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"rancor mount everest" Discussed on The Box Of Oddities

"The unexpected. As. The LID and wash asleep you're inside. The box! oddities. Go, this is fun. I think we received well over two hundred emails and messages from people telling us that fans gold was found. Yeah, stop sending messages, please so we appreciate it, but it was a story that we we talked about pretty early on in in the PODCASTS and I love love love that you people know what we want to hear about for sure and that was amazing to me. Because I was like Oh, Shit! Did you hear that fence golden? You were like Oh. That's really interesting. I was like I. Know Right, and then it was all bing bing being. Like big. Now! Let's just briefly recap this guy. forest fan allegedly hid like a million dollars, plus in gold and gems, and then gave clues in a poll that he released. For Ten years people have been looking for this gold, and now allegedly it's been found, and so I was like. Wouldn't it be funny if he was just running low on dollars, so he just went out to the desert, dug it up and it was like someone found it. Needed the cash right right? My thought is that it never existed. He's eighty nine now he figures. Probably it's time to cash in the laugh which he will get, but according to his his blog, somebody found this treasure. They sent him a picture of it and verified the coordinates of where it was, but he won't say who that person is. That person he just said is from quote back East, and nobody knows who who this person is, or if in fact, the treasure was really found, or if in fact, there was really a treasure. I think it's just him having some fun. I love the idea that it was real and that someone did find it and if someone found it and he was like Oh. Yeah, someone founded it. Was Brian Doyle from West Chester Sinfield, vis the West chesterson field. Ville Doyle's and. I'd be like wow, that guys a dick. Brian Doyle doesn't want everyone knowing he found your treasure. Thank you. So I applaud the not telling who was that found it even though I kind of don't believe that Brian found it right. No I think that it's a bunch of hoo-ha. Either way I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you so much for sending all the messages. We're just kidding. We love hearing from you guys even if it's over and over and over again. We did post an instagram video from the deck I realized now that I was probably. A little, too. Horn swaddled. I was into the giggle juice, and so maybe I should like had a couple of drams of POPs skull. Turn off the the SOC meads, when Oh be joyful anyway. It was fun. Oh, I. Put some NECTARINES IN MY IS T. and. It's probably the best choice I've ever made. Oh! So good what you got for me well today I wanNA talk about the ghosts on Mount Everest Mount Everest is littered with bodies of dead climbers right? Yes, they've accumulated over the decades now. When you say ghosts, though do you mean goes, and not just bodies. In both Shaker Oh, Shit. Yeah, there are so many bodies on Mount Everest that when you climb to the summit. If you go through the regular route that they take to the summit, you have to physically step over bodies right and some of the bodies are actually used as landmarks the way Salako Green boots halfway up or something like that. In fact, green boots is one of the most famous. Famous bodies his real name. By the way was to swung Powell your and it is now a a landmark on the main northeast. Ridge route to the mountain. in-depth green boots has become sort of a guide for the living. He died in a small indentation in the cliff. That is a a commonplace for for hikers to crawl in and kind of catch their breath rest up a little bit. He died in there, and that indentation is right next to the main path to the summit, and people actually have to step over his legs to proceed passing hikers even occasionally stop for a Selfie with green boots. Doesn't that seem a little disrespect for the navy? Of course we just casually refer to him as green boots and he's a mile marker so good point. Another guy? David Sharp, who was also a fellow mountaineer? Different entirely different party in fact years after green boots died crawled in there to to stay warm, and he died in there, too, but his body was removed according to an article on Rancor Mount Everest is notorious for its corpses. People travel from all over the world, of course, the climb Everest and not all of them survive their avalanches. Of course, a lot of people die from falling in clinic temperatures all. All those things prove fatal. Most people die from avalanches. That's terrifying avalanches to me are very very scary. no-one wants no one's like avalanche but I've seen some videos of avalanche events, and like there was one where it was just taken out houses like it was i. don't even know if it's technically an avalanche or something graded up from an avalanche, but it was just like house. House House just sweep sweep sweep. And it gives me that same feeling that like I don't know like a heights? do or something something like that that you just your blood. My Body reacts to it I read an interview with a guy. He was a skier that got swept up in an avalanche, and he was obviously rescued because he was being interviewed about the event. He said that the most scary thing for him was not knowing. Which direction was up. Yeah, yeah, I. Know. It's because it's a weird combination of things. It's the disorientation. It's the CLAUSTROPHOBIA and it's the cold, and there's I'm sure so much that the. L.! Now that's why we're moving to a warmer climate. In two thousand seventeen four bodies were discovered in a tent on the on a an Everest base camp site. analysts believe the campers passed away due to altitude sickness. The weird thing is none of the local climbing. Agencies reported any climbers missing. They remain unidentified. Oh Man. Yeah, well. There's gotta be a way that you can like. Scoot past you know and make your way on documented I guess so there are. There are several routes to the summit right? Some of them are more challenging than others. Most people just take this main route. Right but I know you there's like a check in right when you go up the mountain so that people know that you're. Yup. They're like three two or three different base camps that people will set up. Their parties will set up. But the most dangerous route. Is this particular route northeast Ridge Route near Everest's summit? There's an area there called. They call it Rainbow Valley now that sounds peaceful but essentially what it is mass pit of Bodies Oh. Yup, the grisly scene got its name because of all the brightly colored jackets and climbing gear. The cadavers still have on strewn all over the section of the mountain. That's letter. Throughout the years, climbers have been known to push cadavers over the mountainside into Rainbow Valley or to cut the ropes of mummified remains, so that it's less hazardous as you try to come back.

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