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How Coco Illustrator Ana Ramrez Gonzlez Extends Herself with Her Art

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How Coco Illustrator Ana Ramrez Gonzlez Extends Herself with Her Art

"I if I opened up one of your notebooks from Grade School and high school, how much doodling what I find in the margins You know not that much. I didn't use to draw growing up because I was a figure ice skater in ice skated competitively since I was six up until I was like fifteen or something. Then my mom was like when you take drying class I'm so happy that she did in so glad that they would even suggest art school for me in high school actually she kinda almost forced me to take drawing class or against my will almost but she was just tried out if you don't like it, you don't have to go back you know but please give it a try like I. Think you might like it. In. So she drove me to like my first drawing class in. But then I like looked it like after the first session as this is rules is the best like this is what I wanna do for. I didn't actually start drawing until I was maybe seventeen or sixteen, seventeen or something. When did you first decide to move to the states? So my mom has a cousin who lives. In Chicago who you know she was like, Hey, like can she go live with you? Here. So my aunt was in angel and she took me in for a year in lived in Chicago, and you know that exposed me to a lot like it was kind of a huge cultural clash for me because I grew up. You know kind of sheltered in you know in my small community in new everybody there and it was just for a year but it I think it really shaped. My view. On things in. My world in. So after that I went back to Mexico and then I found you know started doing research once I started taking drawing classes in my my sister's best friend from childhood who's also my friend his name alone. So he was studying at CAL arts at the time in La in. California. So I met up with alone. So that summer. And it was the summer before I graduated high school and he showed me his portfolio that he applied with in I just like I was like I have to do this in like. This college I was like I have to go to the school in an a very stubborn person in sort of obsessive sometimes when it comes to like things that are really WanNa to do and I applied that year but I didn't get in. So then I moved to France in when there for like two years. In. It really helped me to start building my portfolio for Callard's because in my mom in my dad's head, I was just going to stay in France in I was going to graduate there but I, was still like no have to go to cal arts 'cause that's my dream. My Dad was really worried when I applied to the school again because I think they also didn't really think that I would get when I re applied. Again, after two years of the first time I got rejected I did get in and I had such a good time and it was magical. So I mostly decided to move to the US because I just really wanted to go to the school in that was like the main reason in the drive for me to come here in because I loved animation and Film Industries here. But Oh, my family's still in Mexico is just me here. How did you land that first job after school? My first job. So it was actually during school because at Keller, it's A day per full day in its day in Wedge. A lot of people from the industry from the animation industry, go to the school look at our work. So there's like tables laid out in the main gallery in like students from first to fourth year plus like after you graduate, there's also space for them. We learned stressful. I knew so stressful it's Yeah. It's very like nerve wracking in like really exciting to because everyone's working towards that so. That year my mom was visiting 'cause she. She came up to visit me in and she was staying with me in I stayed up like I pulled an all nighter she stayed up with me the day before printing stuff out in laying out my portfolio decorating it. So we laid them out on these tables. In this was my third year and I went in the morning you lay them out at like a eight. Am you leave them there in the new leaf like you're not even present to show your work like you disappear, and then there's like this blackboard at the end of the hallway with you know the lists of every studio that's attending and you know like three hours later they write the names of the people they WanNa talk to. Based on like what they think about that work, I had never been called by Pixar or anything like I was not targeting Pixar at all because I'm like how like you know it just was not in my raider 'cause they were incredible. So as like whatever I just want an internship anywhere. Or A job. I went back to my house with my mom and we both kind of fell asleep for that time because we were so tired and then I got a call from a roommate who was at school and she was like, Oh, my God on a you have to get here right away like come here. Your name is under the picks list in I was like what no way I. Remember like jumping around with my mom. In we went to the school in like indeed, my name was on the list in the talk to Harley Jessup who production designed cocoa. And he was doing the interviews like himself site talked to him and he was like Oh I love your portfolio like it seems like you really love drying from like different cultures and you know I love how you're like units. So Colorful Blah Blah Blah in his guest, send us your portfolio and we'll get back to you and actually my mom took a photo of that list of the portfolio list. And she sent it to me every once in awhile and she's like remember We're like my name It's very sweet. Yeah. But then eventually they got back to me and they called and I was I happened to be touring Disney imagineering that day 'cause I was elected with a group of other students to go pitch stuff to imagine years, which was super cool and I was on that tour with my friends and then that day I found out they called me in there. Yeah. You would just want to let you know you got the internship end. I graduated college I didn't have a job I applied to like fifteen jobs or so and didn't get any of them until eventually I got one in I worked there for a little bit but then they weren't. Willing to sponsor me because I know it's not easy for everybody. So I left because I'm like. Well, what am I doing here? You know it's not for the money as much as like I also really need. To get sponsored so I can stay in the country. So I left and then I kept applying to jobs in the landed a job with Google doodles with Google in started freelancing for them and doing you know Google doodles rely Mexican Independence Day and then we were like in Having starting a conversation of potentially converting me to like full-time in stuff in has very excited about that.

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