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"Of North Ravenswood Avenue. C. PD's Randall Darling officers located the suspect's vehicle and conducted an investigatory staff. The offender, exited the vehicle and fired at officers. Officers returned fire, striking the effect. The suspect is hospitalized in critical condition. None of the officers involved were struck by gunfire. Shock older and Tom Tony's North Side restaurant is facing more than $10,000 in possible fines. For violating the cities and states indoor service banned because of Cove it city launched an investigation this week after Tony admitted allowing some of his regular customers to dying inside and satyrs restaurant. As a result, the eatery has received two citations. Illinois restaurants were ordered to cease indoor service in late October in our effort to limit the spread of covert 19 Illinois and Indiana hit groom milestones when it comes to the pandemic. WGN's Kim Jordan Gordon, with the number of state has now surpassed 800,000 coronavirus cases, the Illinois Department of Public Health reporting 7910 cases and 145 additional death. State positivity rate has dropped to 9.9% Indiana now has over 6000 deaths in the last 24 hours. Indiana reporting 5457 new cases and 124 deaths. With the positivity rate of 14% Kim Gordon WGN News. More people are turning to places like the Greater Chicago Food depository as the pandemic continues to take effect on the economy. Charities in food banks they're seeing an increase in demand is more Chicago and space, food insecurity, unemployment benefits and a moratorium on evictions expire at the end of the month, so there's a worried it. Some Chicagoans may not get much needed aid. Greg Trotter is with the Food Depository and Steve Wiley is with the Pilsen Food pantry. It's the likes of which we haven't seen in our 41 year history. It's tired for sure. I've been here for Five months, and the lines do not get smaller, The greater Chicago food depositories asking for donations and more volunteers and now it WGN sports. Here's Dave, innit? Good morning. Another starter. Check a right fielder. Check virtual or not. The White Sox have made the most of the winter meeting so far trading for pitcher Lance Lynn and lining up Adam Eaton, who spent Three years on the South side to play right field. WGN's Kevin Powell says, Stay tuned, even with pictures like Dylan Cease, Michael Kopeck and Reynaldo Lopez available to fill the final two spots in the rotation. Don't expect Ricana shy away from targeting another starter this offseason. I don't think we're necessarily done when it comes to the pitching staff. The top free agent pitcher on the market is Trevor Bauer, the Sox reuniting with Jose Quintana. Also a real possibility time American League MVP Jose A Bre, You added a Hank Aaron award is the American way. His top offensive player. Illinois became the second big 10 team to win at Duke this year, beating the 10th ranked Blue Devils 83 68 to lead a six and one start for the Big 10 and their challenge with the A. C C Ohio State beat Notre Dame 90 85, Iowa over Carolina 93 80 tonight Northwestern host pit I'll have the pregame at eight on WGN NFL a rare Tuesday game. Baltimore be Dallas 34 17 College playoff rankings. Biggest change Iowa State leapfrogging unbeaten Cincinnati for 1/5, Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson and Ohio State. Still the top four. But Buckeye short term outlook murky with Saturday's game with the Michigan canceled David W. G. M Sport now the forecast from the WGN Chicago Weather Center here's meteorologist Morgan Coal Fire Good Morning Temps this morning said in the thirties, most of us near freezing here this morning with a few clouds early on in some areas of patchy fog. All of that, clearing out those we get into your late morning and especially afternoon where we should see sunny skies and dry conditions Today. High temperatures still on the mild side, Upper forties low fifties expected here today. Most of us in the upper forties west winds will be at her under 10 MPH tonight mostly clear with the temperature down. You're freezing and win staying calm. Tomorrow we're back to sunshine with highs in the upper forties fifties. From the WGN Weather Center. I'm working Coke Meyer. Partly cloudy right now it's 33 at O'Hare. The wind out of the west at about five MPH and the windshield this morning is 29. In Kenosha is 33 in Racine. It's 30 this morning. The windshield 25. They're your money on WGN. World shares have logged strong gains after another round of record highs for major averages on Wall Street yesterday. London, Frankfurt and Paris. Markets are all higher this morning in Asia, Tokyo's Nikkei closed to nearly 1.5% higher while the hang sang in Hong Kong added nearly a.

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