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"ramey arvidsson" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

"This way. Used to be my playground. It was. This is a bad habit. Yeah. One seventy one and you each got a point. No, we didn't even win any money. No prizes for you. Oh, I never liked that. Skipped right over it. Really like, the obscure ones. Yeah. He I remember playing that song. The radio is playing. To be my life was over the years. She put the sex book out that my brother. Still well it fell apart as soon as he got it. So he's like kept it in like plastic ever since I know because it's worth money. She only printed like fifteen hundred books. It's worth a ton of dough Ramey Arvidsson conditioned, by the way, Kelly Ripa had her son with Mark swallows on her show. This one's called what's his name. His name is what is his name. Michael. And they did a montage of when Kelly and Regis used to do the Christmas cookie in their pajamas segments and Kelly's kids would come out that was such a cute. They just kinda show because he's growing up on that show, and he is like eighteen or nineteen so both Kelly Ripa and her son are joining Riverdale and love this. Okay. And Michael will portray young Hiram lodge in an extended flashback, which might I don't know if it's going over a couple of episodes are wet, but they've got all the characters, you know, ski dear L riches character. There's a younger version magin Amtrak all of them the it gives them some time off. But it setting up the story. What's happening? They've Riverdale is unleash something. Very very dark. I. Copies. They have to flashback. It's on demand on the CW, and they have to flashbacks Kelly Ripa is gonna play Hiram lodges who's played by Mark and swallows his mistress and in a nod, Greg Berlanti, the brilliant. Greg Berlanti who created Riverdale created Sabrina? He has named her MRs mall Ray, which is a nod to the Faye Dunaway character in Chinatown whose MRs Malraux and FM towel. So she and market to make out on. Perfect. And we're going to get the gen all my children reunion. We've wanted for years between Haley, and what was his character's name and yell. Ian Healy and what was his name. I can't remember I can't. But anyway, it's going to air tomorrow night, and Michael really he looked so much like his dad. It's unbelievable. And he didn't really think that he wanted to act, but he just you know, addition, and they were like it's so perfect. And he has he showed acts and Kelly Ripa is besides her beside herself. Did she gets to act with her husband and make out with them, and she's playing his mistress, which of course, Hiram lodge would have a mystery e-even? No, he's got his beautiful wife. Who is now the mayor of Riverdale? Oh, I love that. Were you asking about Marcus, Willis character? Save matteo. Haley. Yes. So good. Anyway, she said I a high rooms mistress Twenty-three years of additioning for a role. I was born to play love it. I know. So anyway, Riverdale love. Watch it. Okay. Listen, we come back. It's time for random bats. Mytalk one zero seven one everything. Entertainment, second chance friendship. I will be this friend because we work together. It's been left contact lately. Instigated by her case, basically. Doing what I could pinpoint one thing in particular. She's an aggressive driver. We used to ride together everywhere. And by the time, we got out our destination. I was complete nervous wreck. Oh, I'm aggressive because I've heard that before if you wanna try. That's a few in. You can be yourself. I just really stress and. Losing money. Honestly, I would pay not be stressed out..

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