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"ramon dome" Discussed on Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum

Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum

12:20 min | 5 months ago

"ramon dome" Discussed on Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum

"I'm specifically talking about big those good. That is perspective. Yeah just to speak to speak on billy's behalf if a could for a minute. Thank you as beautiful. I I think billy do love growing up a little faster than most people needed to. When I was billy's age when he sadly lost his parents parents I was still run around school and doing plays and having fun and eating lollipops and all that kind of stuff so billy at to grow quicker than certainly I did I think because of that rush billy worked out things the I worked out a little later? Like a Sarai. Everything's fine like get happy. Do things that make you smile. Be Grateful so I've watched billy. I mean billy's to be older than me but in terms of his look at tiny I mean not that you know. He doesn't so he looks young young. He does what he was the Pan of the habits. I mean a large looks amazingly young. Sean Astin looks young young but everyone would go on about billy's age. You are joking. You sixty four sixty back then. He's only billy just got there a little quicker so billionaire friends and peers. And we've helped each other out over the years but there's been times where I've been struggling with something and billy got their eight ten years ago. There was a time we won't on Abbot Kinney any one time I was seeing a girl I was Kinda half in half out I was like yeah I like about sure I turn onto billy. We were leaving at this point. He was going back to his wife and son. I was walking to my car. I I said Billy showing that Across Kenya which was completely inappropriate. Billy how do you how are you okay with the fact that you know. It's just you allie. Now for the rest of your life is other girls to kiss or other girls to look at and Billy said Bahia now right now like this is my situation now I love it. I'm here now. He was yelling that across the street. Be He's here now from fifteen feet away and I got an economy profound and simple. Yeah totally dude. He now off. What are you going to kiss bill? We'll talk about that. When it comes happens someone punched me written and throw it but yeah that's a that's a beautiful moment? He's been able to do that to me over the is listen. I WANNA get to this. 'cause I got something really cool that you know coming up this is awesome to hear. Are these stories and you know. I wish we had more time. Maybe you guys will come back but I seriously doubt. Here's do you. Yeah Yeah No. It's really yeah. Oh Yeah I have to. I think you really fun. How thanks man on? You Dome was fun thank you. Don't get new idea who that guy and I'm sorry it's right you know. I just the Ryan's amazing and he's funny actually. Don't put him on the spot to be Funny Ryan you know. These alison outrank. We've seen the Lord of the Rings Right. Yeah of course my God yeah. Do you know a lot about it. Read the books and did not read the books. Now get out run. They're good books. I I don't know there's a lot of books and this room. Yeah is the rings is any. I'm not a big reader. I don't think people look at me and like oh he's an intellectual but I do like history so I read the John Adams book I read I read. Let's not bore people now. Okay is is that the Summer of sixty nine. That's Brian. John Adams the second president of the United States so also a lawyer who defended the British oop. You just said Kind of so much. I WanNa talk to you about but I wanna get into something. That's important really quick. Make these quick You ruin the room. You're at the bar. When and a girl smack dom full handed on the face correct? You were there island Thailand more than once. Oh no buried either one so so this girl woman came up to you and you didn't do anything wrong right now. For my recollection mean billy might be able to tell a different story for my recollection grin. Thailand we had walked through to about onto the beach where there were beach tables associated with the bar and we will have amendment is now we were just having a really. It was just been ice station. Lovely conversations go Biz kind of fun. I was into it with my best Mai in Thailand. We really have a good time and this girl drunk came over and just said can I sit here and I can. Yeah you can sit there but I was in no way interested in starting a conversation right right. We ignored it for a good thirty seconds. And then she said something along the lines of ammo boring view all or should I be here and I said something like yeah kind of told him and the next thing I knew she smacked me in the face. That hurt yeah. Yeah did you guys move or get up states. We stayed still. Did you laugh. Did you know it looked painful. Wasn't a laughing slap. It was he's like. Oh here's mark on your face tears in my eyes. Not because I was upset because Russell Moore's and nothing happened. She just got up walked away. Continue to conversation Asian. Yeah which I think is the right way to deal with it right. She had so little effect on me after she hit me. I just continue to ignore I. It seems like I would have done something like this. Yes let's say I was talking to billy and all of a sudden. Oh my gosh why would you do. Yeah Dude I have and then he gets put yourself in the moment there still the fuck what did I do. I'm talking my friend. Yeah good thing I sell all those things when I say it now I can connected. It did with bill as soon as it happened and billy looked at me with the space which I know the billy nearly enough to talk which is like that just happened. He kind of went and also also. Because you like you're you're a tough guy dom like you. I don't know thanks people look at you and you don't know that you'd be tough if they don't know you you wouldn't want to borrow. Oh I wouldn't fight that guy but you're Kinda and the guy that's like if you mess with me you know I'm not afraid of you and it'll be a little bit. I've played around with my life so I think I definitely have that. I don't know about a boss situation. Yeah I mean if a bigger guys message stupid I'M GONNA leave right but I'm not I'm this is one of the fundamental differences in billion I. I've learned a lot through watching bill. Is I get off on and I'm energized by confrontation and billy over the years. Intended to be like. That's not my jam. I don't well He. He's scared some after sphere. He'll look into and yeah. I don't like fear. No he said to me last last year era as a bag is a bag shark week thing happening and the vast I mean Tom do we wanna go in swim with greet ways. I was like no and he's like but why wouldn't you. I mean Johnson and I was like I don't yeah I don't want to swim. I've seen yours. I mean you know I mean that's a reader and that can get domes windows lake. I was like well. We'd be in. I cage you know. Just be swimming. That's crazy dom what if one here's what what goes on. I not only my mom abilities my imply the rest of the world. What am and one of them is hungry? What if one of the things we can? I have a feeling that they're on the one person they won't like they'll look at me and go. That's not a regular human. I WANNA I wanna eat his dumb ass. We'll if you're exhibiting affair in the water you might. You might get Tony. Why wouldn't you well? Okay so forgive me but you guys are both of coming from less of a place of knowledge about sharks than I am. Not that I'm an expert shot but I know a little bit more about sharks than you. I I know in a shark doc. By cheese is rollover scared lifeless. Eyes dials is sorry so no it's all right but the monstrous myth that has been bill about bow. Shock is something that is patently not true we there are an average of eight shark attacks a year on human. How many Kharkov? which maybe two of them fail and we kill seventeen hundred shops a second second? So that's that's hundreds of millions of sharks dying a year and they may mos eight to ten. So you're saying we deserve. I'm saying this is just statistical but the statistics lisa but if we were to go swimming with sharks which we were going to do but it didn't happen there are. There are different times of the year where sharks are in feeding mode so we would. I would not get in the water with great wise when they are laundry or lower body fat ready to feed looking for seals looking for anything what we do is we would go swimming them. When you've got heavily pregnant females? They literally literally turn off their digestive system. They turn off their aggression. So you can. You can hang onto the dorsal fin swimming around with him and they're just not interested. They don't have an appetite. They're not interested. Did Not only that. But being on a boat with billy and exploring the idea of fear and then getting someone like billy who might have a little bit more into the water is so empowering owlry to people who are terrified of shots the look and go. He seemed to get a shot. Wow now he's doing great. Why maybe I can do that too? especially free what if what. If what if your your theory or your your experiment went wrong. Would you then say you guys are all right or would you try to get Sean Astin. Then go swimming. I mean if if something went terribly wrong of course you have to deal with those consequences. I'm always plane certainly with animals with statistics. I got so it looks dangerous but for my right knowledge. I'm from the way that we're working to is statistically way less dangerous than it looks and you know it in my mind. It just wouldn't happen obviously like billy said what if he got angry turned around. Didn't like the look of you. The Houston Caveat. You're you're in trouble. Did you almost get in a fight with Orlando Bloom ones. Yeah I I almost got into like a it would probably I think I mean. Hopefully billy would display up because billy billy I was there I was just remembering and my mind and you knew the main thing that I remember from that. What was dome shoes? Were you wearing a helmet. Fishes was wearing Brune ox. Blood sort of shoes almost like a Cuban heel had had a cane of new had a Ramon Dome. Let that I don't know at all or steel. Just like leather borough you know and it was stitched in and I remember I remember you kept Duplin and tell you my thought. Why not really how? Yeah Bet you kick them kicked him so on purpose. No purpose we we were in a Bah. We'd gone to Sydney self all the lies and bill and I think Elijah had had a nearly nine of the three of maybe went home early after dinner and we had been training the week before in New Zealand. And I'd destroyed Loyd much. I set muscles the most sore muscles of ever been in my entire life. I couldn't touch a couldn't like extend my arm. You know that feeling in the gym where you're so. Oh so I know what happened now. Could feel sleep on my back and I said to the guys on the plane I was like guys because we all trade this Guy Dave Nuku I said my arms are destroyed. Please please just don't be conscious of that. And they're like yeah. Okay fine all the for the rest of the week would just come behind me and just pinch triceps just a game ahead and it was excruciating. Ah I really don't don't don't don't don't I'm sorry Ma'am so he knew exactly what he's doing. This happened over the coast of at least a day. If not to let it go let it go let it go. I told him I was like don't do that. So because he knew. And the Marina Bob. You're drinking it. Came up on me. Grab both my triceps and squash him and I just I just lost it so I just I just hold kicked him. They're probably a round his thigh or hurt him. Yeah yeah he was. He was is upset so then he got in my face and I got in his face. Now I've been telling you I've been telling you that I'm going to fight back if you keep doing it. And he's all WIGGINS UH and try to stop it. No Billy was did right next says thinking. I'm going to see this one opposite now. Now you being interesting APPs now..

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