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"ralph sorel" Discussed on Against The Odds

"Loading just above the ice playing. It looks like a golden orb is never seen anything like it he knows. It's the per helium. A result of the sun's rays passing through tiny ice crystals floating in the freezing air. But something about it. Feels bigger than that in shackleton's diaries. The explorer talked about a greater force. Another presence who travelled alongside them across south georgia island maybe the light is a sign that shackleton and his crew are watching over them urging beman. It's four. pm may twentieth. Nineteen sixteen matteis. Anderson is exhausted. He's the foreman at the strongness whaling station. And it's been a long month. He's got just one more boat to unload today and then he's headed home for a warm dinner. Then here's the frightened voices of young boys in the distance. It looks across the snow and sees them running towards him about fifty feet behind our three bearded. Men where did the men come from when they get closer. He sees at their haggard. Faces are dark with sut and mud. Their clothes are in tatters. Kept together by just a few. Safety pins the workers on the docks. Stop what they're doing and stare. When the men come closer anderson steps forward. How can i help you. We lost our ship and have just come across the island anderson blinks. No one has ever crossed the island. It's twenty nine. Miles of cliffs in ice man continues. Those anton anderson's still manage the factory here. No he's no longer here. The new manager is the ralph sorel. The man's chap face breaks into a smile. I yes i know sorrel. Well m m in december almost two years ago. Can you take us to him. Anderson is surprised but the man sounds. Confident has only three hundred feet off the dock as he leads the way he can feel the eyes of the workers watching them as they walk by when anderson reaches sorrel store. You knock softly. what is it anderson. And then he takes a step back his eyes widening in the three men before him. Who the hell are you. The one in the middle steps forward again. My name is ernest. Shackleton a look of surprise roles across the man's face the last he.

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