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"ramona jin" Discussed on Watch What Crappens

"It's like, it's like a careful balance at Home Depot when you're making making paint mixture your walls, you know. Just right. Yeah. Okay. I'll go with that. Yeah. So she's having clam bake still and where we left off as that Sonia intense the arrive with Ramona which and was not expecting which is why she goes. Oh, look it. Talk about Klanbake talking about a clam. Here comes Ramona clam casino looks like someone gambled with the guest list. So sound. Yeah. Is cracked out of her mind in this episode? I don't even know what. I think paint like in the bathroom every for every time she comes out, but send us like, oh, let's go to the gays. I it's always say for with the gay is. I'm like you tell you're not a gay person. Yeah. It safer for women to go the gays that it's not safer for the men to go. His gaze can't go gays. I go to the women. I women go the gays. I mean, a Drake before the gays talk about that fat. I am. Exactly so Barbara's like I was not expecting Ramon. And then I see here is he or she comes. Ramona is those those crazy crossed is walking over them. With those do not those caution signs shoes she's wearing those neon grinchey all like shoes by Wilson UK like they are really not working with her outfit or really clam bake in general. I don't think there's any outfit that those would work with what I lighting Bank statement. No seriously. So yeah. Around that, you know, she she's gonna she's gonna put some clams in a purse. That's what's going to happen. Little we realize that that should be foreshadowing Ramona, actually, one uh ping Bethany foreshadowing with lava literally tailback, clams. Okay. Like, welcome to the climb take that's Ramona right meal, everything and Ramona did have a bag for the clams. That was Barbara those pretty good lamb bake more. Like clam take am. I right. So Ramona's like bribe's like. Mound now to my mom and accord on really good. Brought you some day. Abreast of Jonah bring. Yeah. Russia Shana clam bake, the flip that settle think about that for second. So Ramona's like. What why Barbara about ten years ago? But he knew what she wasn't my type of girl kind of little masculine Manley referendum edgy, shall we say do have you seen your other cast members of using your framing? I don't know how to put it case little masculine. She's like a little we need to meet boss little cheeky at the Dickey from me. You know, what I'm saying making sense trying to figure out what to say here like guess Ramona? We get you. Yeah. Horrible horrible. I'm I'm very very our our ways. ways. This is not one of Ramona's Jining episodes in terms of you know, sensitivity. Yeah. It's like what girls play basketball? Does that disgusting. It's like a Washington bunch of surfboards. That's what it's like, Barbara. She looks at. She went home playing softball if you know what I mean. Okay. Socio like well me tight bought my favorite cake. What? Apple pod from tanks broader K. No, you have kids and Mike daughter loves it. Talking about k now you're trying to bond over the fact that she has kids and Barbara's like, hey, I mean what she gets my years. Right. I mean, let me call my twenty year old said it see if he wants his by what about supposed to do with this pie. Okay. Tate's Bake Shop apple pie. So yes, we are basically Ramona's on her best behavior 'cause she's sort of crashing this this clam bakes. So she's trying to really kiss ass. Oh, you're has beautiful and stunning actually stunning. Can save a maven maven of real estate. Okay. I'm sorry about the I feel real bad about the sonny's like yobbo can that a little later because that is a little weird..

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