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"randall nikki" Discussed on Paul and Caroline Daley review TV - Handmaid's Tale | The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel | This Is US | Westworld | Stranger Things

Paul and Caroline Daley review TV - Handmaid's Tale | The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel | This Is US | Westworld | Stranger Things

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"randall nikki" Discussed on Paul and Caroline Daley review TV - Handmaid's Tale | The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel | This Is US | Westworld | Stranger Things

"The same thought but like the the opposite side of the coin this this vast doing what they do. Best which is sort of like tricking manipulating us. Making us feel in and and so giving them low marks for that and but I I see it the other way I see it like no didn't like that I see it more like they're they're they're they're good storytellers in there. Yeah I mean there's some manipulation to it but isn't any good drama some amount of manipulation. So what do you expect. Look we're GONNA come back to Rebecca I think later on Back at Randall's house. Do you really believe if that Randall. A would have been well. No that makes sense. It makes sense that he would have been entrusted with the pilgrim Jack Hat because he's the one with permanent house great eight but that they would have left box in the attic that he would have forgotten not album jabber believe it not it not just anything I mean he such an OCD kind. Had a person I just really feel he would have checked every nook and cranny. Yeah I I mean I. It's I guess it's plausible. You can leave a box inadequate certainly people the left here like when we moved into this house or you are books. y'All are people left a bunch of stuff here in some of the stuff we try to get back and some of it there will. We don't even want that. We were trying to give it to like the neighbors to get it to them. And so we're trying to do all kinds of things and then finally it was like why don't even like you guys. Whatever what we just at some point it was like how I mean? They said we don't want that stuff so I was like well. We're going to have to stop trying to contact you guys find you. Yeah I mean please but no I do I do think it was audit. I understand that they had to give them a reason to take a car trip to put. Randall Nikki together. Give them some time and to Added to the kind of just a frantic -ness of the day just like where is everybody. Who's where's mom? Yes yes yes but yeah I think ultimately was to get those to together and without them being together than there's no. There's no introducing so long. Marianne right so the forgetting pilgrim Jackman acne come on. That doesn't make any sense. The other big event I guess happening at the houses that Shawna arrives early and she's practically alike I can't think of the right personnel to pop culture. But she's really put together Compared to last time we saw her. Yeah I think I think That she seemed so put together as of very good phrase. She seemed like she was strong. Healthy head Brian. Brian like food right. Yeah her mind was in a good place. Her emotional state seemed to be in a good place. Could you understand Asia's frustration. Shen that Deja had walked beside her for so many years her mom had been such a mess and basically let her down so many times is that ultimately she had to just be turned over to foster care and then adopted out to another family. It would be pretty distressing to see like it only took what the matter of like twenty four months or something and you got all your shit together and it would make you feel as a kid like I was the one holding you back doc. That somehow the second. I exited your life. In a permanent way you suddenly had the fortitude to be this go-getter like that's feels shitty if you listen to our podcast than you know. The we exist in a special needs universe and there is a noticeable noticeable contingent of people who upon having specialties children. They can't deal and they give that Ed kid to mostly their parents grandparents and whenever you happen to run in to that Kid's parent they don't seem too bad. You know they seem they seem Kinda put together but in this sort of the same situation here you know. It's like onlookers are probably thinking. Why couldn't you have gotten it together with for your kid? I mean. Look what you're doing your parents or parents seventy having a raised this teenager. What what are you doing? But I'M GONNA go with in this. This is just a huge cop-out but they're just not wired for it. You know just like if you add the kid back into this put together person's life I bet it goes was to shit again. You know what I mean. Just the added responsibility and exile the that the person puts on himself for having to care for another person. I think or the guilt of of not being like maybe she could be working at her job. Eighty hours a week but had been sitting at home. It would have looked like Asia cooking dinner alone in the apartment department. It wouldn't it. Wouldn't have played out how it did to Asia. Two days is being away from the house. It would have looked like she was like abandoned. Her mom was the self into her career. Yeah you know what I'm saying like it wouldn't have looked the way it looks now. Yeah so I. I think it's a no win situation. And you're right like everything was manageable win. The gramma was still alive remember. The grandma was kind of taking over the reins but once Sean allaster support system and she kind of turned to these very questionable questionable people in our life well distantly any room for like you said have another added responsibility of a Kiddo and so she made the best way she thought she could further forbade. I'm not in the business of giving people too many excuses. But I think that just as what makes sense to me for Sean at Deja back in all of a sudden sean is life. It doesn't look so good anymore. That's my that's my personal theory and that's about it for those two in this like Shawna's on cause any disruptions or anything I I don't remember during the meal. Does she. The confession out in the yard between Beth and Kate. We don't get a whole lot of Beth in Kate Solo time. No but this was the cool thing about the chaos of the holidays matching people in Weird ways. You get like Nikki and Randall. Beth and kate like it's cool like that. I like that. And that's where we're Beth admits you you know the with Shauna looking like you know the prize pig at the fair. Where does that leave her in Asia's life which is a really good question? I and I think that it it really does address the questions that I'm sure I'll foster and adoptive parents have when a birth parent comes into. The picture is like well. Well how do I fit in and even in the last episode Leak said she wants to see your mom. Pause her birth mom because it was like what does that make Beth you know if she wants. Is this your mom you know. And so. There's like that like awkwardness oop. Let me clarify her birth. Mom like you do still have a role here. She just the lady. That's giving you every opportunity. You'RE GONNA have have come to support us so much but I but at the same time like it's understandable that still wants to have contact doug. I'm not sure that it was right. I to bring Shawna in on Thanksgiving. Maybe the right thing would have been just for data and Sean have lunch together on a random Sunday afternoon. You know something thing where the stakes were a lot lower. They could actually interact with each other like kind of more quietly. Everybody Kinda puts on a good front in holidays. No I mean. Everyone's wearing their their best idi best. Everyone's got their smiley face on. You know everyone's this was very grand gesture. Yeah everybody will but everyone's trying really hard right as opposed to like. Shana Coulda come in on a Sunday Sunday lunch and Ben probably a little bit more. I'M GONNA say real and a little less like put together necessarily you know. Because what are the chances Sean I'm really. Is that put together right. Yeah exactly this is just that you shined up your shoes because it's thanksgiving. It's like tomorrow. I'll be at my absolute best because it's Monday ed. By the time it's Friday right jeans and leg right like having showered and with my hair down spy exactly exactly exactly so. Yeah I mean I think that it was you know I think the holidays are are kind of a a winery time to judge people. Really you can put that on your books Weiner Times. This is sort of a tit for tat. I guess that's how it works in women land so Beth comes out and says says this is my evil thought and and then so cases how. `Bout I one up you with. I Hate Cross fit OBI. It's not tit for tat. It's when you share something in order to assure you that. Your secret's safe with me. I will share collateral secret. Is this like in mean girls where they stand around the mirror and say my my tummy's too big or my thighs are too thick and then it stops with Lindsay Lohan is. She doesn't know what to say so and they're all like You need to say something bad about yourself. Basically basically kind of yeah but but but men can do this too. I mean it's just it's just collateral it's like I know you're not gonna say something bad about what I told you because I have something thing on you. So it's just it's like it's more emotional blackmail of one another. I guess I want to say where you know you're safe because you've got something shitting on the other person. Yeah I I wouldn't go around assuming men do the same thing rate your salty tonight. Yeah I mean I I don't know yes sure. Are Women do this and I think we do it all the time. I definitely do if someone's like man. I'm having a really hard day and I feel like I just feel like shit. The first thing I'm GonNa do is I'm going to say I have days where I feel like shit too late. I'm going to try to make them feel as if they're not alone in the situation and that collateral. Somebody's GonNa tell me something like I did. Something super horrible and then they look at that face which there's a certain face the other person gives you and you know this is your time when you're supposed to say don't feel bad. I did this horrible thing and then you just tell whatever horrible thing you did. That's that's the time when they're like giving this yearning is like please tell me. I'm not the only person who's ever done something horrible. Yeah men don't do that you don't tell each other the horrible thing in the first place. y'All are just whatever I'm not impressed with your man ways. Here's the thing though. You just said that guys don't share but here's toby sharing in the crossfire group that I feel like I'm not quite remember. There was like six or eight people on that thread. Oh she yeah and he's talking about his wave. Oh that's not good. Yeah that's so on the share call. I'm going to say I mean he is sharing and he's talking about like private Biz so you can see where she's unnerved by the end and it's not the same thing is going to him and saying hey I'm not so sure about how much time you're spending with. The Cross fit folks now at this new Info. It's like ooh Fuck Tuck. Toby has shot himself in the foot by not Including her in any way on this part of his journey by keeping it secret and and all that like maybe it was necessary that he needed to go on the journey for himself. But doing it the way that he did it ensured that it will only end badly for their a couple of the moment that he puts all of this emotional stock into this people. If you were to say I'm completely good with you doing exercise exercise classes and taking whatever you.

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