doing a puppet show. Now, did you? Did you watch all the Alps? We really just because there's a episodes I meant to me, I'm not ready to re watch podcast, but there's a very special alf where I I remember mostly is crying during Sweetie Alfred Visit Girl in the hospital. It was like you know tonight on a very special health. With D. member when they would like back in the day for those who are too young. When there was a sad like on scrubs episodes all the time, but I'm old sitcoms. They would always warn you like tonight on a very special silver spoons. Will. Recur will kill a deer. We, recommend, we recommend parents watch with their children. Remember that for sure, but on scrubs. If it was sad, we would play the theme song a little. Yeah. A. Silver spoons when the record kill the deer, there was different strokes when Dudley got molested by the bike shop owner. Remember that I do remember that and everything happened to Dudley or Arnold Yeah, and then I don't know what happened on now, but I don't know. If they made the announcement, it must have been serious. Ten nine. Special episode Alf Alf Learns to touch himself. Oh boy. I used to have an animal and A. On their mind. made it sound like I fucked the dollar I didn't I just I just. It did sound like you. Feel. Like. You're about to say I I. Didn't tale. I don't Know No. No, no, he did not. Look at how to tail off did not have a tail. You feel really confident about that. You didn't some. You can see al asked that much. Okay. Let's talk about how well Johnny doesn't this episode. Monologue, section, everybody's great in the jewel. You look at your face lit up. Does have a tail. Shit! Sending. Donald You fucking liar I just don't remember the long-term listen. Dog Stale and it only you can see him like he's looking out the window and single shy listen, but I wanna see if the allies remember episodes of scrubs. How am I supposed to remember out? Who doesn't have a tail so I have a memory I think what I was trying to save the stuffed animals I used to pull outs tail through his legs to make it look like it was albums peanuts. My Gosh. All right. All right so NEC is good in this episode. Before we do that, let's go back a little bit. I didn't know the Kelso's actual name was Kelso cassava dishes. Rich calsonic of yeah. I don't think comes up again, but this is the first episode where he introduces his wife's name Enid right. And I thought that was very interesting that you know. He changed his name to fit to be to sound more American so I set a Casanova which it then became Kelso. I think everybody did including Donald Phase on and Judy and Sarah. Everybody was great in these monologue sections. They were Oh my God it was kind of a cool. It's funny, because documentary sal became very common in shows like the office and and modern family that we're doing sort of the shaky cam documentary style was not a style did on scrubs because of this segment I don't know why. The interviewer was so herky-jerky with the damn camera I mean. Put The fucking thing on a tripod and. The. Interviewer was making his own shaky Cam TV show, but I thought everyone it seemed like the the mandate was they were not going to have cuts in them, and they would all be long takes and. And I, thought everyone did a really nice job in those scenes. Do you call it? They prepared us for that. Because the fact that I knew my lines like that was very weird. You surprised yourself. I'm watching and I'm like they're gonNA cut soon because there's no way I remember. We we talked about it a lot and We knew it was gonNA be when I, if I remember correctly the those are. Half the monologues that we did I mean part of the reason. Why be upset so long as those chunks and I remember Johnny see I feel like he was disappointed. 'cause there was another long Take it. Oh, so even though this episode is. What did we say? Twenty, four, Twenty, eight, Twenty, eight, twenty, eight I think at the editor's cut was closer to forty. Yeah, and there's a really cool section later on we're. We're Donald and judy side by side, and they're still not cutting, so they were able to time out I. Don't Know Judy in the room. Reading with you down to your remember. No that that was it gave us ear wigs I think for that. Because you're we get if. He's a tiny piece that goes in your ear. That you that you can't see. The camera can't see. I remember rehearsing it with the voice wreck I think they recorded Judy I could be wrong though I think. They recorded judy first and then. I I went in Africa her to record. The timing of that was perfect. Because you, you know you, you had to stall, so you're like thinking. And then you took a sip of your water and food totally look natural, but it was well done by by Larry, chilling, trilling men that was one of the that was one of the. Highlights in my notes that I wrote. This was his first episode to direct for us, and we gave him a pretty. You know you guys gave him a big brando. And you and bill gave him a pretty big episode to produce I wonder. WHAT MONEY DO I get to make this. Go easiest for me. You know what I. Mean Like I'm guessing. He was told that it was going to be a long one because right Randall, or was decided after the fact. It was decided after the fact that we didn't know what was going to come out, but we knew from timing the the table read that we were up against a an. We didn't make cuts in those. You know soliloquy pieces. Are you know directly to the? For some reason I feel like production-wise. There was just a lot of talk about the pizza clock like getting the right angle in how much pizza take out! We're in that bedroom for so long, which was a tight set? And Sarah know we were friends. and. We really loved each other, but that was a very bizarre thing to have that much fake sex. All over one set for many days on end were yet. You. Guys were very much in each other's face, I was going to ask you. You guys made out a lot in this episode. Yeah, how awkward was that for you? I think it was. You know we always hear actress Oh. It's you know it's all very. Choreographed, and it's not weird. It is weird. There's everyone's standing around. With your good friend. It's you know it was. It was bizarre. I remember being because also a lot of most times like okay, there's a quick make out scene. It's a TV show. That's that's all it ever is. This was like wrestling around and groping each other and for days. Was We. Face to face, not only face to phenomena, Donald. You gotTa Menaka but NOCCO was we had a man named Kevin was his last name Renell. Do you remember that can't be right now? Kevin? Town, you tires also hires the whole crew everybody so he should really know. But Kevin used to see that we all used to knock it back in the days still. Spray, the Aerosol, Benach and. We made a joke like great because the boom mics right over your head like it'd be great. If there was a boom, there was Benakka on the boom. Because then we can just reach up. pull the boom mic down and grab it off next day. We show up. And he had velcro D- Benakka to the end of the boom Mike. Mike itself. And Temple. And Kevin. Santee Kevin santee thank you and and literally wasn't just a joke. He kept up there for like months. And whenever you need a Benach, you just reach up. Grab the boom pole. Pull it off to a spray velcro backing sticking up i. go crazy with the Benakka 'cause. I felt like maybe if I spray enough in my mouth, the era saw the freaking mint will get me high enough. When you'RE WEARING OFF SO DONALD Weeded worn off and he was on set to let me try and get high for knockout. One day random came into the room rental. Tell me if you remember this. And you're like Donald and we were on set you like Donald. Wake Up. Do I need to splash coordinator facing something? Is something. I am no, no, no, no, no, but in my mind. I was like they know they know. That's probably because you. Know the only time I took a long time to get to set was when grand theft auto vice city came out and I remember one time they were trying to set and I was on my way out the door, and Randall's pushing my door in as I'm pulling it then I was like hi, and he was like kid up stairs. Be Backup, I had to get up the grip grab. People skimmed I, remember sending a PA to your house one time. Zach somebody climb over the fence to get you A. Really, bad moment know what happened with the pound what had happened was the power went out. The power went out in my in my on my street or my neighborhood, and so the alarm didn't go off, and and also the phones didn't work, and so I woke up to a PA knocking on my window. and which is the worst site if you're an accurate, it's like the most horrible feeling and I remember getting to set really late and bill like no. No, don't worry. We'll split the fifty grand. I think during scrubs I had a real moment of peace about producing which was I gave up on the idea everything being okay for more than five minutes at a time, because nothing's ever always okay, it's. Not and Now fires. Nobody comes to my door to be like everything's great as our. You know somebody took my candy. We don't have any failed. You know somebody's late, so ever run out of film. We came we came close. We used a lot of short ends one particular week because part of the reason that we were. Able to fire under the radar financially and one of the reasons that that show is one of the last shows to be on film. Is because. We shot on sixteen show Super Sixteen, not thirty five, so we cut our production costs. You know by a lot, but we made a great print. I mean we. We show that show on a DJ in the DJ scream held up. Those. You don't know this is one of the last. Show still being shot on film, especially sixteen millimeter film probably at the time probably is right now. I would I would guess now unless it's like a big budget feature. Netflix's or something, but most people don't do that anymore anyway. And it's one of the reasons why people always ask how come there's no, Blu ray and a high resolution. Sixteen by nine version of the show is because when we made it, we didn't and we were done with. No one anticipated all this streaming stuff, so it was never up. Res- TO BE Four K. video right? They didn't cut the film. And then and then we do and some of the film that we use. You can't even get anymore. A lot of the flashback scenes I think I think you'll see it. In in season, one are shot on something that was called reversal film, which was like from the Vietnam War could had this look of yeah. Abbas Pacific texture those? In fact, there's different clearly different films being shot for these interviews sequences because they're very grainy and have a different color. Palette than the show itself. Did you win switch? When did we switch over to chip? Than when did we switch over to digital? Because I know you do it? In season nine, it would only been using nine. I think it was before season nine to be. I don't think so I. Mean 'cause because it was talked about so much shows 'cause NBC had made this mandate that everybody was going digital, but then when they looked at our numbers they were. Doing. What you're doing like a I think maybe in that season nine we were. I honestly can't remember us. The top of my head. I remember that I remember that that was very interesting when you would see them changing mags or somebody getting the film ready for the day and having to put the film in a Mag so that it could fit on the camera and reaching into this like. bag it looked like A. Is What it looked like. Picture like a miniature camping tent that like that would fit on a desktop, and it was blacked out so that they could put their hands in there and not expose the film while loading the camera magazines. Right I I. I remember when we switched over to I. Guess it was season I where we switched over to chip and I remember being like this is the easiest thing in the world. Why didn't we do this before? We could do takes for days and days and days all I remember all my fuck ups. Every time I missed a line or forgotten line and everything like that I. Remember being like how much how much more do we have automatic with? Before. You know what I mean before we're out and we have to change the MAG again you'd have you'd have about eleven on on a sixty meter magazine, and and he'd be like trying to get me like how much how much more before we ruled out I gotta I gotta I gotTa. Go forever now you don't don't we got. We got cut. We only got like one thousand feet all right. When I say to Sarah. A stool sample not for medical reasons my robot needs food. I made that. I'm proud to say and Sarah cracked up at it and. So random and weird, but I love it. Okay if I gotTA. Feed my robot. Robots PU patient Poo. Poo for the broke with all comes down to. It. And I laughed out loud when Sarah is in seventeen o four. Sarah's making fun of my laugh 'cause she's like already over me. Is So funny the. Impression of you because I mean that lasts has got a lot of genuine laughs. The silly jd left off through the season. I feel like that's how I think that's how every relationship should be. What you see is what you get, you know what I mean. Horizontally unfortunately what you see and what you get, sometimes you think you want it, and then eventually it makes you wanNA. Kill the person which turns out to starts out to be with Elliot and J D. She loves to laugh in the beginning I. Love, it's so cute. And then at the show. She's like. Laugh to laugh that again one more time I dare you. Say What? Again In the. Out Say, what one more time! I know I hear you. Isn't that so sad? Though in a relationship goes sour, and all the things you thought were adorable. You now just fucking hate yeah. That was my life back in the day. Oh you got such potential Rehab. Some guests here, Randall, so we have guests that come on the show Randall I. Know that you don't listen to the podcast so randomness podcast listen. He does he does. He does somebody was like Yo they talked about you on the podcast. I'm them. That means that Randall was told by someone. Listen to one. OR THEY GOT A. Real friends I was like ooh. I got shot out. We're going to go to break. When we come back. We'll have our guests. Here's something. Good is a new show from the Seneca. Women podcast network and I heart radio. Each day we aspire to bring you the goodness. The silver lining the glass half full because there is good happening in the world everywhere every day. We just need to look for and share it. Here's something good. As a short daily show offers inspiring stories, helpful tips and shared experiences to motivate and inspire you every day. Letting you in on the best advice, we've done the new south brightening our day and practical insights from leaders, you know, and some that you may not including ordinary people making an extraordinary difference. Here's something good comes to Monday through Friday. It's a great way to start your day on the positive side of life, I'm Kim as a rally co author of fast forward and co-founder of Seneca women for years. We've been bringing you power purpose in connection, and I look forward to sharing new and something good with you every. Listen to hear something good on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts wherever you listen to your favorite shows subscribe now. So Randall when we do the commercial breaks, and the song comes back. It doesn't have the a lot of a lot of our fans like to add their own That's part. Barbara I'm. Barbara and Robin. Twenty. One of US adult. God things are getting you guys. Two different women have entered, and they appear to be identical twins in different parts of the world. Where you guys calling from I'm calling from UK. Your name, you can come. In. And you're an. So you, guys, SP-, are you a doctor? Yes I am yes. I am I'm not working yet. Okay I had some problems for coronavirus, which delayed some. Technical issues. Okay okay right and then Ravi. What about you are you a doctor to? Know No, I got. Last February! So lawyer doctor while your parents. Happy, very proud. Last time we saw each other was at the of March when I brought bobby to the airport. To flight to go to the UK and move their. Car for a long time. Yes a lot a lot, so that's why I also asked you to do this meaty. Ethel because I knew that it was very important to her. It is important for me, but she had a very tough time, so oh well. We're here to cheer her up. I'm so glad you called in because we not only. Do you have the legendary Donald? Phase on here and he's always funny. You have Randall Winston. Who was our line producer? But you may know him as Leonard. The security guard, and also he played death and. We've gotten a lot of questions for death on our instagram pages so I finally. You can ask any question you have. Wonderful Mush mouth from the. Russian out from free in the fat. Our jump our gang, yes! From Buick three different parts Randall you. Had that big ass helmet on your head to? All right, let's get ahead. Ladies gasket question. I would like to start it because I am in companies while so sometimes we argue about the best. To perform you know when you have to feel in character and you have to feel What's your character is feeling in order to act so I was wondering whether sometimes you had some difficulties with that and to make a very strange scene. You couldn't really feel what the or third or Leonard. Thank you. Bob Thank you for including him. My pleasure, so if you had to find some strange way to perform I thought about this question when it was listening to your podcasts last week and Donald said when he had to memorize the line. You need a surgical council that you had to make a song. So, My question is not about memorizing things. She's more about like acting feeling it yeah. I when I strapped on the arm. Here's. Here's the thing. You. See you work hard. You'll work so hard to try to feel everything, and that's what comes with being an actor. You're going to work hard harder than you've ever worked in your life to try to feel it. But when the camera rose, and you don't feel it. Better Act the shit out of it. You know what I mean. Because at the end of the day, it still has to be made so you're gonNA work your hardest to try and feel the emotion and find the emotion and pinpoint what it is that you you know, you'll make notes and do all of that stuff, but there comes a time when you're doing it where all of that preparation stuff isn't helping. You know what I mean, and so when it's not helping, it's time to act the shit out of it. And, that's just how it goes. I would say there's times when it's really just natural, and then there's times where it's feels forced, and you don't feel present. You can see the cameraman and you can see the crew and your stomach's growling, because you're hungry and you know you had an argument with someone in your family, and all these things that happen in any job in your in your in your head, and you're distracted, and the trick with acting is to always be as present as possible, the good news about acting on film and television. Is You really only need to do it in spurts because you're trying to shine? For your other, but also when the cameras on you when it's on when you're whoa matter what the shot is when you're doing a play, you have to maintain that for for two hours and seen real, but with with film and TV acting the real challenges to get it in spurts enough so that it will cut together and be a believable but but yeah, it can be really really challenging especially when you're. There's so much distraction. There's phone's ringing and there's a helicopter overhead, and and you're upset about something in your private life. You know it's it's a real challenge to do everything you can to be present in the moment when you can't be present. That's what that's. What acting is then you until you make it fake it till you make it now, Randall when you were playing Leonard. G. Love didn't look. Didn't Leonard have a love interest by the way, Oh yes, I had a senior. Wasn't she? Fellow security guard, or no, no, she was she. Maybe she was a candy striper or something. and. She would seem they're not. Oh Robbie knows she was old. Robbie task be there was I had to? Open Mouth Kissing her. That was specifically requested. By her. Was it in the script? A. Little foggy. But you know I think. Sort of question. How did you maintain being president in the moment when kissing the senior citizen? Robbie I have been listening. Listening to. Listening to her, mouth. Okay, ladies, good question. Yes, go ahead with another one. Donald Left. He was so offended by that question. You left. Okay, so my question news we watched scraps a lot of time and the first time we watched it. We were dis- teenagers, and so we watched it in Italian. So I wondered if you. Listen to yourself dubbed in other languages, such as John or Spanish or I hate how they dumped me in Spanish and Italian and stuff like that I never have a deep voice overs i. Yet Buffet Your Voice. Tonight. Is that in most countries when you become a known actor, they pick the same actor to always do. So if Donald's in one, he's in scrubs and then he goes off to do another film. That has nothing to do scrubs. It's usually the same actor being donald and that I had that one person is. No! Was He playing this? Don't worry about it I did him? What scrubs I got this? DONALD'S TO DONALD. That voice will always be his voice. pisses me off, man. I have. I've heard myself in almost a so many voices traveling around the especially when the show is on nonstop, we travel around the world, and you turn on the TV and there. You were speaking German. It was very funny I remember! Then there was a thing where we had Germans in the show Herman the German right with the balloon thing. And then in remembering. They had to change where they were from because it made no sense that their language was different. Think about it if the show has character speaking of the language and all of a sudden, this shows dubbed into that language, then have to switch that person's language. So what makes sense I think we've made them Belgium. Yes, I think you're right. Now Randall. How do you feel as being dubbed as death in Leonard? As long as my fan base. L. Doesn't. Have you ever heard yourself dubbed in other languages Randall? I have not the good thing about dubbing death. Is that you don't see his mouth? mm-hmm, so it doesn't look at that. I prefer subtitles, but they don't. They don't do that. A lot of countries just. I don't prefer subtitles. Subtitles! Rather be dubbed Yeah I'm a very poor reader so having to read. Subtitles. Does your screen does your dyslexia? I've never asked you before, but does that make you less likely to watch subtitled films? No you know. A good movie is a good movie, no matter what even with a learning disability. Even if it is written on the screen, my dyslexia so bad that I can't. Keep up right. I just never asked You I wondered if you if you said fuck, it's a pain in the ass for me to read subtitles or not I I would. I would prefer not to read I. Prefer to listen to dubbed mix. GotTa. You guys have another question. Oh you're giving them three because there's sisters separated sisters. This is the first time they've talked to each other. Since March right they're using us. They don't care about scrubs. They just want to get to talk to each other. I did a show back in a day called free to family, and we did a space bridge to Russia and this is like our space bridge between the UK and Italy saw. Alyx Freebie. You and me yeah, it was free to be you and me. We're GONNA we're. GonNa have. To be you and me so? We're free to be I can say it in Russian Moakley. We beat E. R.. E. T. mobile breed odd in you're. Right? Wow, we're free to be you and me. You and me were free to be a family. I only know little Russian. Co leapt album when he played Russia and he said. Many as vote Billie Joe and the crowd went crazy I know that because I got to wrap. We're free to be you and me with the fat boys. A lot of people don't remember the fat boys, but the. One of them was an amazing beat boxer and he beat box to while I rapped anyway so. Ever, answer any any any calls the scrubs phone that were from out of the country. No I never answered an when we did this episode with Call Turk and we talk Caltech. Phone. Line and bill thought it would be. I don't know if you're bill Randall said you know rather than to a five five five number. Let's get a real number and all ring on a cell phone, and so the cell phone was in the scrubs production office, and it would just ring all the time, and when you Iran newly just walking through when you had a minute to kill you just answer and talk to fans because it would just ring nonstop, right? Stop for like five years. We kept the map. We put pins in it. You know every time we get calls. Yeah, that was cool. It was all over the world. Aren't ladies one last question? Go ahead. That's the thing I started to read. What the show as well doing Squadron Klein is my. My boyfriend was with neon. He never watched scrubs before so I wanted to watch it with him, and we watched on Amazon Prime, and I noticed the thing that you mentioned sometimes in the podcast that they changed a few songs especially one. It really pissed me off the chain sleep. It was the one in the second season. When Deon a piece again and they start again and I. It's streaming of you. of the coral. And I I was so waiting for dot scene, and when he arrived, the song was a different one, so he was so pissed off and. We are to. Yes so I was wondering whether you have some what one song or two that you really really like an your custody in you know in one seat scrubs, and you would really be angry if someone change good question. Well, you know anytime. Josh rate and did music on the show. If that got taken off the show I would be very upset one because. Is a very close buddy of mine. And to his songs. It seems like were made for the episodes of scrubs. You know what I mean like I. Don't know if Zach and Josh had a thing where Zach would be like. Oh, I need you to write a song about this and he'd be like I, got it. No, but I mean the the the example that comes to mind same thing with me is is. Is Josh Song because. We've told us on the podcast before, but when he wrote that song winter that played at benefactors, characters funeral It was the first time you've ever written, but he didn't have. Everyone was like Oh my God. This is amazing where your? Where's your album? He's like album, only rim. So that one was particularly special to all of us because Josh friend. He started playing guitar lead in life. He wasn't someone who played as a kid and all of a sudden. You know with the thanks to bill. Putting on the show. His clear blew up and he traveled. When the world is not under lockdown. He travels all around the world, and you guys should see him when he comes to Italy. Because you'll see your recognize a lot of his music that was in scrubs. Another person wanted to mention was Colin Hay who really special to the show and guess what we're trying to get your help. By the way the fans are all listening. I get collins information because we'd like to have him on for the episode. He was on season two okay are. Get. My last contact but Colin was a real friend of the show and finding funding, and had a good sense of humor about himself There was a song. I think it's in this season. The Christmas episode in Donald You're running and we play Centerman. Yeah, that song. Super powerful in the episode, and and we were all disappointed when songs got changed particularly in those first couple of seasons, because we were sort of like the bastard stepchild over there, and like always held to a very strict low budget number. We licensed a lot of songs not for forever. When you license this I may have something in perpetuity and all of the media that is now known or yet to be figured out, and you can keep the song. Is, wanted to the music wasn't licensed that way, so we had to make some of those decisions about which Beta kill. I always assumed it was. I didn't know what you're implying is that as the seasons go on? Then did shy, started doing contracts that would cover streaming, but no one knew what stream was at the time exactly exactly so like the first couple of seasons the first couple of seasons if the licensing has run out, and and they re renegotiate or sign on to continue the licensing, the network automatically just change the song. Yeah I mean I actually had to sit with music editor music licensing for like a week, or so after the seasons were over in the summertime to figure out like. What songs were I always wondered who was who's putting these songs on? We talked about that on the podcast that you don't listen to, but we always wondered. One intern intern somewhere is choosing these like second best song it's. Exercising killing babies like everything was great, but like you absolutely cannot have all of this. You know what do you? Save right. You're not gonNA have centreman forever. All right ladies we have to move on because death has to take his kids swimming and. But thank you. I I'm sorry. I feel sad that your two sisters that are separated. That's horrible. Is there anything you want to say to each other? Yeah, is there anything you want to say to each other? While everyone's listening, it's a free call. We actually. Rehearse it before. Using. A picture with of course, yeah, let me just get fresh for you. Let me get we go. Here. Thank you. So much. Thank you be saying so much. Be well safe. Nineteen O nine in the bowling alley to people on the left side of the screen, a spike, the Lens. Look directly into the camera I'm not sure. The bully is that. The day when? Our prop man got stuck under under law. I, yes, it is. You retrieved the ball was. Reached in. It was proper, Patrick Patrick Bolton. Wasn't 'cause. It was somebody who he laughed at much long before we helped them, it was A. The thinking. The thing came down on him. We thought it was. It was like a cartoon. Yourselves legs out, and then suddenly somebody was like. Oh my God, we'd. We should probably take get him out of there. I remember I. He wasn't with us very much longer after that evening. Not. Soon after he hid rowdy in the ceiling. He went to that guy. That guy went to Jimmy Kimmel. Okay so anyway to people at the bowling. Alley, look right in the Lens. If you're interested in your in your new hobby of finding people who spiked the Lens. Donald you say my baby knows how to knock him down. That was funny. My baby does no. Not that was a lot of fun. Okay like most episodes. We've watched so far when watching this. I didn't remember any of it and I thought that was the cutest thing I thought. Turk and Carla was so cute, and so on point for the joke. When JD's like you know. Couples go through this. This is what happens named. Show me a happy couple, and then right away. You see Turkey and collar enjoying themselves, yeah! It's wonderful, and they're so sweet together I mean you just you just love them? And then especially, of course when you cut the documentary footage thing and they're you know in their being so adorable and both saying how much they love each other. And you're rooting for them. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and not necessarily for Elliot and J D in this episode, even though it starts off where you're rooting for the music Intel. Once it gets to the bad times, you're like. Wow, these guys really aren't good for each other went sour so quick though very well. You only have a half an hour. Tell the story. No I'm saying like in the world of the show they DANE rally in two weeks, and then they were like this isn't working i. Wasn't by bill because he wanted you know. He didn't want to have that protracted building. The, will they? Won't they? The friends thing you know then. He ended up doing it anyway. Yes, but that's because it warms well even at the end right, but even at the end of the episode you say. She, you know the the therapy, do I think it'll work? Yeah I do. and Jd's right JD's right does work. It just doesn't work at that moment in time. In the long run. In the in the grand scheme of things. These two are meant to be together so sad, though I was I was sad. Watching it that the two people who love each other who I'm just a sucker for unrequited love and and love that cannot be, and here's to people that we want to be together, but they they can't. But that's when Harry met Sally like you said that's. That's when Harry met Sally all over again. You know what I mean. Yeah Like that's one of my favorite. That's first of all one of my favorite movies billy. Crystal and Meg Ryan but. That story is great, you know. It reminds me of a few and apple lyric when she says only kisses on the cheek from now on and the little. Lonely have! No no not baby. All right if I need to, I'll just use your simple name. Finish it. Only kiss on the cheek from now on, and in a little while we'll only have to save of so fucked up the only have to wave. Hey, hey, doing. Hey. I remember breaking up with someone and then going to give them a kiss, and they gave me the cheek, and being like yeah, that's probably where would I should probably on shake from on? And now like his wave the last thing I wanna say is. I liked how judy a her delivery and also the writing when she she ends the the documentary section and she says he seems to like who I am. And I just thought that was so sweet like an all bullshit. Aside it seems like he genuinely likes who I genuinely am and I just thought that was really pretty. Randall? You've been phenomenal guests. You thank you for having me like we're one. Step away from getting in your car with you, so we want to let you go. We should. You just promises? She'll come back and do come back, Randall. I feel like you're going to be a fan favourite. Delighted to hear the. Use, wash cloth in the shower. Yes Okay Randolph Black. Dude I'm trying to tell you this. I'm trying to tell you this. All black people use wash cloths. We on, you get clean. Dr Randall. into our theme song. Thank you, everybody for listening to fake doctors. Real friends Randall Kinnisson. THREE TO ONE NO TV! Show, he doesn't listen. He does. He's just been outed, is this? Castle. DOT says. Candidate. Paul! Here. On. October Sixteenth Nineteen seventy-two to Congressman Vanish on a small plane in Alaska. Despite a massive search they're never found. The case goes cold. That is until I start researching it I'm standing right that'll of portage, pass and Alaska. My Name is John Wall Zach and what I found is one of the strangest stories you've never heard. Did he indicate what was in the suitcase? He said it was a bomb, so join me as I travel from Arizona to the Arctic Circle trying to crack this case. Listen to missing in Alaska on the iheartradio, APP Apple, podcasts or wherever you find your favorite shows. Hi I'm Mara gave Ocampo host of the trend reporter a new podcast from I heart radio. You may know me from TV where I cover any and everything as a four time Emmy Award winning journalist in my new podcast, the trend reporter I'm putting my reporting skills to work in the world of beauty and wellness I'm talking to fashion stylists, makeup, artists, influencers, health, experts, and more to find out everything you WanNa know about the trends you should know. Listen to the trend reporter on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast.

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You Asked and LaLa & Randall Answered - Love & Marriage and Co-parenting & Babies

Give Them Lala ... with Randall

40:21 min | 7 months ago

You Asked and LaLa & Randall Answered - Love & Marriage and Co-parenting & Babies

"Hello sugar babies. It is la La Ken Randall. And this gives them while out with Randall. And here we are at Sir. Podcasting our asses off. We haven't left here last week. We're at Sir this week breath sir. I think I think we'll be in a surfer. Good joint it's the mothership is the mothership I know. And for those of you who are listening. And don't know that you can call us at eight six six blah blah pod eight six. La La Pod. We would love to hear from you and ran. We also have an overwhelmingly overwhelmingly amount is outright with it. It's not right voicemail Tim. W want to correct her and overwhelming amount overwhelming. Leave the off. And that's where I was good in English class. I swear I'd done good English class. So we yeah we WANNA use today. This podcast will be dedicated to listening to voice mails and just talking about you. Know every you guys WanNa know. But let's talk about why we did this so we have a lineup of superstar guests after this week so we got so much demand for the question part of this and I did too that we decided. Let's just now. We're what five weeks in five weeks five weeks and Tim. Thanks this episode sex. Okay See. We're six weeks. We felt that now we owe it to listeners of the fans who've been cool and rode with us and didn't kick me off the podcast that we just want answer their questions the entire episode. And I think that's going to be something. We're not going to do a lot but we're going to try it out and see if it works. It's fun so let's get it popping. Let's listen to the first one. All right let's go. Hi John Randall. Just want to say like everybody else unless attack cast. I feel like I'm getting to know an entirely new side of both of you and I can't get enough and I love seeing a couple. My question is we've been able to hear a little bit about other couples like Jax how they met and their love story and I would love to hear more about you too besides hitting back and tell us more about the first tax cut. I was like and how you went on from there. Thank you again for everything here. Most people I love her. Well we did in our podcast. A couple episodes ago dive into how Jackson Brittany Matt which was Super Interesting and Fun Vegas. Yes we did not you and I are first time. Meeting was at Sir. Yes we I bet it Sir I saw you. I was during holiday time. We're having a holiday dinner here for the company and I saw you. Tim was here right. I was and then I saw you and I was like. Oh my God that girls so beautiful and so I set my guy over to get your number because I was intimidated and timid eater drunk. I'm not sure but drunk. What do you think tim? Maybe a little about a little bit and then you dismissed him like he was a beneath you. This is Alex. We're talking about our other producer on vacation. And and that was it and so then we just want to say he's sent his his business person. Alex over to ask me if I was an actress and I was like he knows me from TV. He says you know. I like to introduce you to Randall. He produces movies. I was like yes. Call my manager and my manager and we took a meeting because there was a movie that we ended up making the row row which you were in which a college fund the Horror Film and we took a meeting with your manager and enduring the meeting. The restaurant we had this connection which was very weird. Because I don't think either one of US thought that I forgot my manager was even there correct and to be honest you gave me your number during that meeting. You said take my number. That's actually but fast forward because I I I do want to hear all. That's why they asked the question fast. Forward fast pervert. We talked for months and months months and months. Yeah I never saw each other again. I got a lot of gifts from you fast forward and we went and we were in New York together at the same time. Yes and you were on and after Cohen. I said let's have dinner like let's have this dinner that we've been talking about. We went to dinner and I thought it was gonna be a romantic like first date dinner. And you brought your makeup hair team with you. Yes I was pissed off. I was not a happy now. Well I remember just a little bit. I'm not doing this today. Correct be and I'm not doing it. I swear patients running to this is my version. Okay and we're sixty S. Were GETTING MARRIED. So it's my version and that's how it's going to okay this. We sat down at dinner at Tau. Noah's restaurant got us a nice table right in the middle of the road. Do you remember that part? I remember this park and what you're missing a lot of the beginning. I don which was amazing. Because here's the thing I randall was totally work. That I was not my type. I was not his time. It's all over. What your title. Let's start there. Let's start because now now we're going to. I knew I knew this was not going to go to tell everybody your let's be. Let's just got my story. I am so romantic. Is is romantic over. Max No it was actually. It was real quick biparti laws. So we're at how having a romantic dinner with your makeup and hair person. Yes I had to wait till like eleven thirty. Eat dinner with you because you're on the show wrecked on with the show you come over you walk in the restaurant. You look stunning. Like Oh God beautiful. We sit down and I'm guess I'm like I'm going to get out of here with thirty minutes. 'cause who brings their hair makeup person that dinner so we're sitting there and then within like seven compensating than with dinner. That's who takes them to dinner again. All paying you but I will take you to dinner for your offer but we can talk about your relationship and how you met so it'd be probably equally awkward so long story short. I am eating an eight minutes in you reach over true story. Yes and grab my hand correct at that point. I felt that we had our connect should back. Yeah and I didn't even know the makeup and hair and within before the main course came yes and ultimate. You were the main course but before the named Chris came that was good. See that's shit. That's the most amazing line ever him. I would have never said that shit. Okay and that you reach land. Before dinner came. I went in for the kiss. We kissed. Yes we finished dinner. We went next door to the club. Tau Yup we were just making Allie was. Nobody's business. And then as you like to say we consummated our relationship that night and we have been together ever since. Yes okay. We'll even thought please. I'm begging I just WANNA say this one part because this is important. This is important. Randall and I were texting a lot. We were not. We were not in this zone of like the flirty text but we were calling each other pet names or whatever and then I would get presents. Then you invite me New York and I tell you yes. Listen because I want them to know that the universe was working for us I say yes and then I'm like you know what I need to keep this because at the end of the day like I do want to be an actress. That's why I came to La and then all of the sudden. I get a phone call from Bravo. That says Andy Cohen would like you back on his watch. What happens live I was banned? I'm getting there. I was banned from Andy Cohen. Because James and I got drunk and we're cussing too much. They asked me back and they want me to leave the same day that I'm supposed to leave with you if that is not the universe trying to push us together. I don't know what is and I knew that I wanted to be with you forever. When I took off all my makeup in front of you I had the worst breakout. My extensions were horrible and he said to me you are the most beautiful person I've ever seen and I knew physically. You did not mean that you are seeing much more than just the outside of course and yes. I guess I fell in love with. Everyone was like he's never going to marry you now. Wearing gauged we got engaged in Mexico. Issue I talk. I just want to say something how we GonNa get through this episode. If we spent twenty minutes on each question question. Okay all right way to go just kiss Russell. Can we get any more kiss asses in the room baby? I want to tell you something I know I'm making mocking it making fun of it. You know how much I value how we met and how much I love you and I am very very grateful that it took a long time for us to get together and yes when we did get together that connection that we thought was there was there and we've never been apart since then and yes. We've had a lot of bumps in the road like a lot of relationships too. You know. We both just both of us. Were not perfect and the relationship but in the end you know we are getting married now and it doesn't matter what the fuck anything anybody says or what anybody did because it's today now moving forward as your husband and you as my wife. Were you nervous to propose rant? Oh come on. You don't have to do that so i WanNa know what that process was like freaking out freaking the fuck out so we went to Kabo and it was your birthday weekend. And that's what we said it was and so you were like. Oh my God never WanNa get married. I Never WanNa get proposed to and have a birthday celebration so we got on the plane and we got down there. I was like dude a loser like somebody with no class or understanding of the world would ever propose on a birthday weekend so I got just to manipulate you. Get you out of your head right. You've ever thought it was coming because I thought for sure you smelled it a little bit so I kept reiterating that all week and I was like bay. Look Eagle my nails aren't even exactly and I said I don't even done. I don't get it out of your head right now. You're not getting a ring this week because chipper would. I already planned it out fast forward to the night. It was going down when we got to the hotel and I had the birthday celebration setup. That's when I started to fall apart and I had put the ring in a box inside my boxers and it was roughed him and and so we sat down at dinner. And we're talking about your dad. You know he just passed and we were talking about like the clouds and I remember and I was pretty calm and as the sun starting to set because I knew that time was coming. We'd just finished dinner. I was starting to fall apart. I was trying to keep it together and once it got dark I we had ordered desert and I was like I couldn't take it anymore like I thought it was gonNA have an anxiety attack so I was like babe we need to go for a walk and you know what do you mean. I don't listen to take a walk on the beach and then we'll come back. I WANNA see the scenery. I'm like it's dark out there. Who WAS A bad line? But at that point I had checked out like Elvis left the building and then we started walking on the beach and then I had the big. Tv set up screen and the couches and the s'mores and we walked up to that. I was like you bought into. What is the cycle? This is your birthday present. You Love Friends. So we're going to watch the first episode of friends on the beach of Capo. Yeah that's my dream birthday present by the way. Thank without thrilled about that. And that was pretty good. And that was the distract right. That was a distraction right now. Melting down but now so we lay down on the couches and that starts. And you're happy you're laying there. I'm cuddling you but now I trying. Why the episode? Starting I'm trying to reach into my jeans and grab the ring and it stuck it stuck. I mean it's not a good place and and I can't and she's pressed up against me so there's no still like as I was now petrified like it's all falling apart everything's falling apart so I'm trying to think what am I going to do. In my head. The episode starts and then I remember it went to black and I put on this show like I'd like to my sister dude. I can't believe you're ruining this birthday. We're supposed to be watching friends. But of course. The video that I made for her of us in our relationship comes up so as video comes up with the coldplay song. Yeah she's getting emotional now. I know it's ending like within thirty seconds. Let's say he's still the ring the ring and now I'm like this all ruin. Plus I got a guy up on a cliff about the light off. Ten thousand dollars worth of fireworks so they sizzle bucket disaster and now so bad. Why would I put it in my by? Ball's why would I put it in my jeans so okay? So so? Here's here's the final part. I'm thinking why wouldn't they just put it in my sock? That's all I'm thinking by. Just put it in my sock not gonNA look at inside gene pan so I am done. What's do as it's ending? I decide right when it ends up going to fall off the couch because I'm so clumsy I fall off the couch into the sand around and I'm like are you OK. Hurt like a mother for her. And I'm like Damn it because I'm old. I should doesn't get the ball off like a stuntman so I fell off into the sand at but at that point I yanked it out on my jeans and it's like okay. You know she was like concern for me and then I popped up and the ring and I do read you. Read me beautiful young that you had written about your dad. How you asking my dad which I had never heard that story before and then you whip like I've been the real gripe before I even took I said I just. I want to tell you that I shall. I read the whole thing I'd written and then I with the ring you guys. I didn't know that he was proposing until he like the no. Not AFTER THE AFTER THE VIDEO. I know idea that Holy Shit. I didn't know until you opened the ring and you were like will you be my wife and I was so weird. I don't you had put on. This didn't done this long. Propose the on your birthday which in all fairness he didn't my birthday September second you propose propose on the weekend right so I still wants the ring was there then I was like oh my I was like Israel Israel he goes. You need to answer within thirty seconds that I was about to pull the trigger a fireworks. I had the assistant of the beach on a cellphone. The guy out on the cliff in the ocean. I mean the whole ship was crazy and he couldn't hear like what I was saying. He's hiding behind the screen so it was like a whole thing. We got a pretty much within the start. Like right before he said yes. I said no sale. The timing was perfect. Thirty seconds in the sky just lit up I was like. Oh you are a movie producer. Like how did you pull this up because if you recall we were supposed to go to the Bahamas but the tropical depression happened how you switch the whole shit. That's another thing Tim. I had the whole thing booked in the Bahamas on the beach. They were GONNA. They helped me coordinate it all and there's a tropical depression I go. This is Bullshit Kaba which debt with Mexico in life with a twenty four forty eight hours forty eight hours wolf together and I didn't even know if it was gonna work because it was so last minute. Mexico IS NOT EASY. I mean in the Bahamas like they do a lot of this stuff but like I didn't know if I could pull it off but but then the fireworks said she'd say yes I did it and then she's like S- crying and I go listening. Yes or no real. It's really important right now. Like yes or no because the fireworks some clever about to go off and I was getting so pissed off that they went on. I think you thought they were for the hotel. I think it was thought I didn't know or am I making that up. No one's I saw the giant ring. I just assumed like yeah. He probably fireworks as well. I'm glad this went on okay stories. Listen to let's take a break. We take a break. I think I think we should say good night for this episode. That's week okay. Fine One more question that will go to that. Uh Hi guys this year from Columbus Ohio. I have a question so la La I was wondering what is your most favorite thing about Randall. And your least favorite thing about Randall. And Randall. Same goes for you too about La La la you go first the list would go on and on for what I love about you. Melissa List is short for for what? I don't like what I love about. You is that you have accepted me exactly how I am. You haven't tried to change me one time and I think there's a lot of things that I probably could change all the concerts. The love you shut upon me on the day to day is frigging amazing. The thing that I could really do without is your messy nece. He doesn't clean up and everything. It's a lot of work. That's the only thing is for you to be more than we're a good change. I'm not changing that because I just feel that a home is to be lived in you feel home as museum correct. You would be fine with walking into a museum and saying this is your home. Yes I feel like you should be able to live in it. That's just me but anyway okay. The thing I love most about you is everything I love you. I love the way you love me the way you take care of me the way you love my children how you support my career and you always tell me how it is whether I like it or not. I always loved that about you. And you're not afraid to say what you feel and your passion for life and your passion for relation. How would you change about? I'm going to need an episode or two. I'm just kidding. How do we have two episodes baby? No there's nothing that least favorite i. I really don't feel that way. Like I think that if I could put in a suggestion box okay. This is really gotta be careful here. Sierra might hop box here screw me up no I think the only thing they is that I think sometimes you have a hard time of letting things go and I think you've worked on that a lot like from when I met you but I think the little things you have a hard time letting go for days but the big things you really deal with pretty well but it's like little things like the popsicle stick left on the nightstand. Let go and not only that. You bring it up. Don't let it go because it happens on a day to day basis. So it's hard because you know it's going to have on a daily basis. Why don't you just let it go because you would think that just being like hey babe? Could you throw this in the garbage? Can you'd be like sure and you would do it. And it isn't a home supposed to be lifting. Yes let's let's wrap it up before we say things we don't mean just kidding. Let's keep going. Thanks Sarah we really appreciate. Give them while I with. Randall is supported by better. Help online counseling. Sometimes life is stressful and hard and we all that we can all use a little help when we're feeling down but may not know exactly where to go for what I like about. This company law is that you can connect privately with a counselor through tax chat and make it kind of at your own convenience because sometimes people are too busy working life kids and this just gives you the complete freedom. I've struggled with anxiety. Depression addiction when I lost my dad. I didn't really know how to grieve properly so with better help. You can connect privately with a counselor through text chat phone and video calls and they're licensed counselors specializes in all of these different things that all of us face in different parts of our life. Give them while I with random listeners will get ten percent off their first month with Discount Code. Gtl that's better health dot com slash. Gto Why not get help better help DOT COM SLASH GTL? Because you watched as the cody podcast. Which brings you brand new ideas for TV shows and movies where some funny and creative Brits discover that maybe there is such thing as a bad idea. So the idea iheart didn't show called crazy in love. You've got a group of girls one really rich guy. And then there's a couple of like category mental patients if they must be getting straight back to prisoners so they're paying for prove I'm regressing. This already subscribe to because he watched with new episodes every Thursday. Guys we are back in right now. We are focused on just answering your questions. That you've sent to us be a voicemail. So let's let's get our next question popping while on Randall. I just listened to your first episode and I love it. I'm so excited I of course follow you both Graham and I just want to comment on. What an Awesome Daddy. Oh I think Randall is and just like his ability to just let his girls. Just be themselves and He's always like laughing and having a good time with them and I just want her How you guys co parent and how that is working for you so love. The show fell excited to hear more and Love you both okay. I love questions about co-parenting. I just think it's really important to co parent because my older brother. My mom is his stepmother. So I've learned a lot from her. She would tell me you know how to kind of do things because it's really hard going into a situation and becoming a stepmother you know agree with it. I think that first of all thank you for -nology my my daddy O's skills. I work very very very hard to be there for my kids and love them. And that's a highlight of my life but moving onto that co-parenting. I mean I think we just try to figure it out. I don't think we had. Nobody had a roadmap and in our in our in any of us. We had bumps in the road like anybody. Would it happens. I think it happens. You hit the road and anytime you co parent but I think that. Now we're in a pretty solid place where everybody has kind of working together and I think my I've always preached and it didn't always work but is if you put your kids first everything else will work out and I think we all got to that place where the kids interest and making sure. They're happy and making sure they're safe and make sure their love everybody's on the same page and everybody's working together and by the way don't you agree low. You can disagree and of course because you would without me telling you that the I mean I think that you having a relationship you know a good relationship now the two of you you and you and their mom. I think the kids are are better off happier. I'll tell you one thing. They can't hustle the households anymore. Because that's what they were trying to us. Oh the household they'd come to our house and say one thing. I looked them dead in the face. And I'm like guess what I'm going to tell your mom everything that went down today and she's going to do the same when you're over there the best thing ever. I will say though if anybody's in a situation where the co-parenting is difficult. Don't force it. It's IT works itself out. I'm telling you like there. There was never a moment like we tried to force it to happen quickly. And you know it was a slow process but I would say that because of that process we are in a great place. Because I'm very very happy with all right. Let's go. Let's go to the next question. Hi guys this. Is Kelly from Boston. I off love the podcast. You guys had me tearing off on my way to work when Randall was talking about how his kids drew a world's Best Dad Oscar. I'm sure RANNELLS IN AMAZING FATHER LALAS. Probably the world's best step mom but that's the Saudi our lives. We really don't get to see on the show Just curious if that's the producer's choice or if you guys have made the conscious decision to keep the kids out of the public eye wondering just what your thoughts are sharing that portion of your life? Thanks so much Hey Kelly from Boston. My sister lives in Boston so very cool and my best friend. Mark Walberg is from Boston. Own Job namedrop. That's best friend. I need to pick up the name. So that's my best friend. That's my best friend. Okay my best friend. Mark is no. That is a really good question. I've decided I made the decision to keep my children out of the spotlight as much as I can. And it's not just the show. It's really not just a show. It's pretty much any aspect I mean. They've been on movie sets where cameras have been there behind the scenes and all type stuff and I've really fighting as hard as I can. There there are ten and six years old and I'm just want to keep them away from all that as long as I can and I just WanNa protect them and try to keep their innocence. As long as I can away from that stuff they already know. Dad does movie stuff right and they see actors and they see they see me on TV. They see law on TV. They know what's going on. But I think I just WANNA leave them that part of of their life completely away from I think we would feel differently if we were in control of the content. That goes to the television. But because it's not in any job to shelter them and keep them breath yet. We're always I'm always in law supports this because we had that conversation their mother supports us. We all have agreed that the best thing for the children will be to always keep them out of the spotlight however we love to post them on the Graham because their personalities are so damn. I just your own show. I can't deprive the world of the Hunan Riley and I talked this morning. This is the truth Kelly Reilly and I talked this morning. We made a pact that we are launching her youtube channel and the next month because she really. She's obsessed obsessed. Okay all right next voicemail. Hey guys from Sunny Florida. I was just calling to see if you guys were planning on having kids if your own. It sounds like you have really blended your family. Well and while I was a great So just wondering what your I like. People commenting on my sobriety. The only thing that is equally as cool is that is when people are like wow. You're doing a great job as a stepmother so thank you for saying that it seems like a great step mom really try every day to make and not only that you gave up your entire day today by ten year old. Wanted you to cancel your day which I know you run around and work have priorities like everybody else in the world and you wiped out your entire day for her to spend the whole first half of the day so you are Rockstar. Said Mama give you a lot of props and you and in terms of having kids I I have been told when I entered the relationship. That is non-negotiable that I will be delivering a child into your belly. Yes I mean. I once ran deny decided like we're having babies I called Starchy Katie and Brittany and said. Y'All we need to get on the same page weaning to start this pregnancy pact and have our kids within like a year two at the Max of each other because I need my kids to have friends you know. They don't. They won't have any cousins that live in the same area so I need my friends to procreate and those will be my kids cousins so yeah ranchos he wants one but I think we're shooting for two. Are you good with two know? I'm good with one okay. So to it's not you know we're not moving on with Hey I have an opinion I will be giving you one child to begin with and then we will discuss child number two. Which would end up being child number four for me? You know what all I'm saying is my body my choice. Do not make me like you about birth control. Do not how many how many kids do you have to have any more probably not moving on next question Julia to children. I didn't say that I I did say that. I said we'll discuss what his wife. I just keep thinking about Christmas Day. No listen and you know. We're having like family time. And then London and Riley are like well time to go to my mom's house and then my kid is say one time quiet time we're having two children out doing this on this podcast. This is not for decision. What we should do is we should put it to a vote. Let's have all the listeners. The I love the Act. Leave a listener listeners and the listeners know anything they will support. Randall. What they're gonNa do is working man. Okay listen we're going to leave it up to the left one child or two. You're going to call eight six. Six La La Pod. One of my podcasts producers. Going to listen and the next podcast next week. She's going to deliver to me. What the always taking note of one kid or not going down. This is not binding. Because I'll tell you why it's not buying the okay it's rigged first of all nine hundred thousand of these people are your fans about eleven our mind so to all my fans out there all eleven of you call in and you know which way to vote okay. I'm so done with you all right. Let's take a short break and in that break. I'm gonNA convince Randall to give me two children and we'll be right before we do that. I just WANNA say I didn't say no to. I said well the Scots Okay after break. So you're telling me there's a chance off. We are back with our voicemail podcast. That's that's the direction we're going today your love it. I love it too. Let's get them popping again to talk more episode every talk. Hey and Randall. My Name's Erica. And I just listened to your podcast and Mazda because they refused to pay for cable and so green onto anything reality. Tv that I can find any of innocent. So it's really nice to meet Randall. And what I want to say is or asked. I'm sorry is this Mandalay's talk for much because Long you can only get a word in dry. Even though I totally agree Randall Harrison. A really sexy boy. Congratulations on that. It's amazing but I didn't think he was. GonNa talk that much so much snow brand. Also I like that and you're okay first of all your amazing Burqa. First of all you talk as much as I do that question it was like a monologue but by the way Erica. Talk a lot you and I would have a fun. Lunch together would have the best lunch. It would be about four hours and yes Erica. Actually he talks a lot like for me. It's crazy I'm the one on reality. Tv But like the life that we live is for sure. The Randall show. Do you agree yes you Randall? Show really the Randall show. I would like to be the ramble show but it is definitely the law show but yeah. I mean that's a little bit you talk a lot but I like it. I mean I encourage people to talk a lot. And it's a podcast. So if you're not gonNA talk then. We shouldn't be doing this question. Let me respond to that. Wedge Eric has saying. Is You talk a lot do you or was it? Did that Dinger Ego. So you don't want to talk anymore. I think that a little a little bit. No the reality is. I have a lot to say in my real life every day. I've just not used to being in the spotlight so I think this is a platform for me to be able to be comfortable talking and I'm talking to you and we are together. I probably do a lot of the talking but I'm not. I mean I think I I. Yeah I probably talk if we were going to split up. The percentages on probably eighty percent. That's your twenty percent and then I get mad when you talk 'cause I wanNA keep going like you're about to talk right now but I'm trying to know for sure the Randall show. But you like it. All right next next voicemail. Hiwa rammed all. I Love Your House. It's such a great way to get to know about that. You'd better and you guys are definitely doing amazing. I'm totally looking forward to everyone. Say and my question is for La La. I just kind of wanted to know what was the process. She took to start her cosmetic line things the process. So I'm going to be completely honest. Obviously I have a leg up when it comes to starting a brand because I have a platform which vander pump rules. So a company had reached out to me to do a collaboration. I said I'm not interested in collaborating with anybody. But I'm interested in having you you know. Give me my own line called. Give them La la obviously so They committed to giving me my own line and when I say they. It's a manufacturer. Who does all of these Lipsticks and highlights and foundations? I wanted to start with just lips. I came out with six lip colors and I got to pick the colors. I got to choose the consistency and the texture of everything and people were obsessed with it. Thank you for everyone who has purchased. Give Them Lala beauty and we were at six lip glosses and ventured into over fifty products. And now you guys have given me the means to expand the line even more which I'm so excited about so that's kind of how give them while a beauty came to be if I didn't have the platform that I do have? I'm the type of person who will bang down every single door until I get what I want. So that would be my advice to you. I think that people should take away from that that you are like even though you have a platform and you have. It makes it easier for you. You fight for every dollar of course but I also it gets annoying when you see these famous people out in the streets and they're like oh I'm a billion because I've worked with like no bitch like yeah. You worked damn hard but at the end of the day you had the aware of everybody. So I'm owning that walking. Yes you had a leg up. But but law. There's a lot of people that started a lot of cosmetic lines that don't have the success you have so it's a credit to you. All the ice. I see what you do. Your testing lipsticks. You're coming up with names. You're you're on. Endless amounts of conference calls with New York. All the time. Talking about. You're talking about your brands. Talk about your markups. So a lot of credit. Thank you baby. Hi John Randall. First of all I love you. And your unfiltered opinion. Love it solve Irishman Randall. Bill on people don't like it because they don't have any taste. I'm just curious. What your favorite thing about filming is and your favorite thing about not helping thank you bye. That's a good question. I Love Team Irishman. And thank you. I wish you weren't academy voter because maybe we would have won but no look. It sucked that we you know. We went over ten. That was a rough one. But you know so. My favorite thing about filming everything. I love walking on the set. I love seeing all the People. You work really hard. It's okay we have a lot of noise rather no. I love walking on the set. I love seeing one hundred people that you work hard. You started with a script. You hired a director. You cast the movie and now everybody's team and for me. That's the best part of a film is that it takes an army to make a movie and that it's just such a high to be part of a big machine right and it takes every single person you know that lobby. It takes every single person on the movie set including behind the editor editorial and all that so I went to the set with you of Irishmen and I've never seen anything like it. Mardi was literally behind the camera. Moving extras around. Like even the extra huge part of thousands thousands of thousands. Our budgets are budgets. Twenty one of them their budgets like yeah and the worst. The worst part of filming. I don't have a worst part because I love every aspect. The hardest thing I would say about making a movie. It'd be being away from home that probably the that's probably the only and even complain because you get to be part of something amazing but but being away from home is the shitty part But but when you have. I don't think anybody has the right in our industry to complain because making a movie as a privilege and being part of a film as a privilege. That was a great answer Randall. I why you're so passionate about your work and I really love that about you. You're welcome thank you everybody for listening and calling in and thank you Sir Restaurant for hosting our PODCAST TODAY. If can hear all that noise. You're welcome you're in the room with pomp and we look forward to sharing more goods with you remember. We are every Wednesday. Thank you so much for listening and we will talk to you soon. He guys free the huge fan. I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm bartender. And I find myself now on Wednesday. Just getting huber agitated when the last gasp won't leave the bar because the first thing I do when it's gone it's on your podcast and listen to it and it helps gabby through my clothes so keep doing what you guys are doing. I super entertaining and just absolutely loving cat so fire. Thank you so much. I love to everyone who has already called into US messages. Please keep them coming because we love hearing from you. Call US anytime at eight. Six six while pod. That is eight six six and mother. I love you.

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50 Years Ago, Elvis Re-Entered The Building  In Las Vegas

On Point with Tom Ashbrook | Podcasts

49:00 min | 1 year ago

50 Years Ago, Elvis Re-Entered The Building In Las Vegas

"This message comes from on points sponsor indeed. If you're hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on your a shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started at indeed dot com slash N._p._R.. PODCAST well. It's one volmer who do Ed Frazier. Go Cat go from N._P._R.. And W._v._U. Are Boston. I'm David Folkenflik and this is on point to late. Nineteen sixties Elvis Presley seemed washed up a victim of a Hollywood sirens call offering fame and money and yielding a string of mediocre movies the Rock and roller had been passed by the Beatles Beatles stones by Bob Dylan and by the counterculture itself just as Elvis had surpassed performers named Sinatra Martin and Crosby half a century ago this week Elvis Elvis sought redemption and a huge paycheck returned to the stage after eight years away with a new burst of showmanship during a month of concerts at Lobs Las Vegas New International Hotel. Those appearances were sold out reviving his career and intern reinventing entertainment in Vegas this hour on point the story of Elvis and Las Vegas join us the Elvis fans. We want to hear from you what questions you have about the kings run in Las Vegas. What are your recollections of Elvis? During the second half of his career and more sideburns less jailhouse rock were are at one eight hundred four two three eight two five. That's eight hundred four to three talk or you can join us anytime on point radio DOT ORG or on twitter and facebook ad on point radio with us now from Las Vegas Vegas itself is Richard Zog L'an. He's offered author of the new book Elvis in Vegas. How the king reinvented the Las Vegas show? He's also the author of a book about another legendary entertainer of the twentieth century that would be great comedian Bob Hope Richard Zog Lynn welcome to on Point Hi David great to be here Richard. You're joining us from Las Vegas. What are you doing there well? It's the big week in Las Vegas. The Fiftieth Anniversary of that big big vegas show in sixty nine and <hes> Vegas of course recognizes all it's it's a big anniversaries and I think this was probably the biggest I assume you're dropping in Elvis Cape and the big sunglasses from from you know some certain helicopter drop or something no. I'm not doing any of that stuff but <hes> I'm talking down and it's a it's a big week for Vegas so set the scene for us. Let's talk about Elvis as he would have been in the popular consciousness consciousness in let's say June nineteen sixty nine like where was he in his career. How did people think about him? Well <hes> vague Elvis in during the nineteen sixties was kind of nowhere amazingly that in that whole decade that that great decade of rock and Roll Elvis was not doing any live performing coming basically since a couple of <hes> benefit performances in nineteen sixty one he basically retired from live performing and did only movies and recording and the movies these were getting worse and worse and the songs were no longer making the charts and Elvis's was considered over the hill the Beatles obviously they'd come along the whole rock world what was changing and Elvis was was way off the radar in so many the rock world. Let me just listeners a little clip to remind them or to tell them for the first time for for for some of our listeners about you know before Elvis made this big comeback. We're GONNA talk about heat starting a bunch of movies. It was a paycheck there were diminishing returns but in the movie Viva Las Vegas he starred in the nineteen sixty film as the hero Lucky Jackson when People Anjar in every had we've. I mean I do love the big of a Las Vegas it sticks in the mind but you know how good were these. They would not very good but what was interesting. Is that is the iconic Vegas Song the Iconic Vegas Film Elvis. I had this relationship with Vegas all the sixties he had first performed in Vegas in nineteen fifty six when he was just coming up and he got booked into the new frontier here hotel on a bill with Jackie Green. If you can believe it well this was an odd show in Nineteen fifty-six for Las Vegas and he didn't do very well but Elvis Love Vegas and he kept coming back. It was sort of his favorite getaway he would come thereafter his movie shoots and you know go see shows and pick up showgirls and stay up all night. He made the film viva the Las Vegas there in sixty three married Priscilla there and sixty seven and so when <hes> sixty nine came and it was time for him finally to return to live performing it was sort of a natural place as for him to do it for misspoke earlier. That film came out in nineteen sixty four sixty five. You mentioned <hes> him coming back to Vegas Elvis. <hes> I introduced love me tender. The Public Nineteen fifty six the song he introduced in his appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show wasn't long before that song reached the the top spot in the billboard charts and here was Elvis Presley thirteen years later in Las Vegas performing that song and playing to his crowd thank you if you love me tender who you you are still uh Richards Ogden you hear that they're it sounds a little to my ears Schmaltzy <hes> he would wait in the crowd. Ah during the Vegas Years Concerts and kiss adoring female fans. How much did what he do do in the kind of concert he did in nineteen sixty six hundred deviate from the way in which he presented the same songs all his years earlier well he was <hes> he was a stage performer? He had incredible charisma onstage the women so you know we're still crazy about him and this was a he thing he did. He actually picked up a lot of this from. Tom Jones believe it or not if there was one performer are invading unusual exactly but Tom Jones had started playing vegas in sixty eight and the two were kind of friendly and Elvis. I went to see his show and he saw Tom doing this incredibly electric sort of stage act with tight pants very openly sexual and and Tom would sort would've wiped the sweat off his brow and throw the you know the handkerchief or whatever into the crowd and the women would grab it that was something that Elvis picked up and so that that rush you smooching with the women in the audience. I think that's something he got from. Tom Jones but nobody did it better than Elvis. <hes> I wanted to ask you a little bit about the preparation that went into that show right that that the the way in which they conceived of it I mean Elvis had toured for years. He gets pulled off the tour circuit to do the Hollywood and he hasn't really been doing concerts. How did <hes> Presley and how did his team think about a putting on this this act at the international hotel yeah well? That's a good question because they didn't really have any model now. Vegas was a nightclub town and the shows was the model for the Vegas. Shows was the rat pack and the sort of intimate nightclubs type shows. Can you hear can you remind us who the rat pack was for. Those listeners not not Sinatra Entre Frank Sinatra Frank Sinatra in nineteen sixty was the big show where Sinatra was shooting the film Ocean's eleven in Las Vegas and he brought along his Co co-stars on stage with him at the Sands Hotel night that was Dean Martin Sammy Davis Junior Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop. Those were the big guys the coolest guys in Vegas August the beginning of the sixties by the end of the sixties were not so cool things have changed <hes> and they're Kinda. Show was kind of fading out the Classic Nightclub Era was fading aiding the International Hotel was opening in sixty nine with the biggest showroom in Vegas twice as big as any other showroom so elvis new handed to a different it kind of show and he conceived of it as basically a rock concert like show he didn't have any help amazingly enough or I mean real professional help. He didn't have a director for the show or a hands on producer. He didn't even have a kind of <hes> Vegas Guru to tell them here's how you should shape the set or whatever <hes> or or the the show he did it with himself with just a couple of friends picking going through songs. He picked the backup band himself. <hes> they rehearse songs they rehearsed. There's two hundred and fifty songs they only did about thirty of them actually on stage <hes> but he just basically by instinct put together a set that he thought would please the audience but both to showcase his old stuff he did the old numbers blue suede shoes and everything else and <hes> and then he jumped to the new stuff that he was starting to record and you know those were obviously a different kind of on the big ballads and stuff like to take a call now for natick Massachusetts. I hope I'm pronouncing that right Tom Tom Oh what are your thoughts about the king high yeah tonight <hes> I was in Los Angeles Angeles living there that summer and I had a girlfriend who was in a singing group was opening at another club in Las Vegas and so I was over there a lot and the eldest show of course this was sold out at the new international hotel but I kept persisting and calling up and I finally I can't remember what they're called are going over there but I gotta check it single ticket Gracie <hes> kind of the front row or near front row balcony and so I went to one of the midnight shows that months <hes> I was twenty two and I was a rock and roll fan and I wasn't <hes> at at that point a huge elvis fan because he kind of transitioned to this <hes> this <hes> a little bit plastic <hes> point where he was in a full body suit sequence sculpted hair everything but it was a huge event. Everybody was anticipating then. I thought I should just go see this so I did out of curiosity Tom. What what kind of music was your girlfriend singing the time well they are in a group? If I was in big I grew up in the Mid West and went to college there and they were a group called the Burgundy street singers switch was trying to break into <hes> <hes> just up the mainstream kind of pop song little rhythm and Blues and that sort of thing and they were pretty successful vessel opening <hes> Caesar's Palace for Anthony Newley. Nobody Probably Remembers Anthony do but he was a great British <hes> Singer and songwriter talent and and so I was over there for that and <hes> one of her shows in the evening and then went to the Elvis show at midnight and Tom what did she make of <hes>. What Elvis offered offer that time well? She didn't go to the show. I just had this one ticket and I thought they were. I think they were fairly you know they were Elvis fans and <hes> in a way like everybody was but his his music <hes> you know is is very popular. They didn't do <hes> really heavy rock rock and roll ballad. Thank you thank you for that Tom. I guess we gotta go now to take this quick break. We're looking back fifty years to Elvis's comeback in Las Vegas and his lasting legacy on the city. You can join our conversations what questions you have about Elvis's approach that evolved to his career his music. Would you find most compelling about him. Where at one eight hundred forty three to five five? That's one eight hundred four three talk. We'll check out of the heartbreak hotel but only for a moment. Come on back you here. I'm David Folkenflik in uh-huh beverly you gotTa Take Take Down Lonely Street too Komo News you you you. This message comes from points sponsor indeed need when it comes to hiring. You don't have time to waste you need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast with indeed post a job in minutes. It's set up screener questions then zero in on qualified candidates and when you need to hire fast accelerate your results with sponsored jobs new a user can try for free when you sign up at indeed dot com slash N._p._R.. PODCAST terms conditions and quality standards apply. I'm Sean Covey Danton this week. On hidden brain we kick off our annual summer series you to point out ideas and advice about how you can respond to life's chaos which to just check to my inbox. Just check his check his check my phone real quick with wisdom. Listen to hidden brain from N._p._R.. Every week Brian Yeah. I'm David Folkenflik. This is on point. It'd be a friend of mine. We're discussing Elvis's comeback fifty years ago in Las Vegas Vegas what that redemption tells us about the man and his city that rendition of Hound dog from back in nineteen sixty nine. You can join our conversation. What questions do you have on the king's multiyear residency in Vegas? They called it a residency. He's doing shows. Did you attend one of those shows. Were one eight hundred four two three eight two five five. That's eight hundred four to three talk. You can also follow follow us on twitter. Find US on facebook at on point radio with me. Richard Saga in his new book is Elvis in Vegas. How the king reinvented the Las Vegas Show so tell me up Richard? How did he put together a set like if you were to have gone to one of those shows what would you have heard in terms of the works that he made famous or that he was associated with works from other folks that he wove into a show to try to appeal to a newer younger or different audience right well? Maybe not in Vegas. I gotta say now they were both they were yeah. It was most of the over thirties but <hes> you know elvis had his set had a very definite shape. He started with the old songs. The ones you've played hound. I'm doug any Sangam faster than the in the old days almost like he was trying to get through them quickly because he really wanted to get to the new stuff that he was starting to record the previous winter. It had a major recording session in Memphis where he recorded stuff like in the ghetto which was a big hit for him on the charts one of his his biggest hit in years actually that song was written by Mac Davis by the way and he would do a sentimental songs <hes> memories he got he wanted to show the range of what he could do. You know Elvis had an amazing voice that he listening to those songs. I mean you can hear that when he does heartbreak hotel. Oh Man I think he's just better than he was in the original song in the fifties <hes> so the voice could just handle everything from country to Gospel Ospel too big operatic ballads and so he he moved from the old stuff to later stuff. You did a lot of covers he covered the Beatles yesterday he covered <hes> Johnny Good Chuck Berry's famous sunk so he did old and new but he moved from the old stuff generally to the <hes> to the the new stuff that he wanted people. He wanted to be a big singer. He wanted to sing to everybody. He didn't care if he wasn't doing cutting edge rock and roll anymore he wanted to showed that he he was a singer who could handle everything could appeal to everybody and I thought that was a a kind of a major reinvention of himself in that in that Vegas show I wanna give listeners and other taste. Elvis released suspicious minds during his Las Vegas run that song would give him his first number one hit in seven years here. He is performing suspicious minds in August nineteen sixty nine. We're caught in a trap. I can walk recall uh-huh. Why can't you see who what's it through you? We suspicious US MA suspicious bridge Zombie Glenn I gotTa Acknowledge. I was introduced that song by the fine young cannibals cover of it in the late eighties early nineties and I server was backwards introduced Elvis certain ways that songs like suspicious minds Kentucky Rain really represent new material with adult themes of loss and read which you know I think fair to say also kept sets from becoming an oldies show. I WANNA take a caller to now. We've got a call from cohasset. Massachussetts Susan's calling in Susan late on high just wanted to share a little <hes> Elvis Personal Elvis Trivia story I grew up in Memphis and my dad was is in the insurance business and he handled the insurance on Elvis's hands which Criti- needed to play that guitar Elvis's hands his hands yes great and one day one day we were driving <hes> over past after he'd moved from his previous home <hes> to to Graceland and it must have been probably mid sixties sixty four maybe and he pulled out of his big gated driveway in his little. Whatever little sports car he was in and we happened to be passing right at that time and he was driving and we happen to be the next car behind him and we continued on you know past graceland and following him and there was a young boy about let's see twelve thirteen years old who is hitchhiking and Elvis stop and pick the kid up and our family commented on wow he just made that kids day and what a regular killer guy he was and he just wanted to be like you were saying earlier he wanted to appeal to everybody and he wanted to be like everybody in some ways and and <hes> just you know what that meant to that kid to just have Elvis Presley stop and pick him up when he was hitching so that was pretty cool to watch amazing? Susan thank you for sharing that I wonder what the deductible on that insurance would be Richard. Susan tells US essentially a little bit uh not only about <hes> about that her father's brush with fame there but also about what Elvis Presley was at least in that moment at least in the sixties in Memphis <hes> towards towards <hes> you know just a normal person who had no ability to do them any good whatsoever is that how Elvis was with his fans. Is that how he interacted with them you know he was he was amazingly down to Earth for a guy who went through the kind of fame in the fifties that nobody had ever experienced before that kind of adulation the screaming fans hands no one had experienced that before and he had to kind of go through it on his own. He didn't really you know have a support system or a model for how to handle that. I think he remained very connected with his fans. He loved <hes> talking to people he was <hes> an intelligent guy a good listener or reader. Everybody seemed to like Elvis and I think he handled fame very well. When I want to say before we leave <hes> suspicious minds because as you know that was the big climactic song in that show in that Vegas show he did it? It was like a seven minute version. He knocked himself. L. Fouled like crazy. <hes> you know karate kick sweating <hes> and that became that song was released. He recorded at the previous winter. It wasn't released east until in the middle of that Vegas show and became his first number one hit in seven years. WanNa take another caller too now. We've got <hes> Walter calling in from Tampa Florida. Thanks for joining US Walter. I enjoy listening to your show. I'd like to ask you and your guest about Elvis's military service in his career was interrupted for I believe at least two years in the late fifties early sixties <hes> with military service. If you have any comments on that I think he may have served a bit in Vietnam to let me throw that Richards Ogling here. What do you say Richard? He served in in Germany for two years from fifty eight to sixty it did totally cut his career and half he was at the peak of his fame and you know the draft was still in effect. In fact he was <hes> up for the draft he could easily have gotten some kind of deferment or a you know a soft job or something but Colonel Parker Acre is manager was very concerned about his image. This was in the years when rock and roll was considered disreputable and you know young people were going crazy crazy with rock and roll and he wanted Elvis to have a clean wholesome all American image so he insisted that elvis serve his time in the army so he he went and spent two years in Germany. It was it was tough for him. I mean it cut his career and half and when he came back <hes> you know the kind have glow around Elvis. It's SORTA faded I mean there was a big homecoming and everything but he was a different kind of performer after that and then I think the career started to Sag. Thanks so much for the call Richard Zog. When you mentioned Colonel Tom Parker who was Elvis's career? Excuse me manager for pretty much ages entire career. I guess starting in fifty five up to his death in nineteen seventy seven so there were times when Parker was questioned about the decision decisions in the career choices that he encouraged Elvis to make including that hiatus from live performances that lasts for most the nineteen sixties. Here's Parker on A._B._C. News Nightline in one thousand nine hundred seven. He knew that he could do whatever he wanted to and nobody told Elvis Presley want to do 'cause you reverse strong person and we had a great relationship but I took a minute minute taker of his une- let anybody tell them what to do. Richard Zog Lynn. How true is that well? There's some truth to that. I mean Colonel Parker was a very controlling manager and very it's very strong ideas and Elvis trusted him and did go by his advice <hes> but and in the sixties extends. I think it was bad advice. I mean to not perform live for all those years. The colonel kind of went for the easy payday he had movie contracts. They kept getting renewed <music>. Excuse me and <hes> <hes> so the colonel was <hes> you know took the easy road a lot of times but you have to give the colonel credit first of all he created aided Elvis in the fifties. I mean he did all the right things to create this star. I mean he had the star of course he had the voice he had everything but marketing in him. <hes> was just a master stroke in the fifties and then in in at the end of the sixties the way when he finally decided to come back to live performing orchestrating straighten that Vegas comeback with the kind of publicity campaign that nobody had ever seen before in Las Vegas I mean I give the kernel a lot Give the colonel credit for staying out of the way creatively <hes> when Elvis went into the studio Colonel Parker left he never he he's right in the sense that he he couldn't tell Elvis what to do but when Elvis felt strongly about something he could get his way for example when he went back to Las Vegas the idea of doing las Las Vegas show <hes> Colonel Parker was a very traditional show Biz guy and he thought we'll do a traditional vegas show. We're going to have chorus girls around on juice. showgirls and Elvis said no he had had a dream of himself on stage in Las Vegas with the biggest collection of musicians ever <hes> a backup rhythm ban not one but two backup singing groups plus a full Vegas Orchestra more than forty people and he told <hes> the kernel well. That's what I WANNA do. The Colonel Said No. I have a different idea. Elvis told his friends it was the first time he ever hung up on the colonel because he did it his way he is this way a Sinatra call. We wanted to take a caller now from AETNA New York Ron. Thanks for listening. Thanks for calling in. I thank you for taking my call well. <hes> I am a seventy seven year old African American and I just wanted to say that Elvis was really talented. <hes> I've always always been a jazz miles Davis etc but <hes> Elvis had a beautiful voice and he was really soulful and and <hes> one of the things that I wanted to point out that initially when I was first came to the point of view he was really ostracized. Ah By many many white people <hes> our parents etc because of his gyrations in the way he performed just the point that out but he thought he had a very beautiful voice and he was a very compassionate person also and he gave away a lot of things as we all. Hello thank you for that call on appreciate it Richard Zog l'an Elvis. The pelvis right scandalized a lot of parents which was kind of the point for the kids ads. I WanNa talk a little bit. Though this is an African American fan of Elvis Presley about the influence of African American artists and musicians on <hes> on Elvis Presley. There's one of our producer colleagues Stefan Cut sonus <hes> and I were talking and exchanging notes earlier this week and he pointed out this impromptu up to jam session involving Presley Jerry Lewis Carl Perkins Johnny cash in December fifty six and he does this thing Presley in it where he's imitating singer Jackie Wilson who who is imitating him on. I think don't be cruel. <hes> I in Wilson's Vegas show this must have been in the mid fifty s and fifty six and he said he went back four times to to hear him and there were these four white southern guys talking at length about this black performer not with mockery or cruelty but with admiration for what he was is doing with the music and that moment sort of talking about perhaps the appropriation of Jackie Wilson an African American singer of his work but Presley also you know very much it seemed to me absorbed <hes> what black musicians had done and made it acceptable for for for white listeners to do it at a time when a lot of black musicians weren't able ebola crossover in that way absolutely you know at the beginning a lot of people heard Elvis and he thought he was black because he he was adopting the rhythms and and <hes> style l. a. of the black rhythm and Blues Artists who were not getting played on white radio stations he took big Mama Thornton Song Hound dog which she had don I think in fifty three and he <hes> he rocked it up and he did his own version of it. <hes> it so yes. There are some people who I think that <hes> Elvis stole black music. You know that that was kind of rap against him that he he here you know big Mama Thornton and other people were not big. Stars is an Elvis took those songs and he made them. He made them big <hes> to me. He didn't appropriate black busy. He he brought it to a wide audience. He brought got it out. He brought those that that whole style to a broader <hes> racially diverse audience <hes> a wide audience that didn't know that music before so I think it was a great accomplishment by Elvis in the fifties and yet you know one of the things that your book highlights is that he was also influenced you mentioned Tom Jones earlier at the the Welsh Josh Singer who became such sensation the U._s. but also by people you think of as just vegas over the top performers like liberace yeah. Well you know a a guy who would come out with crazy. Satin outfits have candelabra on the on the piano. You know like I mean that guy was a showman but of a very different type yeah well well. That was one of the things I discovered writing the book Elvis I played Vegas in fifty six as I said and he didn't do very well so the kernel one day when over liberace he was already a big star in Vegas the Perfect Vegas Star you know the over the top shows and and and loud suits <hes> the candelabra and the whole thing <hes> <hes> the colonel went over to L. Liberace is show at the Riviera and said you know my boys having trouble could you come over and help him out or just take some publicity shots with him and elaborate liberace did that he was a very generous performer and <hes> Elvis <hes> really liked liberace and I think was influenced by liberace watching strain witch way that that showmanship liberace told Elvis. He said he just gave him one piece of advice he says I think your show needs more with Glitz. This is back in fifty six. Well a few months later. Elvis was wearing gold suits the kind of suits that liberace was wearing in Vegas. We're discussing Elvis's memorable comeback in Las Vegas which began fifty years ago this week. You can join our conversation. What do you WanNa know about Elvis's influence on the ensuing? I've seen in Las Vegas what acts since there have popped for you. Dolly PARTON share Prince Celine Dion Elton John There are a whole bunch this year that are doing it big names. We're at one eight eight hundred four two three eight two five five. That's eight hundred four to three talk. We consider you big name here. You can hear former Army Sergeant Presley with the wonder of you. I'm David Folkenflik looking. This is on point. Uh Ah the going on a big group trip always sounds good in theory but it can get tricky when you get there and having totally he different expectations checkout N._p._R.. LIFE GETS NEW GUIDE ON NAVIGATING group travel or subscribe to life kin all guides for all our episodes all in one place refile whole mall if U._k.. Calm around but at least instead of destroying I'm N._P._R.. Media correspondent David Folkenflik. This is on point at least at least telephone my guest this hour Richard Saga in his new book is Elvis in Vegas. How the king reinvented the Las Vegas Show you've been hearing don't be cruel reflecting on the tender love between Las Vegas Elvis and yes? The affection appeared mutual. If you want to have at least please telephone you could call us one eight hundred four two three two five five. That's eight hundred four to three talk. You can also follow us on twitter. Find US on facebook at on point radio and you know what let's hit those phones. We got a bunch of calls rolling in. Let's go to Jacqui from Fayetteville New York Jackie. Would your thoughts on Elvis yes. I just wanted to say that my <hes> father in the Philadelphia area went to <hes> his buddy from high school was in the military with Elvis and one night when they were on leave. They went to a diner for late breakfast and the waitress made comment how beautiful Elvis's the Cadillac was and when he left he for the keys and that was the last he saw her. He's still through the keys amazing. Let's take this call. Thank you for that Remembrance Jackie. Let's take this call from from Knoxville Tennessee Allen's calling in with a question Ellen on what's on your mind <hes> yes. My question is winded Elvis Doing <hes> Gospel in his vacant shows and what's he one of the first top entertainers. I do incorporate a Gospel Song in his <hes> Vegas shows and thank you for the question Alan. I'M GONNA throw that to Richard Saga. l'an what's the word yeah well. He definitely finally did Gospel and his Vegas shows. He didn't start doing it that in that I sixty nine show <hes> after a year or two he started to put Gospel into his shows and that was basically the first time you ever hear the Gospel on stage in Las Vegas he had done a big Gospel a gospel album in sixty seven called how great art and that was <hes> one of his bigger albums of the sixties he also he had to backup groups in Las Vegas. One was a <hes> kind of female soul group called the sweet inspirations cissy Houston was the lead singer of that group interestingly <hes> the other <hes> backup group was a male Gospel Ospel group called the imperials and they had backed him on that sixty seven album so <hes> his show definitely had a gospel sound <hes> but he will he would just doing gospel show <hes> songs in the show <hes> over in the next couple years and throughout the seventies so Assissi Houston was the lead eight vocalists for the group the sweet inspirations the group was part of this elaborate ensemble backing Elvis up. It's the start of the comeback. She spoke about the concerts in this two thousand eight interview interview for the National Visionary Leadership Project. We went to work for Elvis Presley for five weeks and and it was wonderful he was wonderful Paul. I loved him. He was such a gentleman and all that to me. You know that that well when they first called. The girls Elvis my avenue. That's a big and it's a good one so we were. We got there it. It was nothing like what we might have thought you know because it was just wonderful. Worth acknowledging Houston of course also the mother of the late Whitney Houston <hes> Richard Saga and why might <hes> an African American band had any trepidation about <hes> about doing that that Gig well in in the fifties you know Vegas was quite segregated town. It had a tradition of <hes> <hes> not treating racial minorities that well even back in the fifties now we're talking in the fifties but still <hes> it was very unusual in Vegas. <hes> the performers like Sammy even Sammy Davis Junior Harry Bellefontaine. Hey big <hes> black performers <hes> could perform in the show but could not stay in the hotels isn't that amazing <hes> they would have to stay across town known in the in the black neighborhoods <hes> that changed in the by the mid to late fifties that was changing but still <hes> African American Erkin entertainers used to call <hes> Las Vegas the Mississippi of the Performing in Las Vegas in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine there would be trepidation about appearing in with Elvis Presley though because maybe they thought he was over the hill and <hes> he wasn't exactly exactly what was happening in rock and roll so <hes> I think thou- It'd be the main issue for a group like that want to take another couple of calls constantine eighteen calling from Portland Maine Constantine. What's your recollections of the King of rock and roll or thank you very much for taking my call uh-huh king called us? I'm sixty one year old man here in Portland Maine and <hes> my my mom took it for the show come. I'm Lou County Civic Center in Nineteen seventy seven and I believe he died a week before that show and my mom's eighty five now and she still okay. That's it. That's awesome that is great well. It's it's a wonderful memento to have nonetheless thanks Constantine and then this call from Oklahoma City Oklahoma the J. J.. You're okay tell us what what you're thinking. Well I kind of have a congential story. Elvis professor of mine line mass communications a small culture and Oklahoma back in the eighties <hes> same with Bill Randall he was and we joked that the mass it'd be a case of course was introduction to the ranch because all he did was tell stories years as a as a Cleveland D._J.. And he claimed that he had helped discover discover Elvis and helped negotiate his original arts contract and all these stories and of course we're like Oh man whatever and <hes> then one day a couple of months into the class we show up and he's got a multimedia presentation ready and he tells us what was Elvis's first TV appearance of of course. Everybody says it's all of it. He says no he was on the Dorsey Brothers show I and shows the videotape and the videotape bill randle handle. Our professors walks out introduced are Tommy Dorsey Introduces Bill Randall Bill randle watch out and introduce ourselves. Let me throw that to or in-house Elvis expert. Thank you thank you for that Jay Richard Sahgal in we think of Elvis having been in some ways <hes> given us seal of approval on the Ed Sullivan. I've been show <hes> is J._R.. Caller right about that absolutely all that history is correct. Bill Randall was a Cleveland D._J.. who had Elvis on stage? I think in <hes> <HES> IN CLEVELAND IN THE MID fifties in fifty five and <hes> when Elvis started to do television navision it was the Dorsey brothers. If you can remember Tommy Jimmy Dorsey <hes> did a show in a variety show. I think it was as a Jackie. gleason was associated with it Elvis. That's where Elvis I made his appearances and that's where he first made his T._v.. Splash Ed Sullivan didn't WANNA book Elvis Presley at first because because <hes> he was a little weird for Ed Sullivan and you know again <hes> rock and roll was identified with juvenile delinquents and so Ed Ed Sullivan had to be convinced to <hes> to book <hes> Elvis and famously when Elvis went on the Ed Sullivan show because they were worried about pitch shaking around they only shot him from the waist up. That's <hes> the puritanical nineteen fifties <hes> I wanted to <hes> take a call now about I guess <hes> The nineteen fifties and entertainers from Dayton Ohio Jerry's calling in Jerry. Tell us your thoughts your guest just said that they all this was the first one who had screaming audiences and in fact <hes> I was saying about Frank Sinatra and all the bobby-socksers there were screaming at his concerts M._p.. Even passing out I just wonder what your guest had to say about that Richard Saga and you know it strikes me that Sinatra you know his experience was then echoed by the Beatles as they came to the states and what they experienced in the U._k.. How distinctive is what is the stardom that Elvis Presley enjoyed when you think about it in that light when you think about the sensation that somebody like Sinatra caused somebody like group like the Beatles called all the few caused a few short years later upstaging Presley in many ways well Frank Sinatra true did <hes> cause a Ruckus in the audience and and bobby-socksers teenage girls time did scream for him but I think it was nothing like what Elvis experience I mean it was almost audience riots and he was traveling around doing these concerts that <hes> just were difficult to control and no one nothing in our pop culture really approached approach that now the Beatles came along and <hes> it got even more crazy and they were the riots they were causing you know even <hes> made Elvis's Pale by comparison but what's interesting to me you know Elvis and the Beatles met one time in nineteen sixty five when the Beatles were on a U._S._O.? Tour and they wanted to meet Elvis because they respected Elvis a lot and knew how much he had influenced their music so they came by <hes> a very orchestrated visit <hes> to see Elvis at his <hes> ah in L. A. When Elvis was renting a home there and the Beatles came by they had kind of awkward session together and <hes> they left and and when after they left <hes> Elvis turn to one of his friends and said you know there's four of them. There's only one of me and think think about that. The Beatles the craziness that they had to endure was amazing but they had each other. They had each other to kind of get through that experience. Elvis didn't have anyone and I I like to tell people that I'm amazed that Elvis remained as saying as he did for as long as he did <hes> knowing what he had had to go through so that kind of fame was unprecedented in what Elvis went through was unprecedented <hes>. I WanNa talk a little bit. It's called a residency. What did it mean to have a residency nine hundred sixty nine when he shows up there and he does this sort of turn highly promoted as you describe in your book sign the everywhere? What was this thing in quotes a residence well? It wasn't a residency then that term came along a few decades later it was just a it was a vegas. <hes> you know engagement four week three or four week. Engagements were not unusual <hes> that was typical to come for that period of time time. It's just that first of all he did seven nights a week two shows a night not a single night off over twenty eight days which is amazing. I mean he worked <unk> very very hard and <hes> you know it was the the the kind of show that <hes> Vegas had not seen before because it was an an event it was when people in the sixties would come to Vegas and they would go to they would just plan their trip to Vegas and they would go to see whoever was there because there there were so many stars very frank. Sinatra wasn't there they go to see Sammy Davis Junior <hes> or buddy hackett whoever but elvis suddenly people were planning their trips to vegas biggest around Elvis shows and so he made the Vegas show an event and now. I think you know decades later. I think that's what's happening now. People will come to Vegas to see when Lady Gaga says there Jennifer Lopez or whatever so you make the case in your book Elvis paved the way for future big-name performance to make their mark in Las Vegas among this select group of Entertainers Selene Dion. Who's I <hes> you know appearance there are the so-called residency began in two thousand three her final show at Caesar's palace just as past June here she is in a two thousand seven tribute to Elvis that aired on A._B._C.? Elvis was Las Vegas and if it wasn't for him so many performers like myself would probably never had had saw the chance to do what we do. In this town he really was leaking the <music> owner. Aw <music> <music> Traumatic Quebecois Abequa and lyrical rendition of that standard of Elvis Presley's repertoire among the big groups this year in Vegas having those long stays series of concerts aerosmith the backstreet boys billy idol boys to men Cardi B. Lady Gaga and drake. I'm told that the cheapest cheapest ticket for Lady Gaga this year was two hundred and fifty dollars Elvis's you report in your book. If I'm not mistaken Elvis's MM charged <hes> I guess fifteen bucks a head which translates to one hundred bucks in today's dollars but that included dinner yeah back in in those days you know Vegas shows were cheap relatively cheap. The whole idea in Vegas was the casinos <hes> the hotels made money off the casinos and then they could pay their there <hes> stars more than anywhere else in the country <hes> because they were making money off the casinos but that was starting to change in the late sixties and Elvis was a show that <hes> actually brought in a huge number of people because the showroom was twice as big as any other in Las Vegas and that was a show that could actually pay for itself Alf which was rare in Las Vegas Richard. We only have about thirty seconds left or so but you know who would you point to as most sort of the inheritor the uh the progeny the the absorber of the Pressley DNA when it comes to the Big Vegas show well now yeah I I mean Selene Selene is just leaving but selene was the key person who came along the town had changed the new hotels

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BelowDeckMed: June June Hannah

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BelowDeckMed: June June Hannah

"Watch what happens would like to think it's premium sponsors just saying okay Christy. Wow where D dougherty Jamie. She has no last name He. Let's go WANNA bender with Lauren fender. Some Scott With Jessica Trot actually Shivani. She don't take noble. Nonni you don't touch the Nicky Morgan ladders talking about Willis Elicits. Jonah Gillis McNicoll is she. Don't Miss Nutricula Meghan. The slayer Taylor hit a homer with Jeffrey Boehm or early Barlow when she goes barlow we go hi Lo make Berg. You can't have a burger without the bird. You know thing like Alison King Hot Dang. It's Jessica Dang Greenwood's. She only uses her power for good ham a God. I love that Banana Anderson of Nikki low Weber Visa Wallet now. That's what I call containment the bay area benches jazz and are are super premium patrons subscribers Miss Noel Lulu Simon soon studio always ready for Nicole already makes us we judy do one day. You're Rachel's in the next day. You're out. Yes we can with Howley Carolyn Ann and Nancy Season Disisto grant the grandmaster pasta. Let's get racy with Miss Stacy Shannon out of a cannon Anthony Incredible Edible Matthew Sisters and Meena Coochie Coochie Coo and watch what crafted with so much uh-huh <music> <music> hello and welcome to watch crap ins a podcast all that crap on Bravo that we just love to watch. I'm Ben Mandil it'll curve from the real housewares kitchen island. It's a cartoon spoof of the real housewives of New York and it's available on Youtube. Go check it out and joining me is the hilarious hilarious Ariss whole areas man the man of voices. I love just saying that I have five. He is also the CO host of Rose Perks Bachelor's podcast. It's running Karen. What's going on Sir? Hello everybody hello hello. Hello you guys you guys. You guys. We're talking below Deck Med today. A super sized episode so good <hes> before we do that. Let us remind you you that starting in September we are going on our fault or restarting in Charlotte North Carolina and then go into Nashville Atlanta Carbo Richmond Commend Fort Lauderdale Indianapolis Chicago New York Saint Louis Philadelphia and ending in Seattle. It looks like we'll have one or two more cities to add add onto that will announce those as soon as those are all confirmed. If you live in or around those cities please come and join us go to watch a crop dot com to get your tickets. Bring a friend or two. You're GONNA have a great time. Don't worry about going alone. Don't worry about bringing people who don't watch these shows we guarantee it'll be a great great great time. Just ask anyone who has come come to our shows. We've all all off each other because you're with your people so watch crop dot com for show tickets and on top of that when you're there you can get some merch Randall Bill. Yeah we've got a bunch of fun new t shirts <hes> and some old ones and it's free delivery on orders of forty five dollars or more CITCO get shirts and merchants to crap search dot com dot com you can also be a patriotic member where you'll get weekly bonus episodes and <hes> crap and on demand video recaps apsis week were doing real housewives Beverly Hills final reunion and we're also doing <hes> southern charm this week on the video so go check those out <unk> out and thank you everybody for supporting us in that. I'm so excited to talk about below Deck Med today. It was super sized episode ooh June June Hannah June Jim <hes> yeah. This was a big episode lots of stuff going on. I am not going to lie. I got choked up the first part I really did. I was like I'm crying. I'm literally crying below deck so good. I love this show so we open up with with the gang are still all out at dinner together on the French Riviera and everyone is pestering June about. Do you have a boyfriend Oy friend. Are you seeing some on what's going on yeah and this is this has been so weird for me. Like why are they bugging. The Sport Girl of the rumors are that she it was either dating Cali for the so they kinda sat down that rumor or that. She's pregnant no which is why they keep sewing your seven down cake aac embarking. I think he tweeted back to one of those. <hes> someone asking that question. She's like kanter girl just down some mm cake like wha what's the big deal people so I don't know if there is a real story there or not but man the editing is making it hilarious and I love how they can build suspense. It's over anything in this show yeah and I also just love her like random barf ing you know because they're pestering her and Jackson. I feel like you're broken up. Little it'd be it. I feel like you are and she's just like no. We're just not talking right now. He's like Oh really then. She's like there's just like runs off and throws. Is that what they're talking about. The boyfriend is like Oh you know it gives them seeing someone who matters like gave her boyfriend in. JAKSIC are feel like you're broken up. EPA something new. We're just speaking right now. It's like well usually when I'm not speaking with. MEEKS girlfriend is because we're broken up leany yeah exactly so that makes her nauseous and so she runs off to throw up and then when she comes back Jackson June feeling a bit sick as it because you're just nervous sitting the opposite Colin like Oh whoa why been this. I've been in this poor girl shoes before I've been the new guy wow that's intimidating chis- keep your head Golly Cali. She needs it for on road now when that friend is you. I'm proud of you collie. We <hes> and Travis is like <hes> so Gina Gina the language habit from ause and she's like that's only learn I worried torn. I see everything backwards so like so we didn't go after this and Asia's like to go and trials like all right six short six shorts we can get shots for all the hot layers and Khalis like well. He's trying to be a wing man for me but I'm really not in the mood to talk doc Iran does if I can talk to look at her over there. She's standing right under a no smoking sign. There's nothing more attractive attractive in that hope I can make her feel more comfortable. Maybe I should walk up to her and reminder about all the bankers are on the westside story. Ultra cut some of the barriers I help them. We get married. We can stand under a caution sign. I hope so too because people all need dangerous situation Golly so Jack's taking shots who macoute the moral drink them or I want to Casey <music> so he starts kissing a Shah <hes> and he's like man. She's just breaking Mabel skill just give him little packs and staff and then we see June mystery st text jazz the ongoing mystery of who is June texting all the time. Maybe James just like a spy. Maybe she's undercover Jennifer Garner type. She's like alias Yeah Julius yes. She's at Cairo. They're onto me. I better clog up. Those two lists yeah yeah that's. She's a saboteur so Hannah's like Hannah and Travis are obviously getting close to each other and making out and things like that and so hands like trips it is easy on yours and cute but there she'll be new feelings involved this season only feelings. I'm GonNa feel all the feelings of feelings Oh feelings then the producer goes but you make out with them right and she's like they not feeling Hon- I the only thing I'm feeling is the need for fifty to fifty euros worth of cigarettes and I'm sure I won't feel anything if someone were to boy that for me so then in the vans <hes> anesthesia Anastacia is the amnesty America book. Yeah wasted basically exactly this. This reminds me of like movies from the nineteen fifties you know like I thought that was always a like if you look at movies made in the eighties about the fifties it's always like two pretty girls at the drive in or drive yet drive in the drive drive thru but the drive in and they're like with boys. They're making out in the car like that's what we're looked like in the vans because Jack in Asia were necking and Travis and Hannah were necking and it was a lot anakin going around and those vans okay. It's like a drive through I know you drive for McDonalds is like God. Can you just order already and then June June is showing Colin her modeling photos it was like June is very pretty but these photos we're here. We only saw one photo but it was for the line catalog or something. It was like if you're going to a business meeting where this bubble packing like that sick that's an awesome picture and then we enter a very awkward very awkward section of the show where Jack and Asia are Kinda Kissing. She sits up to get away. You know like to stop it and he's like while you go to make that face like you've been raved and she's like tooks hair. I can't even make jokes anymore. I was like oh no yeah because 'cause she's like because I've actually been raped so it's funny in rate. Those are not funny jokes and so at that point that's when Jack is supposed to say Oh my God. I'm so so sorry but then he goes no babe. Don't say you've been raped before have you have you been raped of like Jack. Please stop. Please please stop right now because 'cause I like you and this is not the way you respond to that yeah. Hannah's head is in her hands. She's like Oh. This is a triple on. I had yeah so what we've learned. Is that like terrible. Things seem to be said in that seat in in the Production Action Van Okay Between Miller and Jack. It's like Oh God what's going to happen next. Yeah I met good so she's like that's not funny and he's like He. He feels really bad. He's like Oh gee sorry and by the way I thought the show I have to say I thought the show handled so well. I thought it was like they really like the tone tone of the show. They were like totally respectful. They didn't like then like cut to someone being drunk or someone being like okay time till I wipe down the window. They were like they really certainly the shows were chilled out for a moment and was like this is serious yeah. They didn't add any big brother like broad slide whistles like a big brother other yeah they did so then the next morning <hes> eating yeah with that. I'm just saying there was like a sad vibe hype the next morning yeah <hes> because now it's like okay now. They're also you know so it's my A._M.. And Asia's eating eggs from a pan on the dock in one day and <hes> she taught you know she talks about when it happened and how you remember she was the one apologizing to the detective off saying like you know I shouldn't have been there. I shouldn't have been drawn and you know this was all my fault and the detective told her you know you have a right to get have a night it out and be wasted and make it home without being rapes. Yeah he'll say yeah right and that's why I just story you know yeah. I thought it was like it's like and that's one hundred percent correct and so and then we see Jack and he's in the in his interview and he's just like crying and he just feels like she wanted to see see that and it was like it was really sweet. Actually it wasn't like it wasn't one of those things. It wasn't a situation where someone was like. She's met like I didn't mean it and now she's mad at me and I wanNA cry sort of like Reagan of Nola right. This was like he felt shit because he'd heard her and it was just like so sad and sweet and he just he's like. I can't think of anything else I just need to speak with her and I was getting choked up by all of this. I was like Oh my God but then he goes out to the dock and he hugs her and so you know they just have like a very sweet moment in Asia says like listen. I'm not going. I'm not GonNa let it to find me. I'm not going to be known as Asia the rape survivor ever like it's just something that happened to me you know and yeah it was it was like I thought like a really really moving moment in the season and yeah now and then we go over to renting the ball to juniors Robbie June drops a spoon spoon Hannah are they really tripled down on that June June hand. I was cracking up this whole episode. It was over and over like doomed. You and Hannah James Junior agenda Hannah and Hannah once again is like <hes> in case. You didn't hear me from earlier this episode I am not emotionally invested intravenous. All I want is for him to bomb your ticket from Prague to Sydney. Let's all not emotionally invested <hes> so then a genus talking to anesthesia as anesthesia's planning the menu for the day and she's like who usual we're the glosses uh-huh. Oh you know the ones that go by the bed and anesthesia is really feeling herself at this point as Sita Stares at her and Jean tells us East Asia Kinda crabby leak you think someone did my job but be a little kinder but no I mean it's confusing. I'll anesthesia. It's like <hes> you're looking for cops. Did you ask the bluebirds that helped you get dressed this morning or maybe the butterflies or you don't have those I mean. I don't know somewhere around here. She's like I'm probably one of those drawers and then she tells us girl. I've got kitchens to clean. I don't have seats has to worry about. I was like Ma'am anesthesia full on B mode yeah. She's a real chef now because she's an asshole you that's that's what that was. It's great. I love it. The attestations attitude at cracks me up so now wow and calling are talking and he's surprised at handmade travis because she deserves more that come from. I don't know I'm protective of people that I like. I liked that Kach juggler. I'm very protective of cutlasses funder pussies. I love that Cup fitness ex-cop Jougla. He's like again duales during this whole thing where he's like goes up two handguns. So how was your smooch with Travis or let's be seen Zim. How was how was your pussy feeling after the tongue ringling from the Tonight that's cute. Ducks Q. Not Versatile Rotates Q. and so then it gets to Travis in Jack Having Beers in there about yeah. There's like summer camp over there and now it's time for the preference sheet mating social how Hannah Anesthesia and happens handy meet in like the crew mass and they start going over the this the next charter which is going to be a four day charter you know the only book forty charters for the most difficult people right because they get more are episodes out of them so when she said this charter is for an American hero I was like finally Liza Minnelli's sex Linda entity data from another world getting her finally Bette Midler in the La- Tomlin are coming on board but no it's this Johnny Damon yes medics name. Oh it is American hero dot dot dot Johnny Damon and why an asshole friend and Asshole asshole castle hanger on friend Yes exactly so there are going over this preference sheet which is very extensive and but they have to stop because like they just here like to the side like that because basically weekly Jackson Travis drunk and being loud and their dorm room yeah so they're kind of letting it go so far right yeah and one of the things things on the A._F._C. is they're allergic to being hungry sober or board. Yes so anesthesia's like I can do finger foods. I mean look. I'm really confident on this Charter. If I can clean please the queen of Versailles I can please an American baseball player. I'm like you know that you weren't really cooking for the actual cream never side right exactly you're cooking for a very rich lady in Orlando who built in oversized house so she can look at fireworks from Disneyworld the boater by a butterfly so then we are B._B._B.. <hes> the blackwater system alarm which is also my favorite grunge band from the ninety s starved to go off blackwater blackwater like two secret military assassin arm of love wasn't blackwater like the security the private security firm that took over something in Iraq and it was like Dick Cheney or something like that and blackadder yeah and I couldn't remember if if it was blackwater in real life or if it was blackwater on twenty four but I think it's in real life or was this just like did someone accidentally bring on a few cases of Blackwater. That Jacqueline has family producing. Oh God start sinking all types of frosted. How did this happen? Someone brought on some Manzo water. We have to get this bill B. L. C._k.. What are off the boat immediately this five stars so the captain's like Mike? Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike and Mike Captain Mike Catt in my there's a sensor fault or something and then Hana's like Mike Montana Mark Volcano Qena Mike von Cannon Okay Nice follow up but it just doesn't have the same right not quite not quite poor mike okay he gets like typically. If you're the chief engineer sure and then the other guy you get one scene the entire season which is when the very first episode the captain always introduces the first engineer and then the other guy the first guy does something also I forget forget and this poor guy he's not on the entire season or like Mike Mike Hanna Mike My Hannah and they just Mike chief engineer doing Russian twist on like an exercise is Matt how his only other seen they make him look like a doofus and giles like Las Shitty Walter goes to the blackwater. Take I think that means they're water lots of PEOP- Michelle. 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Crap is for twenty percent off Bomba's dot com slash crap ins so the captain's <hes> jeeze what the heck is going on on my code so she knocks and opens Jack and Travis's cabin door and she's Zach de a case here that alarm. Can you stop drinking beer. Now you'd better go find out engineer and find out why the fuck and alarms going off. I said it the the F. Word Watch. I'm GonNa Yell Right now here enough Jesus fucking Christ now. I'm pissed. Did you hear me raise my voice. Did you hear and and I said lights out at eight P._M.. And what do I see. Lights are on and beers are being drunk. I'M GONNA raise you up so if the engineer can't fix says we can't do this charter <hes> so now she's really pissed. She has really pissed and she's too drunk. Remembers the night before the charter not not cool not cool go find so they send off Jack and Travis to go find this engineer meanwhile by the way joy house just sitting there. I'm like us is the Boatswain I'm Ho- and also meanwhile they're all drunk a day before charter. It got that's how the show is set up. They all go out and get drunk and have to wake up and do a charter nick. So Jack is smoking. Jack of course goes out to smoke. Yeah and Travis is walking as slowly as possible. Yes I find my complaint. This isn't our job. This isn't our job at all. There's an alarm going off in your on a boat. I don't care if it's your job or not. You gotta fix that Yeah Joe. I was like it's not a couple of drinks after charter data but it is against the rules to ignore alarms and it is not against the rule to continue my backgammon game which I'm playing with myself and doing quite well it is the lowest level of disrespect to ignore bomb while you're boatswain. Just sit here and expect you to do everything for you. That is the lowest level disrespect yeah and so Hanna and Anastacia talking so this is we at Hanae. This is weird chef on I can actually see Captain Sandy's coming from getting pissed. I was like Oh buck yeah. Look Anesthesia's totally changed. I don't know who this girl is. An Hana's like <hes>. I didn't want to go on a date with someone who's wasted wasted yeah so so Travis and Jack are still muttering. They still can't find Mike Engineer. Mike about how there's like. It's not not that. Is it really that hard to lose Mike the Engineer. He's on a deck doing like push ups or something. It's right there. He's right there. See where the cameraman is just walked to the cameraman WHO's filming. Mike and Travis's like this is not a fucking job. This is in Eddie way off fucking job so then then sandy now she's passed. You can't even keep doing the preference sheet meetings now. She's like wandering wandering around. She Finds Jack who is like sort of standing at a doorway over the engineering room or whatever she's like. Have you been standing here the whole time. Today's is not the day to not hustle. Get it okay because I swear to God. You'll be off this boat so fast. When I see you you better be fucking moving or napping? Okay <unk> an awfully if you want an APP right now. That's cool too because you need a nap. Maybe a hug yes that with the wet back and he's like okay you you want sick. You'RE GONNA get the bathroom cleaned right. That's what I'm saying and Jackson really nervous and he does a housewife think first of all has hair's not back well. I guess they're not on charter yeah. He does a housewife thing where he gets nervous and he just starts pushing his hair back. Yeah wow that's that's so bravo so yes so he has to go mop op and he's so mad attestation passes five and he's like he's like shit and she's like it's not shit. It's just water. She's Walter sure he's all sad. He's that's his version of Asia so then <hes> basically everything is fine. Yeah they fix the pump. The pump was broken now. The pump is fixed yeah <hes> so <hes> I'm scrolling through. I'm like how many boat vote fixing drain. Do we beat. They're fixing it fixing it. There's a puddle on the floor jackets washing it up. The pump is fixed. They're still a puddle. There's less massive apart a little bit less of a puddle and welcome back mad as we ever know when we take our notes we take them on the fly. We never or no if like a little detail is going to lead to a major scene or not they will cadel show like a shot of a bird landing on a railing and it's like Oh. I don't have to write that down and that's like June June June June June hand on get that book railing that you can get turned off the really. I don't think she did next week. I'm Blowback Med the Birdsville on the railing. I'm like fucking. I should never run down about the bird on the railing. Is that part dating Colin or is it pregnant so we take notes on everything because we never know what any any small detail on this show can turn into a major plot point yup so then we get the twenty four pictures where it's like pictures of what everybody's doing. Travis's embed texting there so being there like June texting texting at a table in front of two giant loaves of bread and one of them is half eaten godly June alone well the thing that's mean about it. Is that the implication that she either eight half the loaf or that June so involved in our tax thing that she forgets even though there's two loaves of bread in front of her then when told me Wendy e nauseous well <hes> you know dinnertime and I had a plate full of food in front of me but no one actually said I could eat it so I just stared at it until off-break say Travis and Jack Back are like hiding a beer to go outside and smoke. Some more and Travis is like we have no connection to these problems and they jack says something he's sitting issue. You leaders Liverpool Liverpool Jackson. You can have a beer after work. It's not prison camp and answer now. Hannah comes out to let Travis stance on. I'M GONNA FINISH SHAKES IT would've said I don't want to lead you on more. I can. We do our date another day EH. He's Jack like come home trump Pilak day. She's like well. They have a beer before like I have a B._A.. Before the date Dane more how about that Hannah said it again we will add ages inside sing and beyond say to her food. That's how you know that she's really like killing herself. She's like I have now achieved the right to sing beyond say on a yacht K.. Getting formation with anyone starts getting formation your I'll they're really out of their own mind right right now. The really high end their own juices and then I wrote a letter to Bravo. I said No. I'm really offended by that getting formation performance on below deck I mean it was just rude. Below deck is not the place for political statement. Yeah sorry I was drinking. It's okay I was just making a reference to a controversy controversy from three years ago. I always like to keep my jokes fresh. I was just drinking through eight. It's a good one. You're like Ben's GonNa talk for about another twenty seconds. I'm GONNA take a gulp right now. So <hes> yeah social house like hello I am coming to speak to my Takano and because this is three point. Oh I am going to be casual yet to be a leader and I'm going to tell you no appeals before five PM and look I have learned. I'm a better leader now. Well this this whole I'm so sorry to have to go over this line by line but it was hilarious so yeah his new his new wave dealing he's like as well you pissing of Har Har and checkers fuck off because <hes> fuck off is it because we had to be in front of her and Travis is like it was five o'clock so fuck it and drowsy where there were no hard and fast rules about added so yeah from narrow on nobis before five and they were just saying it was after five so so confused by this yeah. I don't know it was but yes I agree. I was GONNA now. I was drinking a SIP Ronnie. How about that? Oh God we're just off off. Our ships are often a happy. That's what happens when new drinking rolls. We don't want to drink podcasts so the captain is in the Mass Jason. She's just sitting there kind of staring off into space Pranzi. No yes it caddies brands you know have so many bones runs mannequins and I just WanNa make sure kept him the not stressed and I wanted to tell you we going to be falling. All Oh my God. That's give me a hug here. Come here here. That was ask that was great. That was all yeah that means so much to me and say well. It's true because she didn't have anyone above year. I love you Hannah. God God I love you. Thank you so much. Thank you saw. Might you know for so many years. I've always he said I love that banana but today I love that Hannah. That's what I got. I love that banner so meanwhile anesthesia I Asia is entering top chef murder and she's like <hes>. I don't WANNA sound like I'm the best but the people who really excel are the people who have true Rob Passion N. Rosco for what they do implication. I'm Wa wa also like educated. PASSION AND EDUCATED SCALE AREN'T bad K.. Roth things are great great. Things are better K. mistake that so drills like sitting there talking to her unit trying to make conversation. He's like looking up recipes and she goes Oh yeah I just just write it all out the day before you know just look at anything and I'm like Shit. I can make that because and I had to make food tastes good K.. That's another problem and he's like sweets. He's like I'm Joel and somehow I'm not the biggest atoll in the scene. This is strange so now some some some more flirtations that Union Colin so June is in like the the the washing room like with washers and dryers and stuff and she's calling your weird weird because he there's like a weird. I guess she asks if you want something the laundry or something like that that can you remind me how does actually set up. She's like what what is the stuff that you don't want me to put it in the dryer and he's like Again mean sensitive Collie Collie. We don't want you getting Arash because you don't behaving Dave Marash Way. Okay Bieler that you stopped with a caterwauling wider dongling over here June June beulah Junji Beulah Beub you father Beub Eufaula okay so h Atkin Travis are talking as she goes in there to talk to him and she's like no we only it do. Travis is like what do you mean. I think you mean. When are you going. She goes you know good yeah so travis offices not going so now. It's like we're seeing them all. Get ready and Asia's like <hes> wearing like. I think maybe it's hans-gert or someone's scourge. It's very I think we'll go free ball and ooh coming the air. You'll make it much easier for me to think nothing. Lee Bowman safe is still the same thing suggests putting on a three piece suit yeah in the other room and Travis is like they as sick Bra that e think it was very much like like <hes> like one direction <hes> like I felt like every member of one direction when they move onto their solo careers and released seriously video like the Tomlinson name. I forget his name or Harry. Harry styles felt like a Harry styles video a Harry style solo video. I Pacific analogy analogy but I said I'm behind by the way what am I least favorite below deck. Traditions are below deck are below dates dates. I'm like why do we have blowback dates. They seem so bizarre and strange and they're never interesting. Why do we have to watch them. My least favorite thing yes. Yes like one of those things where they do at one time there well. It's part of the format now. It's part of the below deck format. Yes keeping going so. It's ECHINACEA go on their day of course sees exactly what he thinks. She's like exhorting getting picked up mommy soon soon two so then to us like I kept control of people's personal lives but I'm glad for Jack to go on the date. If it was me e F after the mistake I made but that's just me shrug my God. This is not working for you. You know I don't like Jawara when he's <unk> pretending to be nice but still an asshole asshole. You're an asshole. Just embrace it so then we see Colin and bad like listening to e._d._M.. And like he's doing like aggressive hand dancing to it and then travis meanwhile he even though he and Hannah are not going on a date he still decides address up and he liked dresses up like a banker from nine hundred twenty two do any walk walks up to Hanna who's sitting on a part of the boat and I thought he was going to like tell her that her house was repossessed unless you can come up with ten thousand dollars in the next twenty four two hours and then she's going to be. It's a wonderful blow Dick Mariah. The ghost of Christmas placed every time every time. If someone rings a bell a stew gets her wings so he's like <hes> so heinous shook. What are you wearing well. I felt or looked pretty become front. You and she's like what is that vodka. You're drinking and he's like no listen. I'm not pissed all the time all right yeah and he starts talking about how like on other boats he works so hard and that they were drink afterwards. They felt like they were entitled to drink. After working hard at developed bad patterns yeah and you know that is who cares you know. I think she's just saying like I don't WanNa go on a date with wasted dude yeah but he's like. I'm not leaving that. They're setting laugh yeah but we at the end of this episode. They show the trailer for coming up this season and we see that his the alcohol consumption becomes looks like it's going to become a major storyline in the second half of the season. I Love Bravo Alcoholic story storylines like alcohol on Bravo on Reality T._v.. It's just a classic. I mean we all remember Ruthie from Real World Hawaii. Am I right everyone. What am I right so then. I'm like no Jack. Jack and Hannah are on their day and he's like I wanNA give keeps right McCain's time the same thing and then you yeah speaking of timing. We also see June talking about how she she didn't eat dinner last night or breakfast today. She's like I don't know. When did you certain basic love that that's that's a running story line that no one is still told when to eat yeah. She is so confused and like no one. Even cares was like like eat when you're hungry when there's food. That's served yeah so Joel's like air. The irony last season had to worry about doing my job and two hugos and now I have job the irony. Oh aw I keep forgetting to point out rows fucking lab crazy. I was afraid I was honestly afraid that he was going to segue into you. <hes> some sort of self aggrandizing bullshit about like it's just very hot because I've had my heartbroken. I opened up to vulnerable. Choose the one that I loved after I talked with her for who season and now here. I am watching people falling in love when I have had my heartbroken and love. Let's see job to that. Shut up theoretical duale A mad. The mad at me that didn't even happen just made myself mad so then. June is talking about her instagram and she's like well. I've always thought to myself <hes> I do strictly inste- a strictly selfless on in Stop Moore inside neither fascinating world of June and then it cuts to Hannah's Hannah and Travis taking a date night Selfie <hes> and then back to Jack in Asia Asia's like you go to a topical you talk to not Matai yes. He's he's like. Thanks got feelings. You got feelings so then you know talking about true love and Jack believes in true love 'cause his his mom and dad still start with each other which is sweet and then a like a busker or what do you call when someone comes to the table to play guitar like to sing. Isn't there a specific word for that got a Mariachi Guy. Something like that not quiet but yes he comes in. It's in France but also seeing in Spanish so it's like a Lua cheat skirt yeah bosquet. He's the law and then it totally works is sometimes you know when you're in a restaurant and those guys come up to your like. Jesus you know gas now. I'm GonNa feel like a jerk yeah and who falls for this but they totally do more start making out yeah so then and then they then they then they are heading home and he's just like Michael's actually have sleaze on me unless she would walk with cheese on herself. Somehow you know not only her sure what you know. I'll walk them with cheese on myself. All the damn time you know what I always have in my bag now the tide pin that smart Hashtag no ad because I'm like a five year old okay. I've walked home with plenty of cheese on shoots there. You're welcome everybody Cherry Man. Eh I for some reason I imagine you saying that like it sounded like Michael From Potomac saying that hey wanda give it smelled cheese on yourself or melty yea. I've always got a cheese ma'am our cheese. That's my only rand Jeez ten. I love that Yasser them at come back and go say hi did traff and riding. He knows one does give me up and ride him a little and and then Jack starts being with the door open and she's like you rot Nah. He's like gay you want to see it wouldn't know really. Ooh So now the next day and there's clean it there. Everyone's cleaning cleaning montage and A. and Asia and Jack have like a nice little hog or suck. Thank you so much for less nor almost all the cheese or mushroom ooh then collins asking Jackie's so how'd your date Gow. He's like great great. Does that mean your facebook official aw jagged like who the focus this call anyway. Since when did we get the peanut butter jelly time banana on this ship so so now they're getting ready and now begins really the the beginning of our June June had a moments because from this point on it's like every two seconds June June here June Juliana team do name. She's like laymen's lemons lawns lawns look cutting this waste my the Junji and Hannah and then we see June working but not wearing her not wearing her radio which is huge on his ongoing the issue and struggling with the cabins and stuff and has like on not sure what sort of common debt on paying off but clearly I I was a bit of a hat in my list life more and my wife Ginger Ginger and handle combat calling Ginger Hannah so then Hannah finds June and in June is ironing Napkins and she's like we need to our Napkins right now. We're back to pick up cray though like listen there have been some Shitty stews on this show but ah someone actually being caught ironing. Napkins is not the worst thing I've ever seen have to say that's true but when your boss is slicing up lines and that's supposed to be your job anytime your boss doing what you're supposed to be doing is not good especially if she's Hannah she hunting phase and then the arrivals Johnny Johnny Damon I also liked. Did we mention this on another episode that they were in port. Camille has this. I just laugh everytime I see poor Camille. Oh yachting hypocrisy at it's finest <hes> the anchor goes down and you just hear so uh-huh that anchor snubbed my daughter that anchor told me that my daughter so Johnny Johnny Damon and his wife and his douchebag friends all show up and sandy is like Oh they look fun and anytime the captain or anyone on the staff ever says that lineup it means that these are going to be terrible terrible guests in calling looking guys. He's carrying beer cans on arms. Wow Oh Johnny Damon just shook my hand. Oh I'm never going to wash this hand ever again no Collie. I know you not WanNa wash it but it's important for a boy. I like you to stay clean at all times. You're right mom. This is so the captain's like Jiao now. You're going to take us off the dock. I'm GONNA show you how up here and he's like above above Obama Baba. Excuse me Zimbabwe so sees GonNa. Give him his big chance. She's like. I'm not reward Joie for what happened yesterday. I'm just doing this so he knows how to grab his crew and teach Mike the that's what he needs. Hey Jack be in charge of the boat yeah. He's like this is a multi million dollar. Put anything could go wrong at any time. I'm like yeah. That's how things happen in life actually welcome to every day of your life on this. I smoke welcome to shooting a reality show on a seaborne vessel. Okay yes anything go wrong anytime and it probably will you know who else I'm GonNa Welcome. Oh come anders one of the biggest jackasses. We've had on the show this commanders. You're an Aso thank you for getting his name down because I didn't write down his name and then he's being such a Douche bag. I was so disgusted I was like I'm not even GonNa Waste Time rewinding to find out your name doesn't call you douchebag and this guy's such a uh-huh. They're serving Sam Payne and he gets is that moet and bullshit. I'm returning that okay I work with Johnny and go on yachts does douchebag. He wouldn't be able to solve Abba was the Milwaukee or Andre Okay so shut up Sir yeah. He's a total prick from beginning. We have expensive ends of luggage yeah but it's got one hundred day return policy so we're just bring it back. I look at John. Every day and then I go on yachts yeah gynecologist. I Guess Disgusting Disgusting and this is on the same episode that we're talking about what happened to Asia. I mean discussing yeah. He's a pig so then the captain is teaching Joel. How to do of it and she tells us <hes> how coming up she's like coming up as a woman in this industry is easy. I constantly had to fight my male counterparts and and I don't want my crew to feel that so I'm GonNa give another opportunity to a white male God. They deserve so yeah. It's like this whole thing of like leaving the dock leaving the dock and anchors and ask fifty meters away and shackle shackle shackle and so you know obviously goes well. It always goes well for the most part and says house like there are a few moments in my life that I can talk about forever and taking the boat out of the DOC is going to be one of them almost up eh but the time that I masturbated on a photo of Brooke and Casey Letterman who would be the love of my life but it's true its growth but you know what happened to defeats decide to fix if my masturbation I caught fits the patient so johnny on the Stair climber and his wife and Anders are watching and this is something Johnny never does in his whole life and this is like how does he save such great shape sacks lots and lots of Saxe. Oh my God these all these people all of them okay all of them. I'm like embarrassed at Johnny. Damon was a New York Yankee right now. So Acer tells you which table Sir Laurens and she's like H is patient. She's kind. I mean you just don't you. You don't make people like that. You know I'm just not used to scowls <unk>. Hannah giving face just like a full on on face and all hand was doing was like staring at like a Brillo lapatin triggered by so then speaking of honey faces anesthesia announces that she's going to be making a grilled chicken Caesar Salad for for lunch and Hannah's like end is it and she's like no just like kitchen honey phase kitchen on various anesthesia's fantasies just like <hes> I think with these gas trick is simplicity K.. I wanted like simple. It's not going to be scallops and caviar June June Hannah June. June June June Hanna Hanna so now June has to do plates or Napkins. I don't know why I wrote that down. Guy Is when I come to to call me and Anna's like it's ready end up working hanae and she's like do Napkins and play and keep you and she goes <hes> <hes> but I I did. I heard you had us like keep it together. Keep it together. Choose wisely because when you do go off on it's going it'll be spectacular. She's your pawn was -ly so then anders we just hear like random snippets of banter from the guests anders like I'm about to put my nuts on your head. Johnny Ace engine are talking and seems like my God. There's always a problem with Hannah. It's the two could go ahead which I'm not sacco and Janis on these like are we going to go upstairs for lunch or address was like dude. You're Johnny fucking Brask. Oh what's his name Johnny Damon Okay Okay. You can do whatever you want Johnny fucking teammate. I could do whatever the fuck I Y. I'm GonNa Bang Do Bang. You and I'm GonNa Bang because I'm J. F. D. Boom and then the girls like so. What do we do if we need someone? Is there like a bell we can ring and anders goes yeah. Here's the bell wash this her June Hannah June June two hammer June June Hannah Ginger break now and now we got a really important announcement you don't hit gripes with seeds in them there and then Zac with a very important follow question because who has seats seats that grapes at this point. I can't tell if Wade into sexual innuendo I never know on this. I just assume it always says but yeah. I'm I'm lost on this. So then the wife is talking to Asia she goes he. You know if you ever have a baby like the a man decides the sacks so like if it's a girl or a boy it's up to them. Add seals fool would if you WANNA make a boy I'll to make a board. Here's here's what we did lots of sad sex. It's like what is wrong with you. Are you not having sex with your husband. Why is that all you talk about like how much sex you have apathy has been in my experience that means your husband is bringing like thirty hookers right? That's exactly right. That's what she is marking her territory for all the jump offs out there yeah that's what she knew idiots so then the salads and he's serving wine Andrew that low A. No L. Yeah Sir first of all. You're having a Caesar Salad. You don't actually really need my way at this moment at one P._M.. Like I just kind of feel listen. I love bubbly okay. It's one of my favorite things we love per second K. and like I love drinking it all the time but if you're the sort of person I drink moet then you should also be the sort of person that knows when and where to drink them away and like with a Caesar Salad for lunch is maybe not the time yeah maybe Chili's 'cause <music> solid is like what you give it to local chilies Han Wi and I want an assay to succeed as like really how could you follow one-sentence up with this one. Well you know she's like but I I kinda WanNa back because I'm selfish so then it's time to put the anchor down anchor down so we see once again the anchor like rolling rolling out of its little anchor bedroom and alike plops down again and just see San Diego. Yes it was so cool. What a lot of good anchor down Oh man I'll tell you what has a lot of shackles right now my heart aw five shackles on my heart because I'm so happy so then I'm John we cut back to the lunch conversation in Janis like Oh yeah they just let anybody play baseball? I mean it's so easy to hit a ball at ninety per hour Johnny Johnny Damon. Yes up your bag and so is your friend. I actually thought you were nice before this but you're a dish back to you yeah yeah exactly so so <hes> now is like what are sports time water sports Hannah's napping and of course the douchebag he gets on the jet ski and starts doing like figure rates and being crazy and compensating for his inverted penis and essentially like falls off the jet ski and it's like they're all just staring at him like this fucker her this fucker then we get June opening a bottle of wine or trying to she's like yeah this corkscrew like what is what. What is the spot opener? I'm never use it before. I'm like it is like a very standard bottle opener June. Two then there's a storm command air says the storm and the wife is that is a tornado and here's what I do in tornadoes Lassen sex only anyway to get rid of bad weather is lots of which I most definitely do have with Johnny Damon so it was rough waters so she's like get the toys is in colon is the only one trying to get one of the jet skis in and he can't get it. You know what just himself and he's like. where the fact is you can't? I can't say Fuck Because if Collin says fuck than it turns into Captain Lane. I don't even know what to do with myself where the flip is everyone else and so so basically Johnny team has to come down and help call on which is hilarious. It is kind of crazy because Johnny Damon is like a very celebrated athlete and so it is funny to be like Oh man it's just me and Johnny Damon pulling a jet Ski Surreal Yeah so then we cut to travis in bed which I know that they're like suggesting passing that he's lazy but Travis is doing two jobs. Yeah he really is so he is he's in bad but now he has to go up to the Galley to help out anesthesia and Hannah's like AAC getting closer and closer to travis he has depth but he uses his bees suppress emotions inside him not feeling emotions myself not feeling emotions motions. You're saying I'm closer to him. Debt coup debt crew decor- decorated that crew. I had no idea there was a slight hanging off the side of the boat <hes> <hes> I wanna do that with me. Travis Travis is starting to get pissed yeah so he slaps down his glasses right in front of Sandy and she's like why the attitude <hes> I mean if the slide he it's gotta come in okay. Oh God magic time to slide array. You may get over there and get to work anchor anchor down. Let's get ready for dinner June June Henna like I._N.. Stupid and said jeans ironing and Hannah Ass House in Anna's on is like <hes> Harris has dumped them birthday cover there and it's just like really where she was rocking still doesn't know ee Taylor Lee. She knows when to shoot in my so jenner her thing. Did I skip the. I don't know I just put the next thing is calling going to tattletale ditch well. That Travis has an attitude low. Go Out. No cut that shit out with your. I like hauling but I you know every week. I hate this teaming up with two. I hate it yeah well. They also probably are frustrated. 'cause they're doing all the work so I also understand that so now it's now it's dinnertime and Atas ages serving Classic Star Garden Salad Salad Start with and of course you know like Hannah another garden salad but of course these these gas like Oh my God we'd love you know. It looks like a regular salad but it doesn't it tastes better. It's like a better version of a salad. It's like salad but greener wall salad so while they're all trying to eat the DOUCHEBAG. He's like I am the best circumciser you've ever met in my right. Everyone I mean like really ah I just get in there. You Know Hey Hannah yeah you ever heard about this sort of stuff you ever heard about it and she's like on. I haven't really had to worry about that. moshus pig pig June Hannah June June Hannah. Did you hear me now. Did you call homey. She's like yeah you can start on the cabins on. I think this June June Hannah passive aggressive yeah threw lime and did you notice by the way that like on like they smash cut directly from the circumcision talk to anesthesia slicing. The top of the Charlotte was like cross my legs immediately so then tells Jack they're talking about certain choices to you circumcise. Didn't you just see his penis so confused and he's like Hey. Why would someone say I've got a great idea? Let's part of our Dick off well. We humans do weird things you know. Why would someone someone say hey? Let's have a reality show said on a yacht you know it works miracles okay. That's why articles N._S.. Stations like guys. Can we keep it down. Please yeah come up. Be Quiet while I'm pleading and then they're like okay okay because it was like a bunch of people in their anesthesia's like there too many fucking people people in here right now just full diva mode right jeeze you've done this all tasted needs qua- ooh so they bring this <hes> filet Mignon with Brussels sprouts up to up to everyone and Johnny Damon. Johnny Damon is famously been <music>. <hes> call the caveman before like that's like people often make fun of him for looking like a caveman and then he goes and he the way he slices into this steak. I mean really talk about gay. Hey man he takes the fork he takes his entire fist and wraps it around the four which he stabbed in fully vertically and then he has his hand like I was like Oh my goodness eslake he actually eats like a caveman and his friend is like this is undercooked and so is Giannis Aso they send them back and M._A._S._H.. She's like I'm. That's annoying to me that the stakes weren't cooked perfectly because I'm a perfectionist. It comes from my mother. My mother is a perfectionist. I was like okay getting more annoyed with your mother. As we go along K wrap it up with your mother being a perfectionist story yeah exactly but it was still fun to see there'd be like it's not perfect. Station perfect anesthesia's always perfect perfect little girl. She always has to say perfectly mother. Always always mother so Colin is eating and June comes in and he's like how's it going. She's like I just go like really annoyed because anesthesia's sitters too many people in the kitchen and Hannah was like yeah. They wouldn't have said that if I wasn't in there and collins like well Colorado on it. I was like excuse excuse me what have you ever called anybody out exactly and June slugged. I don't have an issue with nobody or nothing. I'm like wait why we're back from eight. I don't like nobody oh pardon me okay okay fons. She's like drop my life for them. They're the ones who needed me. Don't act like you're doing go. All of us a favor like come on relax now June so Israel takes Jack upstairs to show them something with lights and he's like proud of himself because he's like captain. Mitch Sunday showed me how I should teach people so I'm trying to show my experience ups Jack. I'm like I don't think jackets this shit right now but it does kind of it looks like it works because Joel's like <hes> if you walk out any time of the night and you see that green light he were near you haven't moved and he's like I'm motivating hitting him and then it just shows Jack looking at a notebook and then looking at the window and then looking at a notebook and looking at the window I love. I love this prototype. Hey look at surroundings now. If you go back later your surroundings at different you'll know you've moved great ones while so then oddly enough Hana's like on the table dinner table like collecting the table scape and just like scowling she just so furious and the guests are inside just like wrestling they're literally wrestling for hours and then it's bedtime and John Links his wife over his shoulder over over his shoulder and like this caveman thing. He's really not doing a lot to dispel it right now. So the next morning they're often Monaco oh officer Monaco and breakfast things and they find <hes> find a phone somewhere and and Hanna Hanna finds his phone is like is this June's whatever and she's like why do you need to fill it all on her at all time is beyond me <hes> and so she goes and <unk> tells June like high just so you know Captain Sandy. Aka Me doesn't like seeing phones okay and June goes. Oh no no I I know it was it was over there when I came out. What does that mean like lever phone out overnight so then the inker is stack? This fucking anchor is going to torture them all season long. Oh my God every single time yet because it starts going down and cry and cons like was keep doing that golly yeah. This isn't right and she says she like all right well that that's that means. Someone's gotTa go in all right Travis inch well jump in <hes> and so she tells the guests like don't worry we've got some Monday anchor but then we're often monocle yeah they're going to do this. I guess they're going to like ship them off to Monaco et Cetera and so a lot of talk about like shackles and having to go underwater and everything and and Joie housing dive into the water to free the anchor and of course Jack Employee of the years like what's the point for the wages. You're Gettin you don't risk your neck and then guess what let's see a radio station June July June June. It's like the ginger data is getting angry and anger at this point a- and so ceased genus not answering and Hannah's like answer so the radiation and Joe's once everything's being like the show like chaos erupting you know like having to dive down underwater and June not answering our European and water June what are in June and what are June and finally Hanafin's June and she's like honey on Egypt to keep you E._s._p._N.. Engine Goes Oh. I took it for a minute because we'll have been raiding radioing. You knew you haven't wrong answer. Tell Xiaomi I've been writing you when are here on the captain's like when I sent to crew on the anchor chain it's dangerous and if they don't communicate you you can lose to really fun accents on this show dope on both so while and Travis are lost forever and that brings us to the end of below deck made <hes> What have fun supersized

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